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Tesco Balsamic Dressing 27/05/2014

Tesco balsamic dressing

Tesco Balsamic Dressing I have been eating a lot of salads recently and my favourite dressing would have to be this Tesco balsamic dressing. It's gorgeous! It costs just 89 pence for a 250ml bottle, and a bottle lasts for ages. The first bottle I had of it lasted me for a few months so it's great value for money. It lasts so long because it's quite strong tasting so not a lot of it is needed. I tend to use about a tablespoon of it on a large salad and this is more than enough for the taste of it to be noticeable but not over-powering. If I use too much, which is easy to do as the opening of the bottle is pretty wide, the taste can be very strong and vinegary which isn't nice so I always make sure I don't use too much. The balsamic dressing comes in a plastic bottle, it's basic in design with information on it that is relevant for example the ingredients and stuff like that. The lid is a screw on lid and this isn't very well designed as it doesn't screw back on properly, this is my second bottle and just like the first bottle the lid doesn't screw back on properly. The dressing can be seen through the bottle as it is clear and it's a dark brown shade. It is quite thick in texture, but still has a runny consistency so is easy to drizzle over salads. The dressing tastes very sweet but still savoury, if that makes sense, as the vinegar taste of it is really prominent and it's a nicely balanced dressing. It goes with all of my salads and I like to vary my salad ingredients. It is particularly nice ...

Tesco Value Chocolate Chip Cookie 25/05/2014

Tesco value chocolate chip cookies

Tesco Value Chocolate Chip Cookie I've got a really sweet tooth but I hardly ever eat biscuits. I just don't like the texture and taste of most of them. However, we recently had a small buffet at work and I tried some of these cheap tesco chocolate chip cookies and I really liked them, and I bought a packet of them the other day. They are part of the Tesco value range and are very cheap, they only cost 40p for a 250 gram pack. The pack they come in is quite thin and long, the cookies are stacked on top of each other in single file and the packaging is simple looking, and I like that although the packaging is incredibly minimalistic and plain, there is still a picture of the cookies on the front so you know exactly what you are getting. Opening the packet was a bit fiddly. When I opened the packet I could smell a faint sweet, cookie fragrance. The biscuits themselves are smaller than most other biscuits, a lot smaller than a digestive biscuit. But they're fairly thick, and look very appealing as they are a golden sort of colour with visible bits of chocolate chips. There aren't loads of chocolate chips but enough, and I wouldn't say there's a lack of them, just not a generous amount. The biscuits are extremely crunchy and hard, so much so I was worried I might hurt my teeth when biting in to one! But despite this I liked the crunchiness, and as soon as the biscuit is in my mouth it sort of begins dissolving a little bit which creates a gooey sort of feeling on my tounge - sweet and gooey, wan more could ...

Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima (iPhone) 24/05/2014

Brain exercise with dr kawashima

Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima (iPhone) I often browse through the app store on my phone as I like finding new games to play. I recently came across game whilst browsing for brain training games on the apple App Store. It caught my attention and I downloaded the lite version of it onto my iPad as it is free, however a paid version is also available for £1.49. The game took very little time to download onto my iPad and once I loaded it up it was easy to start playing, I just needed to select my language, choose whether or not to have the sound on, enter my name and it was as simple as that. I also have the game on my iPhone, and it downloaded quickly on to that too. Through the start up process I have to say that I was quite distracted by the cartoon argyle picture of the doctor, doctor Kawashima, as the picture is fairly pixelated and unclear looking which I found odd as the rest of the game such as the writing etc is very clear. Once I had registered I simply needed to press brain training to begin the game and once I'd done this I was given a list of three things that would be covered in today's brain training. These include some fairly complicated things such as predominant number, red minus blue and inverted panel. This nearly put me off playing as it all sounded so random but I went ahead and clicked on the tick in the corner. I liked that it tells you which areas of your brain each section uses - I found it really interesting, especially because it has a graphic of a brain and it lights up which area ...

Icon Pop Quiz (iPhone/iPad) 23/05/2014

Icon pop quiz

Icon Pop Quiz (iPhone/iPad) My iPhone is my favourite way to pass the time when traveling to work on the train. Playing games really helps keep the boredom at bay and I am always looking for new and interesting games to play. My favourite type of games are quiz games, as a majority of the time I prefer games where I have to think, rather than just tapping aimlessly at the screen. I downloaded this game, icon pop quiz quite recently after seeing it on the Apple App Store. I downloaded it firstly because it was free, and it sounded like a good game. It is described as a game which 'challenges players to name famous people, hit movies and TV shows and characters using imaginative, hand-crafted visual clues inspired by each answer'. This sounded like exactly my type of game so I began playing it as soon as it downloaded. The game didn't take long at all to download on to my iPhone and I like that I didn't need to create an account or register as the game uses my game centre settings which meant I could start playing straight away. My first impressions of this game weren't entirely positive, as the home screen is a bit cluttered and slightly messy and confusing, there is stuff everywhere. You are able to link the game to Facebook and twitter however personally I haven't done this. To play the game you click on play which gives you three different categories. The first one I selected was famous people however you have to unlock levels to access this so I went back and selected the first one which is ...

Where's My Water? (Ipad) 15/05/2014

Where's my water

Where's My Water? (Ipad) Where's my water is a Disney mobile game which can be downloaded onto IPhones, iPads and iPods from the Apple App Store. It can also be downloaded from the Google Play store on android devices. I have this game on my iPad, and I have the free version. There is also a paid version available which is priced at £1.49. The paid version has got 500 puzzles, whereas the free version only has 15. There is also a second 'Wheres my water' game, however I am reviewing the original. I downloaded this game for my two year old, as I thought that it looked like something he would enjoy seeing as he is crocodile mad at the moment and the icon of the game is a crocodile so that is what caught my attention. The game downloaded onto my iPad fairly quickly, and I didn't need to register or make an account as it used the game settings on my device automatically. The game asks you to verify your age when you load it up, and I selected my sons age. As I selected such a young age, the game warned me on the next page that there are in app purchases, and advised that there is a way to turn off being able to make these purchases in the App Store. I monitor my child's use of the iPad and always play the games with him though, so personally this isn't an issue for me. Once you're on to the games main screen, you are greeted with a crocodile in a bath tub. Kai loved this! In fact we stayed on the main screen for at least five minutes while he had a good look at it. It's certainly very visually ...

Tesco Cucumber Facial Wash 29/04/2014

Tesco cucumber face wash

Tesco Cucumber Facial Wash I used to religiously follow a skin care routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising up until recently. However, a couple of months back my working hours increased and I've found my self stretched for time and too tired to properly look after my skin. If I can be bothered I will cleanse and tone and moisturise, but if I'm tired and don't have the time then I will use face wipes to remove my make-up, then use a face wash to remove any remaining residue. The face wash that I am currently using is the Tesco cucumber cleansing face wash which I bought a couple of weeks ago, purely because it was affordable and I've used products from the same range before and have been pleased with them. The face wash retails at a very reasonable £1.50 for 150ml - much cheaper than the Body Shop face wash I had been using previously. This face wash contains cucumber extract, which is listed as cucumis sativus fruit extract in the ingredients, and this is the only ingredients which sounds remotely natural. The rest of the ingredients do sound like something out of a science class, however none of them have been tested on animals and my sensitive skin has not had a reaction to the face wash, so although the ingredients certainly aren't the most natural, this isn't too much of a disadvantage in my personal opinion. The face wash comes packaged very simply. The bottle is a squeeze tube type bottle with a flip top lid. There's the relevant information on the bottle such as the ingredients, ...

ROC Pure AGE Defiance Wipes 28/04/2014

Pure age defiance wipes

ROC Pure AGE Defiance Wipes Pure age defiance wipes Since discovering that my local Poundland sells the Pure packs of face wipes at 2 packs of 25 for a pound, I have been using them to remove my make-up instead of using make-up remover as it's a cheaper and equally effective way of doing it. There are a wide variety of different wipes in the pure range and the ones which I have tried a few of them. The wipes which I will be reviewing today are the age defying wipes. These come in the yellow and white packaging and they apparently, according to the manufacturer, 'help smooth out the appearance of wrinkles, making your skin appear even younger'. I am only in my early twenties and when in the shop I didn't realise that these were aimed at more mature skin, so I can not really comment on this aspect of them. However, I have found them very effective at removing my make-up, including stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara without irritating my eyes in the slightest. The wipes are paraben free and they are enriched with witch hazel and vitamins A & E. The ingredients includes evening primrose oil and Shea butter and the fragrance of the wipes is the perfect mix of these two ingredients. It's a lovely sweet fragrance and very pleasant. Heavily fragranced face wipes are usually a no-no for me - I tend to have bad reactions to them, however in the past couple of weeks that I have being using these wipes, I've had no problems in the slightest. The wipes come in a re-sealable packet which keeps them from ...

Sky Burger (iPhone/iPod Touch) 27/04/2014

Sky burger

Sky Burger (iPhone/iPod Touch) I downloaded this game a while ago from the apple App Store because it was (and still is) free. I have it on my iPhone and iPad. You don't need to create an account for the game as it automatically uses the game settings on your device but you do need to enter your name. This creates a player account for you and you can have several player accounts on the game, you just need to select which player you are when you first load up the game. The ads on this game are quite intrusive and pop up randomly, filling up most of the screen. However, this has only happened on the main screen rather than when I've actually sing playing the game so in my opinion this isn't a problem. The main screen of the game has got all of the usual stuff you'd expect to see on the main screen of a game. There is play, settings and help and also 'more games' which if you click on it takes you to the apple App Store and shows you similar games. The settings option allows you to turn on or turn off the sound and tilt options of the game. There is also a section called career which shows you the score you're on on the game. It shows things like your position, wage, best tip and so on. When you play the game, you are given an order. This tells you the name of the burger and also shows you the order in which the burger needs to be made up, for example bread, lettuce, burger, cheese, another burger, bread. It also tells you how many of each ingredient should be used for example 3 x lettuce. When you ...

Guess The Movie Game (iPhone) 23/04/2014

Guess the movie

Guess The Movie Game (iPhone) I am always looking through the App Store on my phone and iPad to see if there are any free games that sound good. I came across this particular game a couple of weeks ago and I decided to download it because it sounded like the sort of game I would enjoy, and also because it was free and it had a lot of good reviews. The game is available for free from the App Store and it can be downloaded on to any apple device such as iPad, iPhone etc. I have it on my iPad. The game doesn't require the player to register to make an account and it automatically uses the settings on your device from the game centre which in my opinion is really good. The main screen of the game has got a cartoon style picture of some popcorn and the games name and then there are other options near the bottom. These are all simple options such as connect with Facebook, sound on/mute. When you press play it takes you to the level area. There are 10 levels all together and you need to work your way through them. You can't go on level 10 until you've answered at least 135. I prefer games that don't have level restrictions however the level restriction does definitely keep me motivated and wanting to keep playing to finally get to level 10 (I'm on level 4 at the minute). The aim of the game is really simple, basically you are shown a cartoon picture and you have to guess which film the picture represents, for example a sinking ship would be titanic etc. You then enter the letters in to form the word and ...

Animals' Matching HD (iPad Game) 22/04/2014

Animals matching

Animals' Matching HD (iPad Game) My two year old loves playing on the iPad, so I am always on the look out for suitable games for him and download any which I think he'll like. I came across Animals Matching on the App Store a couple of weeks ago, and downloaded it because it was free. This isn't an app I'd heard of before, and it had no reviews so I wasn't too sure what to expect. It's actually a decent game though and after a couple of weeks my little one still likes playing on it. The game as I said before is free, however a paid version is available. The paid version has got three levels on it varying from easy to hard, while the free version has got only one level. I really hate paying for apps, even if they're mega cheap but I think I'm going to buy the full version of it soon given how much Kai likes it and the full version is only £1.49. The game is available for download on all apple devices. I downloaded it initially just on to my iPad, however I now have it on my iPhone too so that my son can play on it when we're on the bus and in the car etc as he really loves tapping away and seeing the animals. The game promises to keep children entertained, and it is claimed that it will help develop their concentration, memory and cognitive skills. The game runs really quickly and efficiently and even with a toddler tapping all over the screen I've never had a problem with the game freezing, crashing or any bugs at all, which is good especially considering its free - it runs smoothly. The game doesn't ...

i Fishing (iPhone) 20/04/2014


i Fishing (iPhone) I came across this app on the App Store a while ago when I was looking for apps for my partner as he does a lot of fishing. He wasn't interested in this app at the time as it wasn't the kind of thing he was looking for, so I had a quick play on it myself and I thought it seemed like quite a good game so I kept it on my phone. I haven't played it in a while and pretty much forgot about it but I recently decided to go through my phone and delete all the old games I don't play anymore. I decided to play it again to see if i should keep to delete it and here are my thoughts on the game. Firstly, the game is free to download from the apple App Store and it can be downloaded on to any apple device - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch etc. I have it on my iPhone. The app is HD and a normal version is available or a lite version. The game is described on the App Store as 'the most realistic and in-depth fishing game for the iPhone' it also says that the game is not an arcade type game and it's a stimulator that has been written by an avid fisherman. The game loads up quickly and the re is no need to create an account on the game as it uses the settings already on your device in the game centre. The main screen has got a picture of a man stood with a fishing rod and the main screen has a few different features such as a help section, options section, go fishing (which is basically the play button) and also an achievements and leaderboard section. There are also two icons, one of which is ...

Juice Cubes (iPhone) 13/04/2014

Juice cubes

Juice Cubes (iPhone) Juice cubes is a game that I came across recently when I was browsing through games on the apple App Store. I decided to download this because it had good reviews and was free. Although it is free, it does offer in-app purchases. The game can be downloaded on to android devices as well as apple devices and I have it on my iPad. The game is made by the same people who created the angry birds game and it is described as 'a puzzle game with tons of fresh and fruity challenges'. The game has got a huge amount of levels - over 215. The game downloaded onto my iPad really quickly without freezing up or making my iPad go slow and I've never had any problems with it freezing up or lagging when I have been playing it. The game always loads up quickly. The main menu of the game is quite childish in design in my opinion but brightly coloured and extremely easy to navigate. You don't need to make an account on the game as it automatically uses the game settings on your device however you can link it to Facebook if you want to which allows you to play with your friends on it which I think is a good feature although I personally haven't used this feature yet. The game is quite simple really and not very complex even on the higher levels. Te game is very simple, basically you have a load of fruit and you have to match up the fruit. When you match it up it gets sliced up and you have to keep doing this to get through the levels. As you get higher in the levels you get more fruit and ...

94 Seconds (iPhone) 12/04/2014

94 seconds

94 Seconds (iPhone) I really like quiz and guessing types of games so when I recently saw this game, 94 seconds on the apple App Store I decided to download it. I have it on my iPad and it was free to download. It is also available on all other apple devices and it is also available on google play so can be downloaded on to android devices. I found that setting the game up was a very quick process, you just need to select your language and country. You don't need to make an account on this game as it automatically uses the game settings saved on your device. You get 20 coins automatically and the main screen is blue with four options - play, relax, challengers and results. Below this there are several small icons for social media such as Facebook and twitter etc which shares your scores etc with your friends if you click on it. When you first start playing you are shown a tutorial which is quite basic and it explains what different icons mean and the different features of the game. It also explains how the points work too. The game is really basic and it is a bit like how the family fortunes game show works in my opinion, you basically are given a subject/question such as 'mammal' then a letter such as 'e' and have to name a mammal that begins with e and type it in. Some are harder though and quite in depth. The number of questions in each section varies, for example some will have 20 and some will have less. Some of the questions are the same but the letter will change so the answer ...

Puzzler World (iPad Game) 12/04/2014

Puzzler world

Puzzler World (iPad Game) I'm a big kid at heart and I love puzzles and those sort of games so when I came across this game on the apple App Store I didn't think twice about downloading it. The game is free and it's available on Apple and android devices. I have the app on my iPad and also on my iPhone. I like playing it at home on the iPad but when I'm on a bus or train and want to pass the time it's handy to have it on my phone. It downloaded quickly onto both of my devices and runs quickly on both of them too. The game is really easy to set up and you can either make an account with your e-mail address, play anonymously or play via Facebook. The Facebook option allows you to connect with and message friends. I personally made an account with my email address to play the game which was a very quick process and the only information needed is your email address then you just need to create a username and password. Once you are logged in and on to the game, you are greeted with the main screen. This is orange and it has a list of options down the left hand side such as settings, achievements, add friends etc. on the right hand side there's all of the games. The games are just shown as icons with detail on them but if you click on one then the name comes up of what it is. You don't need to work your way through different levels on this game or unlock games, you can just tap on whichever one takes your fancy which I like. There are 13 games including: soduko, word search, cross word, spot the ...

Close Up Pics (iPhone) 10/04/2014

Close up pics

Close Up Pics  (iPhone) I get bored of games quite quickly so I am always browsing the App Store on my phone to see if there are any games that catch my attention. I came across this game a couple of weeks back and decided to download it because it had good reviews and it is also free. The game can be downloaded onto any apple device such as an iPhone or iPad etc and it can also be downloaded from Google play onto android devices. The game boasts over 4 million players wold wide and it is described by its makers as 'the most addictive and challenging game yet.' To play the game you don't need to create an account or sign up as it uses the gaming settings on your device automatically which I like as this saves a little time, I hate it when I take the time creating an account on a game only to find that I don't like it! The game has got a bright main menu which is blue with orange writing, it's very neutral and not aimed towards one particular audience and although it's not really childish looking it doesn't look too plain either if that makes sense. Playing the game is really simple and when you first start playing it tells you what the different icons mean such as skip, zoom out etc. The concept of the game is very simple and easy to follow. Basically you are shown a picture of something which has been zoomed in on and you are also given a certain amount of letter spaces that are the length of the word for example if the word is apple there will be 5 blank spaces. There are then numerous ...
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