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McDonalds [TV Advertisement] 12/11/2001

McDonalds crosses all barriers

McDonalds [TV Advertisement] McDonalds must be one of the few places that age, sex or creed does not matter. I have been to McDonalds in 7 different countries and everyone was very similar. You cannot fail to not know the McDonald sign and even the shape of many of their outlets. In all countries the prices and menu is the same. The only difference is that they call it dollar, pound, franc etc. Anyone can go into McDonalds and feel comfortable. You dont feel too young or too old for this place. Everyone is treated the same too. You queue up, order, pay and then take the meal back to a seat. No plates, no knives or forks. All that is asked of you is that you put your rubbish in the bin provided. Yet you would be surprised at how many dont. McDonalds does vary though in some ways place to place depending on how good the staff are! Our local one they are good, they are quick and they are polite. So we get our meal quickly and hot. Of course you could say that fast food isnt good for you and that you do not like your children eating "junk" food. At times though everyone "needs" a McDonalds - out shopping, on holiday etc. Is there anyone that has not tried a McDonalds. Everyone likes to knock this fast food chain with their American sayings and have a nice day but they are good or they would not be so popular World Wide. At the moment you can get 2 burgers and 2 fries for 99p. All you need to do is buy a drink and you have a good cheap snack. Also McDonalds helps your children grow ...

Member Advice on Hangover 27/10/2001

Looking from the other side

Member Advice on Hangover You know there is nothing worse than a hang over or is there? Yes it is for the person who is with the person who has the hangover. Yes it is also for the person that has to deal with the person and listen to all the "I'll never drink again". Yes it is for the person that had to get the person with the hangover home and maybe clear up after them. So what can you do. The sensible thing to do would not to get into that state again but easier said then done, so do a few things before you go out. The best thing is to have a meal. If you cannot do that make sure that you have a drink of milk before hand. This is the best thing to stop a hangover. The milk lines the lining of your stomach and therefore gives it the false impression that you have ate. Another thing to do is to drink plenty of water before you go out drinking. Whatever you do do not take asprin. It has been in some magazines that this is great to stop a hangover but it is downright dangerous. If you have been drinking and not done either of these things and your head is spinning around, when you go to bed put one foot out of bed and touch the floor with it. If you can sleep this way all the better. It will stop the room going around and around. One more excellent thing to stop a hang over is to put a coin next to your skin and try and keep it there. A good idea is to put it in your socks! Now this might sound crazy and it might sound like an old wives tale but believe you me it does work for ...

Advantage Travel Centres 27/10/2001

Independants depend on you

Advantage Travel Centres Most travel agents that belong to the Advantage Travel Centres are also independant travel agents. The one in Cirencester is. Because it is independant it gives you a great choice of holidays and you know that they will be of high quality. I have looked around a lot of the travel agents - the bigger ones - but found that this independant one is great. This is solely because they want you to enjoy your holiday and go back and book another one. This way they get your custom and your recommendation. They are not like the bigger ones that dont really mind if they make a sale or not because they belong to a chain. When I went in to book my holiday, I wanted the cheapest but a good one. I got it. I also got a cup of tea and an individual agent that has dealt with my holiday all the way through. Shedid not make me feel as if they were doing me a favour but that they valued my custom. This feeling I have never got with Thomas Cook. Booking with them is easy and I got a good discount. Last years holiday reps were good and the place we stayed was too. In fact I have no moans whatsoever. Go for the independant travel agents. They also do bus and coach trips and will arrange your hotel if you want to go to london for a show. The hotel was nice, not too expensive and the show was great. ...

Computeractive 14/10/2001

Where are all the woman writers to this magazine

Computeractive The first thing that you notice about Computer Active is the price. It is £1.20. It was admittedly 99p when it first came out but it is still good value for money. It comes out fortnightly on a Thursday. It states on every cover "The only plain English computer magazine and having read quite a few copies I do tend to agree with this. Once you get rid of the pages upon pages of advertisements you will find some articles that you can read. Of course it is because of the advertisements though that you get the magazine so cheap so you cannot have it both ways. The best parts in this magazine is the hints and tips section and the Work Shop articles. The work shop articles are faily good. They do explain things easily and step by step and even have a few sketches to help you. This fortnight their best article is a feature on ideas that failed. Top of the list of course is Sir Clive Sinclairs C5 which personally I wouldnt call a total failure. Some of the other failures are Iridlum which is the most expensive flop. This system was of 66 orbiting satellites that allowed users to make phone calls from any point on earth. I think that the best of this magazine is the Readers Letters page and the help page. The Whats on the net new www. web sites closely following. I have seen other better magazines but this one has its price in its favour. It was brilliant when it first came out and by the letters pages you could tell that both sexes read it but now I notice it ...

ITV - This Morning 03/10/2001

I am disloyal

ITV - This Morning I have been unfaithful, disloyal and gone over to the other side. After years of off and on watching Judy and Richard on This Morning I now watch anything but this or yes even switch off. Not even the competitions to win thousands of pounds has kept me loyal to the programme now that they have gone. Like many I expect, I got fed up with Richards jokes, and Judys days off for "womans troubles" but oh boy they should bring them back or someone very similar. This morning is loosing thousands of viewers like me. For anyone that hasnt seen this programme what it is is basically a programme all about the days events, chats with guests, phone ins, competition for thousands of pounds every day or holidays, and anything that will interest the viewers. When Judy and Richard left they had one of the Nolan Sisters and Twiggy take over plus John Leslie and Fern Britton. Fern has just had a baby and on maternity leave. John Leslie isnt such a strong character as Richard but hes not bad but oh boy the other two, well they dont get on and it shows. Twiggy sits bold straight upright and her stupid giggling like a teenager is enough to stop anyone watching the show. The Nolan Sister is not as bad. Twiggy, whether she jumped or was pushed, is only doing it for this month now and a good job. The programme has gone down hill rapidly. The "who has more fun blonde or brunettes" has been done so many times now that it is not the item for This morning! It needs new items ...

Library services 26/09/2001

Ciao opinion idea at the Library.

Library services Since I have been on the internet I havent been reading many books. Since I used to borrow these books from the local library it means that my visits to the library have also stopped. Last week instead of passing the library I thought that I would pop in. What a change. Our local library is a listed building. It used to be the old primary school. Lately they have done it out and now have electronic doors instead of the push open ones. As this had changed I wondered what else had changed in the library itself. On entering I found that instead of my card it is now all done on the computer. The booking in of the books and taking it out all done by computer. In fact they now have computers that you can use in the library. The best change, or addition that I noticed is that they now have it so that you can write opinions on the books you have read. Copied from here? When you have read a book you can collect a sticker pad and write your opinion about the book and the author. You then stick this on the allowed area by the subject area of the book you read. This is such a brilliant idea as not everyone knows this site or can get to it when in the library! This did not just apply to books but to DVDs, videos and even the music tapes you can now borrow from the library. Lets hope a lot of other places copy this. ...

Friskies Go Cat 26/09/2001

You could say it makes my cats Frisky

Friskies Go Cat Besides giving your cat tins of meat it is a good idea to give them biscuits as well. This can be with the meat or on its own. Whichever you do your cat will of course need milk or water as well. Dont forget that cows milk doesnt do your cat much good so try tinned milk. Go cat is a complete biscuit meal for them. It costs 74p for 375g. Yes you can get cheaper biscuits but having given both to my cats Go Cat is definately the one that they both prefer. You can get them in different varieties including with duck, rabbit and chicken. All of them contain calcium and minerals. All the boxes contain meat and animal derivatives., duck, chicken and rabbit pellets, vegetable extracts. You are also giving them protein, oil, ash and fibre so giving them this they are getting all the daily needs they need to keep fit and healthy. Not only does friskies Go cat tell you how much to give your cat to keep them healthy they also do their boxes according to your cats age! You can get kitten, adult and Senior go cat. The size of the little pellets vary I suppose with the strength of their teeth, or as my cat the loss of most of his teeth. My cats love these cruchies so much that they have been known to get them out of the cupboard, bite open the corner and then even rattle the box till the biscuits fall out. I wouldnt mind if it was just our cupboards but it has not only stolen them from next doors cupboard but taught their cat to "steal" too and No I havent starved the ... 25/09/2001 versus the American epinion site Ciao is such a good site that it is being copied by the Americans. In a recent internet magazine they did a site of the month review. Their site of the month was This is the American equivalent of ciao. Well I say equivalent but in fact although it has copied this site it has not quite succeeded. You can tell that it has copied by the pure fact that everything is nearly identical. Their payments are cents for pence. The earning rates are the same. The "nearly" part of it though is way off. For example they only show for you to read 5 opinions for each subject. When you first write a review it is not the other members of epinions that judge whether it is good or bad but the editor of the site and a couple of deputies. You will then find that the readers will follow that judgement. You cannot ask for other subjects to be added. They choose the subjects they think you would like to write about. Ciao is good. It is done fairly with a wide subject range. It is not just the staff that make the site but the writers and readers. I think the American site still has a long way to go before it catches this site up. ...

BTCellnet 25/09/2001

More money needed please say BT Cellnet

BTCellnet I have had my cellnet phone for quite a while now and when I got it you were allowed to go for the phone one selected land line number for 500 credits a month for nothing. I chose our home number and have been very pleased with it. You have to put £15 credit on your phone every 60 days but if you phone one number a lot this was great. I have this option still but cellnet has discontinued this service for newcomers but if you have it you may continue using it. I have only found one thing wrong with this service though. I have a phone credit of over £10 but got barred because I forgot to get the £15 before the 60days. You cannot add £5 to the £10. You have to put the £15 on before 60 days are up or your phone wont be any use. Well actually you would but you would have to pay about £40 to get it back on. I now have over £25 to use plus of course the phone a landline free. If you use cellnet in this area it is very inferior to vodafone as there are many places you cant get a signal from. I can see the credit going up and up if I only use it to phone home and there could come a day when I have 60 or £70 and still be barred because I havent paid the £15! Of course I know the solution is to let the kidlets have it for a day and they will soon use it up but it would be nice another way! 25/09/2001

Look up anything even your name and see the result After going to the different search engines such as altavista and yahoo and sometimes not finding the answer. Then asking Jeeves with no luck, I have now found which in my opinion is the best. So far Google has found the answer to all my problems, well the ones that I can ask them about! Google is so easy to use. It is very quick and you can be sure of finding the answer. When you type in the first thing you will see come up is whether you want the web or pages from the UK.. Select whichever you wish and it will come up with a lot of sites that will tell you the answer to your question. Google also has a web directory. This has 15 headings. They are Arts, Home, Regional, Business, Kids and teens, Science, News, Shopping, Computer, Games, Sports, Health, Reference and Recreation. These 15 headings should cover all that you want. Also you can go to World and this lists all the different countries that you can also go to for the answer. One of my favourite bits of Google is that if you type in a persons name in inverted commas ie "Joe Bloggs" then if they have something on the internet, say won a competition, or got in the news, then it will all come up for you. Of course there might be a couple Joe Bloggs. This is good to find out other people with your name. A friend done this and found some family that she had lost touch with years ago and through this was able to get back in touch. So it has great uses. If you ...

Butchers Tripe 18/09/2001

Champagne and caviar for anyone

Butchers Tripe Now I hope that has caught your attention as that is what humans call the very best but the equivalent for my dog is Butchers tripe and water with an ice cube in it! If you buy Butchers dog food now your dog will be very happy with you as they are doing it at special offer. At the moment you can get 50% free for your dog which on a big tin that is now 1170g for 74p in Tescos definately, and will only vary a few pence in other places. My dog loves this. You get it in chicken, turkey, chicken and tripe, original and some others all of which my dog tells me is good! When you open a can you can see the chunks of meat. It does actually look good enough to eat! Butchers is made from natural ingredients and it does not contain GM ingredients which is very good to know as I would not give that intentionally to my family so why give it to my dog. It is ideal for all breeds and sizes and not any different for pedigree dogs It does give a feeding guide on the pack although if your pouch is like mine he tells you more the feeding guide than the label does. As it is a complimentary food for dogs they do recommend that you give the equal amount of dried biscuits with it. This I admit I dont always do but my dog is very healthy but having said that he does eat biscuits separately. An analysis of the tins are protein 5% oil 6.2% fibre 1% ash 4.5% (no comments from smokers please) and moisture 79% Although I have told you all that my dog ignors it and ...

Monopoly 12/09/2001

which one is your favourite car or hat

Monopoly This is an all time favourite game for all generations and all generations can play it together. Monopoly is famous the world over but for anyone who does not know this game I will try and explain this game. It is a game of buying, renting and selling properties. This will make you rich and the richest wins. On the English board you start with go and the properties are in the London area Old Kent Road, Community Chest, Whitechapel Road, Income Tax (pay £200) Kings Cross Station, The Angel, Islington, Chance, Euston Road, Pentonville Road, In Jail/just visiting, Pall Mall, Electric Company, Whitehall, Northumberland Avenue, Marylebone Station, Bow Street, Community Chest, Marlborough Street, Vine Street, Free parking. (red) Strand, Chance, Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square, Fenchurch St. Station, (yellow) Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Water works, Picadilly, Go to Jail, (green) Regent Street, Oxford Street, Community Street, Bond Street, Liverpool St Station, Chance, and then the two Best Park Lane, super tax pay £100 and Mayfair. You have a board with title deed cards, 10 playing tokens, 16 chance cards, 16 community cards, lorra lorra money houses, hotels and dice. You start at go and move the total of the two dice. When you land on a property you have the chance to buy it if no one else has. If you own all the colours in that row then the rent is doubled plus you can buy first houses and when you have 4 you can buy hotels. If you need money which you ...

Surf Washing Tablets 12/09/2001

Surf your washing as well as the net

Surf Washing Tablets This is the tablets in your washing machine not surfing the internet. Having run out of my usual washing powder I thought that I would go modern and try some Surf tablets. I chose surf purely because of the price and that it was lemon fresh. I also thought that I could not go wrong with it being the smell of lemons. It is also made by lever so you know that it is going to be okay as they do have a good reputation. You get 18 tablets in a box for £1.69. This is Tescos price so it might vary in other places. This is to do 9 washes. They come wrapped in 2s and you have a net pull string bag enclosed. To use it you unwrap and put the two tablets in the net and it tells you to place on the top of the washing at the back of the machine. So its a no no if you just chuck it in as I would have done. The net makes your powder draw redundant and if you read the box it tells you not to put them in the draw. Do not put the net in to the tumble drier either. If you are using a twin tub or top loader put the net with the tablets in straight into the water. If you follow all this the tablets will dispense evenly. If you are washing woollens dont use surf tablets. Oops I have and luckily no harm done but I dont think I will risk it again! The tablets themselves are a biological product containing enzymes and a brightening agent. On the box it does name the igredients incase you have an allergy to anything in it but it says it is less than 5% though. ...

Harrods, London 10/09/2001

Harrods more than just a shop

Harrods, London We dont often go to London and my youngest could not even remember the last time she went. So a fortnight ago we decided that we would go and make a day of it and see the sights and shopping. Where did my daughters want to go first? No not London Eye or even Big Ben but to Harrods. We had heard that they had a very strict dress code. We all scrubbed up well and decided that we were sure to be let in after all we didnt have jeans on, or trainers, and though I say it myself looked quite respectable. We got there and sailed right in. They also let someone in looking rather scruffy, someone in shorts and lots with trainers on so it seems that this just does not apply now adays. We thought that it would be rather expensive and that there would be nothing in the price range we could afford. We were greatly surprised at the affordable prices. Yes some were way way high but the quality was there. There was something for everyone there. The shop itself is wonderful. The atmosphere was like no other shop I have ever been in. People talking in low voices and everyone smiling and happy it seemed. The shop assistants were nowhere like I had been led to believe. They had time for us. They did not look down on anyone and they could not have been more helpful. Yes we did buy something so that we had a bag with Harrods written on it! Snobbery? maybe but more for memories of a lovely shop that is even now a great experience to have walked through all the different ...

Member Advice on Surfing the Internet 06/09/2001

fun and achievement just by surfing

Member Advice on Surfing the Internet I absolutely love the internet and surfing it has definately become a great hobby of mine. When I had to pay for every minute I was on the internet it was a little difficult but now with just one payment life is easier. So why and what do I surf? I love doing the competitions on the internet and therefore go to a lot of the sites to see what the site is as I have probably seen it advertised and to see if it has any competitions on it. Most do and well someone has to win it. I know you have a lot of sites which give lists of the current competitions and these sites in themselves are great but its also fun to find a comp yourself. You have to be in it to win it they say. That is true. Please dont think I am comp mad. I love doing them but I dont buy things to enter like dog food and not have a dog. Yes I have won. Last year we won a holiday to the states. All paid for and it was absolutely wonderful and I would love to win another such holiday but I am happy to win things like cds and tshirts for the family. It is great to win but it is nearly as great the anticipation to see if you have won! Thanks to surfing I have also made a lot of wonderful friends. We have even had some over to stay with us from the states. All of this is thanks to surfing the net which I never thought at my age I would be able to manage but I have and so my brain has been stopped from going rusty! ...
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