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Thomas Cook Airlines (powered by Condor) 04/07/2007


Thomas Cook Airlines (powered by Condor) I have travelled with this airline a few times and to my knowledge have not been delayed YET. The food although is very poor, like most airlines, and the leg room is not as much os other airlines eg first choice. The only problems i have had with these is the landing, but that was the piot not the airline. The plane was clean and tidy and the staff we all polite, and i could honestly say that it was not expensive. The online/telephone after sales were good, and i have had no problems if i needed to call with a query they have been more than happy to help. Although the food isnt very food - i would recommend if traveling short haul fights not long haul theres not a lot of room for a long haul fight ...

Maine Coon 04/07/2007


Maine Coon I have a maine coon who is grey and cream and he is about 3 yrs old, he is very big and long but every very friendly, although he doesnt like been cuddled. I suppose every cat is different, but my Maine Coone Gizmo is quite aggressive and very lazy. They are usually very large cats, im is anyway and like to be left alone. They have pointed faces and long fury tales like a persain, but they have large paws. Like all cats he likes to play with anything that moves, eg flys bees. He also likes to go out, but alot of maines like to be inhouse cats, but, he wanted to go out and i thought i was cruel to keep him in. Any cat can be indoor and are happy to do this especially if you live in a flat. If oyu are looking at buy a maine coone i would recommend it they are good for friendship, like any cat. ...

EPCOT 02/07/2007


EPCOT We went to florida July 2006, and we etn to almost all of the parks, and i can honestly say we liked epcot the best. Infact we went back to ecpot a few times on a evening to watch the fantasic fire work display. There dispays are spectacular, there is a globe of the world in the centre of the lake which lights up, (you need to be near the lake to see this properly) and there are disney films (short clips) shown on it, the it starts to change colour and the fire works start. They go off at just before midnight, and then again at midnight i think I suggest you go and see they first sitting because otherwise it will take you hours to get out of the park, because everyone charges for the gates and it took me 2hrs to get out of magic kingdom on the first night once we had watched the display. So go and see the earlier one and get out before the rush. This is the best of the lot of the Disney parks - by far, although they are all good - I liked this one better ...

Sea World, Orlando 02/07/2007


Sea World, Orlando If you havent been here this is a must. You can feed the dolphins, and feed sting rays - this is a strange experience feeding sting rays. They have turtles and pengiuns. The shamu show is a must, it is fantasic, I suggest if you want to see this you check the timetable went you get to the park as shamu is only on on certain days of the week and it gets full very quickly, as he is very popular. If you want to get wet then the first 15-16 row (i think) at the splash zone. Shamu comes to the edge of the pool and spashes water of you. Some people were coming out wet through. The show as a whole is about 30 mins long and it is worth taking time to watch. Also in Sea world they have several dolphin shows which are also worth seeing. This will take you all day if you want to see it all, you may have to go back a second time if there are some shows you want to see that you didnt get chance to see. ...

Ford Fusion 1.4 Duratorq TDCi 02/07/2007


Ford Fusion 1.4 Duratorq TDCi The Fusion’s no ball of fire, but it’s happy enough in town. Both petrol engines need working hard and the 1.4 can struggle out of town, particularly when laden. The 1.4 diesel’s low-down pull makes it the easiest engine day to day, there’s also a new 1.6 diesel. The 1.4 petrol can be specified with Ford’s Durashift automatic gearbox. The Fusion is based on the Fiesta but it isn’t as good to drive. It still handles better than many superminis and it steers fluently, but the raised ride height means there’s more lean through bends and the ride is even firmer. Neither of the petrol engines is particularly smooth at high revs, a fact which is exaggerated because they need working so hard. The 1.4 diesel is more settled at speed, but offensively noisy and rattly around town. The Fusion’s cabin is noisy at motorway speeds – you’ll find yourself cranking up the stereo to drown out the excessive wind and road noise. The Fusion driver sits even higher than in the Fiesta. While it’s not to all tastes, it makes getting in and out easier and the wide expanse of glass gives an excellent view out. The steering wheel adjusts for height only and there’s limited seat height travel, however. While the dash is well laid out, top-spec models have a centre console with too many fiddly pushbuttons. There’s good space for four adults in the Fusion’s cabin, but it offers little extra practicality over the cheaper Fiesta. Admittedly the boot is bigger and easier to load, but split rear ...

Ponderosa Restaurant Orlando 02/07/2007

Ponderosa Buffett

Ponderosa Restaurant Orlando This is excellent value for money it was $3.99 when i went last july (2006) and kids under 12 went free, but you had topay for there drinks. The choice in this place is unbelievable, we went for our breakfast, and one of two lunches. The lunch is slightly more $4.99, there was all sort to choose from, steaks, fish, fries, all kids of salad and cakes. My childrens loved it, (the cakes were a big favourite), especially at breakfast. You culd also coose from a menu, you didnt have to have to buffet. I was always busy so i recommend to go early if you were planning on going, and if you see any coupons laying around (these were at the back near to shop) take a few booklets these discount other meals at other restuarants within orlando like red lobster. The food was excellent value for money and well cooked - great for full breakfast a just a snack. The drinks werent expensive all in all our bill came to about $13.99 which is around £8.75 for 2 adults with drinks and 2 children, you also got unlimited top ups. Enjoy would recommend ...

Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman 02/07/2007

Ericson W300i

Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman The Sony Ericsson W300i is a clamshell handset and is relatively cheap too. Sony Ericsson have taken some functionality off the phone in order to bring the cost down, but this phone is still excellent for listening to your music. The music player can support a huge range of audio formats. When you buy the phone you will get a 256 Mb memory card to store all your favourite tracks on. I think that the W300i is a great phone. It has the best sound quality of any phone I have had to date and I have had a few. The camera is good the features are great and whats more it is so easy to use and light and very clear when speaking . Well done Sony Ericsson. The sound when playing the music back is very good for a small phone, it also hold quite a lot of songs too, but you cna charge the memory card and put in a large one if you want to save more music etc on it. Excellent

Bambi (DVD) 02/07/2007


Bambi (DVD) A classic for all age-groups and all time. The Disney animation of Felix Salten's book is peerless. It's about a young deer growing up in the forest alongside a timid skunk and a scene-stealing rabbit, Thumper, a ground-drumming creature — just as the film is a ground-breaker for its filming of shades of black on black. The death of Bambi's mother is still a heart-piercing event. However, musical numbers such as Love Is a Song and Little April Showers lift the heart with an affirmation for life that supervising director David Hand maintains throughout. As morning light breaks across the meadow and new life awakens, Bambi's critically acclaimed coming-of-age story begins. Now completely restored and remastered with state of the art technology. A grand adventure packed with humour, breathtaking animation and heart. This Special 2 disc Edition also includes bonus features featuring the all new digital restoration of the film as well as deleted sequences and more. This film makes me cry everytime i watch it

A Bug's Life (DVD) 02/07/2007

Its A Bugs Life

A Bug's Life (DVD) The computer graphics in A Bug's Life seemed a little better than in Antz but I'd want to watch them both, back-to-back, before I confirmed either as really ahead of the other. Following the worst possible disaster, Flick loses all the food the evil grasshoppers demand as protection money, the colony is under pressure to deliver the goods or suffer the consequences. Flik sets off to find the bug world's equivalent of the seven samurai to save the colony. What he finds is a band of circus bugs; very, very Disney in character and style but, despite my usual hatred for such things, also extremely tolerable and, for want of a better word, believable. Of course, Flik saves the day and the grasshoppers are defeated; somewhat nastily, in front of small children, I thought. As I said; the animation was superbly executed, the plot credible, the pace excellent and it all held together as an enjoyable action film. Perhaps it was aimed at a younger audience but it was certainly enjoyable none the less.
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