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Fantastic Mr Fox , The(DVD) 28/04/2017

This is how to be a fantastic foxie.

Fantastic Mr Fox , The(DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Film Information Released: 2009 Running time: 1 hr 27 minutes Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Animation Director: Wes Anderson Producers: Allison Abbate, Scott Ruddin, Jeremy Dawson, Wes Anderson Main Cast George Clooney - Mr Fox Meryl Streep - Mrs Fox Bill Murray - Badger Michael Gambon - Franklin Bean Eric Chase Anderson - Kristofferson Wallace Wolodarsky - Kylie Jason Schwatzman - Ash The Film Boggis and Bunce and Bean, One fat, one short, one lean. These horrible crooks, so different in looks. Were nonetheless equally mean. Fantastic Mr Fox is based on the book by Roald Dahl. When they become trapped in a fox trap one time when raiding a farm, Felicity Fox persuades Mr Fox to get a safer job. Mrs Fox is pregnant, you see, and now she has a cub to worry about. Roll on 2 years and Mr Fox is now a Newspaper Editor and whilst reading the newspaper one morning, he muses whether people actually read his column. Probably not, he thought. He complains about being poor, but as Mrs Fox reminds him, that they are happy. But with a growing family now they have their son, Ash, they decide to move to a bigger home which is the base of a tree. This they do even though their accountant tells them it's in a dangerous place. Mr Fox, however, is missing his days of stealing, and decides to go back to stealing from the 3 farms owned by Boggis, Bunce and Bean. But in going back to his old ways, he breaks a promise me made to his wife and put not only himself in danger, but ...

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB 18/04/2017

May be basic, but is easy to use.

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB When I recently needed a new external hard drive, I browsed through the array of hard drives on Amazon to see what they had available. The one I finally opted for was the Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 Hard Drive. Price and Packaging I paid £47.93 for this. If you are Amazon Prime you get free delivery. At the time of writing this review, there is a used one for £3 cheaper, but I opted for the new one. The hard drive comes in a light green box with the Toshiba brand name in red, bold letters. There is a picture of the hard drive on the front of the box with basic instructions on the back of the box. The hard drive itself is well packaged inside the box inside plastic wrappering. The USB plug that comes with the hard drive is also securely done up. The USB lead is 3.0. The Hard Drive The hard drive is small enough and light enough to fit in your pocket or bag. It is quite thin too. It is light in weight too. According to the technical specifications on Amazon it says it weighs in at 231g. I did purchase a case with this too to keep it extra secure which holds the hard drive and the USB plug. There is no installation needed with this. Plugging one end into the hard drive and the other end into your PC or laptop USB port will bring up the Toshiba menu. I didn't have any problems when I first plugged mine into the computer. When you get in the menu there is a PDF file which you can open which has the Toshiba Canvio Basics instructions and user guide. This is quite useful ...

Have a Little Faith - Mitch Albom 11/04/2017

A little bit of faith is all you need

Have a Little Faith - Mitch Albom I shall give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. I will remove you from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. EZEKIEL 36:26 Mitch Albom is an American author and journalist. Although he is more known as a sports writer, he is also well-known for writing books and his extensive charity work. Published in 2009, Have a Little Faith is the true story of an 8 year journey he has with the Rabbi who used to teach him when he was a young man. On the other side of the spectrum, he meets Henry Covington, then the Pastor at I Am My Brother's Keeper Church in Detroit, USA. Rabbi Albert Lewis dedicated his whole life to the Jewish faith and to his synagogue. The Book The Story The book begins with 82 year old Albert Lewis going to one of Mitch's talks. Afterwards Albert approaches him, much to Mitch's surprise as he wasn't expecting to see him there. When Albert asks him if he will read his eulogy, Mitch looks at him with surprise and asks him if he's dying. His reply was no, he was not dying, but he wanted to be prepared. So, from this initial meeting, this takes Mitch on an 8 year journey of learning about his childhood Rabbi, self discovery, and learning all about the man who he has respected all his life. Mitch tells Albert he wants to get to know him as a man, rather than just a Rabbi, so starts visiting him at home. Over the course of the years that follow, he learns a lot about his childhood Rabbi and learns a lot about his faith, why he does what he ...

The Parent Trap (DVD) 04/04/2017

Two for the price of one.

The Parent Trap (DVD) Film Only Review When The Parent Trap was recently on television, it's not a film I had ever considered watching. I didn't think it was the sort of film I would enjoy. But, since there wasn't anything else I fancied watching, I decided to leave it on and watch it. I am quietly surprised that I rather enjoyed this film. Hayley Mills played in the original film made in 1961. Film Information Released: 1998 Director: Nancy Meyers Producer: Chales Shyer Running Time: 2 hours 8 mins (approx) Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure Main Cast Lindsay Lohan - Hallie Parker/Annie James Dennis Quaid - Nick Parker Elaine Hendrix - Meredith Black Natasha Richardson - Elizabeth James The Film Nick and Elizabeth are a married couple who, soon after having twin girls, end up getting a divorce. They decide to raise their girls separately - Elizabeth raises Annie in London and Nick raises Hallie in the USA. As the girls grow up, the parents don't tell them of each other, so neither of them know they are related. When, 11 years later, Annie and Hallie are coincidentally enrolled in the same summer camp in Maine, they eventually learn through a sequence of events that they are, in fact, twins! After the summer camp has ended, the girls decide to switch places so they can get to know the parent they never knew. Annie, who takes the place of Hallie, goes to stay with her father. When she realises that Meredith, her father's girlfriend, is only after his money, she schemes with her sister to try and ...

Bedknobs And Broomsticks (DVD) 30/03/2017

How to be a witch, even if you are amateur.

Bedknobs And Broomsticks (DVD) I've always enjoyed Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Although Angela Lansbury is more well known for Murder She Wrote, and David Tomlinson for his part in Mary Poppins, I think these two loved actors are well chosen for this film. Film Information Released: 1971 Running Time: 117 minutes (approx) Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure Director: Robert Stevenson Main Cast Angela Lansbury - Miss Eglantine Price David Tomlinson - Emelius Brown Roy Snart - Paul Rawlins Ian Weighill - Charlie Rawlins Cindy O'Callaghan - Carrie Rawlins Film Information The year is 1940 and World War 2 is well and truly under way. The film begins with children who have been evacuated to the countryside in a hall being given new homes for the foreseeable future. As all the children head off to their respective new homes, a family of 3 children wonder what is going to happen to them. They are eventually placed with an eccentric and slightly reclusive woman called Miss Price, played by Angela Lansbury. She doesn't really want to look after them, but after being told she doesn't really have a choice since she's got a large house, she reluctantly takes them all back to her place on her motorbike. Little do the children know that Miss Price is an apprentice witch, doing a correspondence course with Emelius Browns magic school. But, when the school unfortunately closes, this leaves her unable to perform the final spell. So, with a little help from a flying and magical bed, Miss Price and the 3 children head off ...

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Roll On Deodorant 26/03/2017

It may be small, but lasts a long time.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Roll On Deodorant When it comes to deodorant, I'm never loyal to any one brand. I'll buy whatever I feel like at the time, or if it's on offer or something. When I was in Savers the other week I was browsing their range of roll-on deodorants and decided to buy the Nivea Pearl & Beauty deodorant. Normally I go for the spray ons, but fancied a change this time. With the Nivea brand name being around for 100 years, this is one of the most well known skin care companies in the world and loved by millions of people around the world. Price and Packaging I paid just £1 for a 25ml bottle. The clear glass bottle is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a white, plastic screw on lid. On the front of the bottle is the Nivea brand name in a navy blue background with pearl & beauty written underneath that. There is no information about the deodorant on the bottle, but this can be obtained from the Nivea website. On removing the lid, there is a reasonably sized white ball to apply the deodorant which easily moves around. The Deodorant You can see the deodorant inside the bottle. It is white in colour, and looks quite thick inconsistency. According to the website this deodorant:- * Smooth & beautiful underarms – contains pearl extract. * 48h effective anti-perspirant protection and gentle Nivea care. * Skin tolerance dermatologically approved. * Without alcohol or colourants. It also says it contains pearl extracts. What I like about this is that you don't need a great deal of this ...

Carry On Matron (DVD) 20/03/2017

Oooo Matron!

Carry On Matron (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW I love the Carry On films and always find myself watching them when they come on TV. When recently Carry On Matron was on telly one afternoon, I knew I was in for a good time. I remember my Gran telling me once that she never watch them as she considered them vulgar lol. Film Information Released: 1972 Running time: 1 hour 27 minutes approx Genre: Comedy, Drama Main Stars Sid James - Sid Carter Charles Hawtrey - Dr Francis A Goode Kenneth Williams - Sir Bernard Cutting Joan Sims - Mrs Tidey Kenneth Connor - Mr Tidey Bill Maynard - Teddy Hattie Jacques - Matron Terry Scott - Dr Prodd Barbara Windsor - Nurse Susan Ball Bernard Breslaw - Ernie Bragg Kenneth Cope - Cyril Carter The Film This film is the 23rd film in the Carry On series. Sid Carter is the head of a criminal gang along with Ernie Bragg, Freddie and his son Cyril. Although Cyril does not want a life of crime, he is blackmailed by his father, Sid. Cyril is made to dress up as a female nurse to go in undercover. They want to rob Finisham Maternity Hospital of its contraceptive pills. But this is a Carry On film, so things are not going to run as smoothly as planned. Matron: (handing Bernard envelopes) the way, your mail. Bernard: Yes, I am! And I can prove it, d'you hear! Prove it! Whilst all this is going on, Bernard Cutting, the head of the hospital, is sure he is going to have a sex change, With him being a bit of a hypochondriac it's impossible not to laugh at the antics that happens ...

Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison - Piper Kerman 10/03/2017

A year behind bars.

Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison - Piper Kerman After watching the first 4 seasons of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I decided to purchase the book and read it, as I got so engrosed in the programme. So when I received my book from Amazon, it didn't take me long to start reading it. Book Information Publisher: Abacus Publisher: 2013 Pages: 352 The Book When you're young, sometimes you do some pretty wild things. I know I did. But, I never broke the law. Way back when, when Piper Kerman was in her 20's, she wanted a bit of adventure in her life. So, one such thing she did was pair up with her friend, Nora to travel around Europe. Nora, however, worked for an African drug dealer. And when Nora gave Piper some money to carry through Europe, she had little idea of the consequences. Roll on about 10 years, Nora is now a distant memory and Pipers life has changed significantly. She's now married to Larry, has a good life and job and has a decent circle of friends. Only, little does she realise that her crazy and wild youthful days are about to catch up with her. When she is arrested for money laundering, she is sent to a minimum security prison and sentenced to 15 months. She is sent to Danbury Correctional Institution inn Connecticut. The book basically tells us about her life behind bars and the plethora of women she encounters on a daily basis. She talks frankly about her life in the 'camp' and the people she shares her dorm with. Prison life is vastly different to the privileged life she is used to on the outside. ...

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (DVD) 17/02/2017

Being in your prime can have its problems.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (DVD) Maggie Smith, in my book, is one of the best actresses around. I've always enjoyed watching her films on TV. She's a clever, savvy and funny woman. When I recently saw The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie I wasn't disappointed. Although an old film, she plays a formidable part. This film is based on the novel by Muriel Spark. Film Information Released: 1969 Running time: 1 hour 56 minutes Genre: Romance, Drama Director: Ronald Neame Producer: James Cresson, Robert Fryer Main Cast Maggie Smith - Jean Brodie Gordon Jackson - Gordon Lowther Celia Johnson - Miss Mackay Robert Stephens - Teddy Lloyd The Film The year is 1932 and Jean Brodie is a teacher at the Marcia Blane school, which is an all girls school in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mrs Brodie is a charismatic teacher to say the least whom, by her own admission, is in her prime. Mrs Brodie takes on a somewhat different approach in her teaching methods of the young group of girls she is assigned to. When she starts teaching them things about fascist leaders such as Mussolini, taking them outside for picnics and visiting galleries and museums. Mrs Brodie has a special set of 4 of the student girls called The Brodie Set who she takes on these outings. All this is seen rather negatively in the eyes of the somewhat prude and conservative head teacher, Miss Mackay. With all this going on, she also had personal problems to deal with in the form of Teddy Lloyd and Gordon Lowther, who are both in love with her. Both Gordon and Teddy are fellow ...

10 Rillington Place (DVD) 13/02/2017

The chilling story of John Christie

10 Rillington Place (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW John Christie will go down in history as one of the most prolific and hated serial killers in British history. 10 Rillington Place was pulled down. And since then books, films and documentaries have been written about him. One such film is, aptly named, 10 Rillington Place. Film Information Released: 1971 Running time: 1 hour 51 minutes Genre: Biography, Drama, Crime Director: Richard Fleischer Main Cast Richard Attenborough - John Cristie John Hurt - Timothy Evans Judy Greeson - Beryl Evans Pat Heywood - Ethal Cristie The Film The film begins in 1944 where we witness Christie murdering his neighbour by strangulation. Roll on a few years to 1949 and Timothy and Beryl Evans move into an upstairs room which Christie is renting. Beryl is slightly reluctant to take the room, but Timothy persuades her that it will be suitable for them and their baby. When Beryl falls pregnant, Chistie offers to perform a termination of the pregnancy, convincing Timothy that he has the expertise to do this. But, Beryl is subsequently another victim at the hands of this monster. When Timothy is framed for her death, we see throughout the film the process of Timothy's arrest and court trial. Ironically, Christie is a key witness, although he is the one who is guilty. It is interesting watching this story. We all know the case and the outcome with John Christie. However, I had little knowledge about Timothy and Beryl. Indeed, Christies wife, Ethal, plays a key part in the film. ...

Rebecca (DVD) 07/02/2017

The 2nd Mrs Manderley

Rebecca (DVD) Alfred Hitchcock was a genius for his time. He's made some excellent films which has gone down in history and stands the test of time. Although he comes across as a strange little man (in my opinion!), he's made some terrific films, and Rebecca is one of them. Having recently watched this film, it goes without doubt this is still a watchable film even after all these years. This film is adapted from Daphne Du Maurier's book of the same name, published 2 years previously in 1938. Film Information Released: 1940 Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery Director: Alfred Hitchcock Producer: David O. Selznick Main Cast Joan Fontaine - Mrs de Winter Laurence Olivier - Maxim de Winter Judith Anderson - Mrs Danvers Florence Bates - Mrs Edyth Van Hopper The Film Last night I dreamt I was in Manderley again. The opening scenes of the film start with a female voice over talking about Manderley and wishing she was back there, and how she can't get in because the large iron gates are locked shut. It is dark, misty, and there's a full moon. Whilst on holiday in Monte Carlo, a pretty young unnamed lady is on holiday with her female companion. Mrs Edyth Van Hopper is paying her to be her companion. The pair are holidaying in Monte Carlo in the south of France. Edyth is definitely the prominent one of the pair, as the shy, timid young lady listens on and quietly obeys her commands. When the aristocrat Maxim de Winter enters the film a few minutes later, a whirlwind ...

My Secret Life in Hut Six - Mair Russell-Jones, Gethin Russell-Jones 02/02/2017

The secrets within Hut 6

My Secret Life in Hut Six - Mair Russell-Jones, Gethin Russell-Jones Perusing books in charity shops is something I enjoy doing quite regularly. And on one recent visit I picked up a book which looked rather interesting and handed over a £1 coin for My Secret Life in Hut Six. Reading about someone's personal experience in Bletchley Park is something that sounded rather interesting and intriguing. Book Information Author: Mair and Gethen Russell-Jones Publisher: Lion Books Published: 2014 Pages: 255 The Book Since Bletchley Park opened as a museum, it has piqued peoples interest the Enigma. What was once a top secret assignment back in WW2, we can now learn how Bletchley Park broke the codes of the Germans and what went on behinds the scenes. Mair Thomas, as she was known then, came from the Welsh valleys where she grew up with her parents and sister. When her mother died at a young age, the young Mair struggled with the guilt of leaving her father and sister behind to go to Cardiff University. Here she studied German, history and Music. During her studies World War 2 breaks out. When one of her close friends dies, it is at this point she feels the war has a much more personal affect on her life. One day she is approached by a strange man and told to apply for a job which he did not specify at the Foreign Office. So she travels to Whitehall, London for the interview. She is excited about the unexpected, but at the same time nervous. By this time she is with Russ, who later is to be her husband for the rest of their days. With University now ...

Mr. Turner (DVD) 23/01/2017

The wonderful world of Mr Turner

Mr. Turner (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW I've always been interested in watching this film. So when I got the opportunity to watch it round a friends the other day, I was pleased to finally get round to watch it. And I love Timothy Spall. I remember watching him in Pierrepoint and how I enjoyed watching that. He's a fantastic actor. Film Information Released: 2014 Director: Mike Leigh Producer: Georgina Lowe Running time: 149 minutes Genre: Biography, History, Drama Main Cast Timothy Spall - William Turner Dorothy Atkinson - Hannah Danby (Turners housemaid) Paul Jesson - William Turner - his father) Marion Bailey - Sophia Booth - Turners lover Ruth Sheen - Sarah Danby - His first lover and mother of his 2 children. The Film The film concentrates on the last 25 years of his life. What we see during the film is what a complex and difficult man he could be. Turner was certainly one of the best painters around at the time, and is still highly revered in the art world. He lives with his father and house keeper. He had a very close relationship with his father, who was his assistant. On the death of his father, this had a profound effect on him, and suffered with depression at times. His father had been his assistant for 30 years. During the film we see how much he is admired by his house keeper Hannah Danby, whom had been his housekeeper for 40 years. And, at times, he takes advantage of her kindness. It's interesting seeing a more personal aspect of Turners life alongside his paintings. I like the ...

Yardley English Rose Tinned Talcum Powder 17/01/2017

Posh and lovely smelling.

Yardley English Rose Tinned Talcum Powder When it comes to talcum powder, I do then to use quite a lot of it. I like to put some on me after I've had a shower. I'm not particularly loyal to any one brand, and will buy whatever is on offer at the time. But when I got a £5 Boots through the post from the Daily Mail rewards scheme, I decided to buy myself something a little bit more upmarket with Yardley Talcum Powder. I bought the English Rose fragrance. I know that the Yardley brand has a tradition for the older and more mature people, but I've always liked it. I have the English Rose hand cream too, which I am loving. Price and Packaging The Yardley talcum powder costs £7.25 for a 200g can. On the Yardley website it is slightly more expensive priced at £7.49. Although technically I paid just £2.25 with the voucher (plus point on my card.) The Ciao library picture is a little different to how it is now. The talcum powder comes in quite a large tin can, and is predominantly white in colour. There is the Yardley brand name on the front with a picture of some pink roses. The pink plastic nozzle at the top which you get the talc from is easily to turn open and close after use. On the back of the tin container is a bit of information about the talc, ingredients and contact details. The Talcum Powder The talcum powder is white in colour and soft to the touch. When applying this to my body, it is soft to the touch and very fluffy and light to the touch. The aroma of this talc is really nice and soft. It has a lovely, soft ...

Orange is the New Black Season 3 (DVD) 10/01/2017

The trials & tribulations behind bars.

Orange is the New Black Season 3 (DVD) I've reviewed Season 1 and 2 of Orange is the New Black. I enjoyed both these series, and when I finished watching Season 2, I was excited about starting season 3. As with the previous 2 seasons, there are 13 episodes in this series. It tells the story of Piper Chapman, who is serving time in a minimum security prison for drug smuggling. And Season 3 I find just as gripping as the first 2, and found myself watching 1 or 2 episodes a day to see what happened. Written by Jenji Kohan, this can be seen on Netflix. Season 3 was released in 2015. Orange is the New Black is based on the true story of Piper Kerman who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for money laundering. List of episodes 1) Mother's Day 2) Bed Bugs and Beyond 3) Empathy is a Boner Killer 4) Finger in the Dyke 5) Fake it Till You Fake it Some More 6) Ching Chong Chang 7) Tongue-Tied 8) Fear, and Others Smells 9) Where My Dreidel At 10) A Tittin' and a Hairin 11) We Can be Heroes 12) Don't Make Me Come Back There 13) Trust No Bitch The Show With Orange is the New Black well under way, it's become quite of a hit of Netflix, Season 3 kicks off with Piper Chapman and a few of the other ladies being assigned to making ladies underwear. This new venture in Pipers prison life gives her ideas. Along with the help of her brother, and some of the other inmates, she begins a business with the underwear. I found this comical and it opened my eyes, to say the least! Throughout the series, we see the usual things going on ...
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