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Dove Supreme Silk Lotion 12/09/2011

A body lotion which does turn my daily routine into luxury!

Dove Supreme Silk Lotion For a luxurious experience choose Dove Silk Supreme body lotion. Okay sure, why not? I want a luxurious experience, my dry skin bugs the hell out of me, when I go through my bad phases of dry skin there would be nothing better in the world than the feeling of horrible dryness to be taken over by the luxurious feeling of soft silk.. Dove is a GREAT brand, the majority of us know that, they have been around for yonks and know their stuff, I love a lot of their products! Dove Silk lotion comes in a white plastic bottle which contains 250ml of the great stuff! Not sure if you can get this in other sizes! It has a flip top lid which is lovely and simple, just how I like it. Over the front it has a sticker with the Dove logo on, and then more writing in gold and a deep red colour, along with what looks like a drop of a soft pearl, something like that anyway. On the back is a lot of information on the product so be sure to look here to be intrigued and find out what it does, or just to see what ingredients it contains. The price is around £4.00-5.00 depending on where you buy, every day use of the 250ml bottle lasted me about a month and a half so was worth it. So what does it promise? A body lotion that will turn your body care routine into your daily pampering treat. With a unique combination of rich moisturiser and light reflecting particles, Dove Supreme Silk body lotion gives your skin a soft silky feel and a natural shimmering glow. When opening up, you get a ...

Nails Inc Nail Polish 12/09/2011

Sparkle and shimmer.

Nails Inc Nail Polish I won this nail polish in my goodie bag and I was intrigued when I got it because it looked funky! It was a love teal/turquoise colour and looked like someone had mixed feck loads of glitter in with it. I had never even owned a Nails Inc nail polish before so was pretty proud I now owned one, a pretty one at that. I know the Nails Inc polishes are expensive, and after looking up online I found out that the average Special Effects nail polishes by them are at least £9.50! very expensive considering I usually only splash around £3.00/4.00 for one! The polish looks very attractive, and I am sure it would catch many of your eyes, its beautifully presented in its little glass bottle! The bottom half is clear, and inside you can see the pretty nail polish. The top half is the silver twist top lid, very shiny. Over the glass bottle is the Nail Inc logo and the name of the polish. On the lid is the name of the shade which I have got and a barcode, on the bottom of the bottle is the ingredients. The shade which I have is Fitzroy Square, its a very different colour to everything else which is in most of the drug stores, its a deep teal/turquoise and has lots of sparkle in it, the sparkle being what looks like lots of different shades of greens. The nail polish is meant to give of a 3D look. Its so fun to turn the bottle in the light, it glimmers and shines and its so nice to watch! The colour is not for the people who like natural looking nails, as you have to be quite ...

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation 12/09/2011

Please dont waste your money.

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Foundation I suffer from horrible acne, and it annoys me more than anything so I am forever looking for a foundation which will help cover up my acne and help give me a nice clear complexion. I decided to go for this foundation as it looked like a cheaper alternative to Revlon Colorstay, just incase your interested Revlon Colorstay is a very high coverage foundation but quite expensive. The bottle it comes in is glass, just like Colorstay! it contains 30ml of foundation. The bottle is clear so you can see the shade of your foundation, its very simple and on the front is the NYC logo and the name of the foundation, skin type.. On the back is a sticker which contains a little bit of information on the foundation, plus the shade and also it peels open so you can read it in different languages. The lid is black and screw off. Its a very simple bottle, I have no problem with it really. The shade which I chose was Natural Buff, a lot of the shades looked orange and this was one which I thought would go with my skin tone the most. I tried out the tester on my hand and the foundation seemed to have a good consistency and thats what swayed it for me. The foundation comes with no pump dispenser, you just tip it on to your hand. Now before use you shake, as you do with all foundations! Make sure you be careful when your tipping it as ALOT does come out if your not concentrating and it can be a bugger to get back in. Now when it was on my hand I did notice that it was the same as ...

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore (5) Replenishing Shampoo 12/09/2011

Hair knotted and snapped!!

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore (5) Replenishing Shampoo I cant believe what some company's get away with, Tresemme would have to be the worst for it, L'Oreal is also in my shampoo and conditioner list of hates. My hair is awful, dry, limp, lifeless, DULL, this shampoo sounded perfect and with the lovely Cheryl Cole advertising it, telling me how great it is, as soon as I hit the shops the shampoo and conditioner went into my basket! The shampoo comes in a white bottle, looks nice and has a red flip top lid, stands on it bottom. Its very busy which I like, I love reading and looking at the shampoo bottles while I shower, plus sometimes being loaded with words and pictures can really work for something, and this works for me. The lovely L'Oreal logo is on the front, along with the name of the shampoo. On the back of the bottle is a lot of information on the product, what it does, what it contains, ML ect.. I loved the bottle and it really stood out to me! The prices range depending on what size you go for, I think the cheapest is like £2.30 and thats for the 200ml. The shampoo makes some claims, and promises to help restore 5 things to your hair. 1. Feels stronger 2. Looks fuller 3. Looks revitalised 4. With a healthy looking shine 5. Looks silkier Sounded good to me, and how lovely is Cheryls hair? its gorgeous and one of the most lusted after hair in the whole world. And since she was advertising this of course she uses it. I remember opening it and the smell was lovely, kind of fruity but very fresh and it ...

Pantene Pro V Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner 2 in 1 12/09/2011

A miracle conditioner.

Pantene Pro V Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner 2 in 1 Just like my favourite shampoo, Pantene smooth and sleek is my favourite conditioner, it does my hair the world of good. I always pick up this conditioner which I pick up the shampoo as they work together perfectly and my hair always looks amazing after it has been washed with these babies. Like the shampoo, the bottle is very similar and the main colours are green and white. The bottle is mainly white, and plastic and stands on its black flip top lid. Over the front is a sticker with the Pantene logo on and the name of the conditioner. On the back is the amount of ML you get and information on the conditioner. Over all, a simple yet attractive bottle which I like. The price varies on what size you get, you can get mini sizes of these which are handy for holidays, trying out..or bigger versions for when your a true fan. Prices range from around £1.50-£4.00 depending on where you buy, as I have said before Wilkinsons is a great place to look for these as it usually has the conditioner and shampoo on sale together. The range is mostly aimed at people with horrible dry frizzy hair, the range promises to help get rid of it, 70% less frizz than before, it always appealed to me because my hair is a frizz bomb and very dry throughout all the damage I have put the poor thing through. The conditioner is white in colour, has a lovely fresh clean scent and glides through my hair perfectly and very evenly, you only need a tiny amount and it does most of my head, I have just ...

Avon Outspoken Intense Eau de Parfum by Fergie 20/07/2011

A sweet fragrance, perfect for nights.

Avon Outspoken Intense Eau de Parfum by Fergie I love perfumes, and due to not being in the best situation financial wise for the last few years, I haven't really had the chance to have that many, but recentley I seem to be coming into luck! I have received quite a few and this one if my favourite out of the ones I have so far. THE PRICE. Now I am pretty sure its only really Avon that sell this, so you will have to order it online! It is quite difficult to find on websites for some reason, I can only really find it on ebay and they are mostly samples, 1 or 2 being actual bottles. Anyway, for a 50ml bottle ( only one you can get I think. ) you should expect to pay around £15.00 - £24.99, this is the price which I have seen it for anyway. THE APPEARANCE. Outspoken Intense comes in a black box, which has a kind of Rock N Roll feel and look about it. Its quite a glossy black and has patterns over the sides and bottom of it, the shapes of the patterns are flowers and a kind of mist at the bottom, the colours being hot pink, a lovely bright red, darker pinks and a dark grey, they all mix together and look lovely. In the middle of the box is the name of the perfume. Now when you actually get the bottle out of the box, its completely different to what you would expect, its a grey frosty coloured glass bottle, with a plastic clear glass top which kind of looks a bit like a diamond. It is shaped like a pear ( in my opinion.. ) has a grey nozzle top and has the words Outspoken Intense by Fergie wrote near the bottom in ...

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 16/07/2011

A lovely gradual natural tan, BUT I want it darker!

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse I'm quite a big user of instant fake tan, I have used so many brands you wouldn't believe it! I am part of an online community on a website with lots of members, and I always found myself coming across threads named 'ST MORIZ, BEST TAN EVER!' 'ST MORIZ, BARGAIN!' and as you can guess, everytime a thread appeared with this it tempted me more and more to try it out. When I looked up more information on it, I found out that St Moriz is actually a tan which when put onto your skin is instant, it was cheaper than my usual one so well worth a shot. I then found out that whilst being instant, the tan is also gradual! I thought this was great and just what I need, I need a fake tan which doesn't come off in the rain or when I do the wash up or simply just wash my hands! THE PRICE. St Moriz fake tan comes in 3 types if my mind is correct! Spray, lotion and mousse, the prices being pretty much the same for each. The one which I picked up was the mousse, I bought this from Home & Bargains for £2.99. I am sure this is only available in certain shops ( usually the discouted types ) but is widely available online if you can not find it anywhere near you, and the price is always around the £3.00 mark. THE APPEARANCE. St Moriz comes in a white tall cylindrical plastic bottle which is quite different to other fake tans,because if I go into superdrug and have a look at the fake tan section most of the bottles are usually a bronzed/brown colour, this one is white like St Tropez so stands ...

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum for Her 14/07/2011

My Moment With Eternity Moment

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum for Her ' -------------- THE PRICE -------------- As I am aware, Eternity Moment comes in 3 different sizes and the prices are around the following from my look around the internet: 30ml: £16-£20. 50ml: £25-£40. 100ml: £30-£60. as you can probably see by the price, if you shop around you will more than likely find this quite cheap than the highest price which is stated. --------------- ------- THE APPEARANCE --------------- -------- The perfume comes in a little cardboard box which in my opinion is quite simple really. The box is a very sophisticated shade of pink and has the words 'Eternity Moment' printed in the centre of it in grey if my mind remembers properly. Underneath that is the Calvin Klein logo and the amount of ml you have. The perfume bottle itself is still quite simple but looks lovely and girly, especially in the light! It comes in a rectangle clear glass bottle in which you can see the perfume, which is a very light transparent pink, as with like on the box the perfume has the words 'Eternity Moment' printed on the front in grey and the Calvin Klein logo on the bottom. It has a glass T shaped lid which you pull off. You then have the nozzle which the perfume comes out of in silver. Overall, I like the simple look of this perfume, it doesn't really stand out but I do think it looks quite pretty. --------------- ----- MY EXPERIENCE --------------- ----- It was my birthday on the 29th and I received this of my OH parents, I had never ...

Fake Bake Bronzer Instant Tan Lotion 13/07/2011

Sunkissed natural tan.

Fake Bake Bronzer Instant Tan Lotion Big heading FAKE BAKE BRONZER, INSTANT TAN LOTION. Small heading The Price. The average price of this fake tan is £9.00 from most shops. The fake tan can easily be attained from online and also offline, but with offline this tan is usually in more expensive shops ( like Debenhams ect.. ) I think when you consider that there ( apparently ) are a lot of famous people who use Fake Bake, the price is quite fair compared to brands like St Tropez ect.. Small heading The Appearance. Fake Bake comes in a pink rectangle cardboard box which feels very cheap but looks very nice! On the front is the Fake Bake logo over a white pattern which kind of reminds me of loyalty for some reason! with other images of women in various poses. In the middle of the box is information on the tan which is wrote in black and white, how many ML, what shades, what exactly it is ect.. On the very bottom of the box is more white patterns, with women in them once again doing various poses! The sides are the same as the front of the box. On the back is more writing, mainly just bragging about how great it is and how you should definitely buy it! This is wrote in 4 different languages. There is also ingredients and warnings, plus information on how to contact ect. Now onto the actual bottle, it is pretty much the same as the box except plastic and the main colour instead of pink is a lovely warm brown/bronze. On the back of it is useful information which gives you tips to achieve the best ...

Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow 13/07/2011

It. Felt. Amazing.

Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow - Big heading CHAMPNEYS MEDITERRANEAN BLISS BODY GLOW. Small heading The Price. The body scrub is available of Champeys website and the price is £12.00. I have never seen this body scrub in any shops before, ( Superdrug, Boots ect..) it could be there but I am just giving my experience with never seeing it in a store. I have just done another quick look online and see that Boots do stock Champneys, so maybe I have missed this in their store or maybe it is just available online. Personally, I think the price is excellent because of the results which it delivers and also because you are only meant to use this 2 times a week so it will last you ages. Small heading The Appearance. As soon as I seen the body scrub I fell in love, you know some people just have this image in their own mind of what they find attractive, this tub was what I found attractive! The main colours are a lovely light teal and gold, the tub looks extremely spa like and very relaxing to look at, I think it looks so expensive and it makes my plain bathroom look amazing! The lid is gold and round, over the top of the lid in a darker gold are the words: Professional Spa Formula with a image of something that I think looks like a flower. The rest of the tub is plastic which is clear and tinted a lovely light teal which marries the gold. Over the tub is the Champneys logo on a gold strip in white writing, over the rest of the tub is lots of detail on the product, along with instructions on how to use ...

Barry M Glossy Tube Pink Sparkle 08/07/2011

Grab yourself a Glossy Tube!

Barry M Glossy Tube Pink Sparkle ' -------------- THE PRICE -------------- The usual price of this lipgloss is around £3.00 - £4.00, it is very easily available in most shops which stock Barry M products like Superdrug, Boots can also be easily purchased of a lot of websites online for cheap. Personally I think the price of this lipgloss is great as the tube last me ages! --------------- ------- THE APPEARANCE --------------- ------- Barry M's glossy tube comes in a little 10ml plastic container which fit easily in your handbag without taking up to much space and also fit lovely in the hand which makes it easy to apply. The container is see through plastic which you can the colour of the lipgloss you have chosen. Over the container is the Barry M logo and some more information on the product which is wrote in gold. It also has a twist of clear(ish) plastic top. The lipgloss does not have a wand, to use this you have to squeeze it and the product comes out of a little hole which you glide across your lips! Overall, a simple lipgloss tube which looks fine and couldn't complain it. --------------- ------ MY EXPERIENCE --------------- ----- I was stuck at the airport a few weeks ago and realized I had no lipgloss with me, I went into major panic mode but all I can say is thank god for Boots! I quickly nipped in there and chose this because it was one of the cheapest options on the shelf! The Barry M website tells me that there glossy tubes are available in 12 colours, when I was at boots ...

Morrisons Victoria Sponge 03/06/2011

Yummy victoria sponge!

Morrisons Victoria Sponge Whilst I was shopping at Morrisons this cream filled cake caught my eye. It looked delicious in the see through packaging it was in, it looked very 'home made'. I was very happy when I seen the price of £1.29 so I took it to the till and payed for it. After dinner I tucked into this with my OH and we had half each (greedy us!) but the cake could easily feed 6 people. The cake was round in shape and it had 2 layers of sponge which in-between was filled generously with cream and jam. The cake had a very nice taste to it, not artificial at all. The sponge was also very light, just oozed yummyness in your mouth. I am pretty sure the jam is raspberry, very delicious and smooth. The cream was whipped very lightly which was a absolute treat. You could easily pass this cake off as your own if you had guest around because it really does taste home made. The downside of this cake is it does not come with any calorie/sugar/fat information on. I suspect that this will put certain people of as I am sure people would like to know how much this cake contains. Over all this is a yummy treat for any body who loves a slice of cake!

Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara 31/05/2011

My favourite mascara.

Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara I was given this as a gift at Christmas 2 years ago. It came in a gift box with Max Factor lipgloss and Max Factor nail varnish. This mascara promises to deliver bold, thick, long lashes with up to 400x more volume! and whilst doing all of this it also promises to keep your lashes looking sleek and smooth and no clumps. The mascara comes in a little black tube with gold writing on it, to use the mascara you simply twist the top and pull up. There is 3 colours to choose from which are Black, Brown and Deep Blue. I believe there is a waterproof version of this to. The mascara is usually priced around 7-9 pound. So on with the mascara! My eyelashes are quite long anyway even with no mascara on, I have tried lots of mascaras before this one, none of them really made my lashes look any longer and thicker, just made them darker. The application of the mascara is very easy, too much mascara doesn't clog up on the brush, i think this is because of the way the brush and tube is made, the excess mascara is wiped off. The feeling of the mascara is very light, no matter how much you use, this has never smudged whilst I have used it and it looks amazing. For me the results were great, this actually lengthened my eyelashes a lot. made them very thick whilst keeping them separated, it even created a gorgeous curl in my lashes so I no longer have to use eyelash curlers! This also looks very natural I have cried while wearing this mascara, and even though it is not waterproof, it ...

Nivea Good-bye Cellulite 31/05/2011

Doesn't do anything for cellulite.

Nivea Good-bye Cellulite I suffer from cellulite and have done since I was 14/15. My cellulite isn't your average cellulite, it is awful, it travels all around the top half of my legs, especially on my bum. I was in Superdrug and seen this, I remembered reading great reviews about it online, so I picked it up and took it to the till. For around 8-10 pound I thought I got a bargain, the bottle is 200ml which is a lot, there had been lots of hype over it, so I was pretty happy. The bottle is light blue and has instructions wrote on the back. To use open up the lid and squeeze. Goodbye Cellulite claims it is suitable for any age, it also says that it is proven to make a difference to your cellulite if you use it regularly for 4 weeks. I read the instructions and it just said to smooth over all problem areas, i squeezed the gel out onto my hand, it is very nice smelling, really fresh and it is a aqua blue colour. I smoothed and massaged this over the top half of my legs, I only used a little blob, and that was enough for one half of a leg. I had to wait around 5 minutes until my legs dried fully, even after they had dried they felt very sticky. After 1 week of using this every night I didn't notice any difference. A month later there was still no difference in my cellulite. The only thing this did for me was make my legs feel a lot softer. So I stopped using this all together. Because this did nothing for me, I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe if you have barely any cellulite it would work better, ...

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream 31/05/2011

A very rich moisturiser.

Nivea Creme General Purpose Cream I was given this by my other half's gran because it was too rich for her. I only used this recently as I have run out of my usual moisturiser and can't afford to get a new one. The tub I have contains 50ml of moisturiser. The design of the tub is very simple dark blue with white writing on. To me it doesn't really smell of anything. To use you simply take of the lid! Recently my skin is very dry as I am using a acne cream which dries out the skin completely. As soon as I opened this I could tell straight away that is was a very rich moisturiser. I scooped out a little blob, the texture of the moisturiser is very very thick, a little of this goes a long way. I dotted this on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and rubbed in, I find this product very very hard to rub in, it is very sticky, very greasy feeling and very heavy on the face, it takes around 5 minutes to fully absorb in. I always moisturise before I do my make-up and then I remove it with a face wipe, I do this so my face is softer. After 10 minutes of being on my face and then taking it of, I did notice a great difference, it brightened up my skin and got rid of all the dry patches, so it is worth the heavy feeling!! I put this on before bed too, so it can work on my skin all night. The results are always great. This is a product I will use this again and again when ever I have dry skin which is really stubborn. just one use of this and you will notice a difference if you suffer from dry skin. I highly ...
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