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Bamix L 160 DE LUXE 03/08/2012

Very handy for small jobs with lots of items to mix.

Alliance & Leicester 12/08/2011

Santander now - not Alliance & Leicester

Alliance & Leicester I had an account with Alliance & Leicester, taken over by Santander. There were no encumbrances upon my account at all. Santander then took £25 from my account against a bogus claim - and even after explaining there were no standing orders or direct debits on the account - the people I was dealing with just wanted to tick their boxes. It was like talking to a child - where you cannot get it away from something fixed in it's mind. Oh well - obviously it won't happen again - I am assured there are no standing orders or DD's. Great. So I was horrified that again Santander create a bogus demand/claim on my account. Another £25 stolen from my account, and no one to talk to. I closed the account. I am told that the claim was from Which? - but after speaking to which? they assured me that no claims have been made since 2010, which is what I had thought. So I feel I must warn everyone who has an account with santander to check it carefully. I have friends who have not had standing orders paid, and some old ones reserected. It is absolutely no good talking to the help desk, as they don't either care, understand and seem unable to pass you to someone who can actually help. Getting out/closing the account has been a nightmare. They are definitely trying to get as much money out of you as they can. I didn't know Spain was that much in debt that they needed my few penny's. Alliance & Leicester was great. This is the 2nd time I have changed banks. From Midland, who would no loan me a ...

Lexmark International Interpret S405 18/11/2010

Lexmark Interpret S405 Wireless Multi-Functional Printer

Dell Inspiron 570 MT 09/09/2010

Same situation - different outcome - not resolved

Dell Inspiron 570 MT I had a similar problem. Introduced a new piece of software - needed a new .dll programme. Contacted Dell - very helpful, they could put this in, but would need to wipe the system, and then put it all in again. After a lengthy explanation to Dell, explaining I was a dinosaur, I was persuaded to pay £69-00 for the service which was guaranteed, and recommended I upgrade my speed RAM to 4 Gigs. I agreed – expecting 1 x 4 chip, for £207-00. I got old technology of 4 x 1 gigs. They said they would transfer everything to my remote hard drive, any loss would be at my expense, but it would be safe. I said tell me how to transfere it, and I’ll do it, but no – the nice man insisted he would do it, and he kindly lost all out accounts, which were not sent to the backup HDD. (Grrrrrrrrrrr) Wiped the system – everything back – guaranteed – works for a day, then blue screen again. They have done it three times so far, and now want more money from me. I explained that it was guaranteed; and then it starts – you are passed from one to another, and as the previous customer found – explanations restarted every time. Am I going to get it sorted by Dell ? –I am not going to live that long ! ! ! So, the guarantee is meaningless – the help is beyond my powers to express how awful it was. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is not enough........... This has taken place over the last three days, I am now getting a new computer, no - not a Dell, started at the beginning of September 2010 = I was commenting on the ...

Symantec Norton 360 Beta 18/04/2010

Norton 360

Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS 27/05/2009

This has to be one of the easiest Canon cameras to use

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