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I'm falling behind in reading all your lovely reviews. Please be patient with me. I will get around to all of them as soon as I can.

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since 11/06/2004


Yuequing Bochuang Electric co. Silver Skull Bike Tail Light 14/04/2014

Another blinking skull

Fire with Fire - Charles E Gannon 03/04/2014

Plots within plots.

Shenzen Dowdon Tech Co Ltd Solar Energy 2LED's Rechargeable Bike Tail Light 27/03/2014

A red light that's "green"

Maplin Battery Powered Soldering Iron 18/03/2014

A rather heated point.

Aldi Asia Specialities Ready To Wok Soft Medium Noodles 12/03/2014

And we like these.

Asda sda Fresh Tastes Free Range Egg Noodles 05/03/2014

We like these, don't we.

Unger Pro Aluminium TelescopicPole 3.6m 26/02/2014

At push of pike, or Quality counts.

Tesco Fresh Egg Noodles 19/02/2014

Simple, basic, filling food.

The Co-operative Free Range Egg Noodles 12/02/2014

Quickly prepared, filling food.

The Goliath Stone - Larry Niven 04/02/2014

How many nanites on the head of a pin?

Space Captain Smith - Toby Frost 27/01/2014

For the good of the British Empire.

Wicked Bronze Ambition - Glen Cook 21/01/2014

Garrett to the rescue, again

Treecat Wars - David Weber, Jane Lindskold 13/01/2014

Fight or flight? With a slice of intrigue.

Outies - J.R. Pournelle 05/01/2014

On the outside looking in.

Technicqll Graphite Grease 2207 29/12/2013

For when any oil just won't do

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