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Without A Clue (DVD) 19/09/2017

Holmes doesn't have a clue!

Without A Clue (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Watson: I'll ask you once more: Are you coming with me? Holmes: I would rather waltz naked through the fires of Hell. With so many films being freely available to watch via You Tube these days, I spend most days browsing through the old films to see what I fancy watching. When Without a Clue showed up, I thought it looked pretty interesting. And with Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine working together in a comedy film, I thought the pair working together sounded pretty intriguing, so decided to give this one a go. Film Information Director: Tom Eberhardt Producer: Marc Stirdivant Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes Genre: Crime, Comedy, Mystery Distributed by: Orion Pictures Box Office: $8,539,181 Main Cast Michael Caine - Sherlock Holmes/Reginald Kincaid Ben Kingsley - Dr John Watson Jeffrey Jones - Inspector George Lestrade Pat Keen - Mrs Hudson Paul Freeman - Professor James Moriarty Lysette Anthony - Lesley Giles Matthew Savage - Wiggins Film Information Dr Watson, played by Ben Kingsley, is a detective who creates the character of Sherlock Holmes. The reason he creates this character is so he can solve crimes without anyone knowing it is really him (Dr Watson) who's solving them. The reason he wants to be incognito is because he has applied for a job at an exclusive hospital and doesn't want his sleuthing sideline to get in the way of his job prospects. So, to to along with the fake Holmes, he hires unemployed actor Reginald Kincaid, played by Michael ...

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? 15/09/2017

Family fun at the seaside

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? Now we are officially in autumn, the weather has certainly changed and with the wind and rain, it's starting to feel very autumnal too. I've started to wrap up warmer and put the central heating on. Summer is, indeed, my favourite season and I shall miss it. But what is my best memory of 2017? Well, the best memory that sticks out in my mind is when my sister, brother-in-law and niece came to visit me. I'd not long come out of hospital where I had spent a week after a hernia operation. My PC was in the repair shop at the time and with that gone I was feeling pretty bored and fedup at the time. I couldn't walk very far or do very much, so when my sister phoned me one week to tell me she would be visiting on the Sunday, I was thrilled. She lives in London, and had decided to visit Norfolk to visit family. Family I live by the coast, which has its benefits at times. When they arrived about lunch time, I was so pleased to see her. It was the first time I'd met her husband too, and we got on really well. My niece, who I don't see a great deal of either due to her going to University, had grown up so much. My sister asked me if I wanted to go on the seafront, so we took a drive down there. Although it was a grey day, it wasn't raining and there wasn't many people about. She treated us all to an ice cream and I took my dog too. My niece loves my dog. I've had him for 13 years so she has more or less grown up knowing him. We all had such a laugh, and spent time talking about when we ...

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner 13/09/2017

How intense is your washing?

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner When it comes to fabric conditioners, I'm not particularly loyal to any one brand. I'll buy whatever is on offer at the time, or if I like the smell of it. On a recent shopping trip to Tesco's, I decided on buying Comfort Intense. There are various aromas you can buy, but I decided on the Fuchsia Passion aroma. On the Unilever website it tells you that the Comfort started the Comfort Intense range in 2015. Price and Packaging When I did my online shop, it was on offer at the time at £3.50 for a 960 ml bottle. But it is now currently at its normal price of £5 at Tesco's. Although I see at Asda it is currently on offer for just £3 for the same sized bottle. So best to shop around. The conditioner comes in a large sturdy plastic bottle with the brand name on the front in large, black lettering. On the back is a bit of information about the fabric conditioner, the ingredients and contact details. The small plastic top which you unscrew contains the little cap you pour the conditioner into so you get the right amount into your washing machine. The small nozzle which you pour shop is aptly shaped so you can't spill any when pouring. The Conditioner The conditioner itself is white in colour and quite thick in texture. It tells you on the front of the bottle that this is for 64 washes. They tell you that this has an ultra-concentrated formulation and uses dual-encaps technology which means you only need to use a small amount to get the intense fragrance. This is an ultra ...

To The Manor Born - Series 1 (DVD) 10/09/2017

How to be Lord of the Manor

To The Manor Born - Series 1 (DVD) To the Manor Born was first aired in 1979. This is a classic comedy which I've always enjoyed watching. I remember watching it on TV, and have seen the repeats many times. But I just can't remember watching the very first season, so decided to buy the complete first series from Amazon. Series Information Aired: 1979 Genre: Comedy, Romance Running time: 30 minutes each episode Creator: Peter Spence Main Cast Penelope Keith - Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton Peter Bowles - Richard DeVere Angela Thorne - Marjory Frobisher John Rudling - Bradbinger Gerald Sim - The Rector About the series The Episodes 1) Grantleigh 2) All New Together 3) Rhythms of the Earth/Going to Church 4) Nations Heritage 5) The Summer Hunt Ball 6) The Grapevine 7) A Touch of Class To the Manor Born is set in the fictional town of Grantleigh in Somerset. Episode 1 begins with the death of Audreys husband, Marton, the Lord of Grantleigh Manor. She's not exactly upset over his death, thinking she will now be sole owner of the manor, which has been in her family for 400 years. But things quickly turn sour when she realises that Marton left her with mounting debts and had gone bankrupt. This left Audrey no option but to put the manor up for auction. At the auction she attempts to buy the manor back, but is outbid by Richard DeVere, a millionaire who runs Cavendish Foods. Audrey subsequently moves into The Lodge, which is just across the way from The Manor with her butler, Bradbinger. And Richard moves into the manor ...

Mamma Mia! (DVD) 04/09/2017

Mamma Mia! Here we go again.

Mamma Mia! (DVD) I love Musicals, and have quite a few Musicals on DVD in my collection - Mamma Mia! being one of them. It's one of those happy films that always makes me feel much better after I've watched it. Mamma Mia! is a film adaptation of the 1999 West End play based on Abba's songs. It was in Broadway in 2001. Film Information Released: 2008 Director: Phyllida Lloyd Producers: Judy Craymer, Gary Goetzman Running time: 1 hour 42 minutes Genre: Musical, Family, Comedy Main Actors Colin Firth - Harry Amanda Seyfried - Sophie Pierce Brosnan - Sam Stellan Skarsgard - Bill Julie Walters - Rosie Meryl Streep - Donna Christine Baranski - Tanya Dominic Cooper - Sky The Film Set on the Greek Island of Kalokairi, young Sophie is about to be wed to her boyfriend, Sky and is preparing for the wedding. But Sophie wants her father to walk her down the aisle. The problem is, she doesn't know who her dad is, and could be 1 of 3 possible men. So, Sophie invites 3 men to the wedding. These 3 men could be her father, and Sophie is intent in finding out which one it is. Her mother, Donna, eventually finds out what she's done and after the initial shock, understands that Sophie needs to know. Sophie only finds out who could be her dad by reading her mother's diary. Donna, a hotelier, helps Sophie with her wedding with the help of her 2 long-term friends, Tanya and Rosie. As Harry, Bill and Sam arrive on Kalokairi, what we see is Sophie's relationship with her mother, her fiance, and the 3 men. The ...

Mum Fresh Pink Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on 01/09/2017

Mum's the word!

Mum Fresh Pink Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on Mum Deodorant is one that always takes me back to the 80's. I remember using this all them years ago. The 80's was a great time for me, so this deodorant brings back fond memories for me. Since then, I've not really used it that much. But on a recent trip to Wilko's, I was looking at the different brands of deodorant on the shelf wondering which one to pick. But when I spotted Mum roll-on anti-perspirant on the bottom shelf, I decided to pick it up. On the bottle it said 50% free, so was getting a bonus here too. Price and Packaging As I say, I purchased this from Wilko's. I paid £1 for a 75ml bottle of this. Like I said, it said I was getting 50% free. The glass bottle is clear so you can see the contents. The plastic lid is bright pink in colour and screws on and off easily enough. The aroma of this deodorant is Fresh Pink Rose which is on the front of the label. There is also a picture of a pink rose on the front. On the back of the bottle is a little bit of information about the deodorant, ingredients and contact details. Once the plastic lid is off, the plastic ball you roll on the deodorant with is large and once giving it a little roll in the first instance, it is easy to apply this to the skin. The Deodorant On looking on their official website, it tells you:- A roll-on deodorant could not be more sensual. MUM Fresh Pink Rose roll-on deodorant seduces with the enchanting scent of roses. Exactly right for those who like a fine, flowery fragrance. The reliable MUM ...

Anne Of Green Gables (DVD) 28/08/2017

Is Green Gables the perfect home?

Anne Of Green Gables (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW The film Anne of Green Gables has recently been on television. It's a film I've never seen before, so thought I'd sit down to watch it. I'm not normally into this type of film, but I surprised myself and rather quite enjoyed it. This film is adapted from the book published in 1908 by Lucy Maud Mongomery. Film Information Director: Kevin Sullivan Producers: Ian McDougall, Kevin Sullivan Genre: Family, Drama Running Time: 199 mins (approx) Main Cast Megan Follows - Anne Shirley Colleen Dewhurst - Marilla Cuthbert Patricia Hamilton - Rachel Lynde Richard Farnsworth - Matthew Cuthbert About the film Anne is a 13 year old orphan who is living with the Hammond family. When Mr Hammond dies, Anne is told she is to be adopted. This is after going to an orphanage. When Matthew Cuthbert meets Anne at the train station at Prince Edward Island, he is surprised to be met by a girl. Matthew and his sister Marilla really wanted a boy to help out on the farm. But he does not have the heart to leave her at the station, so takes her home with him on his horse and cart. On arriving at Green Gables, Anne is excited at the prospect of living here as it looks so quaint and pretty. But her excitement is quickly diminished when she is greeted by Marilla. She is angry and upset that a girl has turned up and makes it quite clear that she specifically wanted a boy. But, now Anne is here, she realised there's not much she can do, so lets her stay. Matthew seems a lot warmer towards ...

Bicentennial Man (DVD) 26/08/2017

How robots & humans can live together.

Bicentennial Man (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW I remember when I first saw this film how interesting and different it was. Robin Williams was known for playing comedy roles and being the funny man, but in this film he had quite a serious role, and I remember enjoying the film. I've watched it a few times over the years, and still enjoy watching it. Film Information Released: 1999 Director: Chris Columbus Producers: Chris Columbus, Wolfgang Petersen, Gail Katz, Laurence Mark, Neil Miller, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan Genre: Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi Running time: 2 hours 12 mins Distributed by: Columbia Tristar Films Main Cast Robin Williams - Andrew Martin Sam Neill - Richard Martin Wendy Crewson - Rachel Martin Embeth Davidtz - Amanda Martin (adult) Hallie Eisenberg - Amanda Martin (aged 7) Angela Landis - Grace (adult) Lindze Letherman - Grace (aged 9) The Film Robin Williams plays Andrew Martin, who is a robot bought as a gift by Richard Martin as a Robo Butler. His job really is to be a housekeeper for Rachel, Richard, and their 2 children, Amanda and Grace. When Andrew is first introduced to the family the response is a mixture of fear and trepidation. The girls, especially, are wearing of him and don't know how to take him. In fact, the oldest daughter, Grace, resorts to vandalising Andrew. This eventually leads to the family that Andrew is far more than just a robot. Another pivotal moment in the film is when Andrew breaks Amanda's wooden figurine, whom he calls LIttle Miss. So you see him ...

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Restoring Hand Cream 17/08/2017

Show me your hands, honey.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Restoring Hand Cream SOFTER FEELING HANDS, DAY AFTER DAY. The very nature of my job means that I often get dry hands. Working in the cleaning industry means my hands are left feeling very dry and hard. So I've always got hand cream with me to use afterwards. I'm not really loyal to any one brand. I like to try different kinds of hand creams and moisturisers at any given time. One hand cream I'm currently using is Garnier Ultimate Blends Hand Restoring Cream. Price and Packaging This is widely available in various stores and online at the official Garnier website. I, however, purchased mine from Savers. I paid £2.99 for a 75 mil tube of this. Prices may vary depending on where you buy it though. The hand cream comes in a kind of metallic light brown/orange kind of colour tube. On the front of the tube is the name of the hand cream with a white circle on it that says honey treasures. It states that this hand cream is for very dry hands. On the back of the tube is information about the cream and the contact details. The light golden coloured lid has a flip lid which can be easily undone and done up again to prevent any cream from escaping. The Hand Cream The print on the back of the tube is far too small for my poor eyes to read, but the information is also available on the website. It states that this hand cream:- * A restoring cream tailor-made for very dry hands with honey and royal jelly. * When used regularly, your hands are protected day after day. * A rich and creamy texture, with a ...

Airplane! (DVD) 10/08/2017

How hard can it be to fly a plane?

Airplane! (DVD) Dr Rumack: Can you fly this plane? Ted: Surely you can't be serious. Dr Rumack: I am serous....and don't call me Shirley. When it comes to classic comedies, Airplane has got to be up there hasn't it? It's a film that I always enjoy watching. I own the collector's edition of this film and Airplane II The Sequel, so I sometimes watch this so I can have a good laugh. Film Information Running time: 1 hr 28 minutes Directors: Jim Abraham, David Zucker Producer: Jon Davison, Jerry Zucker Genre: Comedy Main Cast Robert Hays - Ted Striker Julie Hagerty - Elaine Dickinson Peter Graves - Capt Clarence Oveur Leslie Nielson - Dr Rumack Robert Stack - Capt Rex Kramer Lloyd Bridges - Steve McCroskey Lorna Patterson - Randy The Film Ted Striker is an ex-pilot who was in the war. After the war had finished, he was left traumatized. He subsequently has a fear of flying. It was during the war that he met his girlfriend Elaine Dickinson. After the war, Elaine becomes an Air Hostess and has left Ted. She tells him she can't stay with a man she don't respect. So she boards her flight from Los Angeles to Chicago leaving Ted, now a taxi driver, at the airport. Ted, thinking on the spot, decides to purchase a ticket and board the same plane as Elaine, leaving his passenger in the cab. He wants to win her heart back, but Elaine is having none of it. During the flight some of the characters become sick from something they had to eat on the plane, and Dr Rumack, played by Leslie Nielson, comes to ...

It's A Wonderful Life (DVD) 05/08/2017

Can life be wonderful?

It's A Wonderful Life (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW I'm ashamed to say that, until recently, It's a Wonderful Life is one film I've never got round to watching. Generally on TV over the Christmas period, this has to remain as one of the all time classic movies starring James Stewart. I'm a huge fan of him and love watching any film with him in, so was interested to watch this film. Film Information Released: 1946 Running time: 2 hours 10 mins Director: Frank Capra Producer: Frank Capra Genre: Fantasy, Family, Drama Main Cast James Stewart - George Bailey Lionel Barrymore - Mr Potter Beulah Bondi - Mrs Bailey Donna Reed - Mary Hatch Thomas Mitchell - Uncle Billy Henry Travers - Clarence Oddbody The Film The film begins when we see what looks like stars talking to each other in the universe. They are, in fact, angels. Clarence Oddbody is an Angel 2nd Class and is yet to earn his wings. Clarence is shown certain flashbacks of George's life to get him ready and to prepare him for when he enters Earth to help George. Clarence is sent to help George Bailey who is contemplating suicide. What we see in George's younger days is him rescuing his brother from drowning and getting a hearing problem in one of his ears. Clarence gets an idea of George's life as a young man to get a better understanding of him. George grows up to marry his childhood sweetheart, May Hatch, and they have children. But when George's company Bailey Brothers' & Loan Company runs into financial difficulty, it gets too much for George. $8000 ...

Calamity Jane (DVD) 31/07/2017


Calamity Jane (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW I've always really enjoy watching musicals, and as a big fan of Doris Day, Calmity Jane is one of my all time favourite films. I love the part she plays in the film, and never get tired from watching it. Film Information Released: 1953 Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical Running time: 1 hour 41 mins (approx) Director: David Butler Producer: William Jacobs Distributed by: Warner Brothers Main Actors Doris Day - Calamity Jane Howard Keel - Wild Bill Hickok Allyn Ann McLerie - Katie Brown Gale Robbins - Adelaide Adams Philip Carey - Lt Daniel Gilmartin The Film Calamity Jane isn't your average all American girl. She acts more like a man than she does a women in the majority of this film. She lives and dresses like a bloke, and even talks like one. At the start of the film it shows Calamity riding into Deadwood in South Dakota on a stagecoach. When the Golden Garter saloon bar puts out an advertisement for a pretty woman to sing to the men of Deadwood, the saloon owner gets a little bit misled by some of the female sounding names. So when Francis Fryer sings, he really is a man dressed up in a womans frock. Frances being the female version of his name. When the men in the saloon realise who he/she is, Calamity promises to get them the lovely Adelaide Adams, who is someone the men love. So Calamity travels to Chicago to ask Adelaide if she can come to Deadwood to sing in the saloon. But when Adelaide gives her maid, Katie, her frocks to sort out. Katie dreams of ...

By the Light of the Moon - Sheridan Cain 22/07/2017

Where to mice sleep at night?

By the Light of the Moon - Sheridan Cain Sometimes when browsing charity shops I pick up books for my little nieces and nephew to read. One such book I came across which I thought looked quite cute is By the Light of the Moon by Sheridan Cain. The large light blue book stood out and the diagram on the front of the mother and baby mouse looked adorable, so paid the 50p and began to read the book before passing it on to my niece. Book Information Author: Sheridan Cain Publisher: Little Tiger Press Published: 2006 Illustrator: Gaby Hansen The Book The moon shone bright in the evening sky as Mother Mouse watched over Little Mouse. High above, a starry blanket twinkled silver bright. Mother Mouse and Little Mouse are ready for bed, and Mother Mouse gently tucks her baby mouse on the leaves of the flowers and uses a big leaf as a blanket. Just as Little Mouse is drifting off to sleep, Mole comes out of the hedge and tells Mother Mouse that she cannot leave her baby there as the farmer is about to plough the field and it's not safe. Worried, Mother Mouse wonders where she can take her baby. Underground perhaps, Mole suggests. But when Little Mouse got underground, he found it was too dark down there and got scared. So with the help of the owl, he helps them get a bed up in a tree. But yet again, the tiny mouse got scared again because it was too high up and the branches were moving, making him feel dizzy. What will become of Little Mouse? Will he be able to find a good bed for the night? Mother Mouse is so worried ...

Narcos Season 1 (DVD) 12/07/2017

So, who was Pablo Escobar?

Narcos Season 1 (DVD) Those of you who are unsure who Pablo Escobar was, he was a drug baron in Columbia from the mid 70's until his demise in 1993. He was so rich from the narcotics trade, that in 1989 Forbes listed him as the 7th most richest man in the world. It is estimated that the Medellin Drug Cartel that he ran supplied 80% of the drugs used in the USA. He was making roughly $70 million a day - yes, a day - on drugs. He had so much money that some was buried in the ground. He used to spend roughly £2500 a month on rubber bands alone to do his money up with. Narcos is a biographical drama exclusive to Netflix on the life of Pablo Escobar. Narcos Information Released 2015 Genre: Biographical, Crime Episodes: 10 Main Cast Wagner Moura - Pablo Escobar Boyd Holbrook - Steve Murphy Pedro Pascal - Javier Pena Diego Catano - Juan Diego 'La Quita' Diaz Raul Mendez - President Gaviria About Series One Narcos begins in the 1970's with the beginning of the Medellin drug cartel and when Escobar takes over as leader. This follows his life from the start of this to his escape from his very own personally built prison. Steve Murphy and Javier Pena are the officers in charge of tracking down Escobar and putting a stop to his drug business. They work for the DEA, which is the Drug Enforcement Administration. There are 10 episodes in this series, with each episode having DEA Steve Murphy talking in parts about what has happened, and what they are about to do. It's generally Steve giving thoughts and ...

The Jesus I Never Knew - Philip Yancey 03/07/2017

Who was Jesus when he was on Earth?

The Jesus I Never Knew - Philip Yancey The test of observance of Christ's teachings is our consciousness of our failure to attain an ideal perfection. The degree to which we draw near this perfection cannot be seen; all we can see is the extent of our deviation. Leo Tolstory When a friend of mine recommended this book to read, I popped on over to Amazon and ordered myself a paperback copy of this book. Book Information Author: Philip Yancey Published: 1995 Genre: Theology/Christian A little bit about the auhor Born in 1949, Philip Yancey is an American Christian author. His books have sold 14 million copies worldwide. To date, he has written 31 books, 2 of won the ECPA's Christian Book of the Year award. About the Book Chapters Part One Who He Was * The Jesus I Thought I Knew * Birth: The Visited Planet * Background: Jewish Roots and Soil * Temptation: Showdown in the Desert * Profile: What Would I Have Noticed? Part Two Why He Came * Beatitudes: Lucky Are the Unlucky * Message: A Sermon of Offense * Mission: A Revolution of Grace * Miracles: Snapshots of the Supernatural * Death: The Final Week Part Three What He Left Behind * Ascention: A Blank Blue Sky * Kingdom: Wheat Among the Weeds * The Difference He Makes About the Author Sources Everyone has heard of Jesus Christ. And we all have a mental image of what he looks like, thanks to the media and peoples perceptions of what they think he looks like. Of course, no one will ever know what he looks like in this life. But this book looks at the more ...
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