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The Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On 14/10/2011

The Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On in Berry

The Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On I was in the body shop, and had a voucher for 50% a £20 spend and needed to spend £2 to qualify i realised when i got to the till. Already had loads of lip balms but not a lip roll on and for the price (introductory offer of 1.50) i bought one for me (berry) and one for my mum (coconut). **What is it?** This product is a roll on lip balm, which in my opinion is great you just roll it on and go, better than having to put some on your finger and rub it on, which can be messy!! Comes in variety of flavours, berry, coconut, rose, mint and Orange. Made from all natural ingredients mainly oils. So thats a big plus. **Packaging** Comes in a small tube of 10ml, with a silver ball on the top for easy, even distrubution onto your lips with no wastage. A screw top lid and just a plain white/clear tube with a label stating the flavor. **whats it like** First of all the smell is pleasant exactly what you expect from a body shop product, nice and fruity. Was disappointed when applying the berry lip roll on, the taste and smell was bland. There is no colour to this lip roll on, it's a translucent oil. The feel of the lip roll on was smooth and silky on my lips not waxy or greasy, just right. Just don't apply too much or it may run off your lips but you don't need much any way. Lasts me a good half hour to a hour before i need to top it up (in my opinion thats good, as most lip balms only last me 20 or so minutes before needing to reapply) The tube is small, so easy enough to pop into ...

Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing 10/10/2011

Rocking rainforest woooo!! :)

Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing I got this second hand for my daughter before she was born, but the original price (seen at 69.99 in some places :O ) To me is rather steep for some swinging chairs,but this is great :) Hammock design not only (looks) comfy for my daughter but has 5 swing speed settings, 2 volumes for the music which loops (so no need to keep turning it on) and two cute creatures that hang down for entertainment. For me when i first put Lily into her Swing and put the speed to one, it looked like she was going to go flying out, much too fast for a newborn baby. So had to manually swing it ourselves that for me was a down point as it is from newborn so the Swing speed should accomidate for that. As she has got older and put more weight on it is less vigirous and now more enjoyable. The music, well its just a few tunes on repeat that you can change the volume on. It's ok i guess. She isn't too bothered with the sound so we hardly have it on. Itis bright and colourful, easy to fold up and put away (i don't as i constantly use it!) so great if you have a lack of space or are taking it from place to place. I wouldn't say its light but on the same token i wouldn't class it as overly heavy either. All in all my daughter loves it and enjoys being and swinging in it now.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo 10/10/2011

Jumperooo!! :D

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo We bought this for our daughter as it was on special. Not looked back since! Where do i start! The lights and sounds are captivating for my little girl! She can spin around in the chair base to what ever part she wants! to the spinny sun and tiger to the elephant and lights. Or simply to turn and see where mummy and daddy are. 3 adjustible hieghts mean she has a few more months out of it yet! Great feature. the chair can be washed just inces of pukey or dribbles! Gives you 5 minutes to do what you need knowing your baby is entertained and safe in my opininion what parent doesn't want that. It is rather bulky, can't just be folded away so you really need the space for it. No real age range, from when you baby can hold their own head (3 months my daughter was) but even on the lowest setting she couldnt reach the floor!! so for 2 months she has used a cushoin to bounce about on. It is rather pricey i think, unless you know your baby will enjoy bouncing then i'd suggest using a friends if possible or use a door bouncer to know.

Fisher Price Froggy Friend Potty 10/10/2011

Fisher proce froggy :) great price, easy to use

Fisher Price  Froggy Friend Potty Bought this for my sons first potty to encourage him., The design is great, bright and intriging for my little guy who loves animals. At first he used it as a toy just sitting on it, but thats where we have to start just getting him to sit on it was a achievement!! Big enough splash gaurd so he doesn't have to hold his 'Tinkle' down when he goes unlike other pottys we have tried. My son enjoys sitting on it, the base is wide enough so he doesn't hurt his bum or fall off easily. Great feature that you can take the bowl out and clean it as i feel the potty is very heavy to be lugging room to room. Higher than other conventinal pottys So my son isn't all squashed up when he sits on it. The bad bits, as mentioned i feel it is too heavy to be moving from place to place. There are also no rubber feet on the potty so is prone to sliding when my son attempts to sit down, has caused a few accidents due to this. ...

Waterly Bottom Products Pourty 10/10/2011

Pourty, mess free and easy to transport :)

Waterly Bottom Products Pourty I got given this for my son a few months ago and have used it as a spare. First of all it's light, easy for me to move from place to place in the house and when we travel on the train. Great feature with the handle and the pour bit on the back! Any mum and dad will know the mess that can be made when pouring a convenitnal potty down the toilet. Mess here there and everywhere! So that is a great feature. Only a few things in my opinion which make it not so great, the bowl is tiny! My little man (3 years) Struggles to sit on it properlly and he isn't a big child. He has to hold his 'tinkle' down to pee as it splashes everywhere due to lack of room and the splash gaurd not being big enough. Secondly, the design is very basic, in my opinion not great when potty training as it looks a bit boring. Great as a second potty though!

HTC Wildfire S 10/10/2011

HTC Wildfire S....Great phone!! Robust and enjoyable.

HTC Wildfire S I got this phone on contract purely because of the camera (was due to have my daughter a month after) but since having this phone i couldn't live without it!! The camera is great, perfect quality for what i need and wanted! Only thing is the flash is rather bright! And when i take pictures of people with the flash on, i get the red eyes (my children look like demons lol) The features are great. I can moving things onto my homepage i.e facebook, ebay ect ect, so no need to scroll through my apps to find them! 6 pages to put applications on aswell, like weather apps, friends feeds from facbook, the news (you get my drift). Security is great, slide down to unlock but you can choose the option to have a password as such, a pattern to put in so nobody can nosey or even little fingers to ring random people on your address book! But with the feature to be able to make emergancy calls. Very robust! My phone has fallen on the floor more times than i can remember but has also slid out of my pocket down the toilet and is still to this day perfectly working as when i got it brand new! Call features ok, it locks itself when the phone reachs your ear and unlocks when you move it away. But be careful not to close the phone call, as it doesnt hang up it goes into your notifications!! Confused me for a little while till i realsied what had happened. All in all, a great phone not too complicated but a sleek design and easily managable! Everything you need at your fingertips!

Samsung RV510 - 15.6" - Celeron T3500 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 3 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD 10/10/2011

Easy laptop for the not that technically minded like myself!!!

Samsung RV510 - 15.6" - Celeron T3500 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 3 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD We have had many laptops/pcs the last two years, my son broke one screen, other the connection for the battery broke and the the pc...Well it was just old :P I am not that technical so needed something that wouldn't confuse the hell outta me. So my partner bought this for us, and i must say he has made a great choice :D Fast start up a must as i am rather a impatient person and this day and age we are all so busy who has the time to sit and wait for the laptop to load up! Brightly lit as well, great display quality for watching HD disney movies with the son. Not too heavy either, i reguarly need to take the laptop to and from the kitchen, on the train and doesn't break my arm in the process. Intergrated webcam, not used it yet so can't comment on this i have no need for it but very useful if i do need to use it as no need to buy a webcam to try stick on the top and keep sliding off. Battery life, its ok about average i would say if browsing. Gets eaten quickly if your watching films. Applications load up quickly, i like the tabs and how you can switch quickly and swiftly between two on a browser. Even move them to their own or together again. Sound quality not all that great in my opinion. Not that loud and sounds a bit tinny at times.
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