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Cillit Bang Active Foam Soapscum & Shower 22/07/2017

The best bathroom cleaner I've ever used

Cillit Bang Active Foam Soapscum & Shower One thing I’m finding increasingly difficult as I age, is bending down to clean out the bath. I’ve tried many different types of bath cleaner with some of them being OK, but none working as efficiently as I’d like, then recently I spotted Cittlit Bang Soapscum & Shine in my local Morrisons. I paid £4.00 for an aerosol canister which is largely orange and purple, containing 600ml of the product. Due to a condition I suffer from, I have to regularly dissolve sodium permanganate tablets in my bath together with pouring in a dollop of red liquid which is medicinal for my skin, both of these items having a habit of turning the water brown (although not dirty) and leaving a brown line around the bath once I’ve got out and drained the water away. I was hoping that Cillit Bang would help make the task of cleaning the brown stains so much easier than other products of a similar nature. On the top of the aerosol can is a pressure point which when you hold it down, sprays a thick cloud of white, creamy foam wherever you direct it. Of course the nozzle has to be held alongside or over the area you wish to clean. It is then simply a case of leaving the foam on the required area for a couple of minutes, then wiping away and rinsing. The foam does squirt out of the nozzle quite quickly – quicker than I thought it would – but it doesn’t take long to work out how long to depress the applicator in order to release the correct amount of the product needed for the task in hand. The foam then ...

Grave Encounters (DVD) 21/07/2017

Spooks in an abandoned hospital

Grave Encounters (DVD) RELEASED: 2011, Cert.15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 32mins DIRECTORS/SCREENPLAY: The Vicious Brothers (who are Colin Minihan & Stuart Ortiz) PRODUCER: Shawn Angelski MUSIC: Quynne Craddock MAIN CAST:- Sean Rogerson as Lance Preston Ashleigh Gryzko as Sasha Juanb Riedinger as Matt Merwin Mondesir as T C Gibson Mackenzie Gray as Houston Bob Rathie as Kenny the Caretaker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Lance Preston is in charge of a team of amateur paranormal investigators who has made several episodes of a TV series which comprise the activities of him and his group. For his final episode, he takes his team into an abandoned Victorian psychiatric hospital which is reputed to be haunted. This final episode gets lost, but at the beginning of the film of Grave Encounters, a TV presenter announces it has been found and is about to be screened…..the film is of this final episode. Once Lance and his crew arrive inside of the abandoned hospital and are shown around by Kenny the caretaker, he explains one or two things to them which he has noticed, such as some rooms feeling very cold and a window which he religiously shuts each night before going home, yet it is always wide open when he returns the next day. Lance sets up cameras all around the building and he has employed Matt, who claims to be a psychic. Matt advises the team on things to watch out for should any paranormal entity or entities be present in the building – but, before long he ...

Untamed Love (DVD) 18/07/2017

Taming a wild child

Untamed Love (DVD) RELEASED: 1994, Cert. 12 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 27mins DIRECTOR: Paul Aaron SCREENPLAY: Peter Nelson PRODUCER: Carroll Newman MUSIC: James Di Pasquale MAIN CAST:- Ashlee Lauren as Caitlin Cathy Lee Crosby as Margaret John Getz as Dan Jaime Gomez as Nash Gary Frank as Caitlin’s father ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Based on a novel written by Torey Hayden, Untamed Love is set in a special needs school where Margaret is a teacher for emotionally disturbed children. When highly problematic six-year-old Caitlin joins her class, Margaret is hesitant at first as she feels she doesn’t have the necessary skills to help the child, but at the same time she (Margaret) tries to campaign against getting Caitlin sent to a long-stay psychiatric unit. Gradually Margaret starts to make small breakthroughs with Caitlin where the child begins to open up and trust her, but Margaret’s almost obsessive attention towards Caitlin causes problems between her and Dan, her partner. Dan wants to marry Margaret, but she keeps holding back. Nash is a new helper in Margaret’s class and although he has little or no experience in dealing with disturbed children, he does well and manages to keep the rest of the class occupied whilst Margaret concentrates on Caitlin. As the at first tentative bond increases between Margaret and Caitlin, Margaret’s domestic situation becomes more difficult as do her compounding efforts to prevent Caitlin from being ...

Mothman Prophecies, The 16/07/2017

Lepidoptera phantasmia!

Mothman Prophecies, The RELEASED: 2002, Cert. 12 RUNNING TIME: 1hr 59mins DIRECTOR: Mark Pellington SCREENPLAY: Richard Hatem PRODUCERS: Gary Lucchesi & Tom Rosenberg MUSIC: tomandandy MAIN CAST:- Richard Gere as John Klein Laura Linney as Connie Will Patton as Gordon Smallwood (also features many other cast members portraying less significant characters such as Alan Bates as Alexander Leek) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Pleased with having bought a new house, John and Mary Klein are driving along a road at night when Mary, who is at the wheel, sees a mysterious figure which causes her to swerve the car and crash. Mary ends up injured and in hospital, where it is determined that she has a rare kind of brain tumour which was present before the accident. Mary dies and John is devastated, but also concerned to discover that just prior to her death, she’d been drawing strange pictures of disturbing, huge moth-like creatures. Two years later a still grieving John, who works as a journalist for the Washington Post, is driving to a location where he is to make a report on something, but he strangely and without explanation finds himself in Point Pleasant, a small West Virginian backwoods town. John has no idea how he arrived at Point Pleasant and is disturbed to find that odd things are happening in the tiny community, which may be connected to his late wife. Gordon Smallwood, at first unforthcoming with information, reveals that he has been seeing a moth-like ...

Blue Valentine(DVD) 14/07/2017

Falling out of love

Blue Valentine(DVD) RELEASED: 2010, Cert.15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 52mins DIRECTOR: Derek Cianfrance SCREENPLAY: Derek Cianfrance, Joey Curtis & Cami Delavigne PRODUCERS: Alex Orlovsky & Jamie Patricof MUSIC: Grizzly Bear MAIN CAST:- Ryan Gosling as Dean Michelle Williams as Cindy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Blue Valentine begins with 30-something Dean and Cindy growing apart after having been married for five years. They live in a rural-ish area with their little daughter who Dean has a special bond with even though her real father is a man Cindy had a brief encounter with just before she met Dean. Cindy seems very preoccupied, spending more time than usual at work and taking some time off away from Dean to stay with her parents, appearing that she wants to detach herself from him as far as is possible. Dean is still very much in love with Cindy and can feel her drifting away from him, plus she has become very uncommunicative. All of his attempts to talk to her and find out what is on her mind fall flat, which distresses him as he senses he is losing her but he can’t fathom out why, especially as she either can’t or won’t tell him. As Dean tries various things in order to reclaim Cindy’s love, the storyline of the film jumps back and forth between the present and the past to when they first met, together with the growth of their relationship in the early days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ Blue Valentine is a film that was recommended ...

Chumscrubber (DVD) 11/07/2017

Madness & menace in pleasant valley land

Chumscrubber (DVD) RELEASED: 2005, Cert.15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 48mins DIRECTOR: Arie Posin SCREENPLAY: Zac Stanford PRODUCERS: Lawrence Bender & Bonnie Curtis MUSIC: James Horner MAIN CAST:- Jamie Bell as Dean Justin Chatwin as Billy Lou Taylor Pucci as Lee Camilla Belle as Crystal William Fichtner as Bill Rory Culkin as Charlie Thomas Curtis as Charlie Bratley Glenn Close as Carrie Ralph Flennes as Michael Allison Janney as Allie John Heard as Lou Carrie-Anne Moss as Jerri Rita Wilsoin as Terri Allison Janney as Allie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Hillside is small town happy-land, an elite and affluent community built in a valley surrounded by mountains. All the houses look the same, and it is a gated community which is intended to bring the reality of the lost American Dream up into the 21st century. When Dean finds his best friend Troy hanging from a beam inside of his den in the garden after a successful suicide attempt, yet he doesn’t tell anybody, his father Bill (who is a psychiatrist) tries to medicate and psychoanalyse his son in a rather patronising way. Trying his utmost to keep himself to himself, Dean is tormented by school bully and drug dealer Billy, together with his sidekicks Lee and Crystal. Crystal takes a fancy to Dean, but he shuns her advances. Billy & Co want Dean to retrieve drugs from his dead friend Troy’s home and they as a ransom deal kidnap who they think is his (Dean’s) brother Charlie, but they make a mistake and ...

E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit 07/07/2017

They did me more harm than smoking!

E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Some while ago, a friend of mine decided it was time I tried to quit smoking, so she presented me with a packet of E-Lites in the hopes I’d join the ranks of the converted. She informed me she’d not touched an ordinary cigarette in the time she’d been using E-Lites – around a year or so. The pack of E-Lites my friend gave me was of the unflavoured variety, but I have no idea how much she paid for the item. The plastic box is designed to look like a cigarette packet with a white base and a red flip-top lid. Inside were 10 E-Lite ‘cigarettes’, instructions on use and the correct paraphernalia for charging them up with the chemicals that are inhaled when in use. I found the instructions very easy to follow in that a battery is inserted into the ‘cigarette’ then you place a little widget into the part which goes into your mouth (the filter tip on an ordinary cigarette). You then plug the USB fixture into a spare port on your computer – a light goes red on the ‘cigarette’ which turns green when the whole thing is fully charged. Apparently the battery should come with its own charger, but for some reason mine didn’t, so I’m unable to comment on its efficiency levels. The active ingredients in E-Lites are Glycerol, Propylene Glycol and water, designed to give the sensation of safely smoking a ‘cigarette’ without the damaging properties of nicotine and other noxious substances contained in ordinary cigarettes. It has been claimed – although more recent studies have questioned such ...

Exists (DVD) 04/07/2017

Bigfoot on the rampage!

Exists (DVD) RELEASED: 2014, Cert.15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 21mins DIRECTOR: Eduardo Sanchez SCREENPLAY: Jamie Nash PRODUCERS: Robin Cowie, Jane Fleming, Andy Jenkins & Mark Ordesky MUSIC: Nima Fakhrara MAIN CAST:- Chris Osborn as Brian Roger Edwards as Todd Dora Madison as Dora Samuel Davis as Matt Denise Williamson as Elizabeth Jeff Schwan as Uncle Bob Brian Steele as Bigfoot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW A group of teenagers is travelling in their car on their way to one of them’s Uncle Bob’s cabin where they will camp for a week or so. It is night, Matt is driving whilst the others are indulging in teenage-style hi-jinx, when the car hits something. They briefly take a look outside and can find nothing, but the mournful sound of what seems to be an animal’s howl can be heard not too far away. Onward to the cabin and after a sleep, the teens plan to spend the day swimming and generally messing around. Whilst Brian – who is interested in photography and has brought several cameras with him – is out exploring the woods, he spots an unidentifiable figure loping around. He alerts the others, but they can see nothing. However, later on at night, howls can be heard, coming closer, and the teens are scared. Could the legend and rumours of Bigfoot wandering around in the undergrowth – or even the actual presence of the creature itself be responsible? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Despite guessing that Exists quite likely could follow a ...

Endless Love (DVD) 02/07/2017

The hassles of falling in love

Endless Love (DVD) RELEASED: 2014, Cert.12 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 44mins DIRECTOR: Shana Feste SCREENPLAY: Shana Feste & Joshua Safran PRODUCERS: Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz & Scott Stuber MUSIC: Christophe Beck MAIN CAST:- Gabriella Wilde as Jade Butterfield Alex Pettyfer as David Elliot Bruce Greenwood as Hugh Butterfield Joely Richardson as Anne Butterfield Rhys Wakefield as Keith Butterfield Dayo Okeniyi as Mace Emma Rigby as Jenny Robert Patrick as Harry Elliot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW 17-year-old Jade Butterfield is beautiful but very shy, a poor little rich girl, not really having made any friends in school. Jade is studying hard as her father wants her to go to university, having dreams of her becoming a surgeon, and she wants to conform in order to try to fill in the gap left in the lives of her family caused by the death of her brother Christopher some years earlier. Fellow student David Elliot is fascinated by Jade, and he at last gets the chance to speak to her whilst out with his rather manic friend Mace. At Jade’s graduation party which she invites David to, everything goes wrong but at the same time, her father realises how attracted she and David are to one another….from that point onwards and in direct conflict with his wife Anne (Jade’s mother), father Hugh does everything in his power to break Jade and David up. In Hugh’s opinion, David comes from the wrong side of the tracks as he has a past and enjoys working at his ...

Joshua (DVD) 30/06/2017

Cuckoo in the nest?

Joshua (DVD) RELEASED: 2007, Cert. 15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 46mins DIRECTOR: George Ratliff SCREENPLAY: David Gilbert & George Ratliff PRODUCER: Johnathan Dorfman MUSIC: Nico Muhly MAIN CAST:- Jacob Kogan as Joshua Sam Rockwell as Brad Vera Farmiga as Abby Dallas Roberts as Uncle Ned Celia Weston as Hazel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Nine-year-old Joshua is somewhat of a child prodigy, being highly intelligent and a brilliant piano player amongst other things. His mother Abby is a non-religious Jew and his father Brad is a hardworking, quite high powered businessman. Joshua’s family seems stable and happy until the arrival of Lilly, his new baby sister. From the moment Lilly is born, Joshua feels very left out of things and his parents do seem to lavish far more attention onto their new daughter than they ever did onto him. As a result of feeling neglected and pushed aside, Joshua erects a barrier between himself and his parents, spending a lot of time with his Uncle Ned…..feeling that Ned understands and can connect with him better than anybody else. When Lilly is just a few days old, the dynamics inside of Joshua’s household begin to change dramatically. Lilly simply won’t stop crying and driven mad by the constant screaming, Abby lapses into a severe state of increasingly psychotic post-natal depression. Brad tries his best to juggle his work with looking after Joshua, Lilly and Abby but he is forced to call upon the help of his mother ...

The Unsaid (DVD) 27/06/2017

What lies beneath the surface

The Unsaid (DVD) RELEASED: 2001, Cert. 15 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 51mins DIRECTOR: Tom McLoughlin SCREENPLAY: Miguel Tejada-Flores & Scott A Williams PRODUCERS: Tom Berry & Kelley Reynolds MUSIC: Don Davis MAIN CAST:- Andy Garcia as Michael Hunter Linda Cardellini as Shelly Hunter Chelsea Field as Penny Hunter Trevor Blumas as Kyle Hunter Teri Polo as Barbara Lonigan Vincent Kartheiser as Tommy Caffey Sam Bottoms as Joseph Caffey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW When depressed teenager Kyle Hunter commits suicide, his parents (Michael and Penny) and younger sister Shelly all blame themselves in different ways. Three years later, Michael Hunter, a psychotherapist, has ceased practising but writes books on human behaviour and gives lectures at universities. He and his wife Penny have separated and Shelly, who lives with Penny, is going out and doing ordinary teenage things….attending raves and has a circle of pals plus a casual boyfriend. Teri Polo, who is one of Michael’s ex-students, approaches him and despite his protests, she manipulates him into seeing Tommy Caffey, a teenager who is in a residential home for disturbed young people, even though he appears completely normal in the behaviour department. Teri feels that Tommy should do a lot more talking as he has had a very traumatic experience, and that perhaps Michael can get through to him. Reluctantly, Michael agrees to meet and talk with young Tommy, but finds that the boy reminds him so much ...

Key Largo (DVD) 24/06/2017

The good, the bad and the beautiful

Key Largo (DVD) RELEASED: 1948, Cert. PG RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 40mins DIRECTOR: John Huston SCREENPLAY: Richard Brooks & John Huston PRODUCER: Jerry Wald MUSIC: Max Steiner MAIN CAST:- Humphrey Bogart as Frank McCloud Edward G Robinson as Johnny Rocco Lauren Bacall as Nora Temple Lionel Barrymore as James Temple Claire Trevor as Gaye Dawn Harry Lewis as Edward ‘Toots’ Bass Thomas Gomez as Richard ‘Curly’ Hoff William Haade as Ralph Dan Seymour as Angel Marc Lawrence as Ziggy John Rodney as Deputy Clyde Sawyer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Frank McCloud is an ex-army major who pays a visit to the Hotel Largo in Florida’s Key Largo. Frank had served with the son of James Temple….he also, Temple’s late son, was married to James’s daughter Nora. The Temples own the Hotel Largo and on Frank’s arrival, he is invited to stay for a few days even though he only intended his visit to be brief. Nora gets a phone call advising that a hurricane is imminent, so she advises her father-in-law together with Frank and the six other hotel guests of the impending severe weather…..mainly that it would be extremely unwise for any of them to leave until the hurricane had passed. Guests Curly, Toots, Ralph, Angel and Ziggy are gangsters, led by the boorish Johnny Rocco who has his alcoholic wife Gaye in tow. It soon becomes apparent that Johnny Rocco and his sidekicks are up to no good, but their little plot is threatened by the hurricane. The dynamics of the ...

Argos (Shop) 20/06/2017

They've never let me down....yet!

Argos (Shop) I have been using Argos a lot recently, due to quite extensive home refurbishments which have required me to replace various items of furniture and buy a few other odds and sods. My closest branch of Argos is situated on the Rayleigh Weir Trading Estate (near Southend-on-Sea in Essex), tucked away behind Sainsbury’s. It is very easy to get to by car and a bus will take me to virtually outside Sainsbury’s, but it is a bit of a hike down a little road to reach the Argos store and if you don’t know the exact location, you could easily miss it and carry on walking as it is rather tucked away. My local Argos store – once you’ve found it – is quite small, but inside very pleasantly laid-out and decorated with automatic sliding doors, so you don’t have to worry about putting down shopping bags, walking sticks etc. in order to shove a heavy door open (or closed). Outside there is ample parking space which I believe is free to customers of Argos and shared with a couple of other nearby stores. The lighting is good and there are plenty of those wooden stands where you can browse through the Argos catalogue at your leisure and the variety of goods on sale is enormous. Plenty of order forms and pencils are provided, plus there are touch-screen computer monitors where you can tap in a code and check the immediate availability of anything you wish to order. It would be nice to be able to sit at one of these wooden stands to browse through the catalogue, but no seats there are provided. ...

Lunch Hour (DVD) 15/06/2017

It only takes one hour!

Lunch Hour (DVD) RELEASED: 1961, Cert. U RUNNING TIME: Approx. 1hr 4mins DIRECTOR: James Hill SCREENPLAY: John Mortimer PRODUCERS: John Mortimer & Harold Orton MUSIC: No credits MAIN CAST:- Shirley Anne Field as The Girl Robert Stephens as The Man Kay Walsh as The Hotel Manageress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW When The Girl goes to work at a wallpaper manufacturing company as a designer, one of the managers (The Man) takes a fancy to her. After a few chats over lunchtimes spent having coffee or sitting in the park, The Man decides he’d like some more privacy with The Girl. Various places are visited and various things are tried in order to have the desired privacy, but something or someone always gets in their way, ruining their chances of a bit of lunchtime nookie with one another. Things take a turn down a strange path when The Man and The Girl manage to book a room in a hotel in order to be completely alone for an hour or so. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Based on John Mortimer’s own stage play and shot in black and white, Lunch Hour is a short film which has a slightly farcical quality, the storyline revolving around a 24-year-old wallpaper designer and a 37-year-old manager trying to find a way to spend some time together, completely without interference from anyone else, obviously with the intention of having some….for what of a better term….adult fun. I settled in to watch this film hoping it would be one of these ...

Bringing Out The Dead (DVD) 13/06/2017

Three days in the life of an exhausted paramedic

Bringing Out The Dead (DVD) RELEASED: 1999, Cert. 18 RUNNING TIME: Approx. 2hrs 1min DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese SCREENPLAY: Paul Schrader PRODUCERS: Barbara De Fina & Scott Rudin MUSIC: Elmer Bernstein MAIN CAST:- Nicolas Cage as Frank Pierce Patricia Arquette as Mary John Goodman as Larry Marc Anthony as Noel Ving Rhames as Marcus Tom Sizemore as Tom Cliff Curtis as Cy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILM ONLY REVIEW Frank Pierce is a paramedic working night shifts on the streets of one of New York’s seedier areas. Exhausted through lack of sleep and having difficulty responding to the banter of his working colleagues, Frank is depressed at not having been able to save the lives of any of his patients in a long time. He also starts to ‘see’ images of some of his past patients who have died, plus the face of a young homeless junkie girl he has had dealings with. Frank and one of his colleagues Larry are called out to a man who has suffered a heart attack. The man’s family is naturally distraught and Frank befriends one of the daughters, Mary. Mary, who is an ex-junkie, is friends with Noel who is a totally crazy homeless crack-head and a regular at the A&E department of the local hospital. A dangerous, highly impure form of heroin nicknamed ‘Red Death’ is circulating around the community, the casualties of this drug piling higher and higher by the minute. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ever suspicious of Martin Scorsese purely in the over the top department, I ...
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