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Let It Be Me - Jason Donovan 13/11/2008

Jason Donovan - Let It Be Me (or not)

Block - New Kids on the Block 13/09/2008

Old Men 'Round the Block

Heroes OST - Various Artists 29/04/2008

WHo says there's no more Heroes?

X Marks Destination (+DVD) - Whip 28/04/2008

The Whip - X Marks Destination

Everything that starts with P ... 18/12/2007

Paul's Predictions of Pop

The State of Things - Reverend and The Makers 10/09/2007

Reverend and the Makers (of not very good music)

Light at the End of the World - Erasure 13/08/2007

Erasure...It's just the light

Light at the End of the World - Erasure Who/What It’s that pop duo what have been going for 20+ years again, and I would imagine, unless you’re really rather dim (and we all know you aren’t), then you’ll be aware they’ve got a new album out. Having been purveyors of some of the finest (and most underrated) electropop from the last two decades, Andy and Vince have once more thrown their backs into the task of bringing us a few more tracks to thread between our ears, and here I am, with my little Apple buds jammed into my aural canals, trying to decide whether or not you should be parting with your hard earned spondoolies. Highlights As with *any* Erasure album, the main highlight is always going to be Andy’s voice, usually followed swiftly by Vince’s mastery of all things sonic/electronic, as it’s been throughout the history of the group….sod this, you know what? I’ve been a fan of Erasure for nearly the whole 20 odd years, and in my younger days, there were times when I’d break out in a sweat when I thought that they could ever split up, as I didn’t believe there was ever going to be a band I’d like after them, but now, I’m kind of hoping that the day is coming soon, as they’ve turned into a really rather rubbish parody of themselves, sorry, but it’s true… Lowlights I’ve started, so I may as well finish. I was disappointed by the whole album and the only reason I bought the limited edition 7” picture disc of first single “I Could Fall in Love with You” was in the vain hope that it may one day be ...

Fantastic Playroom - New Young Pony Club 12/08/2007

New Young Pony Club - Fantastic Playroom

Fantastic Playroom - New Young Pony Club Who/What This is more like it, isn’t it viewers? After having spent the last month in intense therapy in an almost fruitless bid to have the memory of Calvin Harris erased from my memory (at times, it got a bit hairy, and I almost went berserk in a Total Recall kind of way), I had almost given up hope of ever being able to rid myself of the horror. Until this landed on my desk in a frothy flourish of enthusiastic effervescence. They’re British! They’re New and Young, and they’re….erm…a Pony Club by all accounts. Highlights Being signed to an Australian label (the travesty) doesn’t seem to have bothered NYPC all that much and the sounds within bring to mind Dragonette and Shiny Toy Guns more than the Divinyls and INXS (who are both Australian bands, do keep up). With two singles released already, ‘The Bomb’ and ‘Ice Cream’ (I know, they caught *me* on the hop as well) NYPC are on the way to establishing themselves as a band of note, and with appearances all over the UK in upcoming months, it’s going to be hard to ignore them this time around. Lowlights ‘Fantastic Playroom’ has been three years in the making and on occasion it’s apparent that some of the songs were written early on in the mix, which in today’s world of disposable pop and instantly forgettable (s)hits is usually a no-no, but NYPC have thrown caution to the wind and still manage to sound like some lovely cross between early Blondie and a Rolo milkshake, which erm, isn’t really a lowlight at all, ...

I Created Disco - Calvin Harris 12/08/2007

Calvin Harris - I Created Disco (ahem)

I Created Disco - Calvin Harris Who/What It makes you sick sometimes, doesn’t it? I mean, you sit in front of a PC for years trying to cobble together a song that might just make a difference. You fight chord progressions; you whack a wah-wah on yer gee-tar and modulate the hell out of your basslines til they’re squelchier than the nappy of a 6 month old with the squits, and then what? I’ll tell you what, some twenty-three year old upstart with nothing but an old Amiga and a vocal processing unit appears out of nowhere (i.e. his bedroom) and proceeds to fill the airwaves with his ‘nu-sound’. Highlights I would suggest that you pretend to be Derek Acorah for a moment, open your mind as far as it will go (your *mind*, I said) and tell me what I’m going to say…What was that? Sorry love, you’re too near, stand back a bit. I’m getting something now…Acc…Acc…Acceptable in the 80’s? You bet it was, but then, so were puffball skirts and coked up yuppies yarking around in trendy wine bars whilst schoolchildren lost out on precious calcium when the Iron Lady (who seems to be rusting quite nicely these days) decided they didn’t need milk at school anymore. Greed is good… Lowlights Right, before I start, I’m just going to go down into my pop bunker, where I’ve laid aside many moonsworth of food and assorted beverages, as I feel that if I don’t, I’m going to be put in stocks somewhere in the middle of Poptastic where I’ll have bottles of blue VHF thrown at me until I recant what I’m about to say (which I ...

Galore - Dragonette 12/08/2007

Dragonette - Galore (witty, huh?)

Galore - Dragonette Who/What? Three quarters Canadian, one quarter British seems to be the perfect mix, well, a better mix than Coca Cola and orange anyway, which isn’t a difficult thing really all things considered, I mean, well done on your successful pairings with vanilla, citrus zest, cherry and lemon, but orange? Anyway, time to backtrack, get off this tangent and back on to the never ending circle of Pop (short for Popular, remember that, won’t you?). Dragonette are here, they have been for a while actually, but it’s only recently that they’ve started to get their selves noticed by the great unwashed, and if you’ll give me a moment of your time, I’ll take you on the quick tour. Highlights The father of lead singer, Martina Sorbrara seems to think his daughter could do better than to be part of a ‘market driven’ electropop outfit that look as if they have stepped out of a yachting era Duran Duran video, but what would he know, he’s only a finance minister? Anyway, Dragonette’s first gig was supporting Duran Duran (we’ll have no jokes about Zimmer frames thank you) when they toured the States (man!). In fairness, there’s a lot of good on this album, like the adultery encouraging ‘Competition’, the ‘tart-with-a-heart’ frippery of first single, ‘I Get Around’ ( I say yes, when I oughta say no) and the low down dirtiness of ‘Black Limousine’, but, as with everything in life, when one side of the wheel is going up, the other is coming down… Lowlights Although Dragonette are ...

Should smoking be banned in all public places? 25/09/2004

Protect the innocent

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking - Allen Carr 23/09/2004

20 a day smoker stops with no withdrawal symptoms

Subway, Manchester 22/09/2004

Eating the Sub way

Top 10 Things Not to Do on a Date 18/09/2004

And I wonder why I'm single

10 Things That Really Turn Me On 04/06/2004

Yet Another Blast of Honesty from the Cubzter

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