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CW Anderson 15/12/2000

Because he's a ANDERSON!

CW Anderson Looking at CW Anderson, your first impression might be that he would be better off in WCW. That impression would be quite wrong. CW may be getting on in years, but this veteran is a great leader for less experienced talent in ECW in the same way that The Undertaker has led the locker room in the World Wrestling Federation. His character is a reminder of wrestling's not so glamourous side. Scarred, broken faced and with a bitter demeanour, he likes to dominate opponents in the ring with stiff punches and the occasional powerful or technical manouver. However, there is more to CW than meets the eye. He does particularly well in three way dance matches, as the recent Anderson - Corino - Lynn match on Hardcore TV for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship displayed. He sets up the others selflessly, and his ring psychology, while a little outdated, is excellent. As far as I'm concerned, he gets the thumbs up. "BECAUSE HE'S AN ANDERSON!"

Spike Dudley 15/12/2000


Spike Dudley In wrestling terms, he's a little guy, but Little Spike Dudley has not let that get in the way of his career in ECW. Far from becoming the runt of the Dudley clan, which includes Buh Buh Ray Dudley, D Von Dudley, Dudley Dudley and Big Dick Dudley among numerous others (aparrently Mr. Dudley was a very busy man), Little Spike has risen to the rank of Commissioner in ECW. Not bad for a midgit wearing tie-dye. The seeds of Spike Dudley's fame were sown in his fued with his "half brothers" Buh Buh Ray and D Von, who are now working for the evil Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation. It culminated in a table match, but come on, this was Extreme championship Wrestling, and it was one of their biggest pay per views, Heatwave '98. Not just any table match would do. No, instead, the Dudleys competed in a flaming table match, which culminated in Little Spike being powerbombed through a burning table by Buh Buh Ray. But Spike hasn't always been on the losing end of matches. With a stroke of luck comparable only to Crash Holly in WWF two years after the flaming table match (and who stole the Acid Drop, Spike's finisher, on Smackdown a few weeks ago), Spike climbed the ladder in Extreme Chapionship Wrestling, defeating such monsters as Rhino, Mike Awesome and every one of his Dudley brothers. Earning himself the nickname of The Giant Killer (a title that WWF stole and used for X Pac back in his face days), Spike rose through the ranks of ECW to become the ...

Kid Kash 14/12/2000

High flying extreme

Kid Kash WWF fans think that the Hardy Boyz are high flyers, but ECW's Kid Kash makes them look like old school mat wrestlers in comparison. Kid Kash seems to have swallowed the Big Book of Arial Moves, because apparently nothing is beyond his ability. Sentons, 450 Splashes, Corkscrew 450 Splashes, Corkscrew 630s over the top rope onto the concrete. I think he should have been born with wings instead of arms, he spends most of his time up in the air. His (rare) ground wars are exciting too, with a range of Chris Jericho like chops and semi-arial dropkicks, spinkicks, hurricanranas. I think the best thing in ECW is that the stars are incredibly loyal to the organisation. They are all willing to help each other out to make ECW Hardcore TV the hottest thing on our television screens. Kid Kash's matches are no expeption. He is willing to be dominated and speared through tables by guys twice his size (like Rhino), and his opponents are willing to take whatever kind of crazy high flying beatings that Kash can think of. To fate he hasn't done any microphone work. Presumably this is because he isn't a talented speaker, but as the WWF have said in the past to cover up for terrible talkers, "He does his talking in the ring"

Steve Austin 14/12/2000


Steve Austin "WAIT A MINUTE! AUSTIN! KICK! STUNNER!" Sound familiar? It should. It's what WWF commentator Jim Ross says in just about every one of Stone Cold Steve Austin's matches. Austin (Steven Williams, not to be confused with "Doctor Death") entered the WWF as the Ringmaster, under the managerial guidance of Ted Di Biase, who jumped ship to WCW. Fortunately for Austin, WWF writers (at that time headed by Vince Russo, now also in WCW) somehow miraculously foresaw the result of the Ringmaster vs. Savio Vega "If Austin loses Di Biase leaves the federation" match and had hooked him up with a new gimmick a few weeks in advance. The Ringmaster was cold, calculating and silent. That should have been te plan for Austin too, but it wasn't to be. Perhaps Russo was angry at the WWF, perhaps he was drunk, whatever the case may be, he made a disasterous mistake when he pencilled in Austin to win the King of the Ring tournament in a match with the legendary Jake "the Snake" Roberts. Roberts had a good, if slightly slow match. Austin did not. his entire arsenal of moves that black night consisted of punches and his finishing move. It never got any better. Vince McMahon, in his new ultra-heel persona, began to subtly provoke Austin, at first with little things that made the Rattlesnake's life a little bit more difficult, then coming down squarely on the side of the Rock. This led to a fued between the two, a vision of their matches some years later for the WWF Championship. It should be ...

Digital Vs SLR 14/12/2000

SLR rules

Digital Vs SLR For the serious photographer there are two options when buying a camera. Either a state of the art digital machine, or the slightly outdated but considerably cheaper (cameras which use a system of mirrors to let the user see directly through the lens). If money weren’t an object, many people would choose a digital camera, however many of us don’t want to go out and blow a large amount of money on a digital camera. There may be a feeling when buying a digital camera that you are “settling for less.” This is by no means the case, and I aim to show you a few techniques that will enable you to take superb pictures with an SLR camera. Personally, I use a Practika SLR from the mid eighties. In fact, I am only slightly older than the camera. Using this camera I have taken (if I do say so myself) excellent shots in Glasgow, mainly thanks to my dad who showed me how to go beyond point and click photography. The first point to bear in mind is that you should pay attention to the light meter of your camera. Become familliar with it, recognise how much light is too much, how much is too little, alter your exposure accordingly. On the subject of lighting, buy either a couple of different powered flashes or a flash that you can vary the power of. This will allow you to create lighting effects, give shade, whatever. Focus can be used in several interesting ways with an SLR camera. Since digital cameras often have an auto focus feature, they may not allow you to fade areas of the ...

eGo MP3 Player 14/12/2000

Definetly worthy of consideration

eGo MP3 Player MP3s are great, aren’t they? Just grab ‘em off of Napster and you can play them right on your computer. They instantly lighten up the most depressing database work. Just put some System of a Down on and any computer activity instantly becomes leisure time. But what if you want to take your music elsewhere? Out jogging, down the shops, to school, what do you do? The expensive option would be to buy a laptop. Um, no. That’s not going to work. So how about one of these snazzy little portable MP3 players. Be the envy of train passengers as you pull the sleek little device out of your pocket and casually browse through your MP3 collection, looking as if it’s a completely everyday occurrence for you to carry around high tech gear like this. Great. But which player to choose, that is the question. The Diamond Rio is a popular choice, and is pretty versatile, but looking beyond that is an overlooked little device from a small American company called i2go (Internet to Go), the eGo MP3 player. Available in see through, black or blue iMac style colour schemes, the eGo looks impressive sitting next to your computer (especially when you have a TOTALLY colour coordinated iMac or G4 sitting on your desk with all accessories in see through Apple flavours. The fact that it doesn’t have Mac software on it yet is irrelevant where style is concerned :-) ) or wherever you choose to place it. It comes packaged with quite a few accessories. A stylish looking carry case, a hanger for your ...

OK Computer - Radiohead 09/12/2000


OK Computer - Radiohead Radiohead have created a masterpiece. OK Computer is one of the best albums that I have ever heard. Every song, every note and every chord are utterly perfect. The tracks are linked in a flawless sequence and each one sets up the next superbly. If you thought The Bends couldn’t be improved on, you were wrong. Every song on this album conveys emotion and feeling. The lyrics are poetic and the insrumentals are impossible to find fault with. Each song will say something to everyone who hears them. Whether you like Radiohead or not, you will recognise that the album does something to your head. It’s depressing brilliance. There will never be another album quite like OK Computer. Especially now tat Radiohead have started to experiment with electronic music. A friend of mine who was at their live gig in Glasgow a while ago said that they played some new songs that were a miture of guitar and synthysiser, so perhaps in the future we can expect a slightly Moby-ish effect on some songs. Anyway, anyone who doesn’t already have OK Computer has to go out and get it now, either from the record shop or from Napster. 09/12/2000

Games Workshop UK What’s the difference between an advertisment in a magazine and a website? That’s the question that games Workshp’s web design team should have asked themselves before creating So what’s the answer? Well, you can’t interact with a paper advert. You should be able to with a website. A comp[any like Games Workshop should have realised this. The universe that games Workshop has created is a dark, gothic, nightmarish realm of eternal conflict. Their website is some words and pictures thrown together. Other than the online store, the site features no real interesting interactive areas, which is a shame because Games Workshop could have had some Java or Shockwave games on their site, Ork warbike racing or Space Marine squishing perhaps. That being said, there have been improvements. The Armageddon website at has nice Flash interfaces, and while Ghazghull was on the attack it featured a form to submit results of battles. However, the Games Workshop site has shown now sign of improvement yet. There is some interesting stuff up there, but Games Workshop is the kind of company that you would expect to create something special. There are some nice cheap deals in the store and information on products and background to the Warhammer World and the Warammer 40,000 universe. The mailing list is also quite informative. Check it out, you might like it, you might not.

Coast to Coast - Westlife 08/12/2000

Utterly pathetic

Coast to Coast - Westlife It really does make me sick to look at the whole pop-marketing system. It's the ultimate display of capitalism in action. Convince twelve year old girls that they fancy a bunch of talentless boys and pull the money out of their pockets. It's disgusting how people allow their children to be manipulated in this way. If I were a parent I'd be down at the record company's headquarters with a pitchfork brandishing mob. Television doesn't exactly help. Some children's BC presenter going "That was a superb performance of lip synching there by Westlife. When's your brilliant new album out again? And where can people buy it? Oh yes, tomorrow at Virgin Megastores. Excellent." Children should be encouraged to make their own choices, to ignore advertising. I see my sister actually paying attention to the television during commercial breaks and I could almost cry. We're going to see more and more capitalist dominance as generations pass if this complacance is allowed to continue. Please make it stop.

Kid A (Limited Edition) - Radiohead 08/12/2000

Amazingly experimental

Kid A (Limited Edition) - Radiohead OK Computer was a phenomonal album, one of the best ever recorded in my view. Radiohead were depressingly brilliant, with emotional and powerful songs appreciated by casual listener and musicians alike. And now for something completely different. Kid A is electronic, experimental and completely dissimilar to everything that Radiohead have ever done before. Radiohead support Napster, so just listen to some of the tracks on this list to see what I mean: Everything in its Right Place Ideoteque The National Anthem Motion Picture Soundtrack Kid A Where's the guitar!? I hear you cry. What's all that weird moaning and keyboards!? Radiohead have one something that every other alternative/rock band have been unable to do. Successfully incorporate electronic music into a real band. It's a more political, more experimental Radiohead that maintains exactly the feeling of the other songs despite the radical changes. Radiohead have become an extremely active left wing band of late, and their website links to the independent media centre in prague (independent media centres show the truth about leftist issues. In this case it was the battle of Prague during the anti capitalist demonstration. They also proved that the real "Mindless thugs" on may 1st were the police who attacked the anarchists and communists, as was the case in Prague). The site also features an animation of money being shovelled into a furnace and burned along with "The Corporate Dirt Archive" with ...

Kodak Weekender Underwater Disposable camera 08/12/2000

On the rare occasion you want underwater shots

Kodak Weekender Underwater Disposable camera Going to an otdoor swimming pool? Snorkling on holiday? These are the two occasions I can think of that you might want an underwater camera for. I was going to the outdoor pool... I spotted the Kodak underwater disposable camera and I thought it might be fun to try it out. I wasn't sure that the lifeguard would let me into the pool with it, but fortunately he did. I tried taking a few shots with it, and I was surprised by the results. The photos that came out were quite high quality (I was pleased as I had to hold my breath for quite a long time waiting for someone to jump into the pool. I thought they might turn out to be underexposed (too dark)under the water, but the lighting was quite good. There was a stronger than expected bluish tone to the photos, but I think that was more to do with the colour off the pool walls than the camera or even the water. Being a disposable camera it's very convenient for point and click photos in or out of the water. Give it a try for fun, but don't expect the kind of results that you would get with an SLR camera. ///Chaotic\\\ ------------- ... 08/12/2000

Nice idea, but other people do it better There was once a time when Hotmail was new and exciting. Free e mail! Wow. That was the, this is now. People are demanding more for their, well, non existant money, and some woul say that hotmail is dead. In case you've been living in a tree without a modem for the last couple of years, hotmail offers free web based e mail accounts, however your inbox tends to fill up with spam pretty quickly, and crackers can abuse your account like crazy. I and another guy on Ciao have both had our accounts used to send advertising. Anyway, Hotmail has tried to evolve, offering a passport for MSN (site for the brain dead. have you seen the TV ads? "You can access a range of services like e mail, shopping and search" or you can visit, and and get better services) but it just isn't good enough any more. offers a free Onebox mail account to all members which has some cool little features. allows you to make up loads of user names and have all mail to those names directed to your online inbox. (I've got and Hotmail is part of the Internet's history now, for all the wrong reasons it seems. Spammers and crackers have had a great time with it, and I've lost count of the lame crappy Denial of Service attacks on the site. I wouldn't put anything remotely personal in my hotmail inbox. Neither of my other inboxes has ever been spamed or their accounts used to send ...

Python 08/12/2000

Superb language!

Python Most computer users don't ever progress beyond the very simple tasks of writing a letter, managing their finances,perhaps managing a database of club members or customers for a business. But what makes a computer any more useful than a typewriter, a calculator or a filing cabinet? It's the ability to make the machine do what you want it to do. That's where programming comes in. There are simple scripting languages, like JavaScript or Applescript (which is reeeealy easy) and there are complicated languages that you need about seventeen PhDs to even begin to comprehend. But all of them exist for the purpose of allowing you, the user, to control your computer a little bit more effectively, and to develop your own software to customise your machine. While there are many applications that do their jobs extremely well, you may find yourself wanting to do someting thst is either impssible or not very easy, and that's where programming comes in. Pyhton is a straightforward and simple language to code in. An example given in "Sam's Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours" shows a siple Python "Hello, World" script compared to FORTRAN and C. FORTRAN: PROGRAM PRINT *, " Hello World" END PROGRAM C: #include main() { printf("Hello Word\n"); } Python: print "Hello World" Not only does this simplicity save effort in typing, it makes your code a lot neater, and when you go back to modify it you're more likely to actually understand what you have ...

Ericsson A1018s 07/12/2000

Experementing with the A1018s

Ericsson A1018s The telephone network isn't very secure. Just key in the right numbers and you can access service lines, like 1477. Phone phreaks (like myself) can manipulate public payphones to get free calls, and give us something connected to a cellular phone network and we can do party tricks that amaze casual (usually innocent) bypassers but are actually pretty simple. A little while ago my parents bought me an Ericcson A1018s cellular telephone. It took me a while, but last week I persuaded them to let me experiment with it. So far I've managed to work out that the combination of keys >*<<*<*, when pressed twice in succession, gets you into a hidden menu. I've yet to find out how this can be fully exploited, but the possibilities are racing through my mind. (By the way, I have absolutely no social life and waaaaaay too much free time, that's why I can be bothered working stuff like this out) As a phone it's not bad, as long as you don't get one of those pay as you talk deals. Those things are rip offs, plain and simple. A contract deal is a much better arrangement. Anyway, try the code, amaze our friends. Don't worry if the clock and date change after you try this stuff, it clears itself when you switch the phone off.

Vampire Guide to the Sabbat 07/12/2000

the other side of the Great Jyhad

Vampire Guide to the Sabbat It would probably be a safe bet to say that most Vampire: the Masquerade players have Camarilla characters. It would also be a safe bet that most storytellers run Camarilla based chronicles. While there s certainly enough in the Camarilla to fuel every plotline you could ever come up with, you're only playing with half of the story... The Camarilla elders would have you believe that the Sabbat are nothing but monsters. Truly Damned, no mercy or compassion left in their unbeating hearts. Committing violence purely for the sake of violence, destroying all around them. But if you believe that then you're merely playing a part in the great game of the antediluvians. The Sabbat was born out of a rebellion against the elders, the Great Anarch Revolt. Since then it has come through wars with the Camarilla, the Independent clans, the mortals, the lupines and itself. This book chronicles it all. Including a complete history of the sect along with new Disciplines, Bloodlines, Paths of Enlightenment, details of the various sub sects withing the Sabbat and guides for Storytellers to building Sabbat cities and Storytelling Sabbat Chronicles, this is an essential volume for any storyteller that wants to involve the Sabbat in any role in their games. Go and buy it (turns on Dominate Discipline, level three) BUY NOW! But a word of warning to STs. Don't let your players read this book if you don't want them to find out the deepest, blackest secrets of the Sabbat and of the World ...
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