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since 08/06/2001


Canon CanoScan 5000F 24/10/2004

Lost transparancies revived

Stirling in General 21/10/2004

Stirling has it all

Muller Light Toffee Yogurt 16/02/2002

Toffee Yogurt is a free food

Member Advice on Discipline 30/12/2001

Ignore bad behavoir from children

National Railway Museum, York 28/11/2001

National Railway Museum, free after 1st December.

Food for Free - Richard Mabey 17/10/2001

Food for free?

Princes Square, Shopping Centre 16/10/2001

Princes Square, too posh for a mall

ITV - Blind Date 20/09/2001

Blind date, an odd sort of game

Channel 4 - Brookside 20/09/2001

Brookside, Max and Jackie, I do not believe it.

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 16/09/2001

I love my new Polo not just because its blue

BBC2 - The Weakest Link 03/09/2001

Anne Robinson, certainly not the weakest link

Luss (Scotland) 26/08/2001

Luss, one of Scotlands prettiest villages

Glasgow University 11/08/2001

Glasgow Uni, the best choice of all

Slimming World 30/07/2001

Eat more, be slim with slimming world

Slimming World Slimming world is the very best diet I have every come across and I should know because I have a huge library of slimming books – all very positive but at the end of the day most boil down to eating less. This one tells you to eat more. Although I am not hugely overweight I do have a weight problem. It’s basically down to sitting for too long in front of a computer and a liking for chips, wine and chocolate. Food is my only weakness and I don’t have any other vices (well not so as you would notice). This is a good diet even for or anyone not wanting to lose weight because it has so much healthy food. What’s different about Slimming World then? Firstly you have to eat loads – but only the right sort of food. The idea is that eating increasing your metabolism helps you lose weight. You can have treats (called sins), and that includes alcohol, chocolate and chips but a choice has to be made, its not possible to have all of them. This sounds like bad news but because you are eating so much other stuff – it doesn’t seem to matter and I coped with just a small amount of chocolate, wine or chips. I joined Slimming World at the end of May last year and by Christmas had lost seventeen pounds quite effortlessly. The idea of the diet is that you either have starch or meat days. Starch days are called green days and consist of spuds, pasta and rice – as much as you want – there is a restriction order on bread though! Meat days are called red days and as it suggests you can eat as ...

Courgettes 29/07/2001

Courgettes,easy, good looking and yummy.

Courgettes Courgettes are the most amazing vegetable to grow – I always thought that they were far too exotic and difficult to grow in a cold climate. In fact, the very opposite is true, you can grow courgettes anywhere, even on a balcony or patio. In addition to being easy to grow even from seed they have a very large pretty yellow flower, so look quite attractive. When the flowers appear, you know you have a courgette because the vegetable is underneath it. I have five courgette plants right now in pots – last year I had the same and managed quite a respectable crop – even enough to put in the freezer. I just used an all-purpose compost from B&Q – but I think they will grow in anything. Courgettes cooked immediately after picking taste much better than in the shops. My only problem with them last year was that something was nibbling them – I think it was a wee field mouse, so I throw a net over them. Sorry, little mouse but these are my courgettes!!! There are lots of different ways to cook them once they have grown. The easiest way is just to chop them and fry in butter with salt and pepper – really nice. Ratatouille is nice too – a very good veggie option – fry the courgettes with onions, then add some tinned tomatoes and chopped aubergines and pop in the oven on a low heat for an hour or so and serve with whatever you like – I think its nice with jacket potatoes. They also go well in salads or you can just eat them. Courgettes are an easy vegetable to grow, simple ...
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