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11 21/02/2014

Signing up to Skype I have tried to sign into Skype. I seems confusing to me, as an oldie. It's probably me - but I just cannot get a Skype account. I go to sign up, and have tried various methods, only to be told after giving a user name and my Microsoft password that my account is frozen for security purposes. As I do not have an account - I find it confusing (an age thing). I have sent various messages to help desks. I have windows 8, and it is in the system already. I have WiFi to a wireless modem, which is close but not registering Skype. The help desk and other areas were not that clear to me. The navigation was not there to go back; once I had clicked a button, and tried to go back to try another - it wouldn't allow it. There does not appear to be any instant help available - at least that I can find. It appear to me to be a system designed for the young, I feel there could have been input at the design stage from a silver surfer at some stage to ask questions which come to mind. Regarding prices - I am told it's free to some callers/users, but I cannot comment, as I cannot get into the system. I feel it wasn't user friendly to me. I am going back to the phone and drawing board, and may have to hire an expert - again - to sort out an account with Skype. Pity, as I was told it was easy to do. ...

Bamix L 160 DE LUXE 03/08/2012

Very handy for small jobs with lots of items to mix.

Bamix L 160 DE LUXE When I was given this Bamix, I wasn't sure if I would ever use it. I make large volumes of soup in a presser cooker, and blend the volume in the excellent Cordon Bleu blender. The Bamix sat around until we were mixing sauces, and smoothed that, while still out it was used to mix in more ingredients, and then after blending - smooth the whole lot - so easy. Since then it is much used. The Bamix must be switched off before you remove from the liquid. Bringing it to the top as you do with other mixers isn't a good option, as you still get splashed. There are 3 blades and a mill. The mill takes wet and dry, but I don't use it much as I have grinders and mills. The blender and mincer blades are most used, with mixer blade occasionally. All do the job they are designed for, and the blender disk does just about everything. Cleaning is so easy, as the whole lot comes to pieces, and it all stores away together. It is bigger than it looks, I suppose to house the engine - but it is so useful, I wonder what we did before we started to use it. It hasn't replaced the food processor or the blender, both for volume, but it has replaced the hand mixer as it is fast and easier to clean. There seems to be less mess, and I am not sure why. It may be that it stands in a jug, rather than laid out on a plate, After use it is rinsed immediately, even if going back into the mix. This has proved to be an excellent present., and in time may well prove to be worth "excellent" ...

Alliance & Leicester 12/08/2011

Santander now - not Alliance & Leicester

Alliance & Leicester I had an account with Alliance & Leicester, taken over by Santander. There were no encumbrances upon my account at all. Santander then took £25 from my account against a bogus claim - and even after explaining there were no standing orders or direct debits on the account - the people I was dealing with just wanted to tick their boxes. It was like talking to a child - where you cannot get it away from something fixed in it's mind. Oh well - obviously it won't happen again - I am assured there are no standing orders or DD's. Great. So I was horrified that again Santander create a bogus demand/claim on my account. Another £25 stolen from my account, and no one to talk to. I closed the account. I am told that the claim was from Which? - but after speaking to which? they assured me that no claims have been made since 2010, which is what I had thought. So I feel I must warn everyone who has an account with santander to check it carefully. I have friends who have not had standing orders paid, and some old ones reserected. It is absolutely no good talking to the help desk, as they don't either care, understand and seem unable to pass you to someone who can actually help. Getting out/closing the account has been a nightmare. They are definitely trying to get as much money out of you as they can. I didn't know Spain was that much in debt that they needed my few penny's. Alliance & Leicester was great. This is the 2nd time I have changed banks. From Midland, who would no loan me a ...

Lexmark International Interpret S405 18/11/2010

Lexmark Interpret S405 Wireless Multi-Functional Printer

Lexmark International Interpret S405 Lexmark Interpret S405 Wireless Multi-Functional All in One Inkjet Printer Scanner Copier Fax was purchased via the internet. I was concerned as this was a first for this method of purchase. It went remarkably smoothly via Tesco on line. The printer is terrific - easy to set up, gives perfect copies, and the resolutions you can choose from seem endless....... There is a slot (as yet untried) for a photo card from a digital camera. The wireless application is also incredibly useful, as it saves a trip from the notepad with a memory stick to the PC – to print. Actually, the printer can take a memory stick, but I don’t know how to use that yet. (Yes – it’s is new, and replaces a dell printer, which had no driver, and no one seemed to have one – even the people you pay large sums of money to, who say they have one - and haven’t.) It has printed large runs of club posters without a protest. The black ink cartridge is double size, so should last, there are the three other colour cartridges, so should save money there as well. Lexmark have emailed several times - twice I think - to check everything was OK, and to offer assistance if needed - great. I am a dinosaur when it comes to this sort of thing; so the offer and communications were very comforting considering the manual had the basics - but I don't know what else I would need anyway. All in all – had it a month, and it has been well used by all three of us. I am happy to recommend this printer to everyone.

DirectSave Telecom 18/11/2010

Be warned & beware !

DirectSave Telecom DirectSave Telecom cold called to say they could save me money - always a winner for an opening gambit. We were told their bills would be under £30-00 a month with normal usage. We only use the phone normally, and as we do not download films & the like - our broadband is basically only emails – we considered our usage normal. We signed up – understanding that we could cancel with one months notice (30 days) – no tie-in. You want out - call up, and give a months notice & we are away. The bills were higher than expectd - well above the limit they said, of under £30-00 - hald as much again in fact, so we had a look around and TalkTalk seemed a good option. They tell you that there is an 18 month contract, but the bills will be fixed – on the anytime talk plan. Including the broadband….. INCLUDING the broadband. Great – we give DirectSave Telecom a months notice, then find there is a cancellation fee for the broadband, of £50-00. Upon enquiry – I was told it’s on the web site (the info about the broadband). So what – I was also told no ties ! This is apparently not a tie – it’s a disconnection fee, and you can read about it on the web site. I am glad in a way, as we had considered that DirectSave Telecom would be a bolt hole for filling in at times of change. I was always told that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is….. My Mum was right. ...

Dell Inspiron 570 MT 09/09/2010

Same situation - different outcome - not resolved

Dell Inspiron 570 MT I had a similar problem. Introduced a new piece of software - needed a new .dll programme. Contacted Dell - very helpful, they could put this in, but would need to wipe the system, and then put it all in again. After a lengthy explanation to Dell, explaining I was a dinosaur, I was persuaded to pay £69-00 for the service which was guaranteed, and recommended I upgrade my speed RAM to 4 Gigs. I agreed – expecting 1 x 4 chip, for £207-00. I got old technology of 4 x 1 gigs. They said they would transfer everything to my remote hard drive, any loss would be at my expense, but it would be safe. I said tell me how to transfere it, and I’ll do it, but no – the nice man insisted he would do it, and he kindly lost all out accounts, which were not sent to the backup HDD. (Grrrrrrrrrrr) Wiped the system – everything back – guaranteed – works for a day, then blue screen again. They have done it three times so far, and now want more money from me. I explained that it was guaranteed; and then it starts – you are passed from one to another, and as the previous customer found – explanations restarted every time. Am I going to get it sorted by Dell ? –I am not going to live that long ! ! ! So, the guarantee is meaningless – the help is beyond my powers to express how awful it was. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is not enough........... This has taken place over the last three days, I am now getting a new computer, no - not a Dell, started at the beginning of September 2010 = I was commenting on the ...

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar 28/08/2010

Good Value

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar At the co-op these packs are on for £1-00 (at this time) - and are very good value. In the past I have had a 4 bar KitKat, and still felt like another. One chunky bar is enough. There is plenty of chocolate & biscuit. I may have seen these in the past (I think) but as I have recently taken on the shopping; cannot be sure. The chunky bars are also much easier to fit in the small fridge, as they stack in a much small width, and out of the outer wrapper, are still well sealed. The pack I bought - I did think was a 4 bar pack, but am not sure. The outer wrapping has gone, and I am down to one bar. As I don’t want to put on weight, the fact that one is filling is very useful. I expect to big for a small child. All round this size and packaging are bonus for me.

Symantec Norton 360 V4.0 21/06/2010

Gone for good

Symantec Norton 360 V4.0 I did try with 360, but the system kept running and checking to the extent that I was unable to write letters. Norton were helpful - but because I had tried for over 30 days, I couldn't get a refund; but they put in a new system. Still unbelievably slow. Now it is all gone, and I have gone back to my old security people. As least I can now type a letter with out an interruption every few minutes for a systems check.. With regret I have to say I would not recommend Norton products for PC security. It tries so hard, and scans so frequently for such long periods of time. Impossible to work the PC. Norton themselves could not have been more helpful. I had paid for a 2 year deal (big mistake) as the offer was good. (If it sounds to good to be true - it probably is....) I was given a reduced version, which did not speed up appreciably to be of any use. Pity about the waste of money, but have to put it down to experience.. ...

Symantec Norton 360 Beta 18/04/2010

Norton 360

Symantec Norton 360 Beta Having purchased Norton 360 - s a top of the range security - It appears that Norton 360 may have been in conflict with my other PC security. I have had to pay an expert to get my PC sorted, as it was so slow, and at times not usable. Pity - as I had purchased 2 years on a "deal", and still some considerable days left to run with Norton 360 security. My PC didn't work because Norton 360 was in conflict with the other firewall and security already there - from Microsoft & Windows etc (This is according to the PC expert....) Norton 360 reps had at least 2 accesses to my PC, and didn't/couldn't sort it. I eventually had to take Norton 360 out, and put in a free security system - which I was advised to do. Then Norton started accessing my PC - telling me my PC was at risk with out a checker; and buy one for a further large sum of money. I knew Norton was back as the PC became so terribly slow..... It seems the PC expert was correct - my PC virtually stopped while Norton was doing a PC test or check. He told me Norton 360 was trying to sort out Microsoft firewalls/security/anti this & that, and that was stopping the PC running. Every time I switched on - 35 to 55 minutes. FIFTY FIVE MINUTES - THEN I SWITCHED IT OFF. I am not happy watching the PC hard disk whir away; I'd rather watch paint dry. So - my expert suggested the Norton should go - and get something better. As I am writing this - and waiting for Norton to respond to my request for a refund. Norton 360 was purchased ...

BT 15/11/2009

They tell lies !

BT Well - "You are ONLY going to be charged every 3 months" what a pack of lies - they are charging £70-00 odd a month - instead if the £45-00 every 3 month we were promised. Now we have to get the money back; and we have no idea how long this will take. Paying by DD to be economical is a big mistake. Get them to send a bill, at least you can dispute it at the time. We have stopped the DD, as they were helping themselves to £67-00 & £70-00 a month. instead of the £45-00 every 3 month plus mobile phone calls. What a scam - do not be taken in by BT - it is a confidence trick; and their help desk has NOT improved at all - you will still get into a loop of blithering nitwits telling you nothing............... .......... Basts. I had thought I was beyond being taken in by this bunch. Obviously not..... Now we are going to Which? for help. ...

Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS 27/05/2009

This has to be one of the easiest Canon cameras to use

Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS At the start - being PC illiterate - I assumed I would fail with these new fangled cameras. A box camera worked well for years; until they stopped making the film (127). Then when my 36mm camera jammed - and could not be fixed or replaced; the advice was to get a digital camera. My friends have a brand I found I couldn't use; so a visit to the shop and a whole range of cameras later - and the assistant came up with the Canon IXUS. What he showed me I still remember: Switch on - point - click. To view what you have just taken press this button. Zoom in & out ( wow ! ! ! ) . I am old, these buttons are easy to use with my fingers, the picture is clear and can be seen (more than I can say for my colleagues & friends cameras); and it is so easy to set up. Finally - the manual is also easy to follow - there is none of the "press these buttons" when they mean "press THIS button". I asked to be shown how to change the batteries - which I was able to do; and I was advised to get a 2 gb card for the back, which I did. Good advice as it happens, as I took nearly 800 photos (36 rolls of film) before my daughter down loaded to the computer. I never will be a good photographer, but at least I don't waste a lot of money getting pictures printed any more - and there is soft ware I can use to make my pictures better. (No - sorry - not an option; I have trouble switching this thing on ! ! ! .)
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