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Everything that starts with C ... 21/10/2009

C = Craft Queens Forum

Everything that starts with C ... Craft Queens is a forum for Crafters to share their hobbies and form friendships with others from around the world. They accept members any age, from any where in the world. You can be of any experience level in your chosen craft or just a beginner. Some of the Crafts you can find on craft queens are: Cardmaking Scrapbooking ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) Sewing Kniting Paper Crafts Painting Clay Soap/candles Kids crafts (New crafts are added often). The forum is very easy to navigate as each board is titled with a description of what the board discuss's and a simple click takes you to that section. Nothing is too difficult to find on the boards and an excellent FAQ section is very helpful. Also any questions feel free to ask as the very friendly members are always on hand to help out a newbie. The forum is there for crafters to help each other, learn and share new tips and ideas as well as support each other in our every days lives on the general board. Friendship is one of the best things about this forum and having one and other to chat to really can help. Since being a part of Craft Queens i have made many friends who brighten up my day and have made crafting a more enjoyable experience. Children are welcome on the forum but an adult i.e parent must also be a member to observe their activity. They have a kids only section where they can chat to crafters their own age, this area is monitored by one of the Parents in the group. My own daughter loves ... 11/11/2008

Dixons - Please do not use. I should have read the reviews here before buying anything from Dixons online, i will not be using them again (Lesson learned). 4 Weeks ago i ordered two refurbished laptops from Dixons online, arrived on delivery date as expected. As these are christmas presents for my children i thought i better check they are working first. (A good job i did). Opened first one and loaded and set up like a dream, turned on second one and kept getting fault. So i phoned the tech guys who said it was faulty and to return item but have to phone customer service. The phone system is a nightmare i kept getting pushed back wards and forwards until i found the right person. Arranged item to be picked up, labels e-mailed and then item picked up as expected. Next Laptop arrives and guess what, same problem. I phone tech guys as worried i was doing something wrong and was told this must be a faulty batch. So Last thursday rang to arrange for faulty laptop to be picked up, get a call back yes item be picked up today (Tuesday), labels will be e-mailed to me like last time. Checked e-mails and spam folder and no labels, so this is where i get really stressed and angry. I phoned customer services, explain the situation and then get told, sorry they can't deal with me as my husbands details are on the invoice and they need to talk to him. Fine but they have been talking to me and arranging stuff for the last 4 weeks while this has all been going on and no-one mentioned anything. On top of that ...

Muller Light Strawberry Yoghurt 23/07/2008

Yummy Yogurts - Strawberry muller Light

Muller Light Strawberry Yoghurt I was recommended Muller light yogurts through slimming world, i was given a voucher to use so i throught i would try them out. Never really liked yogurt before but needed to find something i could have for dessert. I brought a few different flavours to try out and one was this strawberry flavour and i must admit this one is the best of the bunch. The yogurt is very smooth and creamy with bits of Strawberrys in. You really can taste the strawberry in the yogurt and the strawberry bits are smooth and tasty, unlike some yogurts where you find some of the bits are either hard or really bitty leaving bits sticking to your teeth. I find some yogurts also leave a weird after taste, with muller lights this isn't the case. You should always keep these in a fridge, this are really great to eat in the summer when its hot. I also have freezed some into yogurts, my children love these as much as i do. Because the pots ae larger than most standard size yogurts these really do fill you up. For an even tastier desert i buy some strawberrys and cut up and cover in yogurt, really yummy. This yogurts are normally around 54p but you can find many offers out there, Asda at the moment has them for 25p each. Each pot has 200g and is 106 Kcal with 0.2g fat. These yogurts are not suitable for vegartarians as they contain gelatine. There are many other different flavours of Muller light yogurts including Banana, toffee, apricot. Look out for new flavours as they are always ... 23/07/2008

Excellent Way Rent DVD'S - LOVEFILM Lovefilm I joined Lovefilm from a promotion where you receive 1 month free trail, so i thought i would give it a go being as i had been thinking about signing up to something like this. We love to watch films a lot and visiting our local rental store can be costly at £3.75 per DVD, so it seemed a great way to save a little bit of cash but still enjoy renting on a regular basis. I applied online using the code given, you do have to give your debit card details just incase you wish to continue your subscription. If you don't want to continue make sure you cancel before the deadline is up otherwise you will be charged. I personally continued the subscription paying £12.99 a month for unlimited DVD's (I can have 2 out at a time). To get DVD's you want, you set up a list of your wishes of all films you wish to watch. I sugget you list about 10 films, you can also list films that are coming soon to DVD, that way your not waiting too long to get to see them after they are released. Lovefilm will confirm by e-mail when your DVD's are sent and which ones, you can also check your account for the list of films sent. DVD's took a day or two to arrive, i have never waited any longer for one. You them simply watch the film in your own time, there is no time line for it to be returned. Each DVD's film i have had (Over 30 of them) have all worked as soon as i have put in the player and always arrived in exellent condition. Once you have finished watcing the films you return ...

Lenor Infusions Black Diamond and Lotus Flower 27/02/2008

Longest Fragrance ever :)

Lenor Infusions Black Diamond and Lotus Flower I was sent an offer through e-mail to have a sample sent of this product and well you don't always get something for nothing so i signed up, within 1 week a box arrived with a large bottle of this fabric conditioner 750ml. I started using the conditioner right away as i just love trying out new products before anyone else. All you need to do is add 1 cap full of conditioner as it says on the package that's all that will be needed for a full load of washing. Is a cap Full enough? I feel a cup full is plenty enough to use as all clothes came out smelling fresh and clean. When i took the clothes out of the washing machine you can instantly smell the fragrance, i did a load of jumpers and was impressed at how soft and refreshing they felt. How long does the smell last? That depends, I put some clothes in the airing cupboard, then into my wardrobe and one jumper still smelt of the fragrance 2 weeks later. Also my wardrobe now smells super nice. If you put clothes on you can notice the smell throughout the day and a little into the next, this is probably an ideal product to get if you have problems with body odours. My Daughter loves the fragrance too and wants me to wash all her clothes, i had to explain that i didn't want to use it all up yet as being a sample it will not be in the shops yet and depending on people reviews on the product will depend on when it will be released for the market. It suggests in the e-mail that the product should be in the shops in the ...

Lush Snow Fairy 13/02/2008

Makes you smell Sweet :)

Lush Snow Fairy I am a huge fan of the Lush shop and love most of its products and love trying out new products on the market as soon as they are available. Snow Fairy is one of my top 5 products and also my daughters favourite, i had to buy a bottle for her and stick her name on it. The Down side to this product is its on available seasonal i.e Christmas and very hard to get the rest of the year unless you check out eBay but sellers are well over priced and i would rather wait and stock up when in stock. In the January sales they had a great offer on when you spent £15 you got to pick 3 products, i picked 3 small bottles of Snow Fairy which i was chuffed to bits about. I also got to of the larger bottles for Christmas so i am well stocked up for a while. What is Snow Fairy: Snow Fairy is a shower and Hair gel but personally i only use it as a shower gel as i can only use a select few shampoos in my hair because of damaged hair (Too much hair dying). The first thing you will notice about Snow Fairy is how pink the gel is, this is a very girlie product and an ideal gift for friends and family of all ages. My daughters 9 and really into Lush and this is her No1 favourite. What does it smell like? The Smell of the gel is very strong and can make your bath room and you smell good enough to eat, Why you may say? It smells of Candy with a sweet sugary smell, its similar to candy floss or Seaside rock but if you ask different people about what this product smells like they say ... 13/02/2008

Paid Review sites good or bad? There are many Cash/reward sites throughout the Internet world but how do you really know which ones are good or not? I like to benefit from a little extra cash for some little treats and like using Reward sites to do that, its not going to make me a millionaire but its better than nothing but in my time i have discovered a few scams out there where i did lose a bit of my rewards and was very disappointed. A friend then pointed me to this great website which helps you discover which sites are scamming people and which ones are good to join. The website is very basic looking but that makes it very easy to navigate and with simple lists and buttons. The sites pages are listed below with a general description: Home - This is simply the home page and when clicked on will return you back to that page. Submit a Complaint - Have you ever joined a reward programme and then they don't send your reward or cancel your account for no reason? Here you can file a complaint and the site will look into it and maybe add it to there site as a scamming site. GPTBoycott Blog - This is the groups blog where they give up to date news of whats going on or going to happen within the site. They also provide any warning info which can be very helpful. Discussion Forum - Want to discuss any problems you have with reward sites or learn from other peoples experiences, check this forum out and get chatting. The Boycott List - This is a list of reward sites ...

High School Musical: Sing It! (Wii) 12/02/2008

HSM Wii - Fun singing game

High School Musical: Sing It! (Wii) Well what can i say? You have to be a huge High school musical fan to buy this or the person your buying for must be. You must have really seen both films and know some of the songs and characters. This game was brought for my daughter for Christmas, i personally would not have gone out and brought it myself because before Christmas i thought it was over priced at £39.99 - £49.99 as it was retailing for. Its currently at £29.99 on game which would have been a better price for me to have considered. The game is basically Karaoke singing and some dancing. You choose which character you want to play and which song you wish to sing and away you go. You need to follow the song to the words and the correct time and speed, if you do this you get a better score. You can also play in solo mode or Duet mode, i find duet mode more fun. Some of the songs are easier to sing than others and you can have great family fun trying to do better than each other. Dancing- As well as singing you can also do dancing with the wii remote and Nunchuk,, its fun to have a good but hard to get a good score as myself and daughter couldn't keep up with them. You don't to sing at the same time otherwise it may get too difficult with all the items to hold i.e microphone, remote Nunchuck. There is also many other features where you can change the characters clothes, Change scenes background, sing to other Disney channel hits. At the moment this game is fun but is mostly for young girls and after ...

Taverham Garden Centre 10/02/2008

Garden Centre - Taverham Norfolk

Taverham Garden Centre Taverham Garden centre & Craft Centre is one of the biggest in the area with a wide selection of retailers to visit. Address details: Taverham Garden and Crafts Centre Fir Covert Rd Taverham Norwich Norfolk NR8 6HT Tel: 01603 860522 Location: The Garden centre isn't easy to find, you may need a good local map to pin its location or a sat nav. We missed it several times on our first visit and had to ask directions. Once we found it we never use any other garden centre now. Whats on site: Main Garden Centre - This includes everything you need for your garden and more. The area is huge and may take a while to get round but there is plenty of staff around if you can't find something to ask. I am not really into gardening but i was really amazed at the different items you can find to jazz up your garden. I wish i had a bigger garden to include them in. Crafts- Sew Simple is a Crafters delight, i just love it here with so much choice and friendly staff. Pets - Ken's Corn Store has everything you need to help you look after your pet, also the staff are very qualified and can help with most of your pet related questions. Country Clothes- There is several country clothes retailers including childrens clothes, boots, coats. Kitchen ware - There is a great cookware shop with many items for you kitchen, there is plenty of choice but a little over priced. Gift Shops - Stuck for a gift? Here you can find many unique gifts include glass animals, wooden ...

Sight Training (Nintendo DS) 10/02/2008

Sight Training - Train those eyes

Sight Training (Nintendo DS) Sight training is another one of those great products by nintendo, this game is ideal for all ages and gender. The game follows other games in the series like brain training where you play games to make your brain stronger. So this game focus's on your eyes and co-ordination and by playing different games you can test you eye speed. Within the game there is several different aspects of Focus ablity which you can train on a daily basis and try and beat your score these are: Dynamic Visual Acuity - The Ability to clearly see moving objects Momentary Vision - The Ability to take a large amount of information in at once. Eye movement- The Ability to quickly move your eyes Peripheral Vision - The Ability to see a wide area Hand- Eye co-ordination - The ablility to quickly and accurately react Some of the games to help develope the above are very hard and can really tire your eyes out, don't try and do these activities late in the day or just before bed, you find it harder to focus. The first time you play this game you complete a series of games to find out your eye age score. This is the score your trying to beat on doing daily training. Sight-Training has a calendar and when you complete training that day you get a stamp. If you play sight training on a daily basis more games/activities become available for you to do. There are many different activities and games to keep you going and i have had this game 5 weeks and am still enjoying it. Can you play if ... 09/02/2008 I am a huge fan of Jewellery making and find it very difficult in the area to find quality materials to make items with. The internet is now a big market when it comes to shopping as you can normally find shops at a touch of a button but how do you know what they are actually like? Do they deliver? How long do they take? and also whats their website like to navigate? Well i hope to answer those questions for you here. Site and layout: When you first visit this site you will notice how pink it is, maybe relating on the fact that this craft is mostly girly related? Naviagtion is quit simple by clicking on the buttons on the main page. The pages listed are: Home - takes you to home page About Us - Gives you info about the shop including postage. News - All latest shop news in date order Products - List of all products that the shop sells Contact - If you want to contact the shop you will find info here. Links - List of useful beading links My account - If you have an account you can find out all info here. Offers - Latest offers on products Basket - This is will find a list of items you have in your basket ready to buy. Prices: This site is one of the best for costs, i have compared against several other sites and this one is either the same or cheaper. Products: I have been using the site for several months now and i always find a good selection of products to buy and lots in stock. Postage: There is free postage if you ... 09/02/2008

ECASHER - THEY PAY What is ecasher? This is another one of those many sites out there who give you rewards for shopping and signing up for things on line. Site Layout: When you reach the home page of this site it is very simple and easy to navigate and is very basic looking, not as attractive as some similar sites I have used. Signing up: This is very easy to do by following step by step instructions. You just fill in the little box's with your details. Payment method you only really have one option at the moment which is paypal. Click enter ecasher now button after you have filled in all details. You will then see the following once you have clicked button. Registration Successful Thanks for becoming an valued Ecasher Family number. Now you can us your user and password to enter eCasher. Have Fun Login: Go to the right of the screen and you will see some boxes to fill in. Login and password. Once you have logged in you will see your details in the members area where the login screen was a moment ago. My account: You can find this by clicking on the words my account located under the main banner of site. Here you can do the following: 1) Update your ecasher account details 2) Change ecasher Password 3) View your ecasher account reports 4) Refer Friends to join ecasher family 5) Request withdrawal 6) All Visited Stores 7) Manage Favourite 8) File An Offer Claim Earning Cash: You can earn cash by visiting retailers, buying ...

Orlando, USA (MCO) 06/02/2008

Orlando International Airport

Orlando, USA (MCO) Here is my experience of Orlando International Airport which we have used on Three holidays to Florida, our latest visit was Nov 2007. Orlando International airport is one of the main Airports for Central Florida but some airlines use Sanford which is further from Orlando. It really depends on the airline company to which airport you will land at, we used Virgin for all trips and all arrived at the same area of the international airport. Before you arrive in the USA don't forget to fill is those green visa waiver forms for each person in your party oh and 1 white customs form for the whole family. Fill this out correctly other wise you will pay for this later, time wise. The airline crew are very good and will help by checking over your forms but you must ask them to do this. On virgin flights they have a little section in the flight magazine with helpful information. On Arriving try and get off the plane as quick as possible. Why you may ask? Well you will find out as soon as your reach passport control where you will find queues and queues of people trying to get through. At our arrival time we had two large planes arrive at similar times and it becomes even more of a nightmare. Average wait has been between 30 minutes to 1 hour, not good when you have 2 children who have had a long flight and just want to get their holiday started. Plus you have everyone else being grumpy, adults and children (Ear-plugs might come in handy here). Once you get to the end of the ...

Rainforest cafè 28/12/2007

Rainforest Cafe - Amazing

Rainforest cafè As a parent of two fussy children who both like different things it can be very hard when visiting Parks anywhere in the world. It can normally take ages to agree on where to eat BUT the Rainforest Cafe is a place we as a whole family agree on again and again. We have been to the one at Animal Kingdom 4 times, the last visit was on the 22nd November 2007 (Thanksgiving). I have also visited the one in London but the Orlando one is a lot better all round. Waiting times: The wait to get into The Rainforest cafe is normally along one, my advice is to as soon as you get to animal kingdom make a reservation. Even though you have a reservation you still have to wait a while, can be up to 30 minutes (Longest we waited on 2nd visit). On the other hand on the 22nd Nov we basically walked in which was a huge surprise as it was thanksgiving and all the parks were packed. Even though their is a wait, my children was kept amused by the fish tanks, on one of our visits a diver was cleaning inside the tank and all the children were amazed. Restaurant Room: This is one of the main reasons we visit the Rainforest cafe, the room is decorated in an Amazon rainforest theme with Waterfall, Trees, Animals, Thunderstorms and more. The thunderstorm can be a bit scary for little ones and normally occurs every 15 minutes or so. The animals make movements and noises, some really do look real. The only real animals in the restaurant are the fish in the tanks. Food: The menu is very ...

Everything that starts with A ... 10/03/2007

A is for Artist Trading Cards (ATC's)

Everything that starts with A ... ATC'S (Artist Trading Cards) Artist trading cards: also known as ATCs, are 2 ½ x 3 ½ inch (64 x 89 mm), and known as little miniature pieces of art set on pieces of card. They are traded Similar to how people trade sports, Dr Who, Cards. ATC's are becoming very popular in the craft industry and are simple and cheap to make. There is no real rules when it comes to decorating your cards, you can do as you please. You can use many different materials and techniques for making your little pieces of Art. ATCs are made in limited numbers, often no more than one of a kind. Unique ATCs are called originals, sets of identical ATCs are called editions and are numbered, sets of ATCs that are based on one theme but that are different are called series. ATC RULES Yes there are some basic rules when it comes to artist trading cards and are as follows: 1. The dimensions of the card must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 x 89 mm). 2. ATC's must only be traded NEVER SOLD. There are many forums out there online where you can trade your cards, put in a google search. 3. Each card should include some basic information on the back. This Should include the following: Artist Name Contact info (e-mail) ATC Name Date Made Number (1/2 or 1/3 or original) I have made my own sticky labels with these details which i add on the back of my cards. HOW TO MAKE ATC's ATC's are made out of Basic card stock, you can either buy the cards already cut to size (I brought a pack of ...
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