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I love film, theatre and entertainment. I am a keen runner and spend a lot of time doing that when I am not working, I work full time in football.

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Apple iPhone 6 64GB 23/09/2017

A fantastic 3-years spent with iPhone 6!

Apple iPhone 6 64GB It's coming to the final few days of my three year affair with the iPhone 6 which was my second iPhone aftter the iPhone 5 (which started my Apple love affair). Anyway as it is coming to moving up in the world and having a new phone I thought it was therefore the perfect time to give you some insight into the three years I have spent using the iPhone 6. I think that certainly helps to show the durability that the handset could not have any issues. I bought it outright with Apple and went Sim only with my phone contract, something that I felt would better due to the very low monthly payments. However, if you actually work it out it probably costs about the same. Anyway not being in a 24 month contract and having minimum 12 months and then being to change just felt a lot better. Specs Retina HD Display ion-strengthened Display is 4.7 inches in size with a 16:9 resolution of 1334x750 User Friendly Personally I feel that the iPhone is very user friendly and easy to navigate around, the apps pretty much explain themselves and you can't really go wrong in all honesty. Camera ""Sensor Resolution"" - 8MP ""Features"" - Autofocus, f/2.2 aperture, True Tone flash, Face detection, Panorama, Burst mode, Photo geotagging, Hybrid IR filter ""Video resolution / frame rate"" - 1080p / 30fps ""Video Recording"" - Yes ""Front facing camera"" - 1.2MP Storage Having had many Apple products before this phone and therefore a rather full iTunes library, along with sharing of documents for ...

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? 18/09/2017

New York, New York

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? The thought of turning 30 had really been something I was not looking forward to at all. For some reason I see that as such a huge age and being very old, I know its not really but I just feel that it is a huge milestone and one I really did not want to hit. So to soften the blow I decided that I wanted to turn 30 in New York City. I love Theatre so being able to take in some Broadway shows and forgetting about how old I was becoming seemed like the perfect solution. That was certainly right it was a fantastic 5 days/4 nights staying in The Jewel Hotel which was a couple of minutes walk from Times Square, an unreal location I have to admit. Now with New York, I had been a couple of times before so knew that you really have to pre-plan your days to be able to fit everything in. Before going I had bought tickets to see Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly and Patti LuPone in War Paint. So that was one afternoon and a night sorted. Around that I booked in two Film and TV tours, one walking tour around Central Park and a bus tour taking in many different filming locations around Manhattan. The buzz around New York really is something else and it was a great place to spend the final days of my twenties and the first in my thirties. I had to do the Empire State Building again which takes ages with all the queues, even if you do pre-book you still have to queue. But it was a lovely day and I am such a huge fan of An Affair to Remember, so I just have to look at that amazing building all ...

Hidden Figures (DVD) 01/09/2017

Inspiring and heartwarming

Hidden Figures (DVD) **Film Only Review** Cast Taraji P. Henson - Katherine G. Johnson Octavia Spencer - Dorothy Vaughan Janelle Monáe - Mary Jackson Kevin Costner - Al Harrison Kirsten Dunst - Vivian Mitchell Jim Parsons - Paul Stafford Mahershala Ali - Colonel Jim Johnson Aldis Hodge - Levi Jackson Glen Powell - John Glenn Director - Theodore Melfi Story Hidden Figures is the story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who acted as computers during the early years in NASA as part of the space programme. As the US were battling with Russia to be the first country to get into space. The women were a real key part in making things happen as they were the brains behind it all, contributing for hardly any pay or respect. Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson crossed all race and gender lines in an attempt to get their talents noticed and really help to make a difference. Truly inspiring women, who deserved to have everything they achieved put into this film. Dorothy was a manger and wanted to be equal to the white women in the same roles, she made sure she stayed ahead of the curve especially when she saw one of the first computers and made sure she would know how to operate and looked after the girls who worked for her. Mary Jackson a gifted engineer wanted to be part of that process, but gender would not allow it so she had to fight for that right. Katherine Johnson turns out to be our real main character and she is put in the position of the maths problems ...

Friends The Complete Collection (DVD) 25/08/2017

They'll always be there for you!

Friends The Complete Collection (DVD) I feel like I need to give you some background on my love for Friends. I was slightly too young when the series first started, but over the ten year period it was on at some point I ended up getting right into it, maybe by season 5 or 6. I just remember getting the VHS yes really VHS for Christmas when they were buy one get one free! But then having to upgrade them all to DVD. In the meantime watching on channel 4, E4 and more recently Comedy Central. I just cannot help but watch any episode when it is on. I have probably seen each episode hundreds of times! I know it sounds crazy when I now have the full collection on this lovely Blu Ray collection, along with booklet and bonus disc. Let's face it though it looks good in that lovely blue box with the manhattan skyline on it! I have also decided to do this review in true Friends format, The One . . . The One with the TV Show The Blu Ray set is split into two cases, season 1-5 and then 6-10. Discs 1-10 and then 11-20. So you don't have to constantly keep changing for the next episodes. The thing I love about Blu Ray discs certainly has to be that they have the ability to continue even if you accidentally eject them! That is a huge 236 episodes for you to watch, total heaven! Season 1 - 24 Episodes Season 2 - 24 Episodes Season 3 - 25 Episodes Season 4 - 24 Episodes Season 5 - 24 Episodes Season 6 - 25 Episodes Season 7 - 24 Episodes Season 8 - 24 Episodes Season 9 - 24 Episodes Season 10 - 18 Episodes The One with ...

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 25/08/2017

Look better than they are . . .

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Thinking back to when I first decided to spend £169.95 amount on these headphones I was totally taken in by the brand. I had to go wireless though as I use headphones when running. I was consumed by Beats at the time and that is how I ended up with the Powerbeats. The biggest problem I had, even though I just dealt with it for a couple of years was that the left ear just would not stay in without support. I had to either have a hat on (winter training) or trap it behind a big headband. Obviously I was excited at getting these and never actually thought about the practical element of them actually being right for me! Sound This is great, no doubt about it. Safe enough settings so that you can run outdoors, then using the higher settings in the gym when safely on a bike or machine. So this was not the issue at all, was always going to be a positive. Comfort This is what totally let's these headphones down, well for me at least. I felt like I had to persist with them due to the price that I paid. The left ear would not stay in and round, maybe I have funny shaped ears? The right one was ok. But they were never comfortable to wear with the part going around your ear being hard with no real give in it. As I mentioned earlier I had to use a thick tennis style headband or hat to keep them in place, not ideal when you want them because they are wireless. Wireless Via Bluetooth and very easy to set up and pair with your mobile device. For a sports headphone it is a must to ...

Bose SoundSport Pulse 17/08/2017

Best Sports Headphones I have ever had!

Bose SoundSport Pulse I have been a keen runner for over seven years now and I have to listen to music when I am running, to give me that extra push when I need it when it gets tough. Therefore I have now been through quite a lot of different running headphones. This is my second brand of wireless headphones (Powerbeats, Beats being the first). These Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones are easily the most comfortable and best I have had for working out. With no need to put anything around your ear, they fit perfectly in your ear, turning them to lock so they won't fall out as you move. Another fantastic thing about the headphones is that it has a small clip on the back of them which you can attach to your t-shirt/vest/top which is handy for reassurance in case they somehow fall out as you are moving. It also links to your phone and you can talk through the microphone that is built into them and will be on your right side. The Pulse aka Heart Rate Sensor So this version of the Bose SoundSport is Pulse, the reason for that is because it can pick up your heart rate when in your ear. The only real issue with this when running away is that you need to be using the App on your mobile device at the same time, to see the changes. That might be something that is easier to manage in the gym or during interval training. I probably could have saved money and bought the Bose SoundSport without the pulse part, but you know an extra is something I seem to fall for every time. Running Perfect when ...

Apple Pencil 16/08/2017

More Apps needed to realise its full potential!

Apple Pencil When purchasing my iPad Pro last month I decided against getting the Apple Pencil to go along with it. That decision lasted all of three days when I thought I must have the Pencil as it was made to go along with the iPad Pro! The main reason the Pencil was created by Apple was for Designers so they can have a much better tool to help create different drawings and a closer approach as opposed to your touch. So I will admit that I probably wasn't in the target audience due to my lack of creativity. But I have been trying to improve that since purchasing the Pencil. Price £99 As with any Apple product it is a struggle to get them cheaper anywhere else as they pretty much have a standard price. Pencil Case £29 Available in Midnight Blue, Black, Brown and Grey Apps Some of the better apps for design and adjusting photos you have to pay for ranging from £0.99 to £24.99. I haven't bought anything that expensive. I do run my own blog and have tried to draw things and create my own graphics, this was a lot easier than I thought. Another function I have tried more of was with Photographs and changing formats, brightening certain parts of them up and editing things out. For example, a photo I took of the Empire State Building it looked grey so I edited and drew it in more blue. I am sure more and more apps will adapt and change for the Pencil when the iPad Pro is more widely bought, after all it is an incredible iPad and in my opinion has really stepped it up for Apple ...

Sky Q 14/08/2017

Preparing for Ultra HD with Sky Q

Sky Q Sky Q Box The most advanced box yet, it even looks better than every before. More slim line and nowhere near as bulky as they have been in the past. Sky Q Mini Boxes You can watch two of these at a time in different rooms, continuing to watch recorded programmes and everything is linked to the main box. They can also act as a WIFI hub for the room it is in, but I haven't set that up yet. Sky Q Control A brand new style of control which some people will probably hate, it is very much like a smart mouse or laptop tracker board and it takes some getting used to for which direction to scroll across it. Don't worry though you get a normal control as well, just incase you don't like it. The TV guide also requires you to press to the right to open up the options. I promise it won't take too long to get used to the new layout. Searching You might think it is very strange that I am mentioning this in the review but I am very impressed with this for the main box, you can voice search as well. Which certainly saves time typing anything in via the control. You press and hold the microphone button the the right side of the control and just speak, Film, TV Show, Actor and it brings up everything they have on offer with that in. I haven't had problems with understanding either which is a bonus. Sky Cinema If like myself you just love watching films then you can search and download so many from OnDemand and you can even start watching them when you continue to download. You can ...

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 256GB Wi-Fi 04/08/2017

The most powerful iPad yet!

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 256GB Wi-Fi I am a huge Apple fan, I have had and currently have so many products and added an iPad Pro to my collection to replace my 4th gen iPad ready for iOs 11 being released in September. Since the iPad Pro has been released by Apple they have changed the sizes that are available for the Tablet they claim to be as powerful as a PC. When upgrading in the past month I opted for the 10.5" as the 12.9" just felt too big for a tablet, it wouldn't have been comfortable to use compared to the smaller version. Which I must add is bigger than the current "normal" iPad. With an iPad you have many different options now, including colour and then the price depends on the size and whether you opt for it to be WiFi only or have cellular as well. Cellular means that you can buy a Sim card and pay for it like your mobile phone. I opted for just the WiFi version, as you will see the price is quite a big difference. The reason I do is that because most places have free WiFi now and if all else fails you can tether the data from your phone by setting up a personal hotspot. Colours The iPad Pro comes in four different colour options, which are all the same price. You can choose from the following: *Silver *Gold *Space Grey *Rose Gold I guess it doesn't really make a huge difference though considering you will probably end up covering the back with a nice cover anyway! I opted for Silver just because I have always picked that colour for my Apple products. Prices 10.5" 64gb WiFi - ...

Power Rangers (Blu-ray) 04/08/2017

Go Go Power Rangers. An origin story and throwback to the 90s!

Power Rangers (Blu-ray) I have to start this review by giving a little bit of background to my love for the Power Rangers, I grew up in the 90s and it was easily my favourite TV show as a kid. I pretty much wanted to be the Pink Ranger, I therefore feel that this film took me back to feeling like a kid. I think that is an impressive thing for a film to do. It has The Film This is a reboot of the Power Rangers universe, showing how the five teenagers become the superheroes. I found it to be a very impressive origin story and the build up showing that it still took a lot of hard work for them to become the Rangers was actually an impressive idea. Each of the characters had issues as well, coming together gave them friendship as well as hope of a different life. An alien threat of Rita Repulsa needs to be stopped, but can they complete the training in time to save not only Angel Grove but the world? They stay true to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as we have Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack back keeping the same colours Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black. That might be a small detail but I thought it was pretty important in all honesty. It gives everyone a familiar feel. Be warned though I think parts of it would be a little bit too scary for younger children, Rita's appearances are pretty creepy and the Putties are a lot different to how they looked in the TV show! Performances Darce Montgomery finds himself as the leader of the group and I was very impressed with his ...

Blade Runner (Final Cut) (Blu-ray) 03/08/2017

Ridley Scott's groundbreaking film in its best form yet!

Blade Runner (Final Cut) (Blu-ray) Believe it or not I had never actually seen Blade Runner before, so this was my first experience watching the film. My other experience was playing a PC computer game back in 1998 when getting my first computer, which meant some of the scenes looked vaguely familiar. We get Harrison Ford leading the film and in such fine form as well in all honesty which was brilliant to watch and try to figure out the replicants. Interesting to see what they thought 2019 would look like considering we aren't too far from that now. Doesn't look like we will have the dream of a flying car. Disc 1 The feature film, which is the final cut from director Ridley Scott. The best thing about it is that as soon as you put the disc into your player it starts straight away, it doesn't take you to a menu. If you are interested in the commentaries that include one from Ridley Scott, you can get to the menu by using your control. Disc 2 Contains the documentary making Blade Runner, deleted scenes which I found a bit strange for the Final Cut I would have thought those deleted scenes would have been put back into the film. Price I paid £8.00 on Amazon which I thought was decent for a Blu Ray. The Format The picture and sound is very good due to the Blu Ray format. Issues Regarded as one of the best films of its time, I think it is rather tricky watching it for the first time now. Due to how far CGI and special effects have come it leaves this one looking bland at times which is such ...

Garmin Forerunner 230 31/07/2017

A fantastic running and general activity watch from Garmin!

Garmin Forerunner 230 The Garmin Forerunner is a very useful watch for tracking you're running activity showing the time and distance you have covered as well as the current pace you are running at, this has helped me not to run to fast when taking part in races. It is very simple to start for a run with only having to press the top right button 3 times and you are away. It also has features for cycling and swimming as well. The latter meaning that it is water proof, you pretty much don't ever have to take the watch off as it also tracks you're sleeping patterns as well. I have found since having the watch it has helped improve my pacing whilst out for a run but also increasing my general movement and physical activity. You can set it so the watch beeps and vibrates if you have not moved for a while, take warning though if you do a lot early in the day it is going to tell you to move a lot. It's very simple to use but has plenty of information and feedback. You daily step goal will change depending on the previous day. If you hit your goal and got more it will go up, if you don't over a few days it will decrease. It is quite interesting though as I find myself setting small targets throughout the day to try and reach the goal. Via the app you can enter weekly competitions and you can get on a goal streak, if like myself you are rather competitive then that could certainly be a good thing. My concern before the watch arrived was that it was going to be too big and heavy. The watch is ...

Bose QuietComfort 35 31/07/2017

Get lost in the music with Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35 An incredible product from Bose with the noise cancellation starting as you turn on them on. You can pair them with two devices at a time so can switch between phone and tablet when you are on the go, this was a little bit of a challenge though I had to search online to fully understand how to do it. But once it is done then you can play from which ever device you have with you at the time. I find them to be extremely comfortable to wear for a long time as well, fitting securely over your head and ears. Adjustable on both sides incase you need them bigger or smaller. A volume button is also placed on the right ear so you can have your device in a bag and not have to use that to change the volume. Fit perfectly into the carry case and very easy to get out, I was also impressed to see that they come along with an airplane adaptor. The three prongs which are on some flights, I thought that was a fantastic thing as sometimes the headphones on planes are not very comfortable at all. Charge quickly and you can find out the percentage of the battery by pressing the button on the right ear so you don't need to use your phone to check how much battery they have left. You also use the button on the right ear to turn them on and off. I managed to get them for £279.99 at Currys in the Airport, which after searching online was the cheapest price.
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