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Don't seem to have as much time for this site as I used to...But trying to juggle and at least read and rate as much as possible!

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Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? 13/05/2017

TV Vs Big Screen!

Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema? Who doesn't love to watch a good film? Regardless of age, sex, likes and dislikes...I genuinely don't know many people who wouldn't want to watch a film as long as the content ticked their personal boxes. It's very much the same as music but what we listen to is down to what we are into which is the same as movies. So is my personal preference to watch a film in the comfort of my home or in the plush surroundings of a cinema? My background It's something some people will want to know and some people won't care about, but what my family situation or background is will have a massive impact on this topic subject. I am a mum of two children under the age of 8 a boy and a girl. I work part time and try to slot in as much learnings as possible e.g course possible on top of mummy and work duties, which means time isn't always on my side and if I can get the same result of what I need to do in half the time I will take that opportunity! Case for watching movies at home You don't have to move! This is the ultimate in convenience​. No walking, no car drive and no bus journey. You literally move to the room where the TV is, aim your backside on a chair, sofa or section of floor and sit. There are days you simply can't be bothered travelling and home is the perfect solution! The last thing I want to do after working a full week is travel up and down my city centre dragging two children moaning with me. So this is ideal for seriously lazy ...

Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care 08/05/2017

Puckering Up Anytime With Gatineau Lip Care!

Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care I'm having a bit of a revolution when it comes to face and body care at the moment. It's an area I genuinely love. I love using and trying out various products, but like most things the prices of products vary from being the cheapest to the most expensive. I've used many products over the years and I've discovered a high tag price doesn't always equate to a good product. But buying products that are part of a high end brand at this moment of time isn't something my pocket can take regardless of them being good or not. But my good luck has helped out alot as I have won quite a few branded products which means I have got them for free, including this one. I received the full size of 10ml from Gatineau, and can be bought from various places. e.g QVC, Amazon etc. Prices vary but a quick search shows Amazon selling this for £22.00. Why am I using this? My competition win was a fantastic one on many levels. I have used products from the brand before but this was years ago, and I hadn't tried as many products as I would have liked then. This set I received meant I could try things I haven't used before including this product. I grabbed this not only because it's new to me, but I've found my lips have been suffering alittle. Much drier than what they normally are probably due to air conditioning at work, not drinking enough water and general seasonal change. I normally use my Burt's Bee lip balm which is fantastic but really wanted a change and thought this ...

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset 04/05/2017

Sweet Over Shopkins!

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset A slight addiction that my son has recently gotten into is watching YouTube. At first it was to watch clips or episodes of Doctor Who. Then it was watching demonstrations of Doctor Who related toys. Then it became watching general toy demonstrations with his younger sister sat next to him. One brand they started to get interested in watching was Shopkins. After seeing how taken they were with the brand, I couldn't help but buy this particular set from a local Sainsbury's store when reduced in price costing just over £7.50 last year. If memory serves correct it was given as a Christmas present to my daughter. Why did I buy this? I was definitely on the look out for items from the brand anyway, because both kids seemed very excited watching the videos on the toys, and both had mentioned they would love some form of Shopkins toys for their birthday's. When I saw this first thought it's huge!! Well, it isn't buy of a decent size. Quite eye catching in regards to not only the size and colour, but the amount of little bits it came with. But the price when I saw it blew me away. I've noticed on the whole this is quite an expensive range to buy from, and something half this size if not a quarter, I've seen being sold for much more than what I paid for this. So this just seemed like a total bargain! Shopkins? I'm still not 100% sure what this brand is if I'm honest, but my interpretation is a simple one. A craze that's come over from America ...

Gatineau Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage 27/04/2017

Fantastic Scrub With A Difference!

Gatineau Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage I'm not in bad shape. Skin wise despite, being over the age of 30, somehow I don't look it. I put it down to good genetics and lots of praying! Although I don't need lots of products to help me with lines and wrinkles and that type of thing, I still find my skin needs some help due to general life e.g busy mum, not enough sleep, not drinking enough water, stress etc. So when I get the opportunity and spare cash to try out quality products I do so. Thankfully on this occasion I didn't need to buy this item as I won it directly from Gatineau UK. But the rrp of this item in its full size of 75ml which is what I won costs £35.00, and can be bought from places such as Marks and Spencers, various department stores, QVC and of course direct from Gatineau. Why did I try this? I've found that since being a sufferer of hayfever my skin really takes the brunt of it. Constant sneezing, rubbing eyes, tiredness means my skin has to work that little bit harder to not only feel normal but look it too! One area that for some reason I am absolutely rubbish with is exfoliating. I think it's because it's not a daily thing to do, so I don't form an everyday habit of doing it. Either way it's one of the best ways to revitalise your skin and I thought this product might help me achieve this. Never used this before but always read and heard great results and praise for it, so I wanted to give it a go. What is this supposed to do? A mild exfoiliant which ...

Decleor Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Moisture Rich Cream 24/04/2017

Hydrating Hydra Floral!

Decleor Hydra Floral Multi-Protection Moisture Rich Cream When I originally started writing this review, the weather status in the UK was alittle all over the place, or at least it is was where I am based. We spent most of the Easter half term looking through the windows at home wondering if the rain would ever end. Mild but very wet but still the central heating was turned on everyday. The last few days it's actually been very pleasant, dry and sunny...but still on the chilly side. One area that requires alittle adjustment thanks to the yo yo weather is my skincare regime. An item that has been used on and off is this one. Bought within a set from the shopping channel QVC last year, it retails for £41.00 for the full size 50ml pot direct from the Decleor website, but can also be purchased from department stores such as House of Fraser. Why did I buy this? I first tried the brand in my 20's and fell in love with it. QVC was my first stop as I could watch the presentations and get a good feel for the products. Then I worked in a high end department store not long after where Decelor was being sold, and I got a great discount deal for working there. Purchasing this brand was more affordable so I tried out lots of items. But fast forward 15 years later, the reason I bought this was because the set price wise wasn't cheap, but was fantastic value considering the individual cost price of each product. Plus there was a few items in this set that were knew and I hadn't tried so seemed the perfect ...

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions About Space - Carole Stott 18/04/2017

Stars Bitesized!

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions About Space - Carole Stott It's sad times when you sit back and realise that your son AND daughter individually ( let alone collectively ) read more than yourself. I just about have time to read an email let alone a book. But my time starved brain and eyes don't affect my children as reading is a massive part of a young child's school learning journey that my two simply don't have a choice but to do. This particular book I picked up for my son at a book event last year. Didn't cost anything as it was free and I'm sure it came in a set of other similar styles books. But on the back it mentions the rrp is £2.99. Why did I buy this? I acquired this because like most children, my son is quite inquisitive. He's always asking questions about why does this happen? How does this work? And he has a natural interest in space, planets and that type of thing, probably fueled by his obsession with Doctor Who. So what I try to do is throw in some books his way that are a mix of fiction and non fiction when it comes to this subject matter. Fiction because they tend to grip onto his imagination and keep him entertained, non fiction to answer questions that he may have or to make him think of questions he wants to know the answers to. This book purely on cover and size made me think this would be a good non fiction book for him to read. Hopefully full of interesting facts, age appropriate so readable or for someone slightly older so would push him language wise and also in regards to content, and ...

Imperial Leather Blissful Escape Signature Body Wash 14/04/2017

Blissful Bathtime!

Imperial Leather Blissful Escape Signature Body Wash My bed and my bath seem to be my two favourite places. The bath specifically as it really is my time to not only do what you should be doing in there, which is cleaning the body, but relaxing and unwinding from what normally is a quite a long day for me. I work in retail, which means I'm always on my feet and dashing around which has an impact on my body and energy levels. So forgive me if i have to have a night time bath EVERY night! This Bodywash was bought recently from a local Home Bargains store. It cost 99p for 500ml. Why did I buy this? I can be quite picky when it comes to what products I use in the shower and bath. I can spend quite sometime in there so surely I would want the best? Well yes I do...But my pocket can't afford to splash out on my usual bath truffles made mostly of Shea butter, bubble bars made with Shea and cocoa butter and all other beautiful creations which scream pamper time. I was keeping my eyes open for a bath product while shopping to use purely to fill the gaps on days where I wont or can't use my usual treats and basically to eek them out longer and save myself money too! This caught my eye as I had never seen it before, the label was striking, the cost was cheap, it's a brand I've known and used in the past and was a whopper of a size! Packaging This 500ml size product comes in a large plastic bottle. Long and tall with slightly rounded edges. Bottle is clear so you can see product inside of it. ...

Inspiration Works Disney Frozen My First Tablet 04/04/2017

For The Small Frozen Fan You Maybe Thawed By This!

Inspiration Works Disney Frozen My First Tablet I think it's safe to say that my daughter's obsession with the film Frozen is pretty much over! Horray! She does seem to still like the film and what's connected to it still, but it's more a like rather than a love thing. The beauty of young children is they change so much in a short space of time, along with what they are into as well. I've got a long list of things she wants for her next birthday courtesy from the little madam, none of which are related to this film. But reflecting on our Frozen phase, I bought this toy for my daughter for Christmas 2016 for less than £10.00. If memory serves correct it was during an online sale from Debenhams. Why did I buy this? I actually bought this months and months before Christmas 2016. My daughter at the time was crazy about Frozen, so anything connected with the franchise last year I naturally had my eye on it. When I saw this in the sales online at Debenhams I thought it seemed to be a good buy. I was in two minds whether to get this or not if I'm honest. Out of my two children my son is more technologically savvy than his sister, so I thought this would be a fun and very easy piece for my daughter to use. Even if this turned out to be too basic for her, I hoped she would rely on the Frozen aspect and get some enjoyment from it regardless. Frozen still? Whether you've watched the film or not, we are all aware of it! Frozen indeed is a film, and an animated Disney film at that. Two ...

Underground Toys Star Wars BB8 Plush 28/03/2017

BB8 Great!

Underground Toys Star Wars BB8 Plush To say my son is turning into a sci fi addict is alittle bit of an understatement. First came Doctor Who, which is still an ongoing love of his. And the latest thing that I would say he's falling for is the whole Star Wars franchise. So it wasn't a hard decision for me to buy him this for Christmas from my local Home Bargains store, costing £6.99. Why did I buy this? Can you believe none of us in the house have watched the latest two film in this saga? It's purely down to lack of time, as The Force Awakens is sat waiting to be watched on our Sky planner. But we have watched the previous 6 films in the past, and over Christmas in anticipation of watching the next two we've been watching these all over again. Both my daughter and my son love these films, and I found it odd that my son knows more about the new films than what I do! He seems to know all the characters and has told me many times he's wanted certain toys connected from the film, so when I saw this I thought my son would like it. The price I felt was great value and overall a good toy to add to his already quite large plush collection of branded characters. What is this? This plush is based on the loveable droid first seen in the most recent instalments of the Star Wars franchise. This droid was given the task to deliver key information on the whereabouts to the now disappeared Luke Skywalker, now classified as the last ever Jedi. What does it ...

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel 20/03/2017

Lovely and Light Face Gel!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel My beauty stock pile is dwindling! Quite an upsetting feeling to have if I'm honest. It's been building up quite nicely this year but I've been dipping in and out of it so no wonder the products are alittle thin on the ground. Rather than go and buy new items to fill the gaps, I'm relying on samples and freebies I've managed to get my greedy little hands on. This product I got in the form of a sachet direct from the company a few months ago as some form of online marketing so the cost of acquiring it was a big fat zero. But as far as I can tell it comes in a standard 50ml size available from most good stockists of skincare products, and a recent internet search found this being sold on on promotion for £8.66. Why did I request this? Purely out of curiosity! I don't think I've ever bought and used anything from this brand, so was interested to see what this product was like. The sample being free always helps, but I'm always on the look out for good face and body products and thought let's give this a try. What is this supposed to do? This is a facial gel designed not only to lock and hold moisture into the skin, but also provide an almost drip feed system where it provides hydration to the skin if and when needed. Light weight, oil free and perfect for sensitive skin. How to use? Apply to the face and neck using circular movements. Use daily on clean skin. Ingredients PR-016935 ...

Spin Master Zoomer Zuppies Love Glam Puppy 15/03/2017

Pet Without Poo!

Spin Master Zoomer Zuppies Love Glam Puppy Anyone else gearing up for spring? Personally I'm more of an autumn girl as I hate going from a cold season to a mild one literally in the blink of an eye. But dare I say I can't help but think about Christmas!? Why? Well...I'm in the process of trying to declutter my house and more importantly sort out the zillions of toys my children have flung in every corner of every room. The reason why Christmas comes to mind, is when you find items the kids haven't seen for awhile aka Christmas day when they played with them for all of 5 minutes, you can't help but wish you left these trinkets undiscovered as now they want to play with them all the time! One such forgetton toy is this item. Bought for my daughter for Christmas from ( I think ) John Lewis for £24.99. Why did I buy this? I actually saw this being mentioned online as being at a reduced price, half price in fact. I remember seeing this thinking how cute it was, and the fact there was a blue version as well which meant I could get one for son and daugjter. These seemed to be a decent buy for each of my children. More so as my son likes technical/computer type stuff, and his sister likes cute stuff. So these combined coming in the form of a pair of pink and blue dogs seemed ideal. Better still this helped my children have their own little ' pet ' as Mummy doesn't do animals and this is as close to the real thing as it gets! What is this? A small robotic dog that you can play games ...

Star Wars I Want to be a Jedi - Simon Beecroft 09/03/2017

A Child's Guide To Becoming A Jedi!

Star Wars I Want to be a Jedi - Simon Beecroft Having two children at an age where they can both read is actually a magical thing. My daughter still needs assistance as she is younger than her brother, but my son is pretty much independent when it comes to reading and has a very clear idea about the books he likes and finds interesting. Recently in my local Aldi I bought him a set of 4 Star Wars books, which included this one, for £3.99 ( originally £4.99 but was reduced in price thanks to a sale ). Why did I buy this? There are certain brands/TV series or films my son is into. One which seems to be quite a massive thing for him and runs nicely along with his ever adored Doctor Who is Star Wars. He's seen some of the film's and loves them. He has some of the toys and loves them too. So it seemed quite a good idea to buy him books from the franchise. My son is an excellent reader, and when I saw a set of Star Wars books last year I thought ability wise he could read it and would enjoy it. And of course he did! After reading these books he mentioned he would love a similar set but different. When I saw these I thought he would enjoy them, would be slightly different in read and content from his last set and was also cheaper in price but overall still a good value set working out pretty much at £1.00 per book! What is this book about? After the last 2 films in the almost cult like franchise of Star Wars, there has been a resurgence of items connected to this intergalactic ...

Radox Herbal Bath Stress Relief 04/03/2017

Nice Enough Bath Treat!

Radox Herbal Bath Stress Relief There seems to be two places I'm permanently glued to when I get home at the end of the day. Either fixed to the sofa half asleep or laying in the bath half asleep. The running theme as you can tell is being ' half asleep '. Bath times are very important as it's my time to rewind and relax, and have a cheeky nap at the same time! I bought this recently from my local Home Bargains store for £1.00. But this is widely available from many places at this price or regularly on some form of promotion. Why did I buy this? I haven't bought anything like this in years! I own and use various branded products which I thoroughly enjoy. And if they aren't branded they tend to be more natural in ingredients and handmade by local small beauty businesses, so I've not been in the need of items like this. But I bought this as my usual bath stash depleted and I really needed something to bridge the gap before my next delivery of goodies. Current body state is tired due to lack of sleep and working extra hours, and needing to unwind. And if something is called ' Stress Relief ', surely it's exactly what I need? What is this supposed to do? Help to relax and unwind the body and mind while bathing, plus provide the added bonus of bubbles and simple cleansing action to the skin. Packaging This product is housed in quite a tall and reasonably thin plastic bottle, which is clear in appearance and has a screw top lid to help dispense the ...

K'Nex Titanfall IMC Pilot Attack 27/02/2017

A Nice Change From Lego!

K'Nex Titanfall IMC Pilot Attack When my children were younger, toddler age, I bought them a few brick sets. Megabloks I believe they were. They were quite chunky and big, but did the job and suited the kids at that stage of their development. There was a gap over acouple of years where they didn't have their own brick sets at home but would play with them in various places outside of the home e.g playgroups/nursery. But watching how much they loved this type of play I started to buy various sets for home use. This particular set was bought for my son from Home Bargains last year, at a cost of £1.99. Why did I buy this? If my kids have had a good week at school and home, I buy them an inexpensive treat at the end of the week. Could be a toy, a book or something along those lines...Of course ideally something they actually would want and enjoy using/reading or play with. Last year my kids had their first Lego thanks to a generous competition I won which included 5/6 sets, and these children haven't looked back since! Unfortunately, buying Lego isn't the cheapest brand or toys to get and when I saw this I thought it was a great buy. With it being construction based, I knew my son would love it as he likes this type of play anyway. It provides a different and unusual building experience which would make a nice change and a more testing build than what my son has used before. And for my pocket so cheap considering the amount of pieces you get and the overall ...

Lush Percup Massage Bar 21/02/2017

Cocooning in Coffee and Cocoa!

Lush Percup Massage Bar Now that my stash of all that is bath and body is getting fuller and bursting at the seams ( horray! ), I have much more options of what to try and use on a daily basis. Staring at me recently was this Lush massage bar, which I thought would be nice to use as I haven't used this variation before. Bought from a local business, this cost roughly 75p. Direct from LUSH, this actually costs £6.50. Why did I buy this? Who wouldn't buy something like this for 75p? Last year a local charity based company were selling off products donated from LUSH at ridiculously cheap prices, which the money they received was pumped back into their business. This for me was the perfect opportunity to buy products I wouldn't normally buy purely down to their usual cost, and when it came to choosing what products to buy since they were all so cheap, how each piece appeard was what then drew me in. This looked unusual, and at the time I hadn't used massage bars beforehand and I thought it would provide an interesting experience. What is this supposed to do? Coffee is substance that has been used in the beauty world topically as its supposed to help to improve circulation and therefore give the skin a better appearance. Coupled with the physical movement of using this bar, this can aide in this area, and thanks to the moisturising properties of the ingredients in this bar it also hydrates and nourishes the skin. What does it look ...
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