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Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay 18/04/2012

The Best Album Yet

Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay I love Coldplay. They've always been one of my favorite bands, Therfore, as soon as I heard they had a new album, I went straight to the store to buy it. I wasn't exactly expecting a lot fro Mylo Xyloto-- bands like Coldplay typically drift closer and closer to mainstream pop with every album, and I figured that they would be no exception, and that this album would simply be another pop-y, catchy, repeptetive track that modern-day Americans seen to be so keen on. That being said, I was extremely surprised at how much I loved this album. It had everything-- relatable and original lyrics, amazingly catchy and original beats--it was a dream come true, and definitely one of my favorite Coldplay albums yet. I'm not lying when I say that I literally recommended it to all of my friends, and I live by their songs. Two of my favorites include Paradise, (which has become quite popular, actually) and Us Against the World (in my opinion, the lyrics are very true and meaningful). Good job, Coldplay!
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