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Dove Beauty Care Body Wash Silk Glow 06/05/2009

Dove silk glow beauty bath

Dove Beauty Care Body Wash Silk Glow I was bought this a while ago and have only just started using it and I found I liked it so much I would share it with you. This comes in a 500ml teardrop shaped white plastic bottle it has the original Dove in blue writing at the top with a small gold dove underneath, it looks as if there is a big ray of sunshine in the middle at the bottom with the words for the glow of silky smooth skin. It has a flip top lid with a beige stripe on. This will cost around £2.99 but I wouldn’t normally pay this much I was bought for me. It is quite thick and of the same colour as the beige lid, Its hard to explain the smell but it is the same as any other dove but with a fruitier smell. To use this you simply pour under running water to turn your bath into a luxurious experience of silky lather, be careful not to use too much as it is very rich and very moisturising. I used loads the first time and found myself itching for quite a while after but don’t be put off as this was only because I went mad and put far too much in my bath. This gave me far too many bubbles but the right amount was achieved when I put less in. they do last the whole bath and longer, most bubble go away after a while but not these ones. With the right amount the bath water does feel silky and smooth, you can tell its not a cheap supermarket own brand. There is a difference to my skin it has been moisturised I used to get quite dry legs and now I don’t feel the need to add extra moisturiser even though I have ...

Pure Digital THE BUG TOO 04/09/2008

Johnny 5 is alive

Pure Digital THE BUG TOO A Concise History of radio Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831, then his mate Alexander G Bell came up with the telephone a year later. In the vintage year 1977, Thomas A Edison recorded the first sound.. it was "Mary had a little lamb." In 1990 a bloke called Reginald Fessenden used his trusty spark generator to send the human voice a mile, in 1901 Marconiflew his first kite and topped that with the first transatlantic radio transmission. Morse code followed and not much happened apart from Radio Caroline sinking in 1980 and someone called the Hairy Cornflake on radio one making a daft record about CB'ers. But then came DAB - Digital Radio Broadcasting also know as Eureka 147. The DAB was designed in 1980, but as of 2006, approximately 1,000 stations worldwide broadcast in the DAB format. An upgraded version of the system was released in February 2007, which is called DAB+. DAB+ is not compatible with DAB, which means that only receivers that support the new standard will be able to receive DAB+ broadcasts. The reception of DAB remains crystal clear because DAB uses obstacles like the South Shields Erotic Gherkin tower, the Twister and the Geordie Alps as reflectors creating multipath reception conditions to optimise receiver sensitivity. DAB automatically selects the strongest regional transmitter and gives you the digital quality without the hiss, crackle or pop. DAB radios can carry text and soon pictures and even video on their ...

Carnival Games (Wii) 22/08/2008

Carnival funfair games are not so fun after all !!

Carnival Games (Wii) I love funfair games and had been looking at this game for a long time before my partner decided to buy it for my birthday. On the back of my case it says "Experience all the fun and excitement of the funfair with carnival funfair games" You can create your player from a very limited choice but you can buy more things once you have won some tickets. This is a single or multi player game, with prize mode for single and head to head or competition for multi player. I played the single player game first where you play to win tickets and virtual prizes, the tickets you use in penny pushers or grabbing machines there are a few others too which I won't spoil for you because I found these the best part of the game. As you play the game and win prizes you turn them into bigger prizes this moves you closer to unlocking the extra games. This took no time at all. I then had a go on multi player and unless you have more than one remote it gets a bit annoying swapping and strapping up all the time. I found this a bit more fun than single player. This game has over 25 mini games including, dunk tank, and test your strength, hole in one, ring toss, clown splash, balloon darts, and day at the races, shooting gallery and many more. When I first put the game on the first thing I noticed was the colours, very dull and the sound was terrible, sort of muffled, the music and graphics were not that great at all. To play the games you use the remote in a number of ways I shall ...

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii) 18/08/2008

Have you seen a monkey with super balls??

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii) I was bought super monkey ball banana blitz for my birthday and thought it was a good game packed full of mini games. After playing the first one on the game cube this one is so much better. This game is rated 7+ but I think if you can play the game any age is good. There are 50 mini games and then the main game. You get the choice of which monkey you would like to be, AiAi is a carefree monkey who loves bananas, MeMe is a confident monkey who loves bananas, Baby is AiAi and MeMe's son, GonGon used to be very rowdy and was also AiAi's rival, however the two are now best of friends. Doctor. A mysterious monkey who was drifting around Monkey Island and YanYan is a little girl who has moved into AiAi's neighbourhood recently. Once you have chosen the monkey you want to be you then go on to rolling your monkey which is inside a ball around eight worlds each with eight stages, once you have done four of them you get a bonus stage and after eight you are faced with a boss. The aim of the game is to roll your monkey around a fairly short circuit with a time limit collecting bananas as you go, once you collect 20 you will gain an extra life and the banana counter is reset, you have to try hard not to fall off the edge or else you will start at the beginning again. The stages start of easy with sides so you cant roll off, the further into the game you get the harder the levels become they have no sides and more difficult obstacles to get over like sea saws and jumps. Although ...

George Foreman's Pork Grillers 07/02/2008

George Forman's big mistake

George Foreman's Pork Grillers I bought these George Foreman's Pork Grillers from Tesco for £1.99. I thought they should be good because the grilling machine is. Packaging They come in a pack of four, as there are 2 adults and one child living in my house I was unsure if 1 packed would be enough. The box is black with a picture of the grillers in the right hand bottom corner. The writing across the top is orange and says exactly this "George Foreman's lean mean grillers" then in white underneath this is says in white " Pork Grillers, succulent minced pork grill steaks with onion and a hint of seasoning, grill to perfection from frozen." It also states at the bottom that there are no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Coking instructions For best results cook from frozen on the George Foreman. These instructions are guidelines only as cooking appliances vary. Remove packaging before cooking (as if there would be some one to try and cook it in the box!!) To George Foreman Grill Preheat the grill and if it has a temperature dial turn on med to high. Place the product on the plate and close the lid. Cook for 7-10 minutes. To Grill Place under a medium heat and grill for 22-24 minute turning careful during cooking. To oven cook Place on a baking tray and cook in a pre heated oven set at 200c/400f gas mark 6 and bake for about26-28 minutes. This product can also be cooked on a BBQ from frozen. Always check the product is piping hot throughout before serving!! My ...

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot 31/01/2008

cybershot phone

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot I was bought a sony ericsson for xmas and was very proud of it so I thought I would share it with you. This cost £99 at the time and I think they are even cheaper than that now, it is worth every penny and I don't need a digital camera now!! Specifications Size 106x47x18mm Weight 115g Display 262,144 colours Resolution 240x320 pixels Camera 3.2 megapixels Video calling / streaming Video recording / playback Audio playback MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAc+ Connectivity Bluetooth, infrared, USB Internal memory 64 MB Memory card slot M2 MemoryStick Micro Java Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS Email client POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 Ringtones Polyphonic Internet browser WAP, xHTML, HTML Frequency Tri-band + 3G Talktime 420 mins Standby 350 hours Best features 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus Built-in Xenon flash BestPic and image stabilisation technology Auto red-eye reduction High quality finish My thoughts I was really impressed with the camera quality of this 3.2 mega pixel camera it has auto focus, red eye reduction and even an application to warp pictures which I found very amusing for a while, twisting every ones face round making them look quite abnormal. Normally when you put your photos onto your computer from your phone you end up with quite a blurred picture, not this one its very clear indeed. I was a bit disappointed with the video quality and the video calling is the same, but I ...

Yorkshire Tea Decaffeinated 29/01/2008

Decafeinated tea that still tastes good

Yorkshire Tea Decaffeinated IAs some of you may know I have a heart condition that makes my heart race at over 200 beats per minute, I don't get these attack very often but I have bee advised to stay away from caffeine, I drink tea, stay away from coffee and tend to only drink coke on special occasions. I was sitting round my friends house and she offered m a coffee I asked for tea and told her I'm not allowed coffee and she replied with I'm not giving you tea then that has more caffeine in tan coffee. Well I was not convinced as I have drunk tea for years so I thought I would look into it and find out the truth. Instant coffee brewed in 8 fluid ounces of water contains 62 milligrams of caffeine. Tea brewed in 8 fluid ounces of water contains 47 milligrams of caffeine. The caffeine content of coffee and tea depends on the variety of the coffee bean or tea leaf, the particle size, the brewing method, and the length of brewing or steeping time. Caffeine is best known for its stimulant, or wake-up effect. Once you consume caffeine, it is absorbed by the body and carried around the bloodstream, Caffeine mildly stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It affects the brain and results in elevated mood, decreased fatigue, and increased attentiveness, so a person can think more clearly and work harder. It also increases the heart rate, blood flow, respiratory rate, and metabolic rate for several hours. When taken before bedtime, caffeine can interfere with getting to sleep or staying ...

Hoover VHD 8122 11/10/2007

Hoover makes washing machines???

Hoover VHD 8122 My last washing machine broke down a few weeks ago and after a painful 13 days my new Hoover was delivered, no it is a washing machine just made by Hoover. I bought it from Littlewoods catalogue and it cost me £299. Setting up and installation First I had to remove all the plastic packaging and polystyrene and place the washing machine near its permanent position. Next I cut the cable tie that was holding the hose in place. Then I removed four big long fixing screws in the back of the washing machine and covered them with a cap that was provided. Next to fix a bit of insulation sheet to the bottom of the machine with some double sided sticky pads and a couple of plastic caps. I did not need to adjust the feet as the washing machine was stable and did not hop across the floor. It only has a cold fill so only one hose to fit to the back and the hose was placed in the down pipe so the water can drain away. I found it easy to install. Technical data Maximum spin 1200 Maximum load of laundry 8kg Width 60cm Depth 54cm Height 85cm Description of controls Time saver button By pressing this button you reduce up to 50 minutes off your wash, this depends on the temperature and programme selected. This option may only be used on cottons and synthetics programmes. Delay start button Appliance start time can be set with this button every time it is pressed the start will be delayed by 3,6 or 9 hours the corresponding light will ...

Kohinoor Cook in Sauce Kashmiri Roganjosh 07/09/2007

Roganjosh indan style!!

Kohinoor Cook in Sauce Kashmiri Roganjosh I have found a lovely authentic sauce to make curry with, its not like the jars you get in Tesco it actually tasted like a real Indian curry, so I thought I would share it with you. The Roganjosh curry sauce comes in a 375g packet witch is black with gold edging and a lovely picture at the bottom of a wrack of lamb covered in the roganjosh sauce,(they must have changed the packaging because the picture I found on the net was different) so I will describe the one I bought from Tesco. In the bottom left hand corner there is a chilli rating there are five chilli's and three of them are coloured in, which in my mind when I bought it would be too hot for my eleven year old daughter, which in fact I was wrong, she ate it with little fuss of it being too hot, which is good for us because we can have it again. Under the name of this curry sauce reads: An immensely popular sauce from the rich culinary heritage of Kashmir. An integral part of the Kashmir wazwan (an elaborate meal consisting of up to 36 courses). Roganjosh is the true Indian lamb curry. Even though it states lamb curry I tend to do it with chicken and it tastes lovely!! You need to pan fry the chicken or lamb whatever you decide to use and just simply pour over the sauce and cook for 20 minutes or until the meat is tender, I add a chopped onion because the sauce is smooth and I like a few coarsely chopped onions, you could add whatever you like. Replace the lamb with 500g of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) for ...

Blue Dragon Chicken and Chilli 3 Minute Noodles 14/06/2007


Blue Dragon Chicken and Chilli 3 Minute Noodles I was doing some snack shopping when I came across these noodles, Blue dragon chicken and chilli flavour. Mmm, I thought anything has got to be better than the horrid super noodles. They come in a red 85g packet with what looks like a neon sign on the front saying noodle town, instant noodles ready in 3 minutes, with the blue dragon logo at the top left and the flavour at the bottom right, I have also found won ton and crispy duck flavours!! Blue dragon’s noodle town makes the perfect snack or it serves two as part of a main meal, quick and easy to make, just put them in boiling water and they are ready in three minutes. I have only had them as a main meal and I found the quite sufficient, I don’t think there would be enough for me to share, but maybe with something as well, I thought sausages would go well. There are no microwave instructions so I do them ion the hob I turn it on full whilst boiling the kettle, then measure out 250ml of the boiling water and put into a saucepan, add the noodles and place on the heat, by this time the hob is hot and it starts boiling away, so I turn it down a touch, I then add the powder sachet which are the flavourings and stir with a fork from time to time, with this flavour you get a sachet of crushed chillies so I add this as well and within three minutes the water has absorbed and they are ready to eat. Hot chicken chilli noodles are not for people who do not like spice, I ate these on an empty stomach, which I do not ...

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (PS2) 22/03/2007

Shin Megami Tensei : Digital devil saga

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (PS2) I decided to treat myself to a game for the ps2, after hours of browsing I came up with a role play game called digital devil saga made by ghostlight which cost me £11.98 secondhand including postage from amazon. About the game Enter the world of the junkyard where rival tribes fight an endless war vying for supremacy and the right to ascend to Nirvana. Changed forever by a mysterious light, Serph and his comrades now have the power to change into powerful demons, but with the power comes a price, an insatiable hunger to devour their enemies. This has a 16+ rating and I think its about right with the violence and some bad language, I don't like playing it while my 10 year old daughter is around! It has a final fantasy feel about the game you have battles where each character takes their go using attacks, magic or even potions to restore your health. As you fight your way through the level you earn points with help you to go up a level, the only person you can do this manually for is Serph the rest go up automatically. I have had 5 people in my team so far I think there is another to come but you can only fight with 3 of them and it is up to you who you have and witch order you put them in. The party members will automatically turn into demons at the start of a fight, unless they are caught off guard, in witch case the will still be in human form, the characters can attack with guns while in human form, but lack the of strength and skill possessed by the demons. ...

The Body Shop Coconut Bath and Shower Cream 15/03/2007

Wanna smell like a coconut

The Body Shop Coconut Bath and Shower Cream For Christmas I got quite a few of the body shop products and now I have used my usual shower gel up its time to work my way through all the little bottles I have got. Packaging The coconut shower cream comes in a 60ml small see trough plastic bottle with a flip top lid with a small hole to squeeze the shower cream out of. On the front is the body shop logo with the words coconut shower cream written in green and then under that I'm assuming its written in French. At the bottom is a picture of two coconuts cracked open and on the back are the instructions for use and the ingredients. The smell I thought I used to like the smell of coconut and was quite excited when it came round to using it. As I open the lid and take a whiff I get the scent of coconut straight away, it almost smells like you are sitting on a beach with lots of people wearing sun tan oil. Then it hits me, the smell of Malibu, its not as sweet but after I spent my younger years drinking the stuff I didn't fancy smelling like it. As you wash yourself in the shower cream you get a slight hint of coconut but not as strong as I imagined. The product itself The shower cream is white in colour and quite thick. A little goes a long way and it leaves you skin feeling clean and fresh, it does not dry my skin out I have used it about three times so far and have had no problem with it at all. My views I would only recommend it to people who like the coconut smell, I think as I have got ...

Back to the Old Skool - Various Artists 08/03/2007

Old skool!!!!

Back to the Old Skool - Various Artists Ministry of sound back to the old skool is a CD which I borrowed from a friend at work, bearing in mind he is only eighteen I didn't expect him to come up with this. The CD cover is bright green with a bid yellow acid smiley on the front with the words back to the old skool written in white under the smiley. Disc one is yellow and disc two is green making them easy to tell apart, im not sure which disc is my favourite so I shall start with the obvious one first. This is also quite strange for me I am so fussy when it comes to music I usually only like one out of the two CD's or maybe only a few songs on a particular disc, that's why I decided to write a review on this one, so bear with me and feel free to push me in the right direction if I make a total mess, as this will be the first music review I have ever done. Disc one N-Trance- Set You Free This was published in 1995 and I quite like the beginning of this one as it starts with the sound of rain, its quite a repetitive song and think I wore it out years ago and tend to skip this one. M.A.R.S- Pump Up The Volume This was published in 1987, wow that long ago. It's a great tune to just bob around to and sounds great up loud for obvious reasons. Snap-the power Ive got the power, what a classic, id love to have a FAT car and have it blasting out as I drive down the road, but I have grown out of that stage now and just want to give it to my boss as his surname is Power!! It's a great feel good song and ...

Hopi Ear Candles 06/03/2007

I hopi these ear candles work!

Hopi Ear Candles One of my friends has been gong to college to learn reflexology, aromatherapy, hopi ear candles, Swedish massage and Indian head massage. She said I could have any treatment for £5, the hopi ear candles sounded different and I have had had trouble with my ears for a while, not sure if they were blocked or not I thought I would give it a go. What is a hopi ear candle? Ear candles are an ancient, mild and natural therapy and have been used by Native American Indians for many years. The hopi candle is not a candle as such but a hollow tube made out of cotton flax. The flax is stiffened and impregnated with extract of honey and essential herb oils of St John's wort, chamomile and sage. I think they are roughly 22cm in length. The healing properties have been known to the hopi tribe for hundreds of years. The treatment This treatment is very gentle and relaxing and may take up to an hour depending on the condition being treated. The candle is passed over the ear orifice and ignited. The candle creates a mild suction witch lets vapours massage the eardrum and auditory canal. Once the candle is placed in the ear it forms a seal witch enables wax and other impurities to be drawn out of the ear.The candles work by vapourising their ingredients once lit, causing convectional air flow towards the first chamber of the ear. The candle creates a mild suction which lets the vapours gently massage the eardrum and auditory canal. What can be treated with hopi ear ...

Tesco Anti-bacterial wipes 23/01/2007

Wipe away bacteria!!!

Tesco Anti-bacterial wipes I bought these wipes for one reason, we have no hot water. I would not usually use these wipes if it wasn't for the fact we had no hot water I would never had bought them but after using them for around a month I got used to them and get on with them really well. Packaging They come in a yellow plastic packet with Multi action wipes written in big red letters across the top, just above this in blue it states that they are anti bacterial. Just under the multi action written in green it says with natural citrus extracts. It tells you that you get 80 regular = 40 large. Pardon I don't quite get that bit. Finally at the bottom written in white with a green background it says Kills 99.9% of bacteria including E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella. It has a sticky peel back bit in the middle bit of the packet to get your wipe out of a bit like the cleansing wipes you get. But make sure you seal it back down as they may dry out if you left it open. The wipe As I pulled a wipe out of the packet I noticed it had a perforated bit down the middle, now I understand the 80 regular=40 large. You can use them separate or leave them together. The regular size is 5 and ½ inches by 7 or the large is 11 inches by 7. I find it best not to separate them. They are white and quite strong. I can stick my finger through it but after a little force, they smell of lemons and it is quite pleasant. Quite wet, I was impressed with this as they have been open for a week now and have not dried up. ...
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