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Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines (DVD) 02/08/2003

T3 - Judgement Day has moved

Monsters, Inc. (DVD) 03/02/2002

Monsters, monsters everywhere

Monsters, Inc. (DVD) Monsters Inc. can be said to have only one fault and that is a minor one; in short it isn’t Toy Story. That said there is very little else wrong with it, the characters are great, the animation (as expected) is superb and the story line is very good, on its own terms of course. The story tells of the adventures and mis-adventures of a small group of Monsters who inhabit a world behind all closet doors and a little girl they ‘kidnap’ and name Boo. The Monsters Inc. of the title is in fact (or fiction) an energy company that supplies power to the Monster World which appears to have the same sort of problems regarding the availability of energy as we do (i.e. not enough). The company’s struggle to supply this energy by collecting the scream of kids they frighten is getting ever more difficult and dangerous. The metaphor for our current problem of trying to less more energy is solved in this world not by saving energy, although this is touched on and if you don’t blink you might spot it, but on getting a better source. Enough of the meaning of life mumbo jumbo and back to the film, the key characters are Sully (the big blue one), Mike (the little one eyed green one), Boo (the little girl) and a host of others to many to mention, from office nerd to rival workers. My favourite parts are those that feature the CPA (Child Protection Agency) the most efficient (usually) and overzealous security agency you will ever see. They are responsible for ensuring that no hint of ...

From Hell (DVD) 28/01/2002

Dull as Hell

Training Day (DVD) 25/01/2002

So you didn't see that coming Doh

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 19/12/2001

Frodo, Gandalf, Strider and all that Jazz

Egg Card 01/11/2001

Egg is a must have credit card

American Pie 2 (DVD) 12/10/2001

Take another Slice

The Score (DVD) 06/10/2001

Oh, could have been so much better

Moulin Rouge (Special Edition) (DVD) 09/09/2001

Was that 1899 or 1999

Rush Hour (DVD) 18/08/2001

Rush or Slush

Planet Of The Apes (DVD) 17/08/2001

Rule the Planet

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