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Next Friday (2000) 20/09/2017

Next Friday

Next Friday (2000) On a Friday, my boyfriend and I often pop into our local CEX store to peruse the second hand DVDs hoping to find a decent flick to watch over the weekend. Last weekend, we spotted the movie 'Next Friday' a sequel to the 1995 film 'Friday', having both enjoyed the first film we decided to give the second one a go. What does it look like On the front of the DVD we have rapper Ice Cube taking centre stage, holding up a lighter indicating that this was going to be a stoner movie. The rest of the supporting cast can be seen in the background along with a posh suburban mansion. The film has the tag line 'The suburbs make the hood look good!'. Plot To be honest, there's not a huge amount of a plot with this one and the majority of the film just follows Craig (Ice Cube) finding himself in various bad situations and then trying to get himself out of them, trouble sure does follow this guy around! It also involves a lot of Craig sitting around and getting stoned. The film begins with a recap showing the important bits from 'Friday', so you don't necessarily have to have seen the first film to be able to watch this one. However, if you haven't yet cached 'Friday' its certainly worth a watch as its one of those classic homie stoner movies that they did so well in the 90's. Once we are done with the flash back sequence we discover that Craig's Nemesis Debo (Craig Jones) has escaped from prison and is on his way to Craig to wreck revenge for Craig putting him there in the first place. ...

Hama Hama Gift Box Pony Club 15/09/2017

It's Hama Time

Hama Hama Gift Box Pony Club In the weeks before my daughters break up from school for the holidays I begin picking up a few toys and activities so that they have some fun things to do and play, especially on those rainy days. Whilst having a mooch around a local toy shop I spotted some Hama sets reduced to clear, I'd not heard of the brand before but taking a quicker look I felt confident that this was an activity my eight year old daughter would enjoy. I chose the Hama Pony Club set. What is Hama? Hama is a Danish company, specialising in craft activities for children. They are most famous for Hama beads, which can be purchased in tubs to freestyle your own creations or in sets such as this Pony Club set I am reviewing today. The beads are to be used on specific plastic boards to create a picture or design, this can then be covered with ironing paper and ironed to set the beads. The creation can then be completely removed from the plastic board. The finished item can be used as a display or you can buy add ons to turn them into key rings or fridge magnets. Much like Lego sets, each Hama set had a product number, making finding the set you require quick and easy. The product number for the Pony set is 3217. What does it look like? The product comes presented in a strong box which we have found durable enough to keep the contents in when not in use. Although, should my daughter wish to extend her Hama collection I think we will need to upgrade to a larger storage container. The box shows the ...

Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol. 1 (DVD) 13/09/2017

The Perfect Blend

Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol. 1 (DVD) I am a big fan of the Australian soap Neighbours, I have watched it ever since I was a kid and still watch it now. I bought this Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1 DVD set a few years ago now, but a recent storyline in Neighbours had me digging it back out again. Neighbours Neighbours is an Australian soap set in the small cul de sac, Ramsay Street. It follows the lives of the residents who live in the fictitious Erinsbourogh borough in Melbourne, through all their ups and downs, marriages and deaths. As far as soaps go, Neighbours would be considered a little twee and rather light hearted, it is certainly not as dark and gritty as British soaps. This is a long running show, having been on screen for more than 30 years now and racking up an impressive 7,685 episodes. There have been many characters who have come and go over the years, but some have also stuck around. The longest serving character would have to be Paul Robinson (Stephan Denis) who has been in the show right from the start and after taking breaks returned to the show to reprise his role as the Machiavellian self serving businessman. We also have wife and husband duo Susan and Karl Kennedy, along with fan favourite Jarrod Rebecchi a.k.a Toadie (Ryan Moloney). The show has been a springboard for some actors most notably: Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia and most recently Margot Robbie. What does it look like? The DVD comes presented in a standard case, ...

Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol.2 (DVD) 11/09/2017

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol.2 (DVD) I'm really not into British soaps at all, Eastenders, Coronation St, and Emmerdale are just so dark and depressing, every time I happen to catch a snippet of one of these long running shows someone seems to be bawling their eyes out in a dingy pub or cafe on a rainy day. No, I like a bit of escapism when it comes to a soap opera, I like something more light hearted and with a happier brighter setting. I like the Aussie soap Neighbours - no scrap that - I love it. Growing up in the 80's Neighbours was one of the most popular shows on TV and although this popularity as wained a little over the years it still has a loyal following, who have stuck with the show even when it left the BBC for C5. Fans of Neighbours will know that the show takes a long break over Christmas, so I purchased the Iconic episodes on DVD to ensure we still got our Neighbours fix over the festive period. Today I will be reviewing Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 2 DVD. Neighbours Neighbours in an Australian soap opera, which follows the residents in a small cul-de-sac, Ramsay Street. It first aired way back in 1985 and still runs today, there have been 7,685 episodes of Neighbours as of the 8th September 2017. The show has been a springboard for actors with many residents going on to great success after leaving the show, most notably: Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia and most recently Margot Robbie. Many of the long running characters include Paul ...

Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks 08/09/2017

Carlton Shuttlecocks

Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks I like my children to have as much outdoor fun as possible but they would quite happily sit in front of the TV or some sort of screen all day if I allowed it, so I have to come up with fun things to encourage them to play outside. As we live on a busy dual carriageway, playing out front is not an option, so I take them out to the local parks and recreational areas as often as I can but we mostly make use of our large back garden. Weeks before the summer holidays I began picking up some fun activities for the kids to play outside, Including a badminton set from B&M, however this only came with 2 (rather flimsy) shuttlecocks which soon went AWOL, so I decided to purchase a separate pack of shuttlecocks. I found these Carlton T800 shuttlecocks in a little independant shop, I do like to support small local businesses even if I end up paying slightly more than I would at Amazon. What do they look like? Our packaging is a little different than Ciaos picture above, I imagine they have revamped it recently. The shuttlecocks come presented in a large tube which is predominantly black and white in colour, it certainly looks very sporty. The brand and product name is clearly displayed on the front along with a picture of a shuttlecock. Opening the tube up is easy enough, the blue top simply needs pulling out an this can be done at either side. Carlton suggest using the top for pushing the shuttlecocks in, and the bottom for pulling them out. The lids can pop back on too so the tube ...

Sea Explorer Submarine, Kos 06/09/2017

Exploring Under The Sea

Sea Explorer Submarine, Kos This year we took a family holiday to Kos, Greece, although we spent the majority of our time in the beautiful resort we also took a few day trips. We spent an entire day in Kos town centre, as there was just so much to see and do there. We found ourselves strolling down the beautiful marine, enjoying the sun and looking at the different boats, when we came across the Sea Explorer Submarine Experience. We must have only been stood there a few seconds before we were approached by the captain who handed us a flier, told us some information about the trip and informed us we were just in time for the final trip leaving in ten minutes. After discussing it a little as a family we all agreed that it sounded like a wonderful experience and we all climbed aboard. The Sea Explorer Submarine The boat itself looked very modern, both inside and out. Outside it was painted white and yellow, with 'Sea Explorer' printed in bold lettering along the side. So, as far as tourist style boats, this one looked the part. On board, the boat is modern looking and fairly well equipped. There were two toilet cubicles and also a small bar. Around the front of the boat is the seating area consisting of wooden benches around the perimeter with bars in place for safety. However, downstairs in the main attraction. Walking down the white metal steps and reaching the bottom of the boat was quite an experience, as the walls were completely clear, giving amazing underwater views. There was a large white ...

Dettol All Purpose Cleaner Multi-Action 4in1 05/09/2017

Dettol All Purpose 4 in 1 Cleaner

Dettol All Purpose Cleaner Multi-Action 4in1 The kids went back to school today, after the very long six week break, over the summer holiday I've been a little more lax with the housework, only really doing the essential jobs, with three kids at home it's hardly worth spending so much time on the housework just for it to get messy 5 minutes later. So today I have been very busy catching up and giving the house a good deep clean, to do this I've brought out the big guns, including this Dettol All Purpose cleaner, which I picked up in Home Bargain for about a quid. What does it look like? Dettol Multi Action Cleaner comes presented in a rather flimsy looking 450ml plastic bottle, this is clear so the blue liquid itself can be seen inside. The brand logo and product name are clearly displayed on the front, alongside a picture of some white flowers. We have a blue cap which screws off to reveal the large hole through which the liquid can be dispensed. The cap doubles as a dosing device. General information is given on the back, including warnings which should be read thoroughly before use. What are the claims? Dettol claim that this cleaner had 3x the power cleaning of other cleaners on the market, this is a 4 in 1 product which can be used on all hard none porous washable surfaces. It can be used all around the home, for example in the kitchen, bathroom, living areas and even outside. It can be used neat or diluted, as required. It will remove burnt on food and degrease too, leaving a fresh fragrance. The product is ...

Daz Go Pods Washing Capsules 04/09/2017

Daz Pods

Daz Go Pods Washing Capsules I've been really busy all this weekend sorting everything out for the kids return to school on Tuesday after the summer holiday break. I spent yesterday doing plenty of laundry, giving their new uniforms a wash and also cleaning their old uniforms ready for listing eBay. I've been using these Daz washing capsules on all our laundry this weekend and thought I would review the product today. What do they look like? The Daz capsules come presented in a robust orange plastic container, with a sticker on the front clearly showing the brand logo and product name along with a picture of one of the pods. On top we have a secure lid, which can be clicked on and off with ease. The lid keeps the pods securely inside, but it isn't child proof, so they should be stored high up out of sight and reach of little ones. General information is given on the back, including warnings which should be read thoroughly before use. The pods themselves are square in shape, they are plastic like and feel squidgy when squeezed. Inside we can see the light blue liquid along with two swirls on top contain a white liquid and a dark blue liquid. My Experience I prefer pods these days, powders or tabs need to go directly in the washing machine draw and for some reason they just seem to stick to the inside of mine and just turns into a gooey mess which I have to clean up- perhaps my machine is faulty. I like that pods can be chucked in the drum with the laundry and they don't leave any after residues. I ...

Screenlife Games Scene It? 80's 01/09/2017

Scene It In The 80's

Screenlife Games Scene It? 80's My sister and I have always been a bit obsessed with the 80's, we were both born during the decade that taste forgot but it wasn't until our teenage years that we became truly interested in the era. We fell in love with the delights of 80's teen movies becoming fans of anything with the Brat Pack crew in such as Molly Ringwald, we fell in love with the two Corey's and danced around to Madonna whilst wearing rubber bracelets. Now in our 30's (sigh) we decided to revisit our teen angst years and purchased this 80's Scene it? to play with a couple of our pals during a girlie night in. What Does It Look like? 80's Scene It comes presented in a very nice square box, which houses the contents well, so it can be kept as a safe storage for the game. On the front we have four 'celebs' whom were apparently famous during the era, although I can only name two - Gary Coleman and Olivia Newton John. On the reverse there is an 80's time line, a picture of a group of friends having a grand time playing the game, a list of contents along with information on the game itself. Whats in the box? * 1 DVD * 1 Flexitime Board Game * 1 Six - sided Numbered die * 1 Eight - sided Category Die * 4 Category Reference Cards * 4 Collectible Metal Tokens * 16 Buzz Cards * 175 Trivia cards * 4 Category Reference Cards * 1 instruction sheet Requirements, Players and Age Recommendation The game requires a TV set, DVD player and remote Control. It is recommended for 2 + players, but there is always the ...

Dikeos Taverna, Zia 31/08/2017

A beautiful Taverna in Zia Mountains

Dikeos Taverna, Zia This year we took a family holiday to Kos, Greece, although we spent the majority of our time in the beautiful resort we also took a few day trips. On our last day, we rented a car and took a drive around the whole island, this didn't take us long considering Kos quite small so we had plenty of time to stop of at various place and take in the beautiful views. My partner decided that he wanted us to take a drive through the beautiful mountains, which was in itself an stunning experience, the views were just amazing. At one point we got a little lost and seemed to be driving aimlessly around little roads on the mountain, it was then we happened upon a little area on top of the mountain called Zia, bustling with tourist (literally arriving by the bus load!), so we decided to stop, have a wander and grab a bite to eat. After perusing the different shops and being chatted to by the rather over bearing shopkeepers, we were getting pretty hungry and decided to seek a restaurant out to get us out the heat for a little while. As a family of vegetarians, we knew it may be a little difficult to find a suitable place to eat, however we were pleasantly surprised to find this little gem offering a separate veggie menu to the meat one and so we decided on Dikeos Taverna. Dikeos Taverna Dikeos Taverna has been around for quite some time, in fact it was opned way back in 1993 and apparently it is one of Zia's most famous tavernas. This is a family run established, with mama Christina at the ...

Domestos Bleach Original Blue 30/08/2017

The original & best bleach

Domestos Bleach Original Blue Domestos is a brand i know well, having used a variety of their products over the years. This Domestos Original Blue Bleach is probably one of their most well know products and it has one I have used countless times What does it look like? I don't think the packaging for this Domestos Original Blue Bleach has ever changed, it seems to have always looked exactly the same with its simple blue bottle and red child proof cap. The label clearly shows the brand logo and product name, its all rather minimalistic which is good as I hate cluttered labels. My bottle is a rather large 1L, but a smaller 750 variety is also available. General information is given on the back, including warnings which should be read thoroughly before use. The bleach itself is a very thick light yellow liquid. My Experience I do find that supermarket own brand cleaning products can be just as good (if not better) than the big brand ones, however there are always exceptions and I find that bleach is one. In my experience, supermarket bleaches tend to be on the thin side and they struggle to cling to the bowl, I want to do as little manual work as possible and am willing to spend a few extra pennies for something that performs better. Domestos is such a product, this is a really thick bleach that doesn't just disappear when squirted around the toilet rim, it clings there. I tend to give a good squirt and just leave i to get to work, then simply flush. Its rare I'll have to do any scrubbing, which makes ... 25/08/2017

Join the rum club My boyfriend and I are really into our rum, especially dark and golden rums - enjoying them neat. We've long grown tired of the supermarket offerings such as Sailor Jerry's or Kraken and moved onto the more expensive rarer varieties. We purchase bottles on line, but find our best finds have been via visiting independent liquor stores, which we make a point of seeking out during visits to different cities. A few weeks back My boyfriend discovered this new on line subscription specialising in rare or small batch rums, we decided to sign up using a discount code for our first order. What is Craft Rum Club? The Craft Rum Club is an on line subscription service, each month they send out a 'discovery box' containing a bottle of rum. They guarantee the selected rum will not be available in the supermarkets, instead selecting only rare bottles and special imports. Alongside the bottle of rum, subscribers will receive extras such as mixers and/or gourmet snacks. We only select rums that we think are outstanding. How Much is it? A monthly subscription costs £38.99, with free delivery. Subscribing As with most of these subscriptions, The Craft Rum Club is non committal and you are able to cancel anytime (after the specific cut of dates), so you are not being locked into a iron clad lifetime subscription of rum. You can come & go as you please. Signing up is a doddle and it took me less than 5 minutes. There are two subscription options available and you are able to select if you ...

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Construction Vehicles 11/08/2017

Dig it

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Construction Vehicles My two year old son has a number of play sets from the Vtech Toot - Toot range along with a variety of different vehicles to go with them. A vehicle of some sort is usually included with the play sets but they can also be purchased individually or as part of a multi-pack. My son has this Vtech digger Toot - Toot in his collection, which is from the large range of construction vehicles available. What does it look like? The Digger is similar in style to the other construction vehicles, some of which are shown in in Ciao's picture, as you can see they are very cute, colourful and friendly looking. All of the toot toot vehicles are approximately the same size and therefore able to be Incorporated in any play sets. The body of the digger is a bright red colour with blue trimmings, the word 'Digger' is written in yellow. The lower half is a vibrant orange and black whilst the bucket and wheels are grey. On the front we have a button which shows the diggers smiling face. What does it do? Toot Toot play sets include pressure points, when a vehicle is placed on a specific spot they will begin to make noises. Alternatively, pressing the button on the front also sets the sounds in motion. Each of the Toot Toot vehicles have different songs and phrases which match the type of vehicle they are, so it will come as no surprise that the digger makes a variety of construction related noises. As well as jingles the digger has phrases such as: *No rock to big, no tree to small I can ...

Maybelline Push Up Angel 09/08/2017

Angel Eyes

Maybelline Push Up Angel I don't really like to spend too much money on make up but do tend to stick with the big brands, choosing whatever is on offer at the time. Whilst shopping in my local Savers I popped a Rimmel Scandal Eyes in my basket as it was discounted to £5, however when I got to the till the checkout girl showed me these Maybelline Push Up Angel mascaras which they had reduced to clear, priced at just £3 each I though it was worth a go and agreed to the swap. Having nearly finished the product now, I thought I would review it here today. What does it look like? Initially, I thought this was one of those double sided mascaras with a wand at each side, the design certainly gives this appearance but this is not the case at all and there is just one wand located at the top of the tube. The tube itself is black and has the brand and product name displayed on the front in a beautiful curly font. The bottom half is a dark metallic colour, whilst the top half is a lighter purple. Screwing off the top and pulling out the wand I was met with a very strange looking brush, very different from the usual mascara brushes I have seen in the past. To be honest, I thought the brush style looked a little gimmicky and I wondered if it would be much of an improvement on the regular design. Instead of a round brush, we have a sort of comb design with very small bristles varying in length - shorter in the middle and getting a little longer towards the end. The other side of the wand is just plastic with ...

Dickie Toys Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre 08/08/2017

Even Sam himself could not rescue this toy

Dickie Toys Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre My son in obsessed with Fireman Sam, as he doesn't have a many toys based on the show I asked a relative to buy him something when they asked what he would like for his 2nd birthday. He received this Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre manufactured by Dickie Toys - a toy maker I am unfamiliar with. What does it look like? The set comes presented in a rather large box which makes the product look rather exciting and bigger than life. On the front we have a very colourful photo of the said product as long as various bits of information, unfortunately there is no plastic 'window' so the consumer is not able to see the product before making their purchase. Opening up the box I discovered that it was a flat pack product which required assembly, so I quickly put it back away busying my son with something else so I could put it together by myself without my toddlers 'help'! That evening, I got all the pieces out, located the manual and set to work. The instructions were easy enough to follow and featured easy to use black and white diagrams. For the most part it was simply clicking the pieces into place and then the laborious task of applying all the stickers, ensuring they were nicely lined up. All in all, I would say it took a good 10 minutes, so I would recommend putting this one together prior to giving it to your child, to save any tears (from both adult and child!) Once built, it seems a little smaller than first expected, big box = little toy. To be fair, it looks like Fireman ...
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