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Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 19/01/2016

Disappointing considering the price

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 I have wanted a good quality pair of headphones for so long, I love music and have always just made do with cheap headphones, before I bought these I think the most expensive pair of headphones I had was about £20! Dre Beats are very popular and I have seen them advertised a lot over the past few years so when I spotted them reduced from £169.00 to £89.00 (Amazon UK) in November 2015 I decided to treat my self to them! I bought them in pink, which is a gorgeous bright and bold colour with a glossy sheen. They come with a soft case. These are a headband style with over ear cups. On top of the headphones it says beats in silver writing and there is a 'b' - also silver, on each of the ear cups. These earphones collapse down by snapping the band where it's joint to the lower part, so this makes them easy to transport but I have only done this once because I'm paranoid they'll break. I'm not saying that they feel flimsy but they don't feel as durable and solid as I was expecting for the price if I'm honest. On the inside of the band on each side it has a small silver band with L and R for left and right so you know what way to put them on. The top of the earphones, the band which sits on top of my head is padded but still doesn't feel too cushioned or comfortable, the ear cups also have thick padding making them comfy. They are meant to be good at keeping sound in but I've found that sound leaks out even at mid volume. The ear cups also are muffled unless I put my hair ...

Tesco Filled Log Bone 10/11/2015

Filled log bones

Tesco Filled Log Bone I buy these log bones for my dog on a regular basis. I tend to bulk buy them whenever I do an online Tesco shop. They are excellent value for money and cost £1 for 2 medium sized log bones which is a lot cheaper than the Pedigree chews that I had previously been buying for her. The log bones also come in packs of 4 for the same price but they are smaller. My dog is a large dog so needs the medium ones, which still aren't massive but are big enough for me not to worry that she will accidentally swallow one or choke on one. The log bones come in a plastic packet which is easy to tear open. Each log bone weighs 100 grams and is a cylinder shape. The texture is smooth and has an almost rubbery feel to it. Looking at the log bone from the side I can see that it is stuffed full of a brown, slightly softer textured food which is the flavouring. These ones are chicken flavoured but contain only 7% of chicken. It is from meat derivatives so I doubt it is from very meaty or good quality cuts of meat either, I think it is more than likely all the mushed up bits no one wants, the rest of the ingredients includes things like sugar, vitamins vegetable protein extracts etc. The ingredients are why I don't like giving my dog one of them too regularly as the ingredients are far from healthy sounding or natural, but my dog enjoys them and they keep her busy for a few minutes and let her use her teeth to chew them up so I'm happy to give her one once every couple of days. The log bones ...

Magimix 11610/11613 06/11/2015

Magimix blender

Magimix 11610/11613 I had been wanting a really powerful and good quality blender for a long time and I intended to save up for a vitamix, however when I had a look online at cheaper alternatives I came across some positive reviews of this Magimix blender which was much cheaper. I decided to buy the blender in February and paid £129.99 and I got mine from Currys but it can be I bought from various different shops. This is obviously still a lot of money for a blender but it was a good saving compared to the vitamix. I bought the blender because I had wanted to try a green smoothie cleanse for a long time but didn't have a powerful enough blender to blend up hard vegetables like cucumbers, carrots etc. I also wanted it for making soups. This blender has an attractive, sturdy design and has 1,200 watts so it is very powerful, I have another, smaller and much cheaper blender which is around 400 watts so this one as you can imagine is much more powerful. I do still use my smaller blender for when I want a simple smoothie made with softer fruits,mobile banana and milk etc as it is much quicker and easier to clean as its smaller. This blender has a 1.8 litre jug so it can be slightly more time consuming to rinse and dry, I've found a good trick is to fill it to the top with water immediately after using it and then using it on the highest setting, this gets most of any residue from fruits and vegetables etc off of the sides and cleans inbetween the blades well. The blender jug is made from a ...

Ancol Heritage Nylon Rope Slip Lead 23/10/2015

Ancol rope slip lead

Ancol Heritage Nylon Rope Slip Lead My dog is really bad when it comes to pulling on our walks. She has a lead and collar but a couple of months ago it was recommended to me to try a slip lead to help stop her pulling. I hadn't heard of these before and looking online I wasn't too sure on the idea because it just reminded me a bit of a noose!! However, because my dog had recently broken a lead due to her pulling so badly, I thought it would be worth trying. A problem that I encountered while searching online for a slip lead was that many of them were really long, more than two metres, which is not an option for me as I have a very aggressive dog which needs to be kept under full control. I eventually came across this Ancol Heritage nylon slip lead, which I bought purely because there was a shorter length available. It was quite cheap at just under six pounds and I bought it from Amazon with free delivery. The length I have is 122cm x 10mm which is the shortest one. If you are interested in this product a full list of lengths are available on the Amazon product page, the longest length available is 150cm x 12mm. We have the black one but it comes in blue, red, green, lilac. The reason I bought the black is because I previously bought a red lead for my dog and found that dirt showed up quite badly on it. The lead is made from thick rope type material and it has a knotted style to it. It is hand sewn and claims to repel water, which is something I've found good in the rain because it doesn't absorb water ...

Canac Double Lead 21/10/2015

Canac dog lead

Canac Double Lead My dog is a fairly large dog and a strong puller. We walk across a main road to get into the woods where I walk her and unfortunately, in August the worse thing possible happened - her lead, a chain lead at the time which I thought was strong and sturdy, snapped. She ran into the road and I don't know how but she came out alive and unhurt. I might be over reacting but ever since then I get really panicky about walking her over the road, even now that we have this new lead. I bought it back in August and it has been used everyday since and it doesn't show any sign of becoming weak, frayed or worn. When it arrived I almost sent it back as the stitching at the bottom of the metal clasp which attaches to the collar had a lot of gaps and was peeling away but on further inspection this doesn't actually hold the lead together, so it was just aesthetics that were effected rather than it effecting the durability of the lead. The lead was just under £8.00 from Amazon which was a great price as it really is sturdy and solid feeling. It's extremely thick and has no 'give' or elasticity to it, which also helps me control my dog much better. It is also a little shorter than our previous lead, it's one metre which again helps me have that bit more control and helps me train my dog easier. It does come in different sizes, but as I need to control my dog fully at all times due to her having some aggression issues, I opted for the shortest. We have this lead I'm red, the most girly ...

F&F Emoji Print Shorts Pyjamas 19/10/2015

Emoji pyjamas

F&F Emoji Print Shorts Pyjamas I know that some people aren't too keen on Emoji's, but personally I love them, they're fun and help me express my emotions a lot better through text. I use Emoji's in almost all of my texts and whatsapp messages, so when I saw this pyjama set in Tesco I recognised the different Emoji's straight away and knew I had to buy the pyjamas because they're fun and in fashion. The top is a white tee shirt, with 9 different Emoji's on the front in 3 rows of 3. The Emoji's on the top are: excited, winking, winking with a heart/kissing, hearts for eyes (in love), angel, sleepy, crying with laughter, cheeky with tounge out and sunglasses/cool dude. I use almost all of these emojis when texting so they have obviously picked out the most popular ones. The shorts are a white background with lots of bright yellow Emoji's on and made from a fairly thin material which still has a durable and good quality feel to it. It's covered in various emojis. The waistband is elastic and fits comfortably. The shorts are quite well fitting and a little on the skimpy side, but they're light and comfortable so perfect for the summer, I got a lot of wear out of them during the heat wave. At £14 I feel that this set is quite expensive, especial to considering that the bottom of the sets is only a pair of small lightweight shorts so it's not even like you're paying for a full pyjama set in my opinion. However, I did have some club card vouchers at the time I bought these and to be honest I'd have ...

F&F Slub Knit Top 14/10/2015

F&F slub knit top

F&F Slub Knit Top I bought this slub knit top from Tesco towards the end of last month. It wasn't really a planned purchase, it was more that I saw it while I was doing my grocery shopping and liked how it looked. It really caught my eye because it's a bold and really nice shade of red. It was also only £10 which I personally think was a reasonable price. The top comes in 2 colours, red and teal. I decided on the red one, which I surprised my self with because I usually avoid brightly coloured clothes. However, I really like that this has got flecks of black all over it so it does stop it from being too bright, it's more bold than bright if that makes sense!! The top has a V neck which at first made me think twice about buying it. I personally find that V neck tops can be really hit and miss, if they're even a couple of centimetres too deep they can make me feel too self conscious to wear them. My local Tesco does not have a changing room so it was a slight gamble however the V neck is perfect, not too deep but it still looks a little more dressy and feminine than it would with just a simple scooped neck. Don't get me wrong it is a casual top but it doesn't look quite as simple/basic if that makes sense. The length of this top is lovely as it makes it perfect for wearing with leggings, so it's more versatile than it would have been if it was a little shorter. Also, it is a longer at the back than at the front and it has a split on the sides of it which adds that little bit of extra ...

Forever 21 Wish On A Star PJ Tee 13/10/2015

Forever 21 wish on a star PJ tee

Forever 21 Wish On A Star PJ Tee Last month I bought lots of new clothes from Forever 21 including this pyjama top. It was £10 which is more than I would usually pay for a pyjama top however I had £5 off my order so I used this to justify paying that much. This a really nice, soft and silky lightweight tee shirt which is really comfortable and I like how soft it is. It feels like a pyjama top as its so silky feeling but I can still wear it under a hoodie around the house on lazy days without it looking too 'beddish' if that is even a word!! The top has a scooped neck which is the perfect fit as it isn't too low cut but not so high it's around my neck - I can't stand tops with high necklines. It is also a tiny bit schooled at the back. The top is a nice length, not too long but not too short either. The colour of it is a marl navy kind of grey colour and it also has white writing on the front of it. It says 'wish upon a star' but there is a star picture rather than the actual word star and 'follow your heart' which again has a picture (of a heart) rather than it being written as heart. The font is quite large and a nice style and it takes up most of the tee shirt. The font isn't bulky but it is easy to read. The sleeves on the tee shirt are nice and loose and fit really nicely, there's nothing worse than tight sleeves on pyjama tops as I find this really uncomfortable so it's great that these have a little room in them. The tee shirt fits really nicely, I got it in a size small and it also comes in ...

F&F Checked Shirt 12/10/2015

F&F checked shirt

F&F Checked Shirt Last month I bought this checked shirt from Tesco. It was only £12 which was much cheaper than the ones I had seen in New Look. I also likes that Tesco had loads of different colours to choose from, from the more neutral colours to the brighter colours. I was pretty tempted to get a red and navy one as this looked like one of those iconic all American checked shirts but In the end decided on a pink one as I think checked shirts can look a little masculine especially in the darker neutral shades. I don't normally wear brightly coloured clothes but I liked now the shirt looked and the different colours work well together and are well balanced which does stop it from being too bright and girly but still adds a feminine touch. There is light pink, navy/black, light grey and a darker, brighter pink. The shirt is a really nice soft, light material and is not as thick as a flannel shirt. The shirt has buttons which are securely attached to the fabric and they're a brassy colour. The shirt has one pocket on the front of it which when I am wearing it is on my left chest area, obviously I don't put anything in it as its only for aesthetic purposes however it is a fairly deep pocket which would hold my phone pretty securely. The collar on this shirt is not stitched down and it is annoying because it doesn't always stay in the same position or stay down so I find my self having to re adjust it quite a bit. The sleeves have the same brass buttons on a the rest of the shirt (one ...

Forever 21 Cat Print Sweatshirt 10/10/2015

Cat print sweatshirt

Forever 21 Cat Print Sweatshirt Last month I placed a large order from the Forever 21 website. One item that I bought was this cat print sweatshirt. I bought this because I wanted a casual, comfortable jumper to wear around my home either with pyjama bottoms or joggers for those really lazy, comfy days in to keep me nice and warm now that the weather is beginning to turn colder. I found that Forever 21 had a wide variety of different sweatshirts to choose from, and I actually ended up buying more than just the one that I planned on buying. One of the sweatshirts that I bought was this cat print one, which is a light, marl coloured grey with black silhouettes of cats all over it. Although the prints are black without any detail it is obvious to see that they are cats due to the shape of the ears and tail and the position that they are in. The sweater is long sleeved and not very long, it comes just past the waistband on my trousers so rather than wearing it with leggings I wear it with pyjama bottoms and my jogging bottoms. Not the most fashionable of outfits I know but as said previously this is just a nice casual, comfortable top for around the house. The jumper is thinner than expected and isn't soft or fluffy inside like some sweaters can be, with the material being light, knitted and soft, rather than thick and 'heavy" as I expected it to be. Despite this, it still keeps me fairly warm which I found pleasantly surprising, albeit I do need to add on an extra layer like my dressing gown or s ...

F&F Heart Print Cuffed Lounge Pants 06/10/2015

Heart print lounge pants

F&F Heart Print Cuffed Lounge Pants I recently bought my self several new pairs of pyjama bottoms including this pair from Tesco's clothing range. At £8 they were a good price and I liked the design and style of them. They are cuffed lounge pants which are my favourite style as I prefer the fit much more than the fit of normal pyjama bottoms. The elasticated cuffs on these ones are quite loose though however they still fit quite nicely. The pyjama bottoms are a really nice light, faded raspberry/baby pink shade and are covered in grey hearts, the hearts vary in design some of completely grey and made up of lots of little x's and some are just a heart outline with a smaller, pink solid heart. The heart prints have a sketched-on design and the overall look of the pyjama bottoms is very girly. The bottoms have 2 thick drawstrings, which after several washes are starting to look a little tatty and worse for wear which is a shame. They are thick with a strip of felt material on the middle of them. At the top of the trousers just under where the drawstrings rest there are 3 small fabric covered buttons, they do not undo or anything they are simply there for the added detail but I think they look cute. The waistband is elasticated. The pyjamas are quite a thin material and have a lightweight kind of feel to them, which would suit the summer weather more than winter. They are made from 100% cotton and they do have a fairly soft, cotton feel to them. They were very silky smooth when I first got them but after ...

Forever 21 Don't Have a Cow Tee 30/09/2015

Forever 21 Bart Simpson T-Shirt

Forever 21 Don't Have a Cow Tee Fairly recently I placed a large clothing order from Forever 21 as I had a £5 off voucher. There was a few clothing items that I wanted but I did end up getting a bit carried away and buying much more than I'd originally planned on doing! One item that I purchased on a bit of an impulse was this tee shirt, which caught my eye with the bright yellow Bart Simpson print on it. I don't watch the Simpsons anymore but it always brings back childhood memories whenever I do see a bit of it on TV or see pictures of the characters. I wasn't mad on the phrase "don't have a cow man" because it's not s phrase I hear anyone that I know say, but it does reflect the character Bart well as its a phrase he says regularly in the TV show. The phrase is written in large black writing. I also didn't really like the shades that Bart is wearing in the illustration as he doesn't wear them in the show, but the overall look of the tee shirt is nice and casual and a little fun and quirky, with the design taking up most of the front of the tee shirt so it's hard to miss. The tee shirt is made from a soft and almost silky feeling material, which is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The material has a little stretch to it and it is quite thin. The tee shirt itself is light, marl grey so it's easy to style. I wear it with skinny jeans or leggings, and it's a nice length to wear with leggings as it's quite long, but not too long. The tee shirt is comfortable to wear and I was surprised to find that the ...

ASDA Lemon and Passionfruit Shower Gel 29/09/2015

Cheap but good quality

ASDA Lemon and Passionfruit Shower Gel I recently popped into Asda for a few bits and bobs that I needed and saw their range of shower gels. As my usual favourite brand wasn't on offer I decided to give them a go and bought a couple of different 'flavours' to try, one of which being this lemon and passion fruit one. The first thing that stood out to me with these shower gels is the shape of the bottle, which is very similarly shaped and designed to the original source bottles. However, At 75p for 250ml this is quite a bit cheaper than most branded shower gels at full price, however, given that my favourite brand - original source - is very much often on sale at £1 or less, I would always opt for my favourite brand over this one. The main reason being that the brand I usually buy contains no parabens and also contains a small percentage of natural ingredients, whereas the ingredients in this shower gel sounds very chemical laden, albeit I can't see any signs of parabens. The packaging for this shower gel is as I said fairly similar in shape to the original source bottles. It is transparent and stands on a chunky black lid, which flips open. The product is easy to dispense as the plastic isn't too firm, so it is easy to squeeze the product out and it is also not messy to get out as the lid has a dispenser hole. The product itself is a nice texture, not as gel-like in consistency as my usual brand, but not too runny and certainly not watery. It lathers well when I am using it with a shower puff. The shower ...

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Cleansing Milk 28/09/2015

Dr organic rose otto cleansing milk

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Cleansing Milk Purchase I bought the cleanser when there was an offer on where if you buy 5 products or more you get them all half price, this offer was in Holland and Barrett. The cleanser usually retails for £8.49 for 150ml which is expensive to me, I usually buy what ever is on offer and spend about £3-£4 on cleansers usually so at the full price it was a bit too pricy for me but at half price I was willing to give it a go. My thoughts This is described as a cleansing milk which I always thought meant that the cleanser was very runny but it is actually more like a cream cleanser because of how thick and creamy the consistency of it is. The cleanser comes in a cylinder, very neat looking bottle with a silver flip top lid. On the packaging there is all the information anyone would wish to know about the product such as the ingredients, the benefits of using it and even directions on how to use it. The cleanser is free from artificial ingredients such as parabens, SLS etc and contains natural ingredients such as rose otto oil, rosehip oil, lime flower just to name a few. I find that getting this cleanser out of the bottle is quite awkward because I need to squeeze the bottle but the bottle is quite sturdy and stiff feeling and it feels like if I squeeze too hard it will break. The cleanser is white and as I said before very very thick, I only need a very small amount and if I do use too much my face ends up looking greasy and my skin doesn't absorb it well, but with a small amount it ...

F&F Checked Ribbed Tunic 24/09/2015

F&f checked tunic

F&F Checked Ribbed Tunic Now that it is getting colder I decided to buy my self a few new bits and pieces for my winter wardrobe. One item that I bought was this checked top from Tesco which was only £10 which I think is a good price. I liked this top because of the slightly longer length which makes it perfect for wearing with leggings or skinny jeans. The top is grey and black with each segment having speckles of other colours on, for example one patch is grey with lighter grey speckles etc, with pink and black checked detail which I think looks quite nice. The checked detail on the Tesco clothing website looks more red than pink in my opinion so I was surprised to find it is a bright pink shade but I do like this as I think that it adds a more feminine finish to the top with the main colours being grey and black. The top has 3/4 length sleeve and a scooped neck. It came with two stickers on the front one saying the price and one saying that the garment is non iron, as well as a cardboard price tag attached to the label, which was easy to cut off with a pair of scissors. I was surprised by how lightweight this top is and it is very thin, when held up it looks almost see through but when I am wearing it there isn't any sheerness. The top fits nicely but it is a little on the clingy side with the material being the tight and stretchy kind of material, but I still think the fit of it and the look is quite flattering. The top is comfortable to wear and while lightweight it keeps me warm when ...
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