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BSY Courses 20/01/2009

rip off

BSY Courses I signed up for a Reiki1 course since I thought doing the theory at home first would prepare me better for the practical attunement. Since I have a rather busy job I called the BSY group to find out whehter I can have the attunement done in London which they confirmed. However, once I finished on the theory and called up to book my attunement they said it can only be done in Devon! They have completely mis-sold the course to me. Travelling from London to Devon + accomodation would have cost me more then the entire course (+time off work too!) I then asked for a solution or compensation, to compensate me for at least 50% of the course fee I paid but nothing... I would also like to comment on the course material. It was very basic and since I am very interested in Reiki I had read several books beforehand and to be honest, learned everything from them and nothing from the course material. I am still trying to get some feedback from them but nothing so far. I would not recommend to anyone to sign up for any course with the BSY group as they are completely incompetent and only try to get your money without anything in return
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