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Friends The Complete Collection (DVD) 27/07/2017

Catching up with old Friends

Friends The Complete Collection (DVD) Last year my teenage daughter began watching the US series Friends on Comedy Central and she really got engrossed in the lives of these six 20 something New Yorkers, so much so that she asked for the first few seasons on DVD so that she could watch the show in her bedroom. I discovered that the complete box set was only £50 and decided that this was a good price considering the beautiful presentation box and the amount of content. My daughter received the set from Santa the Christmas just gone, so I thought I would finally get around to reviewing it today. What does it look like The box set comes beautifully presented, making it ideal for new fans and collectors. The DVDs come housed in a large square box which is white in colour and has the classic F.r.i.e.n.d.s logo along with various cast photos presented within golden frames (similar to the famous frame on the back of Monica's door in the show). These are real classic Friends pictures, mostly from the early days.The lid lifts off to reveal the DVDs snuggly inside, these can be slotted in and out with ease. The DVDs themselves are the regular DVD size which was a relief, I have bought DVD box sets in the past and discovered that the cases are those awful supper slim ones. There are 10 DVDs in total, with each DVD covering a season, the season number is clearly displayed on the spine so making your preferred selection quick and fuss free. Each DVD has a full cast photo on the front and a single photo on the back, the ...

Mattel DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 19/07/2017

Wonder Woman

Mattel DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman My eight year old daughter has recently found her inner geek, gone are the babyish Disney Princess dolls and My little Ponies, she has moved onto Super Hero's - in a big way. She loves to watch the new Supergirl TV show on the Sky One and I have introduced her to some old skool shows like the original Batman and Wonder Woman. She was ecstatic to hear that a new Wonder Woman movie has been released at the cinemas, but unfortunately the certificate is a 12 meaning she will have to wait for the DVD release, which is a shame as this has become her favourite super hero character. She has a variety of dolls from the Mattel DC Super Hero range, including this Wonder Woman which I am reviewing today. The Doll There were two versions of the doll available - regular and deluxe, I purchased the regular as it was significantly cheaper. I can only guess that Ciao's picture shows the deluxe doll as ours is slightly different. The doll measures 12 inches, so she is taller and more chunky compared to the likes of Barbie and Bratz. She isn't stick thin either and has nice toned muscles on her arms and calves - which is nice to see on a doll aimed at young girls. Her head and body is all in proportion and she has a friendly expression with her large oval blue eyes and simple red lips. She has long black hair which comes down to just above her waist and the iconic headdress . Unlike the deluxe version the regular doll has limited movement. Her head is on a sort of ball which can be rotated ...

Aldi Lacura Cotton Buds 14/07/2017

Cotton Buds

Aldi Lacura Cotton Buds Like most people these days, I have made the switch to the cheaper supermarkets in hope of saving a few pounds on the weekly family budget. I now do an awful lot of my shopping in my local Aldi and have therefore tried quite a few of their own brand products, a recent purchase being these Lacura cotton buds which cost me just 35p for 200 buds. Aldi & Lacura Aldi's own brand body care items come under the 'Lacura' name and they stock a wide variety of products such as shampoo's, conditioners, feminine hygiene, deodorants, oral care and of course cotton tips. Aldi tend not to stock branded products (unless they are on one of their star buy offers and therefore only limited in availabilities anyways), they tend to focus just on their own products meaning there isn't always a huge choice. These Lacura Cotton buds were found in the body care isle, next to the baby care items. What do they look like? The buds came presented in a rectangular plastic pot, which can be kept to house the buds. The pot is secure and fit for purpose, but care needs to be taken not to drop the container as this may result in the top popping off and cotton buds ending up all over your floor. The brand and product name are clearly displayed on the front and as the container is clear all the cotton buds can clearly be seen inside, neatly stacked in a uniform order. General information is given on the label including usage guide and warnings. All of which should be read thoroughly before use. The ...

Avon Kids Haircare Range 13/07/2017

Amazing Apple

Avon Kids Haircare Range Whenever my Mum is ordering herself something from the Avon catalogue I just cannot help having a peruse too and always end up adding a few bits for myself to her order. I mostly order stuff for my children because they have such an amazing range of kids toiletries and beauty products. We are particularly fans of the Kids Naturals range due to their fun funky bottles and beautifully fruity fragrances, so I often add some 2in1 shampoo and conditioner to the order. Our most recent being the Avon Kids Naturals Amazing Apple shampoo & conditioner which I will be reviewing today. Avon Naturals Kids Shampoo & Conditioner There are a total of 2 shampoo & conditioner 'flavours' available in the Avon Naturals Kids range: * Wacky Watermelon * Amazing Apple What does it look like? The apple variety comes presented in a very bright orange bottle, which has a curved design complete with moulded feet at the bottom. The front clearly shows the brand logo, product name and a cartoon picture of a winking red apple. It's all very fun and bright, so certain to catch the attention of children. There is a flip top lid on the top, popping this up reveals a small hole through which the shampoo is dispensed. On the reverse we have the usual information such as ingredients, usage guide and warnings. Surprisingly, the shampoo itself is clear - I would expect it to be a vibrant colour. Our Experience I have been using this shampoo on my two year old sons hair for a good few weeks now an have ...

Avon Bathtime Body Paint 05/07/2017

Painting in the bath

Avon Bathtime Body Paint Unfortunately, I no longer have an Avon rep as my friend who I used to order from decided to stop doing it when she had her third child last year. Its a shame really because I did really like Avon stuff, but I never really order enough to warrant getting an on line order delivered. However, I will often peruse my Mums catalogue when I go down to see her and inevitably end up adding a few items to her order, collecting and paying for them next time I see her. I do have some items with I regularly repurchase, especially stuff for the kids such as these Avon Bath time Body Paints which I am reviewing today. Avon Bath time Body Paints Varieties There are a total of three different body paints available: * Bursting Berry * Wacky Watermelon * Playful Pear What do they look like? The Avon paints come presented in a 100 ml plastic bottle which looks much like a regular paint tube. Each 'flavour' is a different colour, for example Bursting Berry is blue and Wacky Watermelon is green, the top of each bottle is colour coded. The bottles are clear so the paint can clearly be seen inside and there is a sticker on the front which clearly shows the brand and product name along with a cartoon picture of fruit. Plenty of information is given on the reverse including ingredients and warnings. All of which should be read thoroughly before use. Our Experience I have used these paints during my kids bath times for many years now, they seem like on of Avon's more popular items with ...

Despicable Me Minion Goggles 03/07/2017

Eye See U

Despicable Me Minion Goggles Me and my eight year old daughter are massive fans of the Despicable me movies, in fact we have already pre booked our tickets to see the third instalment at the cinema next weekend. Of course our favourite thing about the movies are the Minions, these are very popular characters so it will come as no surprise that the market is saturated with merchandise on these cheeky little chaps. It's fair to say you can pretty much get anything with a Minion on! I have purchased a number of Minion items for my daughter over the years and some items have been given to her as gifts from Friends and family, one of which being these Minion goggles which I am reviewing today. The goggles are just that.....goggles, only they have the look and appearance of Minions eyes, with their trademark grey rimmed glasses and bright yellow skin. There is certainly no doubting that these are indeed Minion eyes! Although, I couldn't tell you which particular Minion this is meant to be - other than I am 100% sure it is not Kevin, who only has one eye, so perhaps it is Tim or Jorge or Jerry. Who knows? So, its up to you and your child to decide. The eye area of these goggles are plastic and very hard plastic at that, they have been bumped, banged and dropped more times that the Minions themselves, but they are still looking as good as ever. However, the thick plastic has no flexibility in it whatsoever, so it doesn't curve to the contours of the face. There is a cut out area for the nose, but it is small ...

Bob Martin Home Flea Spray 29/06/2017

Bob has got it covered

Bob Martin Home Flea Spray Ensuring we do not get a flea infestation is a year round job for those with fluffy friends although I must admit to being slightly more lax during the colder months. We were mid way through a summer heat wave and my cat was regularly out and about, during such times I find it is even more important to protecting my cat and our home from an unwelcome flea infestation. I do this by combining Flea drops for my cat and a spray for around the house. I have used a variety of Flea Sprays and Bombs over the years, depending on price and availability with my most recent purchase being this Bob Martin Home Flea Spray which I picked up in my local Tesco for £2.50. What does it look like? The tin I have is very different from Ciaos picture above, which has a very pest control look to it with its bright red background and picture of a large flea predominantly placed in the centre with a yellow target surrounding it. The tin I have retains the cylindrical shape but the look is completely different and looks more like a air freshener than flea spray, in fact one would be forgiven for confusing it for this. It is predominately white with a homely picture in the centre, not a flea in sight - In fact the only giveaway is the brand name displayed on the front along with the product name 'Home Flea Spray'. If you accidentally left this one on the bathroom counter when guest came around it would probably go unnoticed as a flea spray thus avoiding any embarrassment, likewise the check out ...

Brillo Soap Pads 26/06/2017

Not So Brillo

Brillo Soap Pads We have really been enjoying the mini heat wave which has swept the country over the past week or so, so lovely to have the sun shining once again. Last weekend we spent the day at a food festival in our local park and picked up a number of food items from a vegan store there and so decided to have a BBQ once we got home. Pulling out our BBQ from the shed we decided that it was in need of a quick clean before we fired it up and so my partner popped along to the high street to pick up a few supplies. He came home with these Brillo Soap Pads and so I set to work cleaning the BBQ. What do they look like? These Brillo pads came presented in a plastic container, the base was clean so the pads themselves could be seen neatly stacked inside. The label on top is eye catching with its silver background and the brand logo written in bright old chunky red and blue lettering. To me the packaging looks old skool, perhaps something from the 70's. It doesn't really look modern, in fact if my memory serves me correctly - the packaging doesn't seem to have changed since my Mum used then back when I was a kid. General information is given on the front including directions for use, warnings and ingredients. The lid claims to be 'easy peel', but don't believe the lies, I pulled the tab and it just pulled off the top layer of the lid leaving the pad still encased in a clear layer - I had to cut it open with a pair of scissors. The pads themselves are square in shape. In all honesty they look ...

MGA Entertainment Bratz Study Abroad Jade 23/06/2017

Russian Doll

MGA Entertainment Bratz Study Abroad Jade My daughter has been a massive Bratz fan since she received her first Bratz doll for her sixth birthday, over the years she has collected a wide range of memorabilia and toys on the brand, so she was over the moon to discover that a new updated range of Bratz dolls were being released. She decided that she wanted to buy herself a doll from the 'Study Abroad' collection and decided to choose this Jade doll which I am reviewing today. Study Abroad Collection The 'Study Abroad' range is a really fun product line which sees the Bratz girls travelling all over the globe and being inspired by the fashions and styles they discover. There are a total of 5 dolls available in the Study Abroad Collection, all representing a different country. Dolls in the range include: * Jade goes to Russia * Cloe goes to China * Raya goes to Mexico * Yasmin goes to Brazil * Sasha goes to the UK Packaging Jade came presented in a plastic box, which was clear on the front so the doll and accessories could easily be seen inside. The back of the box had a cardboard sleeve which showed some photos of the doll and the other Bratz characters. The packaging was very bright and colourful, the doll and items were well displayed and it was clear and easy to see what the product contained. Getting into the plastic packaging was very difficult and it took me a good 10 minutes to cut away all the ties securing the doll and accessories. Jade Jade is one of the more popular characters in Bratz, she looks ...

Buster Bathroom Plug Unblocker 20/06/2017

Buster Bathroom Plug Unblocker

Buster Bathroom Plug Unblocker We are lucky enough to live in a house with two bathrooms, the one downstairs was specially build for our landlords mother who was in a wheelchair and therefore had some specific needs. This means that we have a lovely spacious wet room complete with walk in shower, which we absolutely love. However, the shower plug does have a tendency to get clogged up and the area can then flood. With three females in the house, all with long hair along with the usual grime build up I find that I need to keep on top of maintaining the showers plughole and I use this Buster Bathroom Plug Unblocker on a regular basis to keep it all working as it should. What does it look like? Buster Plug Hole Unblocker comes presented in a sturdy 300ml plastic bottle, it has a professional look about it with its black and blue design. On the front we have a picture of a super clean looking plug hole, so there is no confusing what this product is intended for. On top we have a child safety screw top lid. General information is given on the reverse including a blurb about the product, warnings, ingredients and usage guide complete with diagrams, all of which should be read before use. What are the claims? Buster claim that this product will dissolve hair and sludge and stop slow draining water. The products is intended for use in the bathroom and is safe to use on shower, baths and basins plugs. The product takes a at least 15 minutes to get to work. My Experience The first time I used this product ...

Peppa Pig: The Game (Wii) 18/06/2017

Peppa Pig : The Game

Peppa Pig: The Game (Wii) My middle child is now 8 years old, so she has long out grown her Peppa Pig phase, however my two year old son has recently become interested in the TV show so she has passed a few of her Peppa Pig toys and games down to him, this includes this Peppa Pig game for the Wii which I am reviewing today. Age and gender recommendation The games are aimed at pre-schoolers, Nintendo give an age recommendation of 3+ which I would say is about right really. However, my son is 2 years old and quite happily plays along as long as he has someone there to help him, he wouldn't be able to play this one independently. I think the game would suit kids up to the 6 year mark by which time they would want to be moving on to something more challenging. But of course all kids are different and develop at different rates. This game should appeal to both boys and games, particularly as there is an option to play as either Peppa or George. Peppa Pig: The Game This was the first Peppa Pig game released by Nintendo, the second one being Peppa Pig : Fun & Games. Both of these games are available to play on the Wii and the DS. The Wii version will also work on the WiiU. The initial set up is quick and straight forward and simply requires the player to type in their name, this is done by pointing the cursor at the keyboard which is set out in a qwert format. There are 3 save slots too so the game can be shared by siblings. There is also the option to have a easy, medium or hard game, I choose easy ...

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (Nintendo 3DS) 14/06/2017

Problem Solving with Professor Layton and co.

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (Nintendo 3DS) My boyfriend very kindly bought me a 3DS for my birthday along with some games to go with it, one of which being Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, I I'm a bit of a fan of the Professor Layton games so I was over the moon to receive this one to play in 3D. Professor Layton There are currently a total of 8 Professor Layton games although some of these would be more considered as being spin offs to the originals. These games are official Nintendo games for the original DS and the 3DS. Of course, the 3DS games are not compatible with the original DS console. * Professor Layton and the Curious Village * Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box * Professor Layton and the Unwound Future * Professor Layton and the Last Spectre * Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS) * Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS) * Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS) * Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy (3DS) The games genre would be described as being a mixture of puzzle, strategy and adventure. Each release follows Professor Layton and his protegee Luke as they solve mysteries and decipher puzzles. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask was first released in the UK in 2012 , it was the first of the Professor Layton series to be released as a 3D game. I would say it is similar in style and game play to the first four in the series, but of course the plot and storyline is different. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask ...

Peppa Pig: Fun and Games (Nintendo DS) 12/06/2017

Fun & Games with Peppa

Peppa Pig: Fun and Games (Nintendo DS) My middle child has always been a real gamer, when she was a toddler she was always sneaking off with her older sisters DS and attempting to play something from her selection of games. This inevitably caused arguments between them so I decided to buy her her own DS for her 3rd birthday, I also bought her a selection of games including this Peppa Pig : Fun and Games. She really enjoyed playing this one but as she got older it felt by the way side in favour of more complicated 'grown up' games, however it has recently made a reappearance as my 2 year old son has taken a liking to it. He does not currently own his own DS but quite happily plays on his sisters and she will often help him during game play as he is still a little too young to operate it all independently. Age and Recommendation The games are aimed at pre-schoolers, Nintendo give an age recommendation of 3+ but I personally don't see any reason why a child a little younger than this would not be able to play this game, albeit with adult supervision. The games are simplistic, my son is 2 years old and is able to play most of the games independently now, especially after playing them once or twice with either myself or his sister. I would say it would suit kids till around the 5 year mark, when they will no doubt have moved onto something with a little more substance. Of course, all kids are different and develop at different rates, if in doubt follow the manufacturers advice. Peppa Pig : Fun and Games This is ...

Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket 06/06/2017

Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket

Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket In the weeks before my daughters break up from school for the holidays I begin picking up a few toys and activities so that they have some fun things to do and play, especially on those rainy days. I tend to make most of my purchases from discount stores such as B&M and Poundland but I also have a good rummage around the charity shops to see if there are any bargains to be had. Whilst in Banardos I came across this Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket still sealed and packaged in its original box and priced at just £3, my 8 year old daughter is Shopkins mad so I thought it would be ideal for her. This half term has been particularly gloomy weather wise so I thought it the perfect time to give it to her to keep her busy. What are Shopkins? Shopkins are a relatively new toy, they are made and produced by the up and coming toy manufacturer Moose Toys, an Australian company. Shopkins are basically small rubber collectible figures, all of which have shopping or household item themes, whether it be fruit & veg, gardening items, a TV remote control or even a little toilet. Each character has a name and some of them are more collectible than others falling in categories such as common, rare, ultra rare, special edition & limited edition. The aim is to basically collect as many of them as you can, swap them with friends and of course play with them too. There are plenty of play sets to go with the character as well, including a shoe dazzle boutique, Shopping Malls and the Scoops Ice ...

Choc Chick Starter Kit 05/06/2017

Become a CHOColatier at home

Choc Chick Starter Kit I received this Choc Chick Started Kit from a vegan friend of mine for Easter, I thought it was such an original gift and made a nice change from the usual Easter eggs. That being said, it was only this weekend that my boyfriend and I finally got around to using the kit and I thought I would review our experience. What is the Choc Chick Starter Kit The Choc Chick Starter Kit is a kit that contains everything needed to begin making your own raw chocolates from scratch. All the ingredients are ethically sourced and organic, which are free from dairy, gluten, soya, refined sugar and additives. The kit is vegan friendly. What does it look like? The kit comes beautifully presented in a cool trendy looking plastic style bag, which is strong and resilient enough to house the contents. The packaging itself is white and all the writing is in dark brown, with the brand logo clearly displayed in the centre.On top there is a cute brown ribbon which keeps the bag closed. The reverse gives plenty of information on the product including a little blurb, instruction guide and an ingredients list. Whats in the kit? Included in the kit is everything you need to get started making some raw chocolates of your very own: * 100g Organic Cacao Powder * 100g Organic Cacao Butter * 100ml Fruit Syrup ( 100% fruit extract - apples, grapes & carob) * Mini baking cases * Recipe booklet All the ingredients were individually packaged (with some even having resealable tabs) in lovely packets. These ...
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