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T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Face Wash 25/07/2017

A Decent Facewash Which Will Do For Now!

T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Face Wash I always thought that problematic skin happened when you were a teen! Oh noooo!!! It can happen in later life too. Thankfully I am grateful that I actually have good skin. But I find once in a while it decides to hate me, rebel and cause some mischief. When this does happen I swap and change my facial routine alittle to give my skin a shock. I bought this from my local Home Bargains store for £1.49 to help me in such a matter. Why did I buy this? I noticed recently that my skin had become a touch on the spotty side. Spots aren't something I tend to suffer from except the odd one or two. But when that odd one or two brings it's friends along to the party and you look in the mirror and find quite a few, I knew I needed something to help me eradicate them. Rather than go for a treatment I wanted to change what I was washing my face with. I opted for this because it was a good price, easy and quick to use and contains a well known antibacterial ingredient such as tea tree which I felt could help my skin even itself out. What is this supposed to do? This wash is supposed to clean the skin and unclog pores. Helps to remove grime and grease and anything else that potentially could cause spots, leaving the skin feeling fresher and smoother. Packaging This full-size product is 200ml in size. The packaging mine came in is different to the one shown on this site. It comes in a clear plastic pump dispenser bottle. On the ...

Mattel Barbie Mermaid Candy Fashion 21/07/2017

Mesmerising Mermaid Until She Broke!

Mattel Barbie Mermaid Candy Fashion I seem to have a list as long as my arm of what my children want me to purchase for them. My son is now at the age where he wants technologically based toys e.g Nintendo games consoles, but his sister is still staying true to her age of 6 and likes and just wants to add more dolls to her ever growing collection. This was bought last year for her birthday this year. Can't quite recall how much this was but was bought from a Tesco store when on sale, and would have been sub £10.00. Why did I buy this? My daughter loves dolls and she really loves her Barbie's! Some Barbie's are pretty much same unless connected with a specific Barbie film/character, so to make it much more interesting and a better spend, I do try and buy versions of this classic which are different. This version is quite different in regards to what she is, has a great look to her which my daughter would find attractive plus she was reduced in cost. It also helps the fact that she saw this in store and asked for me to buy it! Decision made! What does it look like? It's important to metion that the doll I'm reviewing today appearance wise is different to the picture on CIAO. I've Googled and checked this doll out online on various sites, and it appears that this doll comes in at least three different versions but comes under the same category. The version that we own has straight, deep pink coloured hair that goes all the way down the dolls back. Topped off with a teal ...

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Shimmer Ponytail 17/07/2017

Nice Addition For Dress Up!

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Shimmer Ponytail Despite both of my children’s birthday finishing quite some time ago, I am still dealing with the aftermath of it all. In my living room there are still presents laying in one corner that belong to both children. Some are being played with, some not. But my point is they are still there!! Cue a massive need for storage and a handful of hours needed to sort all of this out. Peaking through the sea of toys/books and stationary is this item. Bought from my local Tesco store a few months ago when it was half price, costing £4.99. Why did I buy this? I bought this for a few reasons. This is connected to the animated series called Shimmer and Shine which although is not my daughter’s favourite thing to watch anymore, she still enjoys it. So I felt this was a nice purchase as besides the dressing up trunk I bought alongside this, these were the only things she would own from the range so made a nice change. My daughter really is a girlie girl who likes her hair being done regularly and likes hair accessories so thought this would be fun to use. And lastly her favourite colour is pink so felt this ticked all the boxes. Shimmer and Shine Won’t go into what the TV series is about too much as I already mentioned this in one of my most recent reviews, but it’s an animated series based on two genies and their best friend. They grant wishes in each episode, always goes wrong but turns right in the end. What is this? This is ...

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk 05/07/2017

DIY Dress Up Genie Has Potential If Given More Magic!

Just Play Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk I do love a good birthday! Especially children's. There's something slightly magical about watching children go through the process of being that 1 year older. As a parent, you seem shocked that they have grown mentally and physically, and as the birthday planner slightly shocked that their birthday has come up so soon to bite you in the bum and you run around as a headless chicken trying to organise it ( strange how it's the same day every year and it's still a shock! ). I bought this for my daughter for her last birthday from Smyth's at a sale price of £9.99. Why did I buy this? My daughter likes watching the show this is based on which is called Shimmer and Shine. Not something she watches regularly anymore but still has a fondness for it. When I originally saw this set it was at its full price last year ( £17.99 ) and although it caught my eye, I thought it was expensive. It was then reduced but I was in two minds whether to get it or not. This time around I looked at this more closely and thought it's something my daughter would like, it was at the just below £10.00 price which meant it was affordable and out of all the birthday gifts I had bought her up until that point this was one of the very few that was a dressing up/role play type thing. So something different! Shimmer and What? Shimmer and Shine is an animated series which is based on a young girl who happens to be friends with two genies, one called Shimmer and the ...

IMC Toys Cry Babies Coney 19/06/2017

Annoying But Loved New Family Member!

IMC Toys Cry Babies Coney I love my children. I love them both with all my heart. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for either of my children. I can spend hours being brainwashed and mind numbed watching their much loved children's TV shows. I will take them to play centres and smile while they travel down a slide at 100 miles an hour about 50 times within 20minutes. And I also spend pretty much 95% of all my monthly income on them. This is one of our latest purchases for my daughter. Bought from a local Asda store, it cost £14.99. Why did we buy this? My children get pocket money on a weekly basis, but trying to explain to them you don't have to spend it as soon as you get it, AND on toys tends to fall on flat ears. So what I do is put it away. In fairness neither have used their money for quite awhile, so as a treat I let them both use some of this money to purchase not only toys but some much needed items such as clothes and shoes for themselves. We were actually having a look in a B&M store and saw a version of this sat on a shelf and my daughter literally dived for it. She loved it, wanted it and refused to let it go. At a cost of £24.99 I wasn't​ inclined to buy it just like that, and suggested to visit Asda just to double check if they sold the same thing at the same price. I expected it to be more expensive but was shocked to find it was £10.00 cheaper! So we bought it due to my daughter officially adopting it and her obvious love for it straight away, it's the type of ...

Bandai Power Rangers Movie Morpher 12/06/2017

A Morphing Success For My Son But I Think It Lacks The Power!

Bandai Power Rangers Movie Morpher As much as I love my children, they can be hard work! As they get older they become much more opinionated and there likes and dislikes seem much more inbedded than when they were younger. So in one way buying presents for their birthdays is easy, but then on the other hand can cause issues. I bought this from Smyth's online for my son's last birthday at a price of £14.99, reduced from £19.99. Why did I buy this? My son is still a Power Rangers fan. When we both saw the trailer for the new film, I have to say I was actually quite impressed and wanted to see this myself! Along with a new film (we still haven't seen it ) was a new wave of merchandise for children. We've seen the adverts and my son expressed an interest in some of these items. I originally saw this in Tesco at a reduced price along with the other new toys from the film, as there was some form of promotion connected with the brand, and discounted it and bought something else. But my heart sank when recently​ the kids went to buy some toys from our local Sainsbury's and my son sat on the floor playing with this quite happily for a few minutes saying he wished he had enough money to buy it! So just in time for his birthday I found that Smyth's was selling this at the best price and promised a quick delivery, so I hit the buy button and hoped for the best. What's a Morpher? A morpher is quite an integral part of the Power Rangers franchise. Each series features one and ...

Hasbro Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber 07/06/2017

May The Force Not Hit You In The Face!

Hasbro Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber I have to say I am very proud of myself. Very proud of my parental skills. As much as I would like to say I'm proud how I encourage my children academically or creatively although I am this isn't what I'm thinking about. I'm actually very proud that I've turned my 7 year old son into a sci fi geek. He's Doctor Who obsessed, I'm working on introducing him to Star Trek but currently he is totally sold over the Star Wars films. This was bought just before Christmas last year from a Tesco store. Was in a promotion at the time, and if memory serves correct worked out under £20.00, roughly £18.00. Still available from many toy retailers for around the £25.00 mark. Why did I buy this? Technically I didn't buy this. A lightsaber was never on my to buy list for Christmas for my son. The cheaper ones in my price range didn't seem to be anything special, and the more expensive ones that were impressive in look and design I felt would be a much better birthday gift rather than Christmas. But my children received some money for Christmas and out of it I gave him £20.00 to spend. My son chose this as thankfully after the store promotion it was within budget. I think he went for this because he loves the Star Wars films, it's a franchise that most of his friends like too plus a lightsaber is very popular with boys his age and he's always wanted one so done deal! A Lightsabre? What on earth is that? A Lightsabre is the weapon of choice for some of ...

Shark NV340UKT True Pet 28/05/2017

Cleaning Up Is A Breeze!

Shark NV340UKT True Pet I don't think I have much luck when it comes to vacuum cleaners. For some reason they break, stop functioning properly and then this leaves me in a bit of a difficult situation....dirty floors which drive me crazy! Children that are naturally messy, general dust and dirt means not having something to sort out my carpets is a no no. So my latest purchase is this item. Bought from a local Currys store at a reduced price of £179.00, but I had an additional £30.00 discount due to a voucher. Why did I buy this? I mentioned to someone in passing that I really needed a new vaccum cleaner and they suggested something from this brand. They had heard good things about this brand and suggested this could be ideal. Although this person hadn't actually owned one of these from Shark so couldn't really give me their expert opinion, I looked into online reviews, watched TV commercials and demonstrations and overall seemed quite taken by it. A few things won me over, the efficiency of the item, the look and overall the price so decided to go for it! What is this supposed to do? A lightweight vacuum cleaner targeted towards pet owners thanks to its efficiency for removing animal hair on carpet and hard floor surfaces. But also caters for those who suffer from allergies. This vaccum is designed to keep all dust and dirt inside once its used rather than escape various parts of the vaccum and blow back into the air like many other cleaners. This is down ...

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? 13/05/2017

TV Vs Big Screen!

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? Who doesn't love to watch a good film? Regardless of age, sex, likes and dislikes...I genuinely don't know many people who wouldn't want to watch a film as long as the content ticked their personal boxes. It's very much the same as music but what we listen to is down to what we are into which is the same as movies. So is my personal preference to watch a film in the comfort of my home or in the plush surroundings of a cinema? My background It's something some people will want to know and some people won't care about, but what my family situation or background is will have a massive impact on this topic subject. I am a mum of two children under the age of 8 a boy and a girl. I work part time and try to slot in as much learnings as possible e.g course possible on top of mummy and work duties, which means time isn't always on my side and if I can get the same result of what I need to do in half the time I will take that opportunity! Case for watching movies at home You don't have to move! This is the ultimate in convenience​. No walking, no car drive and no bus journey. You literally move to the room where the TV is, aim your backside on a chair, sofa or section of floor and sit. There are days you simply can't be bothered travelling and home is the perfect solution! The last thing I want to do after working a full week is travel up and down my city centre dragging two children moaning with me. So this is ideal for seriously lazy ...

Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care 08/05/2017

Puckering Up Anytime With Gatineau Lip Care!

Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care I'm having a bit of a revolution when it comes to face and body care at the moment. It's an area I genuinely love. I love using and trying out various products, but like most things the prices of products vary from being the cheapest to the most expensive. I've used many products over the years and I've discovered a high tag price doesn't always equate to a good product. But buying products that are part of a high end brand at this moment of time isn't something my pocket can take regardless of them being good or not. But my good luck has helped out alot as I have won quite a few branded products which means I have got them for free, including this one. I received the full size of 10ml from Gatineau, and can be bought from various places. e.g QVC, Amazon etc. Prices vary but a quick search shows Amazon selling this for £22.00. Why am I using this? My competition win was a fantastic one on many levels. I have used products from the brand before but this was years ago, and I hadn't tried as many products as I would have liked then. This set I received meant I could try things I haven't used before including this product. I grabbed this not only because it's new to me, but I've found my lips have been suffering alittle. Much drier than what they normally are probably due to air conditioning at work, not drinking enough water and general seasonal change. I normally use my Burt's Bee lip balm which is fantastic but really wanted a change and thought this ...

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset 04/05/2017

Sweet Over Shopkins!

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset A slight addiction that my son has recently gotten into is watching YouTube. At first it was to watch clips or episodes of Doctor Who. Then it was watching demonstrations of Doctor Who related toys. Then it became watching general toy demonstrations with his younger sister sat next to him. One brand they started to get interested in watching was Shopkins. After seeing how taken they were with the brand, I couldn't help but buy this particular set from a local Sainsbury's store when reduced in price costing just over £7.50 last year. If memory serves correct it was given as a Christmas present to my daughter. Why did I buy this? I was definitely on the look out for items from the brand anyway, because both kids seemed very excited watching the videos on the toys, and both had mentioned they would love some form of Shopkins toys for their birthday's. When I saw this first thought it's huge!! Well, it isn't buy of a decent size. Quite eye catching in regards to not only the size and colour, but the amount of little bits it came with. But the price when I saw it blew me away. I've noticed on the whole this is quite an expensive range to buy from, and something half this size if not a quarter, I've seen being sold for much more than what I paid for this. So this just seemed like a total bargain! Shopkins? I'm still not 100% sure what this brand is if I'm honest, but my interpretation is a simple one. A craze that's come over from America ...

Gatineau Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage 27/04/2017

Fantastic Scrub With A Difference!

Gatineau Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage I'm not in bad shape. Skin wise despite, being over the age of 30, somehow I don't look it. I put it down to good genetics and lots of praying! Although I don't need lots of products to help me with lines and wrinkles and that type of thing, I still find my skin needs some help due to general life e.g busy mum, not enough sleep, not drinking enough water, stress etc. So when I get the opportunity and spare cash to try out quality products I do so. Thankfully on this occasion I didn't need to buy this item as I won it directly from Gatineau UK. But the rrp of this item in its full size of 75ml which is what I won costs £35.00, and can be bought from places such as Marks and Spencers, various department stores, QVC and of course direct from Gatineau. Why did I try this? I've found that since being a sufferer of hayfever my skin really takes the brunt of it. Constant sneezing, rubbing eyes, tiredness means my skin has to work that little bit harder to not only feel normal but look it too! One area that for some reason I am absolutely rubbish with is exfoliating. I think it's because it's not a daily thing to do, so I don't form an everyday habit of doing it. Either way it's one of the best ways to revitalise your skin and I thought this product might help me achieve this. Never used this before but always read and heard great results and praise for it, so I wanted to give it a go. What is this supposed to do? A mild exfoiliant which ...

Decleor Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Moisture Rich Cream 24/04/2017

Hydrating Hydra Floral!

Decleor Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Moisture Rich Cream When I originally started writing this review, the weather status in the UK was alittle all over the place, or at least it is was where I am based. We spent most of the Easter half term looking through the windows at home wondering if the rain would ever end. Mild but very wet but still the central heating was turned on everyday. The last few days it's actually been very pleasant, dry and sunny...but still on the chilly side. One area that requires alittle adjustment thanks to the yo yo weather is my skincare regime. An item that has been used on and off is this one. Bought within a set from the shopping channel QVC last year, it retails for £41.00 for the full size 50ml pot direct from the Decleor website, but can also be purchased from department stores such as House of Fraser. Why did I buy this? I first tried the brand in my 20's and fell in love with it. QVC was my first stop as I could watch the presentations and get a good feel for the products. Then I worked in a high end department store not long after where Decelor was being sold, and I got a great discount deal for working there. Purchasing this brand was more affordable so I tried out lots of items. But fast forward 15 years later, the reason I bought this was because the set price wise wasn't cheap, but was fantastic value considering the individual cost price of each product. Plus there was a few items in this set that were knew and I hadn't tried so seemed the perfect ...

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions About Space - Carole Stott 18/04/2017

Stars Bitesized!

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions About Space - Carole Stott It's sad times when you sit back and realise that your son AND daughter individually ( let alone collectively ) read more than yourself. I just about have time to read an email let alone a book. But my time starved brain and eyes don't affect my children as reading is a massive part of a young child's school learning journey that my two simply don't have a choice but to do. This particular book I picked up for my son at a book event last year. Didn't cost anything as it was free and I'm sure it came in a set of other similar styles books. But on the back it mentions the rrp is £2.99. Why did I buy this? I acquired this because like most children, my son is quite inquisitive. He's always asking questions about why does this happen? How does this work? And he has a natural interest in space, planets and that type of thing, probably fueled by his obsession with Doctor Who. So what I try to do is throw in some books his way that are a mix of fiction and non fiction when it comes to this subject matter. Fiction because they tend to grip onto his imagination and keep him entertained, non fiction to answer questions that he may have or to make him think of questions he wants to know the answers to. This book purely on cover and size made me think this would be a good non fiction book for him to read. Hopefully full of interesting facts, age appropriate so readable or for someone slightly older so would push him language wise and also in regards to content, and ...

Imperial Leather Blissful Escape Signature Body Wash 14/04/2017

Blissful Bathtime!

Imperial Leather Blissful Escape Signature Body Wash My bed and my bath seem to be my two favourite places. The bath specifically as it really is my time to not only do what you should be doing in there, which is cleaning the body, but relaxing and unwinding from what normally is a quite a long day for me. I work in retail, which means I'm always on my feet and dashing around which has an impact on my body and energy levels. So forgive me if i have to have a night time bath EVERY night! This Bodywash was bought recently from a local Home Bargains store. It cost 99p for 500ml. Why did I buy this? I can be quite picky when it comes to what products I use in the shower and bath. I can spend quite sometime in there so surely I would want the best? Well yes I do...But my pocket can't afford to splash out on my usual bath truffles made mostly of Shea butter, bubble bars made with Shea and cocoa butter and all other beautiful creations which scream pamper time. I was keeping my eyes open for a bath product while shopping to use purely to fill the gaps on days where I wont or can't use my usual treats and basically to eek them out longer and save myself money too! This caught my eye as I had never seen it before, the label was striking, the cost was cheap, it's a brand I've known and used in the past and was a whopper of a size! Packaging This 500ml size product comes in a large plastic bottle. Long and tall with slightly rounded edges. Bottle is clear so you can see product inside of it. ...
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