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Parasite Eve (PlayStation) 15/10/2000

Take the good, ya take the bad.

Parasite Eve (PlayStation) Love the game, great graphics and play, the only thing I wish you could do is RUN! It takes forever to traverse a few screens, why can't I run a little faster? Other than the sluggish game speed the game is saved by its looks and fun. I enjoy the "real-time" fighting and targeting system. I am looking forward to the rest of the game! I still suggest it as a game to pick up if your looking for some good entertainment for your dollar now that it is a Classic. Although, Parasite Eve 2 is out, and looks really sweet. ...

Polaroid Pocket/ I-ZONE 04/10/2000

Fun, but useful?

Polaroid Pocket/ I-ZONE My name is Charles... and I have a Polariod I Zone camera. While the camera only costs about $20 (US) its use is kind of limited as it only produces wallet sized photos. The best part is you can take instant photos and stick them anywhere using the sticky film, which is great. The worst part, is the pictures require you to be only a few feet from your subject or they look like mini-me. If you want to have a way to take photos of people and slap them on the wall or into your wallet I'd pick one of these up, but buy a few packages of film, the camera can take some getting use to to get the photos right.

Olympus µ ZOOM 140 Compact Camera 04/10/2000

Is that a zoom in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Olympus µ ZOOM 140 Compact Camera I purchased this camera about a year or so ago and have shot about 40 rolls through it (most on my honeymoon :) I love the zoom, its crystal clear all the way and has a decent speed for being a pocket camera. The panaramic is great (even zoomed all the way in.) The best part of the camera: The lens hides behind the outer shell when not in use. While this uses battery power to open and close it provides great protection for the lens. It is also water resistant (which I assume means you better not drop in a river, but a little rain might not hurt it.) I have been very pleased with how well this camera has worked and the fact that I can drop it in my pocket and hardly notice it is there. If you are thinking about a pocket sized zoom and want to spend around $200 (US) then I'd go with this one (Oh wait... I did :)~ ...

Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) 04/10/2000

Like the PS... get at PS2!

Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Well, its 22 days before the launch of the Playstation 2 and I have mine ordered (since April) so I am hoping that mine will roll of the shelfs and into my grubby (although I might wash up that day) hands so I can start playing like crazy (Yes, I have prepurchased games as well). Its the most anticipated launch of any single item ever (besides fire... but hey, we all still love fire) I can't tell you how great the machine is or what sucks about it, what I do know is: It doesn't overheat (or shouldn't) like the orginal PS did. It has a DVD player (very spank!) You can buy a remote for the DVD player or use your universal remote. The only word that comes to mind when I think about the PS2 is: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie! Most of the people I know are going to be at my house on the night I recive my system and games watching in wonder as we smack each other down in DOA2 and NHL 2001! OH BABY!

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Playstation) 03/10/2000

How "Sick" can a game get!

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Playstation) Tony Hawk 1 was great, Tony Hawk 2 (TH2) is even better. I bought this game because my wife wanted to have a skateboard game and PSM and (The same company) stated it was an excelent game (5 out of 5) The game features great play and easy to learn controls. We have played it for about 5 hours (Which is a lot for us, since we do not play a lot go video games or spend a lot of time playing them). My wife, who almost never plays video games really enjoys playing TH2 (She plays as the female skater) and has made it through to the third level proving that she has learned at least some of the moves and the game play. I would suggest for anyone intrested in a great Playstation / Playstation 2 game (especally if you like skateboarding) that you get your hands on Tony Hawk 2. One last thing... great soundtrack!!! ...

Carnival Cruises 03/10/2000

Mold on the towels????

Carnival Cruises My wife and I recently took a carnival cruise on the Fantasy (The 4 day cruise out of Port Canaveral) as part of our honeymoon. Thank god that it was only part or it would have ruined the entire thing. To start, when we arrive we had to sit at the airport for an hour and a half waiting for a delayed group of people to arrive and ride the bus with us to the boat, which I understand and had it been the only thing that went wrong the trip would have been great. We arrived at the boat and were checked in with no problems, and headed to our rooms where we discovered that the paging system was broken so we had no way to contact the room stewart. The room, while nice was not that well kept up, about half of the light bulbs in the room were missing or burnt out and the bathroom had spots of mold around it. We were up on the verandah deck in one of the suites so we were happy even with the minor problems. After the cruise we had a chance to talk with another group that had been on the same boat (This had been our first cruise, but they had been on several) and the group said this had been the worst cruise they had been on, they told us about their experience, and that they had MOLD on their TOWELS!!! Now mold on the wall in the bathroom, no big deal... but on the towels???? The first day went by without any problems, we walked around the boat and enjoyed the trip off the boat to visit the dolphins (Which I highly recommend!) but while we were walking around the boat we ...

JVC GR-DVL9600 03/10/2000

I'll call it Mini-Camera!

JVC GR-DVL9600 I purchased this DV camera after spending about two months reviewing and looking around at diffrent DV cameras. At the time (and probably still) it was voted as the best of its brand of cameras by ZDNet and I have enjoyed it. I love being able to video tape and store still photos at the same time on the same machine, although I replaced the orginal "1 hour" battery with a pair of 3 1/2 - 5 hour batteries which usualy provide about 3 hours when using the HUGE view screen. (The view screen is 3" I belive). The camera is about the right weight to video tape without much shake until you want to zoom in on something above 5X, then it can get a little shaky. The big thing I can't figure out is why JVC put a flash on the camera that cannot be operated as a full time light since the camera has no low light lux like the Sony, but if you don't plan to take a lot of low light videos then you will probably love this camera. The only problem I had when I took my camera to Jamacia and the Bahamas was the rapid condinsation shut down the camera if you took it from your hotel room to outside to quickly. The way I corrected this was to put the camera near an open window for about ten minutes, then just outside for 10 minutes then all the way outside for a few more minutes to get it use the the change in temps. The 4mb card that comes with the camera will store about 30+ images in the low image format, which isn't bad for a video camera. If you want a great all around camera ...
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