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10 Worst Presents 04/12/2002


10 Worst Presents We have a close family relative who loves to bargain shop throughout the year and save money. She carefully and with great thought buys presents to be distributed at Christmas. Her intentions are good, but most of these gifts end up in the trash, the garage sale or the goodwill. I wish she would save her money, get one nice gift, and then forget about it. I personally feel that when you give someone a gift, it should be thought out completely and if you know the person well, you know their likes and dislikes, if not, get something generic. The following is a list of things that I think are pretty bad to receives as a Christmas gift, or any other time for that matter. 1. PIGGY BANKS - We are children no longer and a piggy bank is just a waste of money. Even if it looks like an old gasoline pump. It just collects dust and doesn't go with anything in the room. 2. THEME PICTURE FRAMES - Picture frames in themselves are great gifts, but the "cutesy" ones with themes are just plain corny. Who wants to look at a lovely picture of your loved ones and see a cluster of grapes, or hot chili pepper, or any of this other handmade gook. (It probably isn't even handmade anyway.) I'm just not an artsy/craftsy person and would appreciate a plain wooden or silver frame. 3. PERFUME - If you know the scent that the person wears this could be a wonderful gift. However, I have received very expensive perfume that makes me smell like a "you know what". I prefer just two scents and that ...

10 Things that Make Me Happy 25/11/2002


10 Things that Make Me Happy Now it is time to do some more revealing of myself by telling you the 10 things that make me happy. Hope you can relate. 1..The number one thing that makes me happy is my family. I could break it down into children, and grandchildren, but family is family. When my little granddaughter comes to my bed in the middle of the night and wants to sleep with I get tears of joy. Watching the older grandchildren play sports makes me proud and happy. I AM VERY HAPPY TODAY! In a few hours my grandchildren will be here to visit for the week and I haven't seen them in almost 2 months. 2..Friends stopping by to visit. Friends are very important to me and I miss them very much when I don't see them. A few of my long time friends have moved out of my area and I am so pleased when they come to see us. 3..Bowling a good series! I bowl in 3 leagues each week and my bowling average varies from league to league. I would like to be a consistently good bowler, but I guess I don't have that much of an attention span, so when I bowl unusually well,,, it makes my day. 4..Puppies and kittens make me happy also. I love animals as does my whole family. I don't have any animals right now and I really miss having one. Of course, I can't just limit this to domestic animals. I think horses are one of the most beautiful creatures that God created and just love to watch them run. I also like to watch them win at the race track, lol. 5..God makes me happy. He is always there for me and he ...

10 Signs You're Getting Old 25/09/2002


10 Signs You're Getting Old How do you know when you are getting old,,,,,or older? There are some tell tale signs and they are different for everybody. I am going to tell you 10 signs that are obvious to me that I am getting older. l. COMFORT OVERRIDES FASHION: When getting dressed to go anywhere these days, my first thought is always, "will this or that be comfortable"? Gone are the days of high spike heels that hurt my back and lower more comfortable heels are used instead. Zip up jeans have become replaced by stretch waistbands. Cooool cotton replaces anything else. I try to look as nice as I can, but also be as comfortable as I can, and comfort is the most important. 2. WHEN YOUR CONVERSATIONS REVOLVE AROUND YOUR MEDICATIONS AND YOUR SURGERIES: Oh no, all the conversations with my friends have been about our illnesses, our surgeries, the new medications we are taking, what the doctor said., etc,etc., This seems to be the focal point. Great!! 3. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ALL THE SENIOR DISCOUNTS: This can also save you money. But when I was much younger I was embarassed to go to the movie or to a restaurant and ask for the senior discount. Who wanted any one to think I was "that old". Now, who cares. 4. WANTING TO BE HOME BEFORE DARK: These old eyes ain't what they used to be and seeing at night makes driving difficult. I would much rather be home curled up by the TV or reading a good book when the lights come on. Also, the end results is sometimes just not worth putting out ...

Everything that starts with O ... 23/09/2002


Everything that starts with O ... One of the most famous of all the Hawaiian Islands is Oahu. This is the island that most people consider to be Hawaii, probably because most tourists originally visited there before deciding on the quieter islands of Maui and Kauai as their vacation paradises, and mainly and most importantly, Oahu is the home of Pearl Harbor, and on that I need not say more. Wanting to do the normal tourist trek, we stayed at a lovely beach on Waikiki. Now I don’t know what anyone who hasn’t been there thinks Waikiki is, but it is just a small beach area, like any of the named beaches in Hawaii. It is probably no more than a mile in length, housing beautiful hotels, and is filled with tourists. And I do mean filled. You can see just about any thing you want to see on Waikiki. The beach itself was lovely, the ocean was warm, and the surfers love it. Every morning and evening we sat on our balcony watching the surfers. There were probably at least a hundred every time we watched. I did not think the waves were that spectacular, and I know this wasn’t the Bonsai Pipeline where the real experienced surfers go. It looked to me as though most of the surfers were either just learning how to surf or weren’t too experienced, but they were all having fun. It was nice to be able to walk to all the restaurants and all the shopping on Waikiki. The fun place to shop is the International Market Place which is like a giant outdoor swapmeet. The is also the "posh" Aloa Moana shopping center. Since I get ...

Everything that starts with K ... 18/09/2002


Everything that starts with K ... Kauai is part of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean that is known as Hawaii, the 50th state in the United States. The northernmost of the islands, Kauai is also known as the garden island. It is not the biggest, nor is it the smallest of the islands, but it is one of the richest as far as beautiful scenery. The main airport is in Lihue, which is just about center of any place you would want to go on the island as the extreme northwest side is not accessible by car. You either go north as far as you can go, or southeast from Lihue as far as you can go, but you cannot drive around the whole island. On the northwest side of the island is the Napali coast. This is beautiful when viewed from a boat. There is excellent scuba diving and snorkeling and you can swim with the dolphins and turtles. The boats leave early in the morning from Port Allen and you have about six hours on the ocean, including lunch. It is a beautiful tour. Each little beach area on the island has it’s own name. I can’t remember them all, but there is Tunnel beach, which is excellent for windsurfing, Ke’e beach, Kapa’a, Hanalei Bay and many others. Each has it’s own distinct purpose. Surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving wind surfing, exploring the wet and dry caves, or just lounging around enjoying the sun and the ocean. The northern end of the island is more lush as it gets more rainful. In fact, I believe that is where Jurassic Park was filmed. Every day that we were there we had rain of some ...

Delta Air Lines - DAL 10/09/2002


Delta Air Lines  - DAL It's been many years since I flew on Delta, but I must say I wasn't disappointed. This particular flight was from LAX to Honolulu and back again. From the moment we entered Delta at LAX we were pleased with the exceptional service. The skycaps were friendly and efficient and we did not have to wait in a long line to check our luggage. The same for the check-in service at the counter. We were swiftly and efficiently checked in and send to our boarding area. The security was very good. We had to go through three checkpoints showing our tickets, boarding passes and our I.D.'s. There was no hassle, but the security was thorough. My husband has a knee replacement and he always set off the metal detector. When he explained what is was, he was asked for permission to feel his knee and was not touched until he had given permission. The crew on the plane itself was great. They were all happy and friendly. The plane was a bit cramped (we were travelling on the 767 which has two seats on each side and three in the middle) and we were sorry we hadn't spent the extra $80 to upgrade to first class. FOOLS!! Especially since on our return trip the cost of upgrading was over $400. Does that make any sense? I guess they figure you are much more tired on the return home, and you know what, they are right!! I can't say too much for the food, however. On both flights, it was mediocre and served warm, not hot. It wasn't all that tasty, but then I have had worse. My main complaint was ...

General: Alaska 30/07/2002


General: Alaska Alaska is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, because during the summer months, which is June to August, the sun can shine up to 24 hours a day, depending which part of Alaska you are in. The extreme artic of Alaska gets sun for 24 solid hours, while the city of Anchorage gets only 19. THAT IS STILL A LOT OF LIGHT!! We visited Alaska by ship this time. Our ports of call were Juneau; the capital, Skagway; gateway to the gold rush, and Sitka; an island settled by Russian immigrants. We also visited Yakatuk Bay and saw the famous Hubbard Glacier. On a previous visit we saw Glacier Bay, which was bigger and far more impressive, but a glacier at any size is impressive. Imagine a solid block of blue ice stretching across the horizon as far as you can see and several buildings high. Hear an enormous crack of thunder as the ice “calves” and falls into the sea. Think of seals and glacier bears basking in the sun on thick sheets of ice and you will have a faint idea of what it is to look upon a glacier. We were lucky. The day we visited was overcast so we were able to see the beautiful blue of the ice, but we did not see any wild life. On sunny days, the blue coloring does not show up as well. When we looked at the pieces of ice floating in the sea, we also saw layers of dirt as well. It wasn’t near as pretty close up. JUNEAU is the capital of Alaska. It is a very big city, that is also located on an Island. Everything must enter Juneau by air or by sea. It is the home of ...

If you had a Time Machine where would you go? 18/07/2002


If you had a Time Machine where would you go? If I had a time machine and could go back in time, where would I want to go and what would I want to see and do. I have thought a lot about this since reading Madcabbies article on the subject. I am not a historian and the past really doesn’t interest me, except as it pertains to me,,,,,,,so I guess that would be where I would start. The events of the world are not that important to me, historical or otherwise. I greive for 9/ll/01 but would not want to live thru that day again. The first place I would want to go would be back in time to the day I was born. I would just like to be an observer though. I would want to see the people around me, what I did when I first entered the world, and who the first person to hold me in their arms was. You see, I don’t really remember this. Then I would like to travel back to the day that I was married 41 years ago. Again, as an observer, I would like to observe my feelings on that day. I would like to see my husband in advance of our ceremony and know what he was doing and what he was thinking and experiencing the joy of the future once again. Of course, it goes without saying that I would like to travel back in time 40 years ago and 34 years ago to the days that my sons were born. I don’t remember too much about the birth of my first son as I was heavily medicated. I also had an infection and couldn’t hold him for almost a week. If I could go back in time I would just stand there and look and him and bond with him because he ...

I Am Sam (DVD) 15/07/2002


I Am Sam (DVD) It’s hard to describe a movie that leaves you feeling sad and happy at the same time. “I AM SAM” did just that to me. SEAN PENN, plays Sam Dawson, a developementally disabled person. (Referred to in the movie as retarded). Sam lives alone in his own apartment, , has a job busing tables at Starbuck’s, and has many friends. Most of whom are either mentally or physically disabled. Because he is a kind and gentle person, Sam befriended a homeless woman and together they made a baby. When this baby is born, the mother flees, leaving Sam to raise this girl, Lucy, (Dakota Fanning) alone. Sam has got the IQ of a 7 year old. He can read at this level and his greatest joy is reading “GREEN EGGS AND HAM” to his daughter. When Lucy turns 7, their problems seem to escalate. Teachers call Sam to school and tell him in so many words that his handicap is holding back Lucy’s learning skills because she wants to be like him. Friends begin making “fun” of Sam, and Lucy runs away from her 7th birthday party. When the police find her, they contact child services, and they put her in foster care and thus begins Sam fight to get back custody of the child he loves so much. Michelle Pfeiffer portrays Rita Harrison , the high-powered Century City attorney who Sam and his friends chose from the Yellow Pages because she has a large ad. Sam is willing to pay and continues to try to convince her to take his case, but Rita wants no part of this until she is embarrassed before friends and takes on ...

Flesh & Blood - Jonathan Kellerman 19/06/2002


Flesh & Blood - Jonathan Kellerman Another psychological thriller by Jonathan Kellerman featuring the ever popular psychologist Alex Delaware and his homicide detective friend, Milo Sturgis. What have a homosexual police officer and a heterosexual psychologist have in common. Murder, of course. In this thrilling story, Dr. Delaware is contacted by the mother of a girl he had seen years previously as a teenager. The girl has disappeared and the mother is concerned. Alex remembers the girl well. Not only did he treat her twice as a teenager at the request and then cancellation of her parents, she, herself came to see him after being "caught" by Alex at a bachelor party where she was a stripper. Both found themselves stricken with shame. How did the murdered corpse of a former troubled teenager who is now attending college and planning to become a psychologist end up in a dumpster, seemingly to have been murdered execution style? As Alex and Milo begin to investigate this they find themselves led into the underworld of the sex industry. The story twists and turns and has many surprising revelations. CHARACTERS; DR. ALEX DELAWARE; formerly a child psychologist, he has found himself to be working with the LAPD when children are involved in homicides. DETECTIVE MILO STURGIS; a homosexual, homicide detective working for the LAPD. He and his significant other, a physician, are not only Alex's friends, but they have worked together many times in cases where either Milo has sought out Alex, or Alex ...

10 Things I Hate Doing 06/06/2002


10 Things I Hate Doing The older I get it seems like I dislike doing anything that resembles work in any fashion. I would just love to stay at my computer all day, writing articles, playing games and talking to friends. Is that too much to ask??? I think I’ve earned it after being married to the same guy for over 40 years and raising my children. So,, here goes my list of 10 “dislikes”. l. IRONING Since day one, the very beginning, I have hated to iron. I have friends who love to iron. Not me!! I don’t like getting sweaty from the steam, standing in one position all the time and then having the clothes look like they just came out of the washer. I really don’t iron very well. 2. WASHING DISHES, CLEANING UP AFTER DINNER, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT I really don’t mind cooking although it’s no fun to cook for just two people and make a mess. I hate cleaning up the mess. If I could just cook and eat and then walk away I would be a very happy woman. 3. EXERCISING I don’t like to exercise. Guess I am just plain lazy. In fact, on my medical record chart my doctor laughingly has noted me as the “Queen of Exercise”. My husband lifts weights, walks and whatever, but I don’t like getting sweaty. I get my hair done once a week and I don’t like it to stink in between washings. I have however, grudgingly begun to walk 3 – 4 times a week for a half an hour because of my high cholesterol and also because I want to lose weight. 4. DISCIPLINING MY GRANDCHILDREN Okay, I raised my owned kids ... 25/05/2002

WARNING IF YOU HAVE AN ADDICTIVE NATURE Okay let’s face it…. I’m addicted to fast moving games. That’s why I play the slot machines or poker machines when I am in Vegas. I NEED to be entertained! Believe me, it’s not to win the money. I am NOT that lucky. Sooooooooo when someone sent me I was in seventh heaven. I had so many choices of games I didn’t know where to begin. Although Pogo is much more than games, it will be my main area of topic. In any of the games that I will mention, there is the opportunity to win the JACKPOT, which is progressive and the amount is never the same. I have not won any jackpots, but I have seen them won. Then you can also earn bonus tokens. These bonus tokens can be traded in for prizes. The prizes are daily, weekly and monthly drawings for cash. You are notified by email after every drawing you have sumitted tickets for who the winner was for that drawing. Again, I have not won any of these either!! I don’t always enter the daily drawing, but I do enter the weekly and monthly. It takes l,000 tokens for 10 tickets, so I don’t usually enter too many times. I don’t have that many points yet. I began by playing POPPIT. This is a game where you try to pop all the balloons of the same color but clicking on groups of two or more. The objective is to release all the little “X”’s in the ballons thereby releasing letters that spell WIN, to win the jackpot and to clear the board winning bonus tokens. I have never won the jackpot, and can barely play past the first ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 18/05/2002


10 Things That Really Annoy Me 10 THINGS THAT REALLY ANNOY ME!! I know that I am getting old, and I must be getting grumpy as well, but here are a list of the 10 things that annoy me the most. 1. CHANNEL SURFING; There is an old saying, “Give a man a remote control for the Television and he will surf it all day”., well at least the men in our house anyway. I have to get up and leave the room and go watch TV somewhere else. I just hate it when the TV is on and instead of watching one show, or possibly switching it between two shows, my husband or son just surf the channels. IT DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY BONKERS!! 2. TALKING ON A CELLPHONE WHILE DRIVING A CAR; I am talking about the driver here folks, not the passenger. 90% of the time when somebody is holding up traffic, they are also holding a cellphone to their ear and talking. Nobody is that damn important, and if they are, they should have a mobile phone in their car that is hands free. These people talk, wave their hands and do just about everything but pay attention to the road. I had heard that this was going to be made illegal in the United States, ‘”TALKING ON A CELLPHONE WHILE DRIVING A CAR”., but so far nothing has happened. 3. BARKING DOGS; Dogs are suppose to bark you say? That’s true, but not day and night. We have neighbors whose dogs bark continually. Any time somebody walks up the street, any time somebody walks down the street. Any time there is a loud noise, any time there is a siren. If a bird flies close by or a cat ...

Top 10 Foods 10/05/2002


Top 10 Foods Since I have been recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, a lot of the foods mentioned here are on my NO NO list, but I still can dream. Many of you might not have heard of some of these foods as I live in a different country, and some of them are ethnic to even diffferent countries, but here it goes. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE; I love cakes and cookies, and strawberries, but strawberry shortcake is my favorite. It’s very simple really. You just take any type of shortcake (soft) or sponge cake, or even angel food cake, top with sliced strawberries and top with whipped cream. My favorite is the bisquick type shortcake. CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE: Princess Cruises makes a chocolate souffle that is out of this world. It is the only souffle I have tried and I just love it. It is a cake-like consistency, made with lots of eggs and chocolate, and then baked to raise like a cake. It is served warm, with a cream sauce over it. Naturally, this is definitely not on my diet, and fortunately I don’t take that many cruises. HOWEVER, I will be cruising in July and you can bet your life, restricted diet or not, I WILL have my chocolate souffle. SALADS; I love salads of any kind. Green salads that is. Whenever we go out to eat, 90% of the time I will order a salad for my main course. We have different types of salads. Cobb Salad: with greens, bacon, turkey, blue cheese, eggs, and mushrooms. My favorite is the southwestern chicken salads: greens, chicken, black beans, cheese,tortilla ...

Hart's War (DVD) 03/05/2002


Hart's War (DVD) Lt. Tom Hart’s (Colin Farrell) father is a U.S. Senator. That’s why Lt. Hart wears an “8” on his uniform and is kept behind enemy lines. When he is captured by the Germans, Lt. Hart has no defense against the interrogation methods of his captors and after three days he is sent to POW camp, Stalag 6. Upon his arrival at the POW camp, Hart is interviewed by the leading POW officer, Colonel William McNamara, (Bruce Willis). McNamara is on to Hart and sends him to an enlisted man barracks instead of bunking him with the officers, but as highest ranking officer, Lt. Hart becomes head of the barracks. When two black American pilots (Terrence Howard and Vicellous Shannon) are brought to the camp, McNamara also sends them to Building 27, under Hart’s command. Prejudice rears it’s ugly head immediately and Hart finds himself trying to keep order. When the first pilot is killed by the German’s, Lt. Scott (Howard) vows to kill one of the other men, whom he believes was responsible. Ironically, ???? the man turns up dead and Lt. Scott is blamed for his murder. Lt. Hart was a law student at Yale, and thus ends up being assigned as Scott’s defense lawyer. His inexperience shows, but the seemingly good natured Camp Commandant, Major Visser (Marcel Lures) gives him a copy of the book of rules on court martial. Visser is a complicated character, one time seeming to be a caring person, and the next a ruthless commandant. As the trial progresses, Lt. Hart begins to find out that 35 ...
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