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Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ30BB 11/06/2006

Panasonic Lumix FZ30 Digital Compact

Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ30BB I'm newcomer to digital photography. So, you may ask for my credentials in writing this review. That's easy. I don't have any. Other than the fact that I do have an FZ30. I've owned and used the camera for just 2 months, and am still learning about it. That's yet another reason for writing this review. Writing about it will allow me to address what I like about the camera, what I dislike, and it will encourage me to focus on how to get the best from it in years to come. For years I have maintained that digital cameras couldn't match the performance of my old Nikon SLR. Then the FZ30 came along, and I had to take a closer look. I was initially attracted by: * it's stunning good looks. The camera looks best in black. * that lens. The Leica lens made me sit up and take note. * it's versatility. I wanted something that I could set to 'auto', and I'd be sure of good results, whilst I spent some time learning it's full capabilities. Some two months down the line I can report that it more than matches my expectations. It is a serious piece of kit. To date it's travelled with me to Ireland, and to the Yorkshire Dales & Moors. It's been used to photograph landscapes, townscapes (not always in good light), birds, fauna, and flora (making use of it's excellent macro capabilities). The FZ30 is a touch lighter than my old Nikon FE, but it is SLR sized. So it's not 'pocketable'. Unless you are serious about your photography, and willing to tote it around, you will ...
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