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Hi, I'm Alyson. I live in Wales with my boyfriend, my two little boys Jac and Harri, and my two cats. Thanks to everyone who has looked at and rated my reviews. I also write under the same name on Dooyoo. xx

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since 08/07/2007


Truprint Developing 19/09/2009


Truprint Developing MY HISTORY WITH TRUPRINT I’ve used truprint to have my photos developed for about 20 years. I remember having my first camera and the excitement I felt when getting my photos through the post along with a free film so I could use my camera straight away. I now use truprint online and have my digital photos developed into gloss prints to add to my photo album. For some reason I like to see them in photo albums – it probably sounds a little old fashioned as most people are probably happy with having them on disc these days. CONVENIENCE/EASE OF USE Truprint are extremely easy to use. You can either just plug in your camera of memory card and let Truprint do the rest or you can load the photos onto your pc and then log on to the truprint website ( From there you just click on upload photos, then you can either choose an album to upload to or create a new album. You can then name and date the album and you just click on ‘upload to this album’. This then opens a new window you then click on ‘select photos’, which automatically takes you to ‘my documents’ where you just choose the pictures you wish to upload. You can then order a few of the photos or the whole album and/or more than one album. There is no limit to how many photos you can order in one go. The system is so easy to use, it’s all there in plain English. SHARING There is a system Truprint have where you can share pictures or albums with friends. There is a tab at the top of the page ...

Dyson DC19 24/03/2009


Dyson DC19 I recently damaged my Dyson DC 04. We had it 8 years and I must admit that I hadn't been very gentle with it. It was quite heavy and used to find it quite difficult carrying it up and down the stairs and often banged it against the wall or the banister. A few bits had broken off it, and, to top it all off I dropped it down the stairs. I did manage to get the hose bit working but unfortunately it wouldn't work when it was upright. So, the time had come to get a new vacuum cleaner. Now, I've only ever owned one so I didn't realise how many vacuums were out there or how difficult it would be to choose one. So, I got the Argos catalogue out. Then visited Currys online followed by a few other online stores - I was still none the wiser. I then spoke to my older and wiser sister, she said it might be a good idea to go for a cylinder rather than an upright beings I have laminate and tiled floor downstairs, it would also be easier to clean under the table and chairs etc. So, a seed had been planted in my mind. I then looked up different makes and models of cylinder cleaners. First I visited VAX, they had many different models and they all looked great. Then I visited Dyson, I had a Dyson before and I knew that they were good so I looked at their cylinder models. I finally made my mind up after reading a few reviews, looking at power, suction etc. I was going for a Dyson. Then I had to decide which Dyson I wanted. The 'DC 20,21,22 and 23' versions seemed like a lot of ...

Tefal Steam Cuisine 1000 Turbo Diffusion Steamer 28/01/2009


Tefal Steam Cuisine 1000 Turbo Diffusion Steamer TEFAL - A LITTLE HISTORY Tefal is a French cookware and small appliance manufacturer owned by Groupe SEB. Groupe SEB is a leading manufacturer in small domestic equipment. The name Tefal is short for the combination of the words Teflon and aluminium. In North America, Brazil and Japan, the company's products are sold under the name T-Fal. Tefal is known for creating the non-stick cookware category. They invented the first non-stick frying pan in 1954. Their mission is to make cooking and ironing easier and faster. STEAM CUISINE I am reviewing the Tefal Steam Cuisine, which is a food steamer. I had the 1000cl model but it also comes in a 700cl model as well. WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 3 separate food baskets which have removable bases - the baskets and bases are made of plastic. Each basket has its own base which just clips into place. Its is then easily removed by just pushing up the base from underneath. I had a problem with the bases, the clips that held them in position broke off very quickly and never actually sat in position correctly often resulting in the base falling through and causing my food to spill everywhere!! The baskets and lids are fully dish-washable and are very easily stored away as the 3 baskets sit inside each other in order of size. The baskets are labelled 1,2 and 3. They fit on top of the juice collector in ascending order and then store away in descending order. A lid - which fits on top Rice bowl - the rice bowl fits ...

Dolmio Pasta Sauces 17/08/2008


Dolmio Pasta Sauces I love pasta and I like to try out different sauces. I like to make my own and I also enjoy the bought ones as they are so quick and easy. I decided to write about Creamy Tomato Dolmio Pasta Bake after enjoying it for my dinner yesterday. So, I started by doing a bit of research online, looking for the history of the company etc. To my dismay I couldn't find much, only that it is by Al Dolmio and is a brand which is manufactured by Mars, made by Masterfoods. Even though Dolmio is a very Italian sounding name it isn't actually sold in Italy. So, I am reviewing the Creamy Tomato flavour pasta bake. They do come in other varieties as well, Tomato & Cheese, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Creamy Carbonara. Price £1.41 in Tesco and Asda. Currently any 2 for £2.50 in Asda until December! The Jar This pasta bake sauce comes in 500g jar. The jar is transparent with a label going around the middle and a green lid. Both the jar's label and the lid have the 'Dolmio' logo on them. There is a picture of a cooked pasta bake (serving suggestion) on the front along with the variety of pasta bake and a sort of stamp which states it has no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The back of the jar label gives the cooking instructions, ingredients, nutritional data and the companies information such as address and telephone number. Ingredients Tomatoes, Fresh Cream, Onions, Sunflower oil, White wine, Tomato paste, Sugar, Modified maize starch, Butteroil, ...

Schwartz Chargrilled Chicken Pasta 07/08/2008


Schwartz Chargrilled Chicken Pasta Schwartz History The Schwartz brand was established in 1841 by William Schwartz, the son of a German immigrant, in Halifax, Canada. William E. Schwartz, the son of the founder, was the first person in Canada to sell pure spices. Formerly only compound spices were sold such as ginger mixed with cornmeal or flour. Chargrilled Chicken Pasta Now I'd had this in the cupboard for a good few months and it wasn't until I'd had enough of the same old meals that I came across it. I was searching through all the jars and sachets looking for inspiration and wondered how on earth it managed to stay hidden for so long. So, I decided to give it a go. What it is A garlic and herb sauce mix with a grill flavour to be used with chicken and pasta to make a family meal. The packet The product comes in a sachet and is quite attractive with the 'Schwartz' logo printed across the top and 'Chargrilled Chicken Pasta' printed underneath. Below that is a picture of the meal, which looks very appetizing. Ingredients Thickener (Maize Starch), Sugar, Flavourings (contains Barley), Lo Salt (Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride), Wheat Flour, Onion Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Dried Garlic (5%), Cream Powder, Cheese Powder (contains Egg), Black Pepper, Basil, Smoked Paprika, Anti-caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Whey Powder, Vegetable Oil, Colour (Carmine), Cayenne Pepper. Allergy warning - Contains Wheat, Barley, Egg, Milk It states that this meal is not suitable of vegetarians. ...

Q & A 06/08/2008


Q & A A little information about me. Not sure if it's useful or not. Thank you to whoever made this review format. It made me think quite a lot. 1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why? Shower, much more refreshing - don't think I could function without it in the morning. 2. What do you swear you'll never do? I'd never ever cheat on my boyfriend. 3. What's the most embarrassing thing you ever done? I once walked the length of the pub with my skirt tucked in my knickers and a big ladder in my tights! 4. What is your favourite saying? Don't worry, be happy. Wish I could stick to it though. 5. What was your favourite holiday? And why? 1995 - Magaluf. I was 18 and 5 of my mates and I went, it was a fab holiday. 6. What was your favourite childhood toy? My fisher price record player. 7. Do you have any pets? Yes. A cat called Abby. I love her to bits, she rules the roost though. 8. Savoury or sweet? Sweet. I love chocolate. 9. Hot or cold? Hot. 10. What's your favourite drink? Alcoholic - white wine. Soft drink - tea. 11. What's your favourite food? That's a difficult one. A roast dinner most probably. 12. Who do you hate the most? People who are cruel to animals. 13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who? The Doctor. (sorry Id) 14. What is your favourite colour? Red 15. What did you do last night? Watched a bit of television. Went to bed around 11pm with the feelings of a cold ...

Pantene Pro-V 17/06/2008


Pantene Pro-V Pantene is a brand of hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble. It was created in 1947 by the Swiss drug manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche. It was primarily a European company until it acquired by Richardson-vicks in 1983. They expanded the product line to 100 products which were mainly sold in salons and department stores. I've never really liked Pantene products very much, I've always found my hair gets greasy very quickly after using it. I have very greasy hair anyway and need to wash it everyday to keep the grease at bay. Anyway, it must have been back last year sometime when I received a package in the post containing a small bottle of Patene Pro-v Restoratives Time Renewal shampoo and a small bottle of Panten Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal conditioner. So I thought it was about time to give this company another go (well, they were free)! I used both products together as I'm sure most people would so I can only give my opinion on the products used in conjunction with each other. The Shampoo The shampoo comes in quite an attractive bottle which is cylindrical in shape. It's white in colour with green and gold parts with a dark navy blue lid. It has the pantene logo on the front along with the type of shampoo it is (Time Renewal). The lid makes it very easy to use this shampoo, you press on one side of the top of the lid and it goes down revealing on the other side, which has popped up, a slot in which the shampoo comes out of. On the back of the bottle is a ...

Whiskas Pockets 29/04/2008


Whiskas Pockets Whiskas Pockets are now called Whiskas Temptations History Whiskas products are sold throughout the world. The company is owned my Masterfoods. Whiskas started being produced in 1939 and was known as Kal Kan before it changed to the well known name that we all know and love - Whiskas. It was the first cat food to offer a range of different flavours. These days they produce tinned food, pouches, foil trays, dry food and organic. They also produce a variety of cat treats :- cat milk, whiskas crunch, dentabits, kitbits and temptations, which I am reviewing today. Temptations Temptations come in 60g boxes and in three varietys - 'salmon', 'chicken' and 'cheese and beef'. They should be fed as a treat in moderation even though they are 100% nutritionally complete and apparently have less than 2 calories per treat. They are also free from artificial additives. They are given as a supplement to a balanced diet. Kittens can be given these treats after they've been weaned. They come in a plastic container with a plastic lid. When you remove the lid you need to peel back the foil seal. You can then peel the seal back over and replace the plastic lid to keep the treats fresh. Price I buy these in Asda usually and they cost 89p -Beef flavour 94p - Salmon 95p - Chicken & Cheese They cost the same in Tesco. I don't really know why they cost different prices, my cat seems to enjoy them all equally. They are £1.09 each in Pets at Home Appearance, ...

Carcraft at Empress 06/04/2008


Carcraft at Empress I have recently been looking at buying a new car. I really fancy the Ford Fiesta ST, in black. After searching and searching the internet I found one in Carcraft, Newport. Carcraft was established in 1951 and is an independent used car hypermarket. They have many stores across the country. I went to the Newport branch in South Wales. It is comfortably warm inside has a café and is very welcoming, a bit too welcoming. The sales people don't leave you alone to browse and are constantly pestering you to buy buy buy! The Newport branch is very easy to get to, it's just off the M4. So, off we went (me and my boyfriend). When we walked in we were immediately greeted by a salesperson, we told him exactly what we were looking for and he showed us the ST. He then asked us if we would be wanting finance, which we weren't. After a short while he came with the keys to take us for a test drive. The car wouldn't start, so he went to find a battery pack. He came back with a battery pack which was also flat so he went to get another, which was also flat, he then went to get a mechanic to solve the problem. After around an hour, we finally got to test drive the car. I couldn't quite believe where he took us - up a short industrial estate road, the road had no bends, no junctions. When we got back to Carcraft, he started to pressure us into buying it. What do I have to do to make you buy it today etc? We decided to go for lunch and chat about it, he was none too pleased about ...

Electrolux ESL 63010 11/03/2008


Electrolux ESL 63010 Electrolux ESL 63010 Dishwasher A BRIEF HISTORY Electrolux is a Swedish corporation founded in 1910. The name Electrolux is a combination three separate companies' names - Elektromekaniska, Elektron and Lux. These three companies joined forces in 1919 and came up with the name Elektrolux. It wasn't until 1957 when they decided to change the 'k' to a 'c' and make it Electrolux. Electrolux is now one of the worlds leading electrical appliance companies. It sells over 40 million products each year in 150 countries worldwide. INTRODUCTION Last year we built a new extension onto our house to make our kitchen bigger. We then, had to buy a new kitchen, so off we went to all the places we could think of to pick up brochures. To cut a long story short we decided on one we really liked in Wickes. The next job was to choose the appliances. We bought most of the large appliances in Wickes at the same time we bought our kitchen. I was very excited about getting the dishwasher - we'd never had a dishwasher before as our old kitchen was too small to fit one. We decided that we wanted all of our large appliances integrated so we went for the Electrolux ESL 63010. Here are the results….. LOOKS & DESIGN EXTERIOR There's not a lot I can say about the exterior of the dishwasher. It's integrated so the cupboard door is attached to the dishwasher door. When the dishwasher arrived in the delivery van we noticed that it had a scratch on the side - I phoned up Wickes who offered to ...

Head & Shoulders Normal Hair Shampoo 05/03/2008


Head & Shoulders Normal Hair Shampoo DANDRUFF Dandruff is a condition affecting the scalp. The skin cells on the scalp are constantly renewing and the old cells get pushed to the surface by the new ones. What happens when you have dandruff is that the process I just explained speeds up to twice the normal rate so more dead cells are shed and pushed to the surface, there are so many cells that they go into clumps and this is what makes them visible. (If you have dandruff there are countless websites out there which can explain in greater detail such as or INTRODUCTION I am reviewing the 'Head & Shoulders' for normal hair or 'Classic Clean' as it is now known. I suffer with an itchy scalp and if I don't wash my hair everyday it gets extremely itchy and then starts to flake and I even get sores on my scalp. It's very uncomfortable and I don't really like the medicated shampoos such as T-gel, so I decided to give this a go! PRICE, SIZE and OPTIONS Usually this costs approximately £3.69 for 400ml. You usually find special offers on such as' buy one get one free' or '3 for 2'. I tend to stock up when these offers are on! There is an offer on in Boots at the moment 'buy one get 2nd one half price'. There is an offer on the 200ml bottles in Asda until April - 2 bottles for £3.50, or it is £3.38 for a 400ml bottle, which works out cheaper. I usually buy the 400ml bottles as they last a lot longer and usually it works out better value for money. You can get this ...

Everything that starts with Q ... 29/02/2008

20 Questions

Everything that starts with Q ... 1. How long, on average, does it take you to get rid of someone trying to sell you something over the phone? I rarely get these phone calls anymore as I joined the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) online. They somehow stop you from having them and it doesn't cost a thing. If I do get a call I just tell them I am a member of the TPS and they apologise and hang up. So, in answer to the question - 10 seconds. 2. What is the most expensive object you have ever broken on purpose? ('when angry' counts as 'on purpose' even if you regretted it soon afterwards) I've sat and thought and thought. I honestly can't think of anything. I have often thought about breaking something purposely when in anger but have never had the guts to do it. My boyfriend does get quite angry with things and has damaged a few things. One story which springs to mind is when I accidentally hurt him in his private parts. He fell to the floor and punched a massive whole in our bath panel! Not that a bath panel is that expensive. He sometimes gets quite frustrated when trying to fix something and loses his rag with it and flings it across the room. 3. If you buy something for 99p with a £1 coin, do you really want the 1p back? Not usually, no. It depends on what it is. If it is something that I want the receipt for then I will keep the penny when they give me the receipt, otherwise I place it in the charity box. I have noticed that when we get a Dominos Pizza ...

Morphy Richards 43696 14/02/2008


Morphy Richards 43696 MORPHY RICHARDS 43696 KETTLE HISTORY Donal Morphy and Charles Richards worked together at an electric fire company. Morphy was an engineer and Richards was a salesman. In July 1936 they registered their new enterprises as a private company manufacturing and dealing in electrical, gas, radio and television equipment. They set out to produce affordable modern appliances for the mass market. The company is a household name that is still doing extremely well today. I bought this kettle last year when we were building our extension for our new kitchen. I wanted a black theme so was always on the lookout for black appliances. Our old kettle had done us well, but it had started making a funny loud whistling sound when it was being boiled. The noise got louder and louder, I then decided we had to get my new kettle out before the kitchen was complete. I was gutted, I had planned to have everything new, put out into the new kitchen all at the same time. Oh well, I got to try out our new kettle. The reason I chose this kettle was mainly because of the look of it. I liked the shape of it, it was traditional looking. Design Like I just stated, it is traditional looking but in a contemporary way (if that makes sense), with a handle on the top of the kettle. The handle is made of black plastic so therefore heatproof. It is almost triangular in shape. It is black in colour and has a water level indicator up the side. The on switch is just below this indicator. The pouring spout ...

Daewoo KOR8AOR 06/02/2008


Daewoo KOR8AOR DAEWOO MICROWAVE OVEN KOR-8A0R A BIT OF HISTORY ABOUT THE COMPANY Daewoo Electronics was established in 1971 and is now a global business in more than 40 countries worldwide. Daewoo Electronics Sales UK was established in November 1993. The company sells a wide range of goods from refrigeration and sound and vision products such as TV's, DVD and VCR players/recorders, as well as vacuum cleaners, washing machines and microwaves of course. HOW MICROWAVES COOK FOOD In a microwave oven, electricity is converted into microwaves by the magnetron. Then they pass through the cooking containers to be absorbed by the water molecules in the food. The microwaves bounce off the metal walls and the metal door screen. The microwaves cause the water molecules to vibrate which causes friction which in turn causes heat. The heat then cooks the food. MY REASON FOR BUYING A MICROWAVE Towards the end of last year I had a new fitted kitchen. It was long awaited as my boyfriend did all the work including building an extension for the new kitchen (he also works full time). Work started in May and finished around October/November time. As he was doing all the grafting, I was looking online, around shops etc, looking for all the lovely new things I could put into my new kitchen. It wasn't until September time that I started thinking about a new microwave. My old one was actually my parents old one and we desperately needed a new one, so I thought I might as well get one to match the new ...

Oral B PC 9900 Triumph Smart Guide D 30.546.4 X 13/01/2008


Oral B PC 9900 Triumph Smart Guide D 30.546.4 X ORAL B PROFESSIONAL CARE 9900 TRIUMPH DELUXE We (me and my boyfriend) used to have a normal Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush. It lasted us 9+ years. Just before Christmas it started 'playing up'. It started with the battery charging light not lighting up when it was placed on charge. Then it would only work if I banged it against the side of the sink!! It was definitely time for a new one, but, it didn't enter my head to get one! Then surprise surprise, I had one for Christmas! Not the best Christmas present, in fact, some might take it as an insult, but not me, I was quite chuffed - nothing like a new gadget for Christmas! But, this electric toothbrush wasn't just a normal electric toothbrush - this one had extras, it was a real gadget and not one for my boyfriend to play with - one for me! (Although he did have to come and interfere whilst I was trying to play with it). So what makes this toothbrush so special I hear you ask? I will try to explain…. BOX CONTENTS • The actual toothbrush handle • 2 toothbrush heads - the Oral-B Floss Action head (for outstanding interdental cleaning) and the Oral-B ProBright (Naturally whitens teeth) • The charger 2 prong but also comes with an adaptor • SmartGuide display unit • 2 AA batteries for the display unit • Wall mount for display unit • Base station for toothbrush • Protective cover which fits onto base station for storing toothbrush heads • Plastic carry case which fits ...
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