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Butchers Tripe 20/03/2007

The Smell of Death !

Butchers Tripe When i first went to pick up my furry mutt he was already eating this brand...along with sausages, crisps, eggs, chocolate and such like that the rather oversized ownner decided she was going to feed my my mind i said 'he's got another thing coming if he thinks im feeding him junk!' She said ' I feed him a can a day and he normally eats all the tripe flavours'...well theres two: chicken and beef. So i continued to buy it. Its a little on the expensive side but my two dogs (yes i stupidly got him a friend) love it....they hurry to their bowls and lick every last crumb.....i have tried, believe you me to vary their diet....Chappie...Pedigree....supermarkets own brand but they wont have it, i get a look that pretty much says ' You cant be serious this stuff is well gross!! I can review most of butchers cans as my dogs have tried the lot. There are the tripe flavours, chicken and beef, and the gravy flavours chicken and veg...lamb and mint and another which i forget, all the later in juicy gravy and smell a hell of allot better. But i mainly buy the tripe. The regular size can will cost anything from 45p to 59p and the much larger tin which is practically 3 tins in one is 1.18p, the big tin is much better value for money but you cant for the life of you fit it in the fridge!! So i empty the can and put it in tupperware. The can is real easy to open and is packed full, the only thing with the tripe flavour is its smell...hold your nose ...

Ten things I hate about supermarkets 19/03/2007

Theres nothing super about it!!

Ten things I hate about supermarkets ok....this is going to be soooo cynical so prepare yourself before you read: Were do i start??..... Taste: These places can be very overcrowded, especially down the 'buy1 get 1 free' isles and the meat counter. There is normally pop music playing in the background which is supposed to get you in the mood to shop but i dont think it helps. The lighting in these establishments is also rather bright so i would recomend sunglasses, and lastly noise levels are quite high...normally screaming kids, rude youths and angry mums, need i say any more. Value: Apart from the buy one get one free which is normally on products that cause constipation such as pizza, chips, pastry products, cake etc there isnt much value. I find that if you venture to markets or your local shops the value is much the same. For instance I tend to buy my meat and at butchers its of much better quality and you dont have to buy in such large proportions. And for my veg i definately go to my local greengrocers that are more than value for money but choose fruit carefully, squeezy it and smell it too it will give you an idea of how fresh it is! Other side effects: may come out feeling slightly stressed after venturing here. its not a great atmosphere and you get a 'herded cattle' type of feel about the whole process. The checkout person will almost always be miserable, i mean wouldnt you be...sitting in one position for extended periods of time looking at food goods isnt exactly fun, also ...

Dachshund 13/03/2007


Dachshund I have two Dachshunds: one is a standard long haired, red coat and the other id a mini dapple long coat. So I can only give you details of the breeds I know. I have always wanted to won a dachshund from a very early age, I used to watch TV ads and see them doing their thing and I just fell in love straight away....when I finally got my own home I decided it was time to get one, im not really a dog person but really wanted this type of dog, any other just wouldn't do! I decided to go for a two year old (add in Add Trader) he was called Monty, his parents ex-show dogs but apparently he was too lazy for this life as he didn't like standing and slouched a fair bit, but I mean he is just a bit lazy really when I groom him he just prefers to sit. I paid £345 for him which I though was reasonable. We took him home and he took a couple of days to get used to us....I had a few problems settling him, he wined a hell of allot, and we couldn't leave him alone. This persisted for a good three months. I started to get frustrated so called in an expert, she suggested I have him up in my room but I wasn't prepared to do this as I was having the house renovated and it was too dangerous plus - he snores!!! :) I asked whether another dog would do the trick, for company but she advised against it. Ignoring her (im a little stubborn) I got my second 'Pepper' a dapple in cream and black...he was gorgeous, I took a while for him to settle too...but they loved each ...

McVitie's Fruitsters 12/03/2007

Im feeling somewhat Fruitser!

McVitie's Fruitsters I saw these advertised on TV and was drawn to the fact that they contained oats...I love flapjacks and things like that so I gave them a go!! There are four flavors: Juicy Blueberry and Oat, Sweet Cranberry and Almond, Succulent Sultana and Hazelnut and Sun Drenched Apricot and Honey. To be on the safe side I tried the sultana flavor first time round and then the cranberry. The packet is purple with the logo and a picture of the biscuits on the front. The pictures of the biscuits are very enticing so I am sure allot of packets would get picked up this way! The cost is around 95p to 99p for a 200g pack, but in Asda and for this you get 12 delicious biscuits! They contain 40% whole grains, are a good source of fiber, have no artificial flavors or colors and contain no hydrogenated vegetable oil. Each biscuit contains 82 calories, 10.8g carbohydrate, 3.9g fat, 0.7g fiber and less than 0.1g sodium. So they are quite healthy for you. As mentioned you get 12 biscuits in the packet in a plastic tray. They look very much home made cookies...maybe this is me trying not to feel guilty because ive put them in my trolley?? Their smell is quite fruity and wholesome; a bit likes a grannies kitchen! The Taste Test: On first munch they are very oaty indeed....they first taste in of oats a bit like munching on a whole load of dry porridge with bits of fruit in it, they are not too sweet which I like...actually they are not sweet at all they get that from the fruit that ...

Corsodyl Mouthwash 10/03/2007

Bathe your mouth in Corsodyl !

Corsodyl Mouthwash I started using this product after i visited the Dental Hospital in Liverpool. I had a swallen gum problem and lots of pollyps on my tongue and was in complete agony, i couldnt eat for a week! It was given to me by prescription and didnt realide until later that I could buy it without having a prescription. I saw it in the shops and decided to but it a year later after i had visited the hospital because it had been so good at getting my mouth back to nornal. I tend to suffer from bleeding gums quite allot and the regular mouthwash doesnt seem to help. I have tried the original flavour...which isnt very nice to be honest and after swigging in and rinsing for the recomended time 1 minute i tend to have a mouth that has a slight undertone of bunt and it stings and leaves your taste buds quite numb for time afterward. Nonetheless I still like it...why?...well its works so gums stop bleeding straight away and it is also good at getting rid of mouth ulcers. i also use it to get rid of sore throats if ive had a cold. The price is in the region of £3.78 to £3.99 and you can get it at any chemists. It is a strong mouthwash and i recomend highly if you suffer from ailments such as bleeding gums, pollyps, bad breath, is alittle steep and you dont get much for the price but it definately does the job!!!

Parklife - Blur 10/03/2007

Its all a Blur

Parklife - Blur I got into Blur in my teens when they were very big alongside Oasis, Stone Roses, Elastica and co. I still have this album 8 years later and listen to it when i want to reminis of the good old days. This album is unlike previous albums relesed as its more Blur becoming more mainstream, this album would has got a slight hint of the pop about it as they seemed to have ditched their electric guitars to favour the keyboard. It has an iar of electropop and indie mixed with lovely simple choruses from Damon himself. Of course it has the very well known 'Girls and Boys', 'Parklife' and 'End of a Century', which for that reason its worth buying they are all time indie classics. This album has a feel of 'back street market town in London as your riding on your vespa on a sunny summers day' It is very uplifting, instrumental and has tunes that will stick in your mind for a long time to come. I would recomend a listen if you enjoy Blur and hwat used to be the old indie style of the nineties. A good buy!! ...

Dr. Oetker Ristorante 06/03/2007

Dr Pizza

Dr. Oetker Ristorante My partner eats a hell of allot of pizza i would say at least once a week, i normally detest pizza, the thought of all that bread clogging up my system and besides lets face it i havent really tried much pizza from the frozen isle that wets my tastebuds!! But anyhows we started getting this pizza because i said i would only eat thin crust and besides it was on special for £1 so yeay put it in the trolley i say!! You can get loads of varieties: • Mozzarella • Speciale (Ham and Salami) • Pollo (chicken) • Hawaii (Ham and pineapple) • Funghi (mushroom) • Quatro Formaggi (four cheese) • Prosciutto (prociutto ham) All the boring nutritional stuff - per 100g per pizza Energy (Kj): 989 3609.9 Energy (Kcal): 237 865.1 Protein (g): 7.9 28.8 Carbohydrate (g): 22.5 82.1 Fat (g): 11.9 43.4 Of which saturates: 3.3 12.1 I really like this pizza and this is coming from NON pizza lover, if you are new to this flat bread phenomenon then give it a go. If you already like pizza you will enjoy the fact thats its so thin and crispy, the flavours are also good and you get a good sprinkling of ingridients, i sometimes add a few more like onion and sweetcorn. It also takes so little time (gas mark 7) in the oven because its so thin so in 15-20 mins you are ready to go with a quick snack. very good...better than Asda's own any time!!! ...

Nokia N70 06/03/2007

A big silver Beast

Nokia N70 I have this phone as it is an upgrade fom work so i use it quite allot, the phone i had before this was also a Nokia the 6233, so i haev been usinf Nokia for quite a while. I upgraded to this phone because it was recomended by the 02 man, he told me that it had a great battery power and would last me a good 2/3 days before charging. the ringtones are a litle naff so i suggest getting your own one on there. I have been using it for 5 months now and this is my review: The Phone The N70 is like a small computer plus a mobile phone it has a llot of programs some of which i have no idea on how to use but if i did im sure it would be useful for lots of things. It comes with: a 64MB Multi Media Card which got filled up by puting 6 songs on there, adapter for normal size MMC slots, Nokia stereo headset , battery, travel charger AC-4, connectivity cable (USB), CD Rom, user guide and add-on application guide. Usage Easy to start up although my phone takes ages around 40 seconds to get to the stage where you put in the pin the phone. after that it takes a further 10 seconds to find the network, a little frustrating when you a gagging to amke a call. The menu layout is lovely although if you are one that likes to change the appearance of the phone quite often as i do there about 5/6 different colours and applications you can use the rest you have to download, i founf then a little boring so have stuck to the normal 02 background which is blue. the applications are easy to ...

Pure Soya Margarine 06/03/2007

Spread pure on your Bread

Pure Soya Margarine I have been buying this item for a long time now approximately two years so i am a great fan. I mainly started buying this cause i am a big soya fan, i already drink the milk so i thought the butter wouldnt do me any harm. I have even got my partner to use it! Falovour-wise its tastes like any ordinary margarine really a little creamier i think and not plasticky that leaves a taste on your mouth as some other magarines available on the market do. The advantage is thats its totaly dairy free and good in lowering cholesterol. its definately high on my list for taste. It contains Vitamin E, A, D and Vitamin B. The fat content per 100g is 69.4g. Cholesterol is nil. Energy per 100g is 624kcal. It has no fibre in it and only 0.3g of sodium per 100g. the fat content is a bit high for me, when i compared it to Flora original it was higher than that so that scared me a little cause i am quite fat conscious. None the less the green tub keeps drawing me back and i havent ventured away from it, only when i fancied a change. i think if you are sonsidering a soya spread (and there arent that many i have come across in the run of the mill supermarkets) you must try this one first. Its great value for money ( 94p at Asda) and its a bibger tub so will last you a while.

Remington S 9900 Straight IN A Stroke 06/03/2007

Want Straight Hair?

Remington S 9900 Straight IN A Stroke I bought these really as i have very thick wavy frizzy hair so needed something that was going to do the job. I have bought other products in the past and its not really taken to my type of hair so decided to give these a go on recomendation from my hair dresser, she said my hair was very dry so she recomended i try some Tigi curl jam and also some hot oil to give my hair some moisture. Once I did this i gave the straightners ago and they really worked my frizzy hair was so straight and it held all night instead or starting to get wavier the more pubs i went into. Good product very well built and looks like they would last.

Beko DC212 Electric Cooker 06/03/2007

Its Beko Time !!

Beko DC212 Electric Cooker I have one of these and I bought it from a friend for £150, i think the retail price was £250. I have had it for a year now and its done me justice, the only problems i have had with it are the grill handle is really hard to use so i am using an oven mitten to take stuff out of the grill and also the oven door would not close one time so had to take a look at that and fix it. I think overall the product is great. There is a little yellowing around the grill area which looks a little naff and doesnt whipe off im asuming its the heat discolouring the cooker itself but i guess its to be expected from a economy model like this. I think its a cheap but and wil last you a bit but wouldnt recomend for the long term. The fan on the oven is a little noisy, well i can heqar it from my living room but it doesnt bother me. When i first got it i found i was burning my food quite a lot as the grill setting has to be quite low in order to cook sausages and alike around the mark 3. Its so easy to clean i use a hallogen cleaner a give it a stern wipe and it takes me seconds, much better than my old gas hob cooker, no hastle taking bits and pieces off and srubbing till you bleed to get it shiny. ...

Indesit WIB111/WIA111 06/03/2007

Great value budget machine

Indesit WIB111/WIA111 I got mine about 7 months ago off Ebay, my old washing mashine conked out, i had bought it from the market at about £80, and it only lasted 6 months, so decided to buy something a little more longstanding. I did a search on ebay and a couple were moving out of their house and had it on auction. I bidd £100 and won. When i picked it up i was very pleased, i got it home and it has been fine ever since, it does arelly good wash, the drum is a little small but it dries the clothes brilliantly. It is very easy to use and looks the part. I would definately recomend this product. after some criticism of this review i will add a bit more....i meant drying as the clothes dont come out dripping wet, they are fairly dry which i think is always good as you spend less time waiting for them to dry. Also I put the wash on number 9 which takes 20 mins normally on 40 degrees. when i put it on 3 or 4 (60 degrees it wil take about 40 mins. Hope this helps and confuses people less ...
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