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Body Boutique Patch Factor 02/12/2008


Body Boutique Patch Factor Every now and then I like to cleanse my body of all the toxins that build up and found doing a food detox just doesn't work well for me as I end up feeling so hungry all the time I am on the detox. When I saw foot detox patches demonstrated on a television programme I decided I would like to try them. How easy it all sounded, just stick one on the soles of your feet at bedtime and it does all the work for you allegedly. After a five day detox I am assured I will no longer feel tired or stressed, no longer have an achy body and feel much healthier and invigorated. With the use of technology and my new camera, I will be able to show you my five day series of graphic photos I have taken of my used patches each morning. According to the small instruction booklet included with the patches, I will be able to see the white patch I placed on my sole at night will have turned a reddish brown by the morning. The change will be caused by some of the impurities leaving my body, I am now ready to give these a full and thorough testing. When you buy the box it is completely sealed so there is no way of prising it open in the shop to see what size the patches are or what else you receive for your money. It wasn't until I got home and managed to open the packet that I realised the patches look just like huge plasters and the only other thing in the box was a small instruction booklet. This was interesting to read though because it goes back through the history of oriental therapy and ...

Coping with a Pet's Amputation 09/10/2008

(•¿•)Pepper My Cat Gets Legless

Coping with a Pet's Amputation Pepper my five year old cat has always been clumsy. We nearly lost her as a kitten when she fell into a water but and was found just in time exhausted and going under for the last time. I immediately phoned the vets and waited for what seemed hours for my brother to arrive and drive me the five miles to the surgery. It really was touch and to see if she would survive but survive she did. Now five years have passed and my clumsy cat arrives home one Wednesday with a limp. We took her straight to the vet as she looks like she now has a club foot but he is sure she has just sprained her leg and to bring her back in three days on the Saturday. They forgot to make an appointment so were unable to see Pepper on the Saturday so we had to take her in on the Monday. The vets decided on Monday that she needed to be x-rayed and they only did this on Wednesdays so yet another trip back and this time they decided to put the leg in a plastic splint kept in place by a bandage. By the time we returned home she had manage to remove the bandage and splint so back we went again the next day. After five weeks and numerous trips to the vets they finally decided she needed an operation to permanently splint her leg which involved putting wires inside the leg, taking bone from elsewhere to pack the wires and hey presto in eight weeks time she would once again be able to walk although with a permanently stiff leg. During the eight weeks recovery period she had to be kept in a cage and as ...

Fisher Price Safe Voyage 3 Stage Booster Seat 1,2,3. 27/07/2008


Fisher Price Safe Voyage 3 Stage Booster Seat 1,2,3. On Sunday the car containing my lovely 18 month old granddaughter Courtney crashed and rolled onto its roof as it veered off the dual carriageway at 60mph. I received a phone call to say they had had an accident but it was four and a half hours later that she and her mum Gemma were given the all clear by the hospital. Gemma had quite a few cuts and grazes and mild concussion but amazingly little Courtney survived without a single scratch and it all down to this fabulous car seat by Fisher Price. Priced at just £69.99 from I can honestly say this seat really stood up to the test when involved in an accident. Whilst suspended upside down in her car seat for at least five minutes until she was pulled free from the car. Courtney was held firmly in her chair and didn't budge an inch. She did have some red marks where the straps held her but these started to fade after just an hour. It was just a few months ago that Courtney's parents upgraded from a rear facing seat to this front facing seat She had started to outgrow her other chair and had also discovered how to unclip her harness. Safe Voyage 1,2,3 seat can be used from one year old and you use both the lap and diagonal belts so it is really safe and secure. The maximum weight is up to 36kg which is 79.37lb. Don't be confused with the sister product Safe Voyage Deluxe which only takes a maximum weight of 28kg which is 55lb. Fisher Price use strict safety standards and all their car seats are certified for ...

Ciao Competitions 25/04/2008


Ciao Competitions ""From Ciao"" --Please always emphasize that your statements are your own opinion. I do Please avoid words like con or rip off -Ok I have done that xx 08/09/2009 The win an Amazon voucher for taking part in the ciao user survey is running again. The prize has changed to 10x amazon vouchers for taking part so your prize as you can see from the details below has now been reduced from £25 to £10 if you are lucky enough to win. The winners of the previous survey were never announced ♣25/04/08 Win a £25 Amazon voucher for taking part in the ciao user survey. You will see the pop up to the right of your review. Call me a pessimist but there is no closing date for the draw and when you enter your name and address they only want the first line of your address and the city. No postcode? ♣10.09.07 Two members still haven't been paid after being placed as winners in a product of the week competition although other members were paid the day after the product of the week competitions closed. As usual ciao aren't replying to members e-mails. The two members eventually received their payment many weeks later. The new current issue competition is going really well with the best review on this product which is submitted per month, receiving a prize of 15GBP. Well done to the winners so far. . ♣12.07.07 You only have to see the squabbling and nit picking between the members to realise the format Ciao have chosen to pick the winner ...

My Ciao'ing 18/03/2008


My Ciao'ing ♥Happy 8th Ciao Birthday To Me, Happy 8th Ciao Birthday To Me, Happy 8th Ciao Birthday Dear COOOEEE, Happy 8th Ciao Birthday Toooo Meeeeeeeee♥ Oh wow where can I start with this review. So many things have changed over my Eight years here and mostly in my view for the worse. After a very shaky first few months here I was determined to stick it out and am now really glad I did. I have talked to some wonderful people over the years and still miss each and every one that has decided to leave and welcomed most of those back that decided to return. Ciao is a bit like a drug, you either break the habit or are hooked for years. In eight years I can honestly say I have only fallen out completely with a few members. The first at the time had been here years and many other members showed their support to this old member by joined in with bullying the new member. I was the new member. If it wasn't for some really special members coming to my support I would have given up as I didn't feel I could beat the big boys. Thankfully I have always been a little spitfire and not shy in sticking up for myself when needed so I stuck by my guns and here I am today. I ended up good friends with the original member I fell out with and it was only those other members that stuck their noses in that made the situation far worse than it would have been in the first place. Isn't that always the case? I have shared so many trials and tribulations with other members and they with me in this ...

Glastonbury, Somerset 26/02/2008

Avalon, the Mythical Island.

Glastonbury, Somerset Let's head on down to the beautiful countryside of Somerset where I live. Set in the heart of the county nestles the magical place of Glastonbury. Dominating the skyline for many miles around is the ancient Glastonbury Tor. There are many web sites available where you can learn about the history of Glastonbury and view some spectacular photographs of the town and the Tor. So why come to Glastonbury for a visit? Well in my opinion it has its own unique atmosphere. I used to sit in the central churchyard grounds of St John's, just people watching for hours on end. I have found that there are so many colourful characters you just can't help but be amused. Many visitors come so they can experience shamanic drumming, past life regression or even to have their Tarot read. Whatever experience you fancy trying you will probably find it at Glastonbury. I will run you through just a couple of the places to visit as you really can't come all this way without taking some of the history, myth, legend and magic away with you. The Glastonbury Tor Let me first explain that the word Tor when used in a place name means a hill or rocky peak. The origins of the word Tor could perhaps be of Celtic origin and related to the Welsh Tor and Scottish Gaelic Torr. The Glastonbury Tor is owned and cared for by The National Trust, The Tor at Glastonbury is the highest in the area at 158m high and is topped by the ancient remains of the fourteenth century chapel of St. Michael. Recent ...

Everything that starts with A ... 21/11/2007

(•¿•)Are you a Ciao abuser but don't know it?

Everything that starts with A ... I try to update this review often and any extra info you may feel will help new members I will gladly add. I am ashamed to say that I used to be a Ciao abuser. Well for a day and my first ever review when I first joined Ciao . Want to know how then read on. My friend joined Ciao, he thought it was brilliant, and so got his partner to join. She was very computer-shy and in fact never posted any opinions. My friend then visited me, and showed me the site. He invited me to join and I then invited my husband to join. So far there are no problems. Well we were all very new within days of each other and were reading and rating each other's reviews. We hadn't read or rated other member reviews, as we were all quite shy to start with. We also naturally added each other to our circle of trust as friends do. Anyway we were accused of being a clicking cartel. I suppose technically we were but it was just pure ignorance on knowing how to behave on an opinion site. I was new and had never been on an opinion site before so I really didn't know that I was abusing anything. I have always had my e-mail address in my profile and another ciao member who was of a high ranking on the site mailed me and advised me that as I was only getting helpful ratings on my first ever review I should visit web sites and copy some more information from them. Shock horror, was I stupid! Yes I was actually. What an idiot. I had genuinely watched a film, visited some web sites and copied some interesting ...

Farmhouse Butters 05/11/2007


Farmhouse Butters Now that real ale is well and truly recognised I suggest the next campaign is to support Genuine Farmhouse Butters. Most of the butters on sale in the UK are bland factory blends made from pasteurised milk pooled from hundreds of anonymous farms across the counties. We have all grown to be choosy when choosing bread, honey, olive oils and wines for special occasions so why not be choosy when selecting your butter. Butters are so diverse in their flavour it seems a shame to keep using the same brand or the cheapest every day of the year. Fluted pats, thinly shaved curls and butterballs criss cross-hatched are all well worth reviving. They give the serving of butter a real sense of occasion. It is always a fine treat to partake in a slice of real bread and freshly made butter with a glass of fine real ale or beer to wash it down. Butter should offer a distinctive and individual taste of the countryside; the milk from herds will differ greatly depending on the particular pastures they grazed in. Farmhouse butter will taste totally different depending which part of the country it was purchased in. Butter is the making of many fine sauces so it does pay to buy top quality. Real British, Irish and Welsh farmhouse butter is available for those willing to seek it out. What gives each butter its individual character is a total of many factors. It depends on breed of cow, on the feed they are given and on the season. Also whether the cream is blended, pasteurised or raw. ...

Top 5 Ciao Sins 22/10/2007


Top 5 Ciao Sins ♣YOU BUNCH OF WHINGERS♣ I hated the thought of this category when I first saw it but sometimes things you experience on Ciao can make you pretty mad at times and it is always good to have a rant and get it out your system. I will probably upset a few with my views as they look in the mirror and see themselves in my choices but so be it we can't agree all the time and I do have a voice to be heard although it is not aired very often on the negative aspects of Ciao as despite my rant below I still love Ciao and the people here. ♣Drama Queens In my six plus years here I have seen my fair share of watching members come and go. Everyone is entitled to delete their account and return when they want to and I don't think anyone has a problem with this. What I call a drama queen are the members who state they have a life outside ciao but continue to log in to bitch and slate the members who decide to continue writing and making friends here. Why do you do that eh? I used to go running to the guest books of members stating they were leaving in their about me and plead them not to go. I now realise that that is exactly the effect the member is seeking. Oh look how popular I am with everyone wanting me to stay. I had better change my about me to say - Thanks to all the support I have changed my mind and decided to stay after all. Wow I will get even more back slapping messages telling me I have made the right decision and even more attention. And what ...

Flooding catastrophe, could the scale of damage have been lessened? 14/08/2007

I GOT THE T-SHIRT -- (•¿•)

Flooding catastrophe, could the scale of damage have been lessened? The answer to the question, could the scale of damage have been lessened? is an outstanding Yes. You might wonder how I can be sure but personal experience is my answer to that one. I was flooded on a regular basis in the late seventies and early eighties. I live on a flood plane and the stupid government decided to build a dual carriageway straight through it. From the first month of building the road our houses started flooding. Our houses were now cut off a mile from the nearest village and in effect living in a washing up bowl. Once the water was in due to the road there was nowhere for it to go. Our last deep flood was the day after Boxing Day 1981. It was four feet deep when we were evacuated in a dinghy . I had one small son and was heavily pregnant with my second and as always the TV reporters were there in their boats and asked stupid questions like did the floods do much damage. I really swore during my interview but it was still aired but the only swear word they left in was bloody pillock. At the time even our local councillor at the time David Heath recognised the road was the problem and even bought up our plight in the House Of Commons. The transcript is on the web but without giving out my exact address I wont be able to post it here. The only help we received at the time was £25 per family that the Red Cross collected and donated to us. No help at all from the government or our local council. We lost everything and as we were now such a high risk area for ...

Urine Therapy 01/04/2007


Urine Therapy Yes even I have at long last succumbed to piss taking. I was loathe to do it but I knew it would be a new experience that I would try only once in this lifetime. Many of those that know me will be aware that I have been trying out many new therapies over the last few months as part of an Alternative Therapy course I am attending. At the beginning of the course it was made very clear we were expected try all therapies offered. If you refused you would be asked to leave the course. The day arrived when we all appeared with our containers of urine. We would only taste our own sample so I just wanted to get it over and done with. ♥The Tutor My tutor for the day is a practitioner of holistic therapy. She drinks a glass of urine a day and claims her general health has benefited greatly by doing so. Gandhi drank his own urine for years so she felt this was a very good advert and would encourage us to emerge from our experience as converts. ♥Health Benefits Drinking urine does seem to have many positive health benefits attached to it. The drinking of urine has been practised in ancient Rome, China, India, America, Germany and many more countries. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that in 'primitive medicine' there is scarcely a disease that has not been treated with the external or internal use of urine. Many of the diseases known to have used urine therapy are very serious indeed, such as gonorrhoea, leprosy, Parkinson's disease ...

10 Things That Make Ciao a Community 17/03/2007

♥ Community Care Needed♥

10 Things That Make Ciao a Community Even in a virtual community everyone likes the human touch that is involved. A social community is how I would personally like to describe Ciao. This site could not exist without the loyalty shown to each other although as in every community it does go through difficult patches and you can't like everyone or always share the same views as others. I have put my ten choices in no particular order, as each of us would list them differently in order of importance. ♥New Members New members are really important to keep the community alive and growing. As people in the real world have babies to increase the population, we have newbies. Even if the content of their review is not that good they still deserve a read. You sit there as a newbie waiting for those all important reads to come and it can be very demoralising to them to see the members with lovely coloured dots either side of them in the top 100 getting loads of reads and them getting hardly any. We all learn how to improve reviews by the comments left and the ratings we receive so please do try and help the new members a little more rather than saying the typical welcome to ciao greeting and nothing else and not rating or leaving a few tips gained through your experience of the site. The excitement of changing colour from white to green is one that can never truly be repeated and now has the added incentive of members being able to add photos to their reviews once they have passed the first green hurdle. . ...

Ways to preserve fresh mushrooms 06/03/2007

Preserve your Sexual Organisms

Ways to preserve fresh mushrooms Did you know that certain mushrooms are the sexual part of some fungi? The last great mushroom year that I can remember was way back in 1977. This year produced a bumper crop and it was possible to return to the same place night after night to continue picking those lovely field mushrooms. A mushroom should never be eaten unless you are 100% sure in its identification. There are many different ways to preserve mushrooms. They are an added bonus in soups, stews and sauces in the winter. I know you can go into all supermarkets and buy mushrooms at any time of year but it is not quite the same as using your own reaped harvest. The following methods work well with farmed mushrooms as well as field mushrooms. Never wash your mushrooms, as they will absorb any water you put on them. Instead either wipe with a dry cloth or use a mushroom brush. You can buy one from any good cookery shop. Do not peel the mushrooms, as the outer skin will keep the mushrooms in shape when drying. These are some different ways to preserve mushrooms . Air Dried · Microwave Dried · Frozen · In Brine . Air Dried One of the earliest known methods was to dry your own mushrooms. . Begin by selecting firm mushrooms only. . Do not allow the mushrooms to take on water. . Wipe the tops with either a soft cloth or brush. . Remove the stalks. . Thread the caps onto a piece of string with stiff pieces of card between each cap. Hang the strings in a warm place until the mushrooms ...

Asparagus 12/11/2006

Firm and six inches long♥Ooh Ahh (•¿•)

Asparagus Until just a few years I had only ever tried the tinned variety of asparagus and always thought it salty and bland. The first time I tried tinned asparagus was at a posh wedding where one inch sections were served rolled in the centre of buttered brown bread strips. I didn't like it at all as it seemed to stay very wet and had quite a soft texture. After eating fresh Asparagus in a restaurant I was delighted to find it did not resembled the tinned produce at all. In contrast to the soft wet texture, I found fresh asparagus to be firm yet tender with its own unique taste. It was once thought of as an exotic and expensive vegetable but now is widely available in supermarkets although these are usually forced which means they are grown under polyethene rather than in the open air. Full of vitamins A and C and minerals such as iron and folic acid and only 18 calories per 100g that averages out at 4 calories per spear. It is also very healthy. The French are famous for white asparagus. If the sun shines on their delicate tips, they turn light purple. This lack of chlorophyll from the sun creates the white asparagus apparently. Asparagus is thought to have appeared in England many centuries ago and was know by the name sperage. If you place the word sperage in an online dictionary you will find the result is asparagus. In the 16th century it received its official Latin name of Asparagus officinalis and here in somerset many of the older generation use the old name ...

Castor oil Plant 08/08/2006


Castor oil Plant Beware of the Castor oil Plant. Just one seed will kill a small child. It is best not to even keep the plant as a houseplant as the leaves are also slightly toxic. So if you have a castor oil plant in your house or garden and small children visit you are best to give it away. The plant is listed as poisonous with The Royal Horticultural Society Children are naturally curious so don't expect them not to taste different leaves even if they have been told not to. It is part of a young childs curiosity to explore new textures and tastes so nibbling at plants in the garden is quite normal. My own son ended up in hospital due to eating a few deadly nightshade berries which were growing in our hedge so this will explain why I really think any dangerous plants are removed before it is TOO LATE. If you do have this plant in your garden already dig it up. If you suspect someone has been poisoned then seek medical help taking along a sample of the plant to the hospital. Same with animals, you must seek assistance. The seed coat is the part of the plant which is most lethal and was once used by the KGB to dispose of their enemies. Most Garden Centres should point out the hazards and ensure you understand them before proceeding to sell you this plant ♣ THE CASTOR OIL PLANT The Latin name is Ricinus communis and comes from the family of Euphorbiaceae This short, fat shrub-like plant has reddish/purplish stems that can reach up to 12 feet in height. It is a very ...
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