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Ipsos Access Panel 17/02/2014

ipsos access panel

Ipsos Access Panel I have been a memebr for a couple of years but have NEVER received any type of reward. Last year I did a trial of dishwasher tablets and had to feedback in quite a lengthy survey - this took longer becasue the product I had tested was terrible so I had a lot to say about it! Recently I began a trial of a home hair colouring kit. I have been unable to complete this trial because Ipsos has apparently lost my details and claim I have unsubscribed from them. I have not. I was asked to forward my member number on my original; trial letter - which I have done - and it has taken them the best part of teh week to get back to me. They now claim I was 'not 'chosen to continue the trial' . Now, I find that very strange - or is it? Yet again, the trial product was very poor and I am being polite here NOT to name it because, quite seriously, if this were to come onto the market it wills et back home hair colourants about 20 years. Yes - it is that bad! I was prepared to continue with the trial because I considered the possibility that they may alter the product between colourings. So now I believe that they claim I cannot continue the trial because they want to manipulate the results in favour of the manufacturer of the product, who in turn is paying them a load to carry out the trial/survey! anyway, enough said, I am highly UNIMPRESSED with Ipsos over this matter. (And should the awful product actually hit our shelves, I will telling absolutely everyone I know to actively avoid it ...
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