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Carry On Screaming (DVD) 21/11/2017

This will make you screeeeam!

Carry On Screaming (DVD) Carry On Screaming has recently been on television. As a big fan of the Carry On films, I sat down to watch it, even though I'd seen it loads of times in the past. Constable Slobotham: Sarge, she's as hard as a rock! Det Sgt. Bung: You don't have to tell me that, I've been married to her for fifteen years! Film Information Released: 1966 Director: Gerald Thomas Producer: Peter Rogers Running Time: 1 hr 35 mins Genre: Horror, Comedy Distributed By: Pathe Distribution Main Cast Kenneth Williams - Dr Orlando Watt Fenella Fielding - Valeria Watt Jim Dale - Albert Potter Harry H. Corbet - Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung Joan Sims - Emily Bung Charles Hawtrey - Dan Dann John Pertwee - Dr Fettle Bernard Breslaw - Sockett Peter Butterworth - Detective Constable Slobotham Angela Douglas - Doris Mann The Film The film begins with Doris Mann and Albert Potter in the woods courting. When Doris hears noises in the woods Doris swears someone is there. Albert keeps telling her there is no-one there. But when she is abducted by a monster called Oddbod, this leaves Albert shocked and wondering what has become of her. Albert goes to the Police Station to report the incident and is seen by Detective Constable Slobotham. Slobotham then phones his superior, Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung. Baring in mind, this takes place at night. So when Sidney receives the call, his wife, Emily, is complaining and shouting at him that he always put the Police first before her. He makes the quick exit and ...

Killing Pablo - Mark Bowden 17/11/2017

The hunt is on!

Killing Pablo - Mark Bowden If ever there was a real-life James Bond villain, Pablo Escobar was it. 10 times better than any fictional crime story. UNCUT After watching Seasons 1 and 2 of Narcos on Netflix this spurred me onto learning more about the drug lord Pablo Escobar. So I nipped on over to Amazon and order myself a copy of Killing Pablo. I'm glad I bought the book! Book Information Author: Mark Bowden Published: 2002 Publisher: Atlantic Books Chapters * Prologue * The Rise of El Doctor (1948 - 1989) * The First War (1989 - 1991) * Imprisonment and escape (2992 - 1992) * Los Pepes (October 1992 - October 1993) * The Kill (October 1992 - 2 December 1993) * Aftermath About the book Killing Pablo is a detailed book into the hunt and death of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord of Columbia. The book begins with the early life of Pablo and tells us about where he was born and the life he led as a young man. Mark Bowden talks about Columbia and what it was like and the long history it has had with crime, violence and drugs. We also learn what Medellin was like, where Pablo grew up. With a government that was unstable and crime sweeping the nation, Bowden really sets the scene before we start finding out about the life of Pablo, his crimes and ultimate death. The book details Pablo's rise in the Medellin Drug Cartel and his rise as one of the most powerful men in the world - and the richest. His drug empire really came to power in the 70's and 80's when the USA started smoking and snorting cocaine. ...

Walk The Line (DVD) 13/11/2017

The man in black

Walk The Line (DVD) I recently purchased Walk The Line from a charity shop for just 99p. I love Johnny Cash and his music, so was interested to watch this film about the legendary Country singer. Film Information Released: 2005 Director: James Mangold Producers: James Keach, Cathy Conrad Running time: 2 hrs 16 mis Genre: Music, Drama, Biography Main Cast Joaquin Phoenix - Johnny Cash Reese Witherspoon - June Carter Robert Patrick - Ray Cash Ginnifer Goodwin - Vivian Cash Dallas Roberts - Sam Phillips Lucas Till - Jack Cash Shelby Cash - Carrie Cash The Film The film begins with the young Johnny Cash in Folsum Prison singing to the inmates. We then go back to his childhood where Johnny lives with his brother, Jack, and parents Carrie and Jack. They live on a cotton farm in Arkansas. We see how Jack dies after an accident with a saw. This must of had a profound affect on Johnny. When he joins the Air Force, he is sent to Germany. This is where he buys his first guitar and starts writing music. On his return to the States, he marries Vivien and they move to Memphis. They settle down and have a family. To earn money, he takes a job as a door-to-door sales man. But on one day when he walks past a recording studio this gives him the incentive to start a man up and make music. Sam Phillips runs Sun Records. He is initially reluctant to sign them up as he doesn't think Gospel music. But, when they sing "Folsum Prison Blues" they eventually get a contract. From this point, the rest is history, as they ...

Bold 2-in-1 Pearls 08/11/2017

Put the pearls in your laundry.

Bold 2-in-1 Pearls As a member of SuperSavvyMe, sometimes I get sent products to try and pass on my friends and family. The latest product I've been sent to try is Bold 2 in One Pearls. The scent I'm trying is Lavender & Camomile. Price and Packaging The pearl capsules come in a navy blue plastic container with the Bold brand name on the front with a picture of one of the pearls on it. There are also pictures of flowers on it. On the back of the container are the washing instructions and contact details. On the Tesco's website this is priced at £5 for 18 washing (18 capsules.) But at the time of writing this review, there is currently an offer on where any 2 (18 washes) for £6. In Asda an 18 pack is currently priced at £4. The 2-in-1 Pearl Capsules This biological washing detergent 2-in-1 pearl comes in a clear cube. The liquid inside is purple with a smaller slot on the top with the white conditioner in it. The plastic outer layer the liquid is in disolves once in the water. According to the supersavvyme website, it says this about the lavender and camomile scent: Take your senses on a relaxing stroll through fragrant fields of fresh Lavender. Blended with soothing camomile, warm woods and Manuka honey, it creates a blissful feeling of serenity and harmony. The conditioner that comes with this is Lenor according to the front of the box it comes in. There seems to be a generous amount of the washing detergent though. On opening the box, you get a distinct aroma of the lavender. It's a ...

Dead in Tombstone (DVD) 30/10/2017

You don't want to live in Tombstone!

Dead in Tombstone (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW When it comes to Western films, it's not a genre of film I would generally watch, but when I came across this film, I thought it was one that looked interesting with it having a horror aspect to it, so decided to give it a go. Film Information Released: 2013 Director: Roel Reine Producer: Mike Elliot Running Time: 1 hr 40 mins Genre: Action, Horror Distributed By: Universal Pictures Main Cast Danny Trejo - Guerrero De La Cruz Mickey Rourke - Lucifer Edward Akrout - Snake Anthony Michael Hall - Red Cavanagh The Film Set in the Wild West town of the aptly named Tombstone, it starts off as a typical wild west film with cowboys that look rough around the edges, wooden houses, a saloon bar and lots of horses. But this is not like any typical wild west film you'd get on Channel 4 in the afternoons. This is a dark film with a very dark storyline. The film begins in the dead of night with Red being led to the gallows and being hanged for the crimes he has committed. Red claims that by sunrise every man who is at the gallows will be dead. It is then the Blackwater Gang turns up, lead by Guerrero De La Cruz, freeing Red from certain death. Guerrero is killed by his own gang when he is betrayed by his half brother, Red, after a robbery. Guerrero ends up in hell where he meets Satan, played by Mickey Rourke. Hell is how you would imagine with lots of fire. Now, Guerrero doesn't want to spend his eternity in hell with all that fire and pain, so he strikes up a ...

Carrie (DVD) 24/10/2017

One of the horror classics

Carrie (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Although I've never read any of Stephen Kings books, I have seen quite a few of his films. I remember watching Carrie for the first time years ago, but have recently watched it again. Carrie is based on his first novel. As I say, I've not read the book so I can't compare the book to this. Although, I really should read it to get an idea of what the book and film are like. Film Information Released: 1976 Director: Brian De Palma Producer: Paul Monash Running Time: 1 hr 38 mins Genre: Horror Distributed by: United Artists Main Cast Sissy Spacek - Carrie White Piper Laurie - Margaret White Amy Irving - Sue Snell John Travolta - Billy Nolan William Katt - Tommy Ross Betty Buckley - Miss Collins Nancy Allen - Chris Hargensen The Film The film is centered around Carrie White, who is nearing the end of term at school. She is a shy, introverted young girl who is bullied at school and has a domineering mother. The film begins with Carrie at school where she gets hideously bullied by a number of girls in the shower block when she realises she's started her periods. She has no idea what is happening and is scared. When she asks for help from her fellow students, they start bullying and teasing her. Her teacher, Miss Collins steps in to save Carrie. This is the basis of what is to come in the film and what she endures at school and at home. Her mother is a fanatical religious lady that is dominant and is very strict with Carry, making her pray and repent her sins all ...

Beechams Cold + Flu 21/10/2017

How to relieve a cold

Beechams Cold + Flu Thankfully, it's very rare I get a cold. But I have recently had a cold, which is the first one in over 2 years. Unfortunately this time, it decided to stick around for more than 2 weeks which left me feeling pretty grotty. About a week into this cold I decided to pop to the chemist and see what I could get to help relieve it. Looking over the wide range of cold and flu remedies, I decided to buy Beechams Cold & Flu. I got the lemon and honey flavour. Price and Packaging I got this from Boots and paid £2.99 for 5 sachets. The sachets come in a navy blue and yellow box with a cup of the medicine on the front. On the back of the packet are directions on how to take the medicine, ingredients, warnings and what this is used for. The Medicine Each packet of the cold & flu medicine is quite small and once torn open, you just put the powder into a mug and add hot water. According to the packet this contains paracetamol and phenylephrine. According to the packet, this provides effective relief from cold symptoms with the comforting feel of a hot drink. This provides relief for symptoms such as:- * Headache * Fever * Aches & pains * Blocked nose * Sore throat As with any common cold, I was suffering with most of these symptoms, especially the blocked nose and sore throat. What was most annoying though was the cough. Making up the small sachet of Beechams is very easy. Open the sachet and pop the contents into a mug, and simply add hot water. You may want to let it cool down a ...

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (DVD) 16/10/2017

How to run a cult while on the game

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW This low budget, B-listed film is one I cam across freely available to watch on You Tube. With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it apt to review a horror film, albeit a slightly cheap and seedy one at that. Film Information Released: 1988 Director: Fred Olen Ray Producer: Fred Olen Ray Running Time: 1 hr 15 mins Genre: Horror, Comedy Distributed By: Camp Motion Pictures Main Cast Gunner Hansen - The Stranger John Henry Richardson - Jack Chandler Jimmy Williams - Bo Linnea Quigley - Samantha Michelle Bauer - Mercedes Esther Elise - Lisa The Film Set in Los Angeles, the film begins with Jack Chandler at his desk typing. Being made in the 80's it brought back memories for me watching him type on an old style typewriter. Jack is giving audio dialogue about how things have been quiet of late, but just lately strange things have been happening in the Los Angeles underworld. Jacks latest job is to track down a missing teenager called Samantha whom he believes is caught up in a series of unsolved murders. Roll on and you are met with Mercedes at a bar, a hooker luring Bo to her room. You soon realise she's no normal hooker when she starts covering things up with plastic lining, like pictures. Bo, bemused, goes along with her. Being seduced by a beautiful young lady is too much to resist. But things quickly turn gruesome when she wields a chainsaw and start slicing his limbs and, other bits, off him. Mercedes and her fellow hookers are part of cult ...

Nicorette Quickmist Duo 10/10/2017

How spraying can help with quitting smoking.

Nicorette Quickmist Duo As a BZZ Agent, I sometimes get sent different products to try and review. The latest campaign I'm trying is the Nicorette QuickMist. I got a voucher through the post for £8, so popped on over to Boots and purchased the duo pack of this. Price and Packaging At the time of writing this review, this is priced at £24 for 2 150 ml sprays. It is normally priced at £29, but has a £5 off offer on it at the moment. With the £8 voucher I got from BZZ, I paid £16. The Quickmist mouth spray comes in a white cardboard packaging with the quickmist in a clear plastic so you can see the sprays. On the back of packet are the instructions of use, a warning about the spray, contents, how to store it and the contact details. I know I got my Quickmist from Boots, but you could probably find this cheaper elsewhere if you shopped around. The Spray The flavour of the mouth spray I got is Fresh Mint. Now to be honest, I did find it a little bit fiddly when I first took it out of the wrapper as I'd never used one of these before, although I'd read the instructions oh how to get the spray bit released from the tube. To release the green spray bit you have to place your thumb on the back of the tube and push it in and the spray bit will pop up. This will able you to spray the mist into your mouth. It tells you on the back of the packet that this is used to help and relieve withdrawal symptoms. It also helps to reduce the cravings you get when you want a cigarette. According to the website, this helps ...

Wilko Wooden Spoon 05/10/2017

Basic but effective.

Wilko Wooden Spoon Wooden spoons is something I tend to buy quite frequently. Once it starts getting stained and used quite a few times, this is when I pop over to Wilko's to get a new one. The reason I get my wooden spoons from there is because I know they are good value and they last a long time. Price and Packaging The wooden spoon is currently priced at just 35p, which is a bargain. It has a small sticky label on the handle giving a little bit of information about the spoon. The label is easily removed though with no marks left on the spoon. This spoon is not available to buy online from their website, and is only available in selected Wilko's stores. The Wooden Spoon According to the official Wilko's website, this spoon is a waxed beech spoon. The colour of the wood is very pale brown and is a sturdy, strong wooden spoon. The handle measures roughly 20 cms in length and the spoon itself about 6 cms in diameter. Although this is a basic wooden spoon, I find it has many benefits. The handle is long enough so when you are stirring you are a safe distance away from the pan whilst stirring. I also like the fact that the spoon part is wide enough to stir with and mix the food around the pan efficiently and effectively. This is also useful when baking. Although I don't do a great deal of home baking, I do sometimes like to make cakes and biscuits. And I find this spoon is handy when mixing my ingredients together in a bowl. I find the spoon washes and easily, and even after a few uses doesn't ...

Portrait Of Jennie (DVD) 03/10/2017

How to perfectly paint Jennie

Portrait Of Jennie (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW When I was recommended this film to watch by a friend, I hopped on over to You Tube to watch it, where it is freely available to view. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never heard of this film before, but sat down with a cuppa and digestive biscuit, and pressed play. Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye need know on Earth, and all ye need to know. KEATS Film Information Released: 1948 Director: William Dieterle Producer David O. Selznick, David Hempstead Running time: 1 hr 26 mins Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama Main Cast Joseph Cotten - Eben Adams Jennifer Jones - Jennie Appleton Ethel Barrymore - Miss Spinney Cecil Kellaway - Matthews Lillian Gish - Mother Mary of Mercy The Film The year is 1934 and Eben Adams is a struggling painter. When he meets the young Jennie in Central Park he is captivated by her young beauty and zest for life. When she disappears as quickly as she appeared, he is left feeling bewildered and bemused. He does, though, make a sketch of her from his mental image. When he meets her again, she has grown into a young lady, and seems to be growing up faster than the normal human being does. Eben is enthralled by her beauty and she agrees to sit for a portrait for him. She tells him that he will one day be rich, and people will come from all over the world to view his painting of her. When she looks through his other paintings, she notices he has painted a lighthouse on Cape Cod. She tells him this makes her feel sad, but ...

Last Man Down. The Fireman's Story - Richard Picciotto 01/10/2017

One Firefighters story of how he survived 911

Last Man Down. The Fireman's Story - Richard Picciotto When I am called to duty, God, Wherever flames may rage; Give me strength to save some life, Whatever be its age. This is the first verse in The Fireman's Prayer poem. Introduction When 911 happened, I can clearly remember what I was doing that day, as I'm sure most of us can. I had just been shopping & walked in the front door. As I switched on the TV I put Channel 4 on to see the scheduled programme and thought to myself "Oh, they've put a film on." As you can imagine, it wasn't long before I realised that, alas, it wasn't a film but real life events. Richard 'Pitch' Picciotto was a Chief Fire Fighter in New York at the time and had not long got on duty when the 1st plane hit the Twin Towers. This books tells his account of how the day unfolded. Book Information Published: 2002 Author: Richard 'Pitch' Picciotto Publisher: Orion Genre: Biography About The Book Battalion Commander Richard 'Pitch' Picciotto had already been in the Fire Service for a number of years. On the morning or 11 September 2001, it was just like any other morning. It was early morning when he had arrived at his Fire Station in New York. It was shortly after him getting to work when things quickly took a turn for the worse. With the TV on, him and other fire fighters were gathered around watching the unfolding events. They just couldn't believe what was happening before their very eyes. It wasn't long before they were on the scene. This book explains his role on the day of going inside the north ...

Desire (DVD) 26/09/2017

How to steal a string of pearls

Desire (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW I've always enjoyed watching the old classic films, and this early film is one which I've recently watched. Starring the great Marlene Dietrich, this is a film which interested me when I read the plot. Film Information Released: 1936 Director: Frank Borzage Producer: Ernst Lubitsch, Frank Borzage Running Time: 1 hr 29 mins Genre: Romance, Crime, Comedy Budget: $1,200,000 (approx) Distributed by: Paramount Pictures Main Cast Marlene Dietrich - Madeleine de Beaupre John Halliday - Carlos Margoli Gary Cooper - Tom Bradley William Frawley - Mr Gibson Alan Mowbray - Dr Maurice Pauquet About the Film Madeleine is a beautiful and pretty woman, but is a devious one too. Being a jewel thief, she cons a jeweller out of a pearl necklace. But, in her wake, she leaves a sly trail that indicates Dr Pauquet is the thief, who is a psychiatrist. When she starts to drive to the Spanish border, she accidentally bumps into Tom Bradleys car, who is a car engineer. As we see as the film progresses, she meets him again at customs and slips the pearl necklace into his coat pocket. Only, getting the necklace back out of his pocket is a little bit more difficult that she thought as one thing after another happens. She initially uses Tom as her scapegoat to get out of France, but what she didn't expect to happen was fall in love with him. The acting and other thoughts Gary Cooper and Marlene Dietrich are icons in the film industry and this film doesn't let you down. Although made ...

Without A Clue (DVD) 19/09/2017

Holmes doesn't have a clue!

Without A Clue (DVD) FILM ONLY REVIEW Watson: I'll ask you once more: Are you coming with me? Holmes: I would rather waltz naked through the fires of Hell. With so many films being freely available to watch via You Tube these days, I spend most days browsing through the old films to see what I fancy watching. When Without a Clue showed up, I thought it looked pretty interesting. And with Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine working together in a comedy film, I thought the pair working together sounded pretty intriguing, so decided to give this one a go. Film Information Director: Tom Eberhardt Producer: Marc Stirdivant Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes Genre: Crime, Comedy, Mystery Distributed by: Orion Pictures Box Office: $8,539,181 Main Cast Michael Caine - Sherlock Holmes/Reginald Kincaid Ben Kingsley - Dr John Watson Jeffrey Jones - Inspector George Lestrade Pat Keen - Mrs Hudson Paul Freeman - Professor James Moriarty Lysette Anthony - Lesley Giles Matthew Savage - Wiggins Film Information Dr Watson, played by Ben Kingsley, is a detective who creates the character of Sherlock Holmes. The reason he creates this character is so he can solve crimes without anyone knowing it is really him (Dr Watson) who's solving them. The reason he wants to be incognito is because he has applied for a job at an exclusive hospital and doesn't want his sleuthing sideline to get in the way of his job prospects. So, to to along with the fake Holmes, he hires unemployed actor Reginald Kincaid, played by Michael ...

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? 15/09/2017

Family fun at the seaside

What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays? Now we are officially in autumn, the weather has certainly changed and with the wind and rain, it's starting to feel very autumnal too. I've started to wrap up warmer and put the central heating on. Summer is, indeed, my favourite season and I shall miss it. But what is my best memory of 2017? Well, the best memory that sticks out in my mind is when my sister, brother-in-law and niece came to visit me. I'd not long come out of hospital where I had spent a week after a hernia operation. My PC was in the repair shop at the time and with that gone I was feeling pretty bored and fedup at the time. I couldn't walk very far or do very much, so when my sister phoned me one week to tell me she would be visiting on the Sunday, I was thrilled. She lives in London, and had decided to visit Norfolk to visit family. Family I live by the coast, which has its benefits at times. When they arrived about lunch time, I was so pleased to see her. It was the first time I'd met her husband too, and we got on really well. My niece, who I don't see a great deal of either due to her going to University, had grown up so much. My sister asked me if I wanted to go on the seafront, so we took a drive down there. Although it was a grey day, it wasn't raining and there wasn't many people about. She treated us all to an ice cream and I took my dog too. My niece loves my dog. I've had him for 13 years so she has more or less grown up knowing him. We all had such a laugh, and spent time talking about when we ...
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