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Lego Friends 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House 17/09/2017

Tree Building Lego Style!

Lego Friends 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House Three words were uttered from my children's lips that made me want to scream, and we weren't even into week 2 of the summer holidays. We are bored! Well that's great! Finding things to occupy an 8 and 6 year old isn't actually too bad. But try doing that everyday at that point it was raining, and you're exhausted from work yourself and you are lucky enough to even have the energy to move from one part of the house to another. Anyway, once the kids in the morning did their usual work routine of reading, maths and spellings, I promised they could get this out and play with it. I didn't actually buy this but it's readily available. A quick internet search showed at the time of writing this it could be bought from Argos for £47.99. Prices now maybe less. Why did we have this? Last year I won a competition. Can't recall whether it was Toys r Us or The Entertainer, but either way I won and the prize was a fantastic one. It contained 5 or 6 boxes of Lego Friends sets and one of them was this one. As a household who never owned Lego before at that time this was a great prize. Even more so it suited both of my children ( my daughter as she loves the colours and my son who I found doesn't care what it looks like as long as it's Lego! ). So this set was brought out for a few reasons. They were both incredibly bored and I recalled a few sets of these were unopened and this was quite a big one so they could easily share the set and it's pieces between each other. I ...

Imperial Leather Uplifting Sherbet Lemon 11/09/2017

Lathering Up With A Lemon!

Imperial Leather Uplifting Sherbet Lemon I can understand why it's so easy for people to have bath and body product stashes. It doesn't take much to buy a bottle here and there, and then find you have a mini supermarket sat on your bathroom shelf. Showering or bathing isn't just a time for cleansing for most of us. It's a time for relaxation thanks to our busy and hectic lives. My recent purchase for my bathroom is this one. Costing 79p for a 250ml bottle, this was purchased from discount retailer Home Bargains. Why did I buy this? Over the last few months I've fallen in love with the brand Imperial Leather. I've used it before like many people have, as its a well known household brand, but not something I've used untill recently for a long time. The bath and shower products I've bought and used this year have impressed me, and I'm always on the look out for products I haven't used in regards to fragrances. I only noticed this recently so not one I had tried, and the product fragrance/name enticed me. It sounded different to what I currently have or have been using, the fragrance I felt would be perfect for bath and shower use and the price of 79p was exceptionally affordable. What is this? What does it do? Scent wise this belongs to the subrange of Sweets. As the name suggests these products are created to smell like classic confectionery, and on this occasion is meant to resemble sherbet lemons, so providing a unique but sweet fragrance. The shower cream element is ...

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff 06/09/2017

A Doctor Who Delight!

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff There's many things that I want to squeeze into my daily life, but somehow feel I don't get half of what I want to get done done. Is it lack of time? Partly. But more tiredness and poor time management. But there are a few things that I want that aren't part of the daily grind of life. And if you want them you just have to make it happen. One such thing was visiting this tourist attraction. Myself and my two children visited The Doctor Who Experience recently in Summer 2017 which is based in Cardiff, Wales. Why did we go? Most people who read my reviews on CIAO will be aware of the fact myself and children are Doctor Who fans, and people who know us in the form of friends know this too and the fact my son is actually quite obsessed with the TV series. It was only a year or so ago a friend mentioned this place to me and it sounded like paradise. In the back of my mind I kept thinking it would be a great place to go especially if it tied in with my son's birthday. But new job, getting time off work and all the usual boring bits of life got in the way.But every year I kept thinking oh maybe next year. But a few months ago I read on their Facebook page that it was going to close down at the end of summer 2017. So for me it was a case of either go before this doomed date and or possibly never! So somehow I booked a week off work, then a train tickets and hotel booked and off we went! What is this? Opened for the first time in 2012, The ...

Burt's Bees Hand Salve 31/08/2017

A Handy Helper!

Burt's Bees Hand Salve I've found myself over the last week or so needing to concerntrate on certain areas of my body. After having some time off work I'm finding myself being sore and achy, so relaxing products to put in the bath have been a must. The always changing weather has made me readdress my hair routine so alternating certain products in this area is another thing I've been doing to stop my hair from drying out. And my hands seem to be suffering due to work and weather, so I've been slotting in new products when and where I can. One such product is this, given to me by a friend. I have a mini version weighing 8.5g but full size appears to be 85g. Can be bought from many retailers with the average price being around £10.00. Why am I using this? Firstly, this was given to me by a friend last year. We were talking about the range and I had mentioned I wanted to try it but never bought anything from it. She tried it and didn't like it, so sent me all the unused pieces she had purchased. One of those products was this. The reason this has been taken out is because my hands have felt and looked very dry, and rather than grab a hand cream I really wanted something that could be more hardworking and provide more hydration than other products used. What is this? This hand salve is designed to be a hardworking hand treatment to moisturise and really pump hydration into dry and tired hands, while at the same time providing protection. A mixture of ...

Radox Vapour Therapy 23/08/2017

Keeping It In The Radox Family!

Radox Vapour Therapy My current job role has left me in a permanent state of tiredness. Like most working parents, juggling children and the daily grind of life in general let alone work is quite a task. And since my work can be quite demanding in the sense of always on the go, always on my feet and always carrying and picking things can understand it can take its toll on the body. This product caught my eye a few months ago. Can be picked up from many places but bought from Home Bargains for 79p for a 400g box. Why did I buy this? This is one of those products you recognise because it was one of those things I remember being sold a good number of years ago, and seeing it sat on a shelf was a flash from the past. I always keep an eye out for products I haven't used before, and I thought this could be a good one to help me relax during my evening bathing routine, would help clear my head due to its fragrance and the cheap price meant I could easily afford it. What is this supposed to do? Radox Vapour Thearpy is designed to help ease stresses on the body eg aches and pains thanks to it containing mineral enriched salts. Coupled with the eucalyptus element, this can aide to clear the head and senses. How is it packaged? This product comes packaged in a small and reasonably thin cardboard box, and mainly a green/blue sort of colouring. To get to the product there is a small perforated opening at the side which you pull so you ...

Spin Master Hatchimals Colleggtibles Single Pack 19/08/2017

Super Cute And Super Small!

Spin Master Hatchimals Colleggtibles Single Pack The birthdays of both my children have come and gone. Now I'm preparing for the new school year with uniforms, bags and things of that nature that are on my list and need to be bought. And then the next big thing of course is Christmas ( which thank goodness has already started in regards to gift buying ). Any other expenditures aren't really what I'm hoping for at the moment, but with the kids still off on their summer break it seems it's an inevitability that more spending and buying will happen. This was bought for my daughter in The Entertainer store for £3.00 recently. Why did I buy this? My daughter asked for it! Simple as that. Both my children seem totally addicted to watching YouTube videos on toys and on their favourite shows. As cute as this seems, it means they are much more aware of current toy trends and future toy trends than what I would like. My daughter has seen videos on this or at least the larger more expensive version, and when she saw this in the store she obviously wanted it. But she would have preferred the bigger version that sat on the top shelf above it but knowing full well I wasn't spending £60 plus pounds on it she opted for this instead. What is this? The Hatchimal craze came out a few years ago and sent parents into a frenzy leading up to Christmas. All that it is is an egg which contains a cute animal like toy. This egg will hatch and out you take out the toy. This is the same for this version ...

Radox Refresh 12/08/2017

A Refreshing Showering Experience!

Radox Refresh You would hope that as you get older your life would become less hectic. Surely being a teenager or in your early twenties is the busiest times of your life? Wrong! I'm well past those ages and find being a working mum of 2 chaotic, and it doesn't help that despite lack of sleep and tiredness, I have a strange obsession with wanting and needing to squeeze in as much productive activities in my day to day life. So for me it's very important that in the morning I can have a reasonably quick and effective shower, and in the evening a relaxing and luxurious bath. This is one of the products I'm currently using. Bought from Home Bargains, this comes in a 500ml size at a cost of £1.00. Why did I buy this? I now have two very different sets of bath and shower products in my bathroom. One is what I would call my fancy, top end products which I try to use sparingly but use when I want to treat myself. The other set of products I have are what I would call everyday products. These are the pieces that tend to be cheap and cheerful, and are used more or less everyday. And if I use the whole bottle in one go it really doesn't matter due to cost and availability. I bought this shower gel because I had never used it before and was interested to see what it was like. The size and cost was very enticing, and I liked the sound of the fragrance this came in. And I thought this could be a great product for both bath and shower. What is this supposed to ...

Princess Mirror-Belle And The Dragon Pox - Julia Donaldson 07/08/2017

Easy On The Eye, Boring On The Brain!

Princess Mirror-Belle And The Dragon Pox - Julia Donaldson Even though my children wouldn't admit this, I think they both miss school. Of course the main thing that they will miss is their friends, as they won't see them regularly for over 6 weeks. But I also think it's more the absense of that daily routine they find hard. So holidays or no holidays, I make sure that both my children have a routine when it comes to work at home ( although alittle more relaxed than term time ). One of the things they both will do is read daily, and this book has been read recently by myself and my daughter. It was bought for my daughter's 6th birthday by a friend. The rrp on the book says it's £6.99. But a quick internet search found this to be £4.00 on Amazon. Why was this bought for her? I can only guess the reasons behind this, but books are always a good choice for children in my opinion. Fun, educational and something that can be shared between child/ren and parent/s. This book doesn't cost the earth so affordable, and quite a safe option if your not too sure what a child is into. A nice pretty looking book with quite a girlie look to it and a female character could be seen as a winner for a 6 year old little girl. Plus with this being written by a famous children's author you would assume it's going to be a good read. What is the story about? Ellen has come down with chicken pox. While she's checking out her very spotty face in the mirror, she is greeted and befriended by Mirror-Belle, her reflection. ...

K'Nex 35 Model Building Set 03/08/2017

Connecting With K'Nex On A Larger Scale!

K'Nex 35 Model Building Set A few years ago, when both my children were obviously smaller and younger than what they are now, they didn't own that many building or construction sets at home. Not too sure why, it just wasn't something I bought that often. Chunky, basic and brightly coloured sets they owned from time to time but that was it. But all has changed as I've realised that construction toys for the majority of children is a winner. Both of my children are loving things such as Lego more and more. With this being an obvious winning type of toy, I purchased this set for my son's 8th birthday. It was in a half price sale in Tesco, and was bought for £12.50. Why did I buy this? I saw this while it was on sale in my local Tesco. At the time I had already picked up quite a few toy items and this caught my eye quite last minute. I've bought my son small K'Nex sets before as they were cheap from a discount store and my son loved them. This set interested me as I felt the price was very good considering how much you get pieces wise, it was different to the sets my son had before and more importantly I thought my son would like this. Knowing I had bought my son a Lego set for his birthday, I thought this would make a nice alternative yet provide an equally fun building experience. What is this? This set contains 480 pieces and comes along with a booklet showing and suggesting 35 specific builds that you can create, through the help of diagrams. Pieces vary in ...

T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Face Wash 25/07/2017

A Decent Facewash Which Will Do For Now!

T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Face Wash I always thought that problematic skin happened when you were a teen! Oh noooo!!! It can happen in later life too. Thankfully I am grateful that I actually have good skin. But I find once in a while it decides to hate me, rebel and cause some mischief. When this does happen I swap and change my facial routine alittle to give my skin a shock. I bought this from my local Home Bargains store for £1.49 to help me in such a matter. Why did I buy this? I noticed recently that my skin had become a touch on the spotty side. Spots aren't something I tend to suffer from except the odd one or two. But when that odd one or two brings it's friends along to the party and you look in the mirror and find quite a few, I knew I needed something to help me eradicate them. Rather than go for a treatment I wanted to change what I was washing my face with. I opted for this because it was a good price, easy and quick to use and contains a well known antibacterial ingredient such as tea tree which I felt could help my skin even itself out. What is this supposed to do? This wash is supposed to clean the skin and unclog pores. Helps to remove grime and grease and anything else that potentially could cause spots, leaving the skin feeling fresher and smoother. Packaging This full-size product is 200ml in size. The packaging mine came in is different to the one shown on this site. It comes in a clear plastic pump dispenser bottle. On the ...

Mattel Barbie Mermaid Candy Fashion 21/07/2017

Mesmerising Mermaid Until She Broke!

Mattel Barbie Mermaid Candy Fashion I seem to have a list as long as my arm of what my children want me to purchase for them. My son is now at the age where he wants technologically based toys e.g Nintendo games consoles, but his sister is still staying true to her age of 6 and likes and just wants to add more dolls to her ever growing collection. This was bought last year for her birthday this year. Can't quite recall how much this was but was bought from a Tesco store when on sale, and would have been sub £10.00. Why did I buy this? My daughter loves dolls and she really loves her Barbie's! Some Barbie's are pretty much same unless connected with a specific Barbie film/character, so to make it much more interesting and a better spend, I do try and buy versions of this classic which are different. This version is quite different in regards to what she is, has a great look to her which my daughter would find attractive plus she was reduced in cost. It also helps the fact that she saw this in store and asked for me to buy it! Decision made! What does it look like? It's important to metion that the doll I'm reviewing today appearance wise is different to the picture on CIAO. I've Googled and checked this doll out online on various sites, and it appears that this doll comes in at least three different versions but comes under the same category. The version that we own has straight, deep pink coloured hair that goes all the way down the dolls back. Topped off with a teal ...

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Shimmer Ponytail 17/07/2017

Nice Addition For Dress Up!

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Shimmer Ponytail Despite both of my children’s birthday finishing quite some time ago, I am still dealing with the aftermath of it all. In my living room there are still presents laying in one corner that belong to both children. Some are being played with, some not. But my point is they are still there!! Cue a massive need for storage and a handful of hours needed to sort all of this out. Peaking through the sea of toys/books and stationary is this item. Bought from my local Tesco store a few months ago when it was half price, costing £4.99. Why did I buy this? I bought this for a few reasons. This is connected to the animated series called Shimmer and Shine which although is not my daughter’s favourite thing to watch anymore, she still enjoys it. So I felt this was a nice purchase as besides the dressing up trunk I bought alongside this, these were the only things she would own from the range so made a nice change. My daughter really is a girlie girl who likes her hair being done regularly and likes hair accessories so thought this would be fun to use. And lastly her favourite colour is pink so felt this ticked all the boxes. Shimmer and Shine Won’t go into what the TV series is about too much as I already mentioned this in one of my most recent reviews, but it’s an animated series based on two genies and their best friend. They grant wishes in each episode, always goes wrong but turns right in the end. What is this? This is ...

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk 05/07/2017

DIY Dress Up Genie Has Potential If Given More Magic!

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk I do love a good birthday! Especially children's. There's something slightly magical about watching children go through the process of being that 1 year older. As a parent, you seem shocked that they have grown mentally and physically, and as the birthday planner slightly shocked that their birthday has come up so soon to bite you in the bum and you run around as a headless chicken trying to organise it ( strange how it's the same day every year and it's still a shock! ). I bought this for my daughter for her last birthday from Smyth's at a sale price of £9.99. Why did I buy this? My daughter likes watching the show this is based on which is called Shimmer and Shine. Not something she watches regularly anymore but still has a fondness for it. When I originally saw this set it was at its full price last year ( £17.99 ) and although it caught my eye, I thought it was expensive. It was then reduced but I was in two minds whether to get it or not. This time around I looked at this more closely and thought it's something my daughter would like, it was at the just below £10.00 price which meant it was affordable and out of all the birthday gifts I had bought her up until that point this was one of the very few that was a dressing up/role play type thing. So something different! Shimmer and What? Shimmer and Shine is an animated series which is based on a young girl who happens to be friends with two genies, one called Shimmer and the ...

IMC Toys Cry Babies Coney 19/06/2017

Annoying But Loved New Family Member!

IMC Toys Cry Babies Coney I love my children. I love them both with all my heart. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for either of my children. I can spend hours being brainwashed and mind numbed watching their much loved children's TV shows. I will take them to play centres and smile while they travel down a slide at 100 miles an hour about 50 times within 20minutes. And I also spend pretty much 95% of all my monthly income on them. This is one of our latest purchases for my daughter. Bought from a local Asda store, it cost £14.99. Why did we buy this? My children get pocket money on a weekly basis, but trying to explain to them you don't have to spend it as soon as you get it, AND on toys tends to fall on flat ears. So what I do is put it away. In fairness neither have used their money for quite awhile, so as a treat I let them both use some of this money to purchase not only toys but some much needed items such as clothes and shoes for themselves. We were actually having a look in a B&M store and saw a version of this sat on a shelf and my daughter literally dived for it. She loved it, wanted it and refused to let it go. At a cost of £24.99 I wasn't​ inclined to buy it just like that, and suggested to visit Asda just to double check if they sold the same thing at the same price. I expected it to be more expensive but was shocked to find it was £10.00 cheaper! So we bought it due to my daughter officially adopting it and her obvious love for it straight away, it's the type of ...

Bandai Power Rangers Movie Morpher 12/06/2017

A Morphing Success For My Son But I Think It Lacks The Power!

Bandai Power Rangers Movie Morpher As much as I love my children, they can be hard work! As they get older they become much more opinionated and there likes and dislikes seem much more inbedded than when they were younger. So in one way buying presents for their birthdays is easy, but then on the other hand can cause issues. I bought this from Smyth's online for my son's last birthday at a price of £14.99, reduced from £19.99. Why did I buy this? My son is still a Power Rangers fan. When we both saw the trailer for the new film, I have to say I was actually quite impressed and wanted to see this myself! Along with a new film (we still haven't seen it ) was a new wave of merchandise for children. We've seen the adverts and my son expressed an interest in some of these items. I originally saw this in Tesco at a reduced price along with the other new toys from the film, as there was some form of promotion connected with the brand, and discounted it and bought something else. But my heart sank when recently​ the kids went to buy some toys from our local Sainsbury's and my son sat on the floor playing with this quite happily for a few minutes saying he wished he had enough money to buy it! So just in time for his birthday I found that Smyth's was selling this at the best price and promised a quick delivery, so I hit the buy button and hoped for the best. What's a Morpher? A morpher is quite an integral part of the Power Rangers franchise. Each series features one and ...
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