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I've been so busy recently I didn't fully understand the changes that were going on with this site. I've thoroughly enjoyed it on here and the place has helpedcme so much with my writing skills. Time to say goodbye.......

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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Eau de Toilette 20/11/2017

Blooming Beautiful!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Eau de Toilette I would love to say I'm an expert when it comes to fragrance but I'm not! I couldn't tell you the lastest releases where perfumes are concerned and probably couldn't describe the designer scents out there on the market. I'm totally out of the loop thanks to this being an area I don't spend much money on and also being someone who doesn't naturally go towards the ' in ' brands. But recently a friendnd of mine gave me a sample of this fragrance from work. It seems to be readily available from the high street, and a quick internet search shows this being sold for around the £50.00 mark for 50ml sized bottle. Why was I given this? Anyone who knows me knows I love fragrance. I'm probably more well known for getting excited when it comes to using fragrance in my home, but it's an area I talk alot about regardless. A friend of mine recently started to work for a well known retail store and gave me this as a sample as she thought I would like it. When I've described the home fragrances I like that come in the form of wax melts or candles, this pretty much gave her an idea of what I would like to wear on myself. She mentioned she personally liked this scent herself, and thought I would like it too. Viktor & Rolf who? Never heard of this brand if I'm honest! So needed to do alittle digging to find out more. And it looks like its the same formula here that we see with many fragrances on the market. The duo behind this Viktor Hosting and Rolf ...

Betty Spaghetty Deluxe Mix 'n Match 06/11/2017

Mix 'n' Match With Betty And Friends!

Betty Spaghetty Deluxe Mix 'n Match I haven't bought toys for my children in awhile. If my children had their way they would have something new every week. But since the summer holidays I've tried to keep this at a minimum especially with Christmas coming up, and knowing they will get lots of new things to play with then makes buying new things now slightly pointless and expensive!. But trying to explain to an 8 and 6 year old they don't NEED new toys is pretty hard. But during the last half term they received their usual pocket money and as a treat I allowed them to buy a few new pieces from a local Home Bargains store. My daughter chose this set which cost £9.99. Why did she choose this? It took my daughter a good 30 minutes minimum to eventually opt for this and strangely enough this was the first thing she looked at first yet the last thing she decided to buy. But I think in the end there were a few deciding factors on buying this. Firstly I told her she had a set budget, and this fell into it. These are dolls, and she loves dolls. The look of them for her was very appealing but the breaker on this was rather than her getting 1 doll toplay with she could get 3!! What is this? This is a set of 3 dolls. What makes these doll alittle different compared to normal doll figures is these actually come a part. Body parts come off like the arms, torsos, even the hair comes off. But what this means is these sections are interchangeable with other dolls from this range, so ...

Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask 31/10/2017

A Touch Of Radiance!

Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Mask I have been crying out for Autumn. I have to say it's probably my favourite season out of all 4. I love how mild it is, the slight drop in temperature and being able to pull out my favourite cardigans and boots and start to hermit in my home while covering myself in lots of blankets. So far though it's been quite mild and wet, but it is on the verge of changing as the last few days have been very chilly indeed. And with this change I'm trying to prepare my skin as much as possible. I took this product out of my little beauty stash. Not one I bought as it was part of a little hamper I won directly from Gatineau, but to buy the full size ( mine is 15ml ) which is 75ml costs around £45.00. Available direct from Gatineau, other retailers such as QVC, Amazon and various other retailers. Why did I use this? I've been feeling very tired and drained. Nothing new there but I find myself as a person being constantly on the go, rushing around, children, work and crazy weather thrown into the mix can make this feeling even worse. And being drained can be seen on my skin too. So not only did I want my skin to look better I also wanted an emotional pick me up as looking good and feeling good walk hand in hand. With the weather going colder I was concerned my skin would feel tighter and dryer, so I wanted to try this to see if it would make any difference. As much as I love masks I'm rubbish using them consistently, but felt this might help me use one more regularly as ...

Oral B Essential Floss 24/10/2017

Essential Part Of Dental Care!

Oral B Essential Floss There are a few things I have to say I'm not too keen on. And even tmpre so when I have a fear of something. Visiting the dentist is on top of my most hated things I have to do, and this has always been the case for me for many years. But unlike in the past I visit regularly and when I'm told to, to set a good example to my children. In between these visits of course I have to do my part at home, and one thing I do is use this product. Bought from a local Home Bargains store for 79p. Why did I buy this? I won't lie I was pretty rubbish looking after my teeth as I grew up. My parents never were too bothered encouraging me in this area, and thanks to this and my natural love of all sweet things I have a mouthful of fillings. But these days I am much better, and on a visit to my dentist she suggested ( well told me ) to start using dental floss. My teeth are very close together, and because of this just brushing my teeth wasn't enough and she said doing this would be a help to me. I bought this one because it was cheap, it was a leading brand and if for any reason I didn't feel it worked or suited me I hadn't wasted a fortune buying it and I could quite easily replace it with something else. Why is flossing so important? What does this product do? Flossing is important because it's not just a case of keeping our teeth clean, but also to maintain good gum health. A toothbrush is great to clean the outside of teeth but is harder to get ...

Star Wars Ceramic RD-D2 Money Bank 17/10/2017

An Intergalactic Way Of Saving Money!

Star Wars Ceramic RD-D2 Money Bank Anyone that knows us will know as a family we have a love for genre of sci fi. I've always liked sci fi/supernatural TV shows and films, so I guess it was inevitable that it would be passed down to my children. My son really loves the films from the Star Wars franchise, so it came as no surprise that we bought him this recently. It was bought at a Comic Con convention and cost £5.00. On Amazon I have seen similar bedrooms of this recently for just over £16.00. Why did we buy this? I have always wanted to go to a Comic Con convention, but never had the chance. When the kids came along it didn't seem ideal dragging two young children with me. But this year I thought I would give it a go as they are reasonably old enough and I hoped they would have the patience to experience it and enjoy it. I didn't realise that you could buy merchandise from a place like this and how many stores there would be at this event, much to the delight of my children. My son gravitated towards everything Star Wars or Doctor Who related, and in the end opted for this and a game for his console because it was within his budget and I think he liked the look of this money bank. Plus I think like me my son has a slight addiction to money banks anyway. So a lovely affordable treat yet a practical one. R2 who? R2D2 is one of the loveable droids that we were all introduced to in the original Star Wars trilogy. He's stared in many of the films, but my first memory of ...

Lego Friends 41135 Livi's Pop Star House 10/10/2017

Living The Life Of A Lego Popstar!

Lego Friends 41135 Livi's Pop Star House Father Christmas isn't quite here yet, but I suspect one of the things he will be bringing to my house will be Lego. My son is obsessed with the stuff thanks to the various animated series this brand has brought out, the Lego sets he's received over the last year or so and the TV show Lego Masters. His sister has been quite keen on it as well but as time rolls on she seems to love it even more. With both moaning they wanted more Lego pieces to play with, I brought this set out of the cupboard for them to play with. Another set I won in a competition so didn't buy it, but I've found the average price of this set online has been around £50.00. Not as readily available as other sets but still out there for purchase . Why did I dig this out? Both of my children have enjoyed various building sets in the past, but this year this pastime really seems to have taken off. Not sure whether age has anything to do with it but I know the exposure of this brand has had an impact, but with them being older the sets that they do have ( Lego or not ), are now more challenging and interesting in regards to the pieces and what can be built with them. Both children pretty much on a daily basis drag out a box that contains a mish mash of all their Lego, and I promised them if they behaved I would bring out this final set that's we had and was unopened. This was the biggest set I won, and I let them play with it as so far they've enjoy the Lego friends sets, so this seemed out ...

Deep Relief Pain Relief Gel 03/10/2017

Deep Relief? Massive Help!

Deep Relief Pain Relief Gel Everyone I know at the moment is suffering. Whether it's the change of season, bad luck or both it's hitting everyone hard. I'm currently sat with a cup of hot water, lemon juice and honey as I know I'm coming down with something nasty on top of other health issues. Where I work it's looking more and more like the film 28 Days Later thanks to everyone catching the flu or cold. I bought this product not because my throat is hurting me but because my back is. Costing £1.89 ( I think! ) from Home Bargains for a 30g tube. Why did I buy this? My job is quite a physically demanding one. On my feet constantly, always on the move and on many occasions I need to pick up and lift items, some of which are heavy. Recently I picked up a box which was quite heavy and I felt my back go. That's the only way I can describe it. A deep pain that almost winded me. its not a problem I've suffered from before I stocked up on a few medicinal items I thought would help, with this being one of them. There were many products like this, but I opted for this specific one because it wasn't expensive or cheap in price, it mentioned it contained ibuprofen and it helped provide pain relief and provide an anti-inflammatory action. All of which I thought could get my back feeling better. What is this supposed to do? This gel is designed to help relieve backpain, muscular aches, rheumatic pain and various other pains such as sprains, strains and sports ...

Bandai Power Rangers Movie Interactive Megazord 27/09/2017

Lacking Power From This Popular Ranger Franchise!

Bandai Power Rangers Movie Interactive Megazord My children seem to add to their huge Christmas wish list everyday. Adverts shown on TV doesn't help, and now the multiple toys catalogues being shoved through my letter box only make this worse. So from one child I've been asked for every doll under the sun that poo's, pees and cries. From the other child its all about Lego, robotic snakes and games consoles. One thing that my son has recently asked for is toys from the Power Rangers Ninja Steel TV series. But for his last birthday I bought him this from the last Power Ranger's movie. Originally cost £60.00, I bought it from Tesco for £30.00 when it was on special offer earlier this year. Why did I buy this? My son has liked the Power Rangers franchise for the last couple of years. He's watched pretty much every series and has not that long ago watched the latest movie. When the movie was released I did have my eagle eye out on the toys connected to it. This caught my eye due to the size of it, but the hefty price of £60.00 put me off. When it was half price in the Tesco sale I decided to read a few reviews to figure out if it was worthwhile to buy. So I thought it was substantial, connected to something my son loved and I hoped he would enjoy playing with it so I bought it! What is a Megazord? Good question! Despite the fact I've been made to sit and dribble my way through many many episodes of this show it still confuses me. These tend to feature in all the series but the ...

Lego Friends 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House 17/09/2017

Tree Building Lego Style!

Lego Friends 41122 Adventure Camp Tree House Three words were uttered from my children's lips that made me want to scream, and we weren't even into week 2 of the summer holidays. We are bored! Well that's great! Finding things to occupy an 8 and 6 year old isn't actually too bad. But try doing that everyday at that point it was raining, and you're exhausted from work yourself and you are lucky enough to even have the energy to move from one part of the house to another. Anyway, once the kids in the morning did their usual work routine of reading, maths and spellings, I promised they could get this out and play with it. I didn't actually buy this but it's readily available. A quick internet search showed at the time of writing this it could be bought from Argos for £47.99. Prices now maybe less. Why did we have this? Last year I won a competition. Can't recall whether it was Toys r Us or The Entertainer, but either way I won and the prize was a fantastic one. It contained 5 or 6 boxes of Lego Friends sets and one of them was this one. As a household who never owned Lego before at that time this was a great prize. Even more so it suited both of my children ( my daughter as she loves the colours and my son who I found doesn't care what it looks like as long as it's Lego! ). So this set was brought out for a few reasons. They were both incredibly bored and I recalled a few sets of these were unopened and this was quite a big one so they could easily share the set and it's pieces between each other. I ...

Imperial Leather Uplifting Sherbet Lemon 11/09/2017

Lathering Up With A Lemon!

Imperial Leather Uplifting Sherbet Lemon I can understand why it's so easy for people to have bath and body product stashes. It doesn't take much to buy a bottle here and there, and then find you have a mini supermarket sat on your bathroom shelf. Showering or bathing isn't just a time for cleansing for most of us. It's a time for relaxation thanks to our busy and hectic lives. My recent purchase for my bathroom is this one. Costing 79p for a 250ml bottle, this was purchased from discount retailer Home Bargains. Why did I buy this? Over the last few months I've fallen in love with the brand Imperial Leather. I've used it before like many people have, as its a well known household brand, but not something I've used untill recently for a long time. The bath and shower products I've bought and used this year have impressed me, and I'm always on the look out for products I haven't used in regards to fragrances. I only noticed this recently so not one I had tried, and the product fragrance/name enticed me. It sounded different to what I currently have or have been using, the fragrance I felt would be perfect for bath and shower use and the price of 79p was exceptionally affordable. What is this? What does it do? Scent wise this belongs to the subrange of Sweets. As the name suggests these products are created to smell like classic confectionery, and on this occasion is meant to resemble sherbet lemons, so providing a unique but sweet fragrance. The shower cream element is ...

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff 06/09/2017

A Doctor Who Delight!

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff There's many things that I want to squeeze into my daily life, but somehow feel I don't get half of what I want to get done done. Is it lack of time? Partly. But more tiredness and poor time management. But there are a few things that I want that aren't part of the daily grind of life. And if you want them you just have to make it happen. One such thing was visiting this tourist attraction. Myself and my two children visited The Doctor Who Experience recently in Summer 2017 which is based in Cardiff, Wales. Why did we go? Most people who read my reviews on CIAO will be aware of the fact myself and children are Doctor Who fans, and people who know us in the form of friends know this too and the fact my son is actually quite obsessed with the TV series. It was only a year or so ago a friend mentioned this place to me and it sounded like paradise. In the back of my mind I kept thinking it would be a great place to go especially if it tied in with my son's birthday. But new job, getting time off work and all the usual boring bits of life got in the way.But every year I kept thinking oh maybe next year. But a few months ago I read on their Facebook page that it was going to close down at the end of summer 2017. So for me it was a case of either go before this doomed date and or possibly never! So somehow I booked a week off work, then a train tickets and hotel booked and off we went! What is this? Opened for the first time in 2012, The ...

Burt's Bees Hand Salve 31/08/2017

A Handy Helper!

Burt's Bees Hand Salve I've found myself over the last week or so needing to concerntrate on certain areas of my body. After having some time off work I'm finding myself being sore and achy, so relaxing products to put in the bath have been a must. The always changing weather has made me readdress my hair routine so alternating certain products in this area is another thing I've been doing to stop my hair from drying out. And my hands seem to be suffering due to work and weather, so I've been slotting in new products when and where I can. One such product is this, given to me by a friend. I have a mini version weighing 8.5g but full size appears to be 85g. Can be bought from many retailers with the average price being around £10.00. Why am I using this? Firstly, this was given to me by a friend last year. We were talking about the range and I had mentioned I wanted to try it but never bought anything from it. She tried it and didn't like it, so sent me all the unused pieces she had purchased. One of those products was this. The reason this has been taken out is because my hands have felt and looked very dry, and rather than grab a hand cream I really wanted something that could be more hardworking and provide more hydration than other products used. What is this? This hand salve is designed to be a hardworking hand treatment to moisturise and really pump hydration into dry and tired hands, while at the same time providing protection. A mixture of ...

Radox Vapour Therapy 23/08/2017

Keeping It In The Radox Family!

Radox Vapour Therapy My current job role has left me in a permanent state of tiredness. Like most working parents, juggling children and the daily grind of life in general let alone work is quite a task. And since my work can be quite demanding in the sense of always on the go, always on my feet and always carrying and picking things can understand it can take its toll on the body. This product caught my eye a few months ago. Can be picked up from many places but bought from Home Bargains for 79p for a 400g box. Why did I buy this? This is one of those products you recognise because it was one of those things I remember being sold a good number of years ago, and seeing it sat on a shelf was a flash from the past. I always keep an eye out for products I haven't used before, and I thought this could be a good one to help me relax during my evening bathing routine, would help clear my head due to its fragrance and the cheap price meant I could easily afford it. What is this supposed to do? Radox Vapour Thearpy is designed to help ease stresses on the body eg aches and pains thanks to it containing mineral enriched salts. Coupled with the eucalyptus element, this can aide to clear the head and senses. How is it packaged? This product comes packaged in a small and reasonably thin cardboard box, and mainly a green/blue sort of colouring. To get to the product there is a small perforated opening at the side which you pull so you ...

Spin Master Hatchimals Colleggtibles Single Pack 19/08/2017

Super Cute And Super Small!

Spin Master Hatchimals Colleggtibles Single Pack The birthdays of both my children have come and gone. Now I'm preparing for the new school year with uniforms, bags and things of that nature that are on my list and need to be bought. And then the next big thing of course is Christmas ( which thank goodness has already started in regards to gift buying ). Any other expenditures aren't really what I'm hoping for at the moment, but with the kids still off on their summer break it seems it's an inevitability that more spending and buying will happen. This was bought for my daughter in The Entertainer store for £3.00 recently. Why did I buy this? My daughter asked for it! Simple as that. Both my children seem totally addicted to watching YouTube videos on toys and on their favourite shows. As cute as this seems, it means they are much more aware of current toy trends and future toy trends than what I would like. My daughter has seen videos on this or at least the larger more expensive version, and when she saw this in the store she obviously wanted it. But she would have preferred the bigger version that sat on the top shelf above it but knowing full well I wasn't spending £60 plus pounds on it she opted for this instead. What is this? The Hatchimal craze came out a few years ago and sent parents into a frenzy leading up to Christmas. All that it is is an egg which contains a cute animal like toy. This egg will hatch and out you take out the toy. This is the same for this version ...

Radox Refresh 12/08/2017

A Refreshing Showering Experience!

Radox Refresh You would hope that as you get older your life would become less hectic. Surely being a teenager or in your early twenties is the busiest times of your life? Wrong! I'm well past those ages and find being a working mum of 2 chaotic, and it doesn't help that despite lack of sleep and tiredness, I have a strange obsession with wanting and needing to squeeze in as much productive activities in my day to day life. So for me it's very important that in the morning I can have a reasonably quick and effective shower, and in the evening a relaxing and luxurious bath. This is one of the products I'm currently using. Bought from Home Bargains, this comes in a 500ml size at a cost of £1.00. Why did I buy this? I now have two very different sets of bath and shower products in my bathroom. One is what I would call my fancy, top end products which I try to use sparingly but use when I want to treat myself. The other set of products I have are what I would call everyday products. These are the pieces that tend to be cheap and cheerful, and are used more or less everyday. And if I use the whole bottle in one go it really doesn't matter due to cost and availability. I bought this shower gel because I had never used it before and was interested to see what it was like. The size and cost was very enticing, and I liked the sound of the fragrance this came in. And I thought this could be a great product for both bath and shower. What is this supposed to ...
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