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Everything that starts with L ... 07/01/2004

A challenged Carmen

Everything that starts with L ... Q1.What is the best experience or day/episode you have ever encountered in your life? A. The day that I graduated from University and the look of pride on my parents’ faces. There were not many southern black women graduating in those days. Q2. What weather do you hate the most? A. The rain. I really hate British rain, it soaks right through to my bones! I don’t mind hard rain that brightens up quick, but the rain that just goes on all day, with no break in the cloud, just dark gray skies, it is just so darned depressing. Q3. What is your dream or actual ideal holiday destination? A. I would love to go to Australia on a cruise ship. To sail into Sydney Harbour in the bright sunshine, go to a concert. Then drive out to the outback, like Alice Springs – that would be my most favored place to visit. Q4. Although there are many things this government does that annoy us as the population, which single act annoys you the most? A. The congestion charge in central London. Surely there was a better way to reduce the clogging up of the metropolis than that, and surely, instead of making people use the terrible public transport system, they will just congest the M25? Q5. How old are you, but how old do you feel? A. I am 44. Do I feel 44? Yes, I do. I don’t have young children in my life, so I have no reason to buy toys or candy or to go to pantomimes, so I live in a very adult environment. I would prefer to be younger, though, as there are so many things ...

What I'd put in room 101 27/12/2003

Room 101, here I come

What I'd put in room 101 Sports Programmes on main channel evening TV - they are life numbingly boring. Why can't they all be relegated to C4 or BBC2 (although, actually, when C4 started it was supposed to be a Sports free channel - fat chance!) Bone Idle Pop Academy Brother - type shows. La-zee TV, very boring to watch and take up all of a Saturday night TV. Where are the programme makers these days and why are they aping all the other countries who do not have such good quality TV. The UK should be leading the way in TV as they used to. As a US citizen, I have normally applauded the BBC network for their programmes - not anymore! Cobwebs - Why do spiders still need to build cobwebs in the corners of all my rooms. Don't they realise that I don't have any flies in my house, so they will starve? My home is white walls with high ceilings and these pesky cobs keep making webs. Rainy days. I hate the rain. I grew up in a hot place and I love the sunshine. When we had rain, it fell very hard, then it brightened up again and was back to hot sunshine. Britain (which I do love, don't mistake me) has just so so so much rain and gray skies. A break in the cloud over London would truly be great, especially on Weekends when I could appreciate it. Smelly exhaust. Emissions stink. Please, drivers, check your emissions and sort it out. The towns are rank with the smell of fumes and it is so unhealthy for the kids in buggies in the firing range of your exhaust pipes. While I am on the subject of cars ...

Tiger Lager Beer 20/11/2003

Keep your eye on that tiger

Tiger Lager Beer I have been working long, no I mean really long, hours in the store where I spend my days and most of my evenings so that everyone can have a good Christmas. Tonight, I was only going to be cooking for just myself, so what would I have……. On my way home, I had to visit the grocery store to pick up some items and I caught sight of those Chinese Takeaways in a bag. My partner was not home tonight as she is working through till 6am tomorrow so I reckoned this would be a good option. If I am truthful with you, there is not much food for one in this bag and not enough for two so I reckoned on eating it all. I have a large appetite so it takes some satisfying. With all of this though, a drink is in order so naturally I grabbed some Tiger Beer to accompany my noodles. I would never claim to be a beer drinker, or a lager drinker if it comes to that. I prefer wine, or cocktails, but with Chinese or Indian food, you have to have something like a lager to help it find its way down the gullet. Tiger Beer I have just finished my brew from the brown jewelled bottle so let me tell you something about this new friend of mine. It is Singaporean and has a gently fruity flavour in the amber liquid. It is 5% alcohol volume and costs the same as your more usual bottled beer, but I can’t remember exactly as I was just going for this particular brand. It wasn’t on any kind of offer and I have never seen Tiger going on a 2 for 1 offer. Knowing that I would be doing this opinion, ...

Palmers Cocoa Butter 20/10/2003

Grease lightning

Palmers Cocoa Butter For my next opinion, I have chosen to tell you about Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. This is one of a range of products by Palmer’s which include, Body washes, body oils, moisturising sticks, lip balm, cream soaps and liquid soaps. Then there are the hair products which include shampoo, conditioner, conditioner and gloss spray, curl definition, gel and intensive conditioner, bergamot formula, pressing oil formula, soft formula, shaping wax, hair food formula and ‘No blade’. So as you can tell, Palmer’s know a good deal about what we need to keep ourselves young and beautiful! I have used some of the range, but this Cocoa Butter is a mainstay of my bathroom cabinet. It is a thick, and I mean thick, butter which comes in a screw top pot. When you remove the lid, you can tell that it is unmistakably cocoa butter, the smell is good enough to make you want to eat it. Don’t try – I don’t know if it is edible! My skin tends to get very dry in places. My elbows in particular suffer and so do my knees. They can become really unsightly if I just leave them, so I need to cream, and cream regularly. This butter is so thick it can be a devil to get out of the jar, but once you scoop a lump onto your index finger, it will smooth right up the back of your hand to your elbow. It is VERY greasy. So beware not to get it on any of your clothing as it is sure to leave a stain that will take a lot of washing out. The tub tells me that there is no greasy after-feel, they ...

All About Me 07/10/2003

Walk a mile in my shoes

All About Me 1) What time is it? 1.31pm 2) Your name? Carmen 3) Parents names? Kenneth and Grace 4)Number of candles on last birthday cake? Do I really have to tell you? Ok, it was 44, and yes, the fire station was on standby! 5)Hair colour? Black, with shades of blue in it. 6) Tattoos? Not a single one. 7) How much do you love your job on a scale of 0 - 5?I love my job, so it has gotta be a five. 8) Favourite colour? There are so many beautiful colors in the world. But I would say a really dark mauve. 9) Home County? Well, it is more of a city than a county. Greater London. 10)Current relationship status? I live with my partner, Rosa. 11) Favourite food? Huge bowls of rice salads, with beans, peppers….. 12) Been to Africa? No, which is a great shame as my father is from Sierra Leone, although he has lived elsewhere for a number of years. 13) Been to Camden? Oh yes. 14) Love someone so much it made you cry? All the time. 15) Been in a car accident? No, I never have. 16) Croutons or Bacon Bits? Neither. 17) Sprite or 7up? Neither again, I prefer water. 18) Favourite movie? Girl Interrupted, and Reality Bites were good, mainly for Winona Ryder – she is always so dark. Boys on the Side too, as I love Whoopi Goldburg in anything. Sorry, they are all rather old, like me! 19) Favourite Holiday? Now that would be anywhere HOT with a white sand beach. Preferably somewhere near the Pacific Ocean. 20) Favourite day of ...

BBC2: Three non blondes 03/10/2003

They certainly ain't blonde

BBC2: Three non blondes For my first opinion, I wanted to write about something interesting. I couldn’t think of anything to begin with, then I was inspired! I have been watching the funniest comedy show on television for a long time, the title: ‘3 Non-Blondes’. I managed to find it on the product list, although no one has written about it yet so the perfect opportunity to write. ‘3 Non-Blondes’ is a kind of reality show, but not quite. It is produced by Gary Reich, who is somewhere behind Trigger Happy TV also, and if I am truly honest, I should say that this is a black woman’s version of the show. But much better, of course! Well, I am slightly biased. The show features three quite insane young black women, Ninia Benjamin, Tameka Empson and Jocelyn Jee Esien. The three musketeers go around the country and play practical jokes on the unsuspecting public. They have been to London, Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool. The public just don’t realise that it is a set up, they actually think that these women behave in this outrageous way. It is not until they are asked to sign the permission slip that they realise that they have been had! Part of the show is like watching Buskers, like in the Tube playing (or rather not playing) a recorder like a small child who has picked it up and just blown hard, and then the ‘busker’ will walk up and down the carriage asking for requests. The looks on the passenger’s faces say it all, but they still allow it to carry on. Or, in the shopping mall, a woman ...
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