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Peppa Pig: Little Library - Ladybird 19/11/2011

Peppa and Her Friends

Peppa Pig: Little Library - Ladybird I reached the point when I don’t want to know anything more about the 2 little piggies, their lovely family and friends… Unfortunately my sons have not reached this point yet, moreover they are still massive fans of Peppa and George. How come, they spotted the Little Library booklets in our local Morrisons while I was looking for the perfect birthday card for my dear friend and they were so convincing that I couldn’t resist and bought them. Only one copy though. The first thing after we arrived home was to get rid of the foil that keeps the booklets in the box, then to my biggest surprise they agreed to share the 6 booklets equally. After unpacking the groceries it was my turn to read the short stories. Peppa’s Friends is a green little book presenting Peppa, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, Candy Cat and Rebecca Rabbit and his dressing up party. Peppa at Home is a light lime coloured book presenting what Peppa likes while at home e.g. spaghetti, hide and seek, splashy time Peppa’s Favourite Things is a light blue book and we can read about chocolate cake, red shoes, spaghetti… and muddy puddles. Peppa’s Family is a yellow book and not only presents the family members but also what they like. So we can read about Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig. Peppa at Playgroup is the purple book presenting Madame Gazelle, Peppa’s friends, a drawing class and a ballet lesson. Peppa’s Garden is a lime book presenting what Peppa likes to do in the ...

Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay 09/11/2011


Novotel London Heathrow, West Drayton 17/08/2011

A decent hotel near Heathrow

Novotel London Heathrow, West Drayton This week I had to go to London area again for a two-day training so I spent another night in Novotel Heathrow. This was my third visit in this hotel. Access ----------- The address is M4 – J4 Cherry Lane, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 9HB. ( It is easy to get there from M25, M4 once you get out from the constant traffic jam. It is really close to the motorway and the satnavs navigate you there without problem. There are no signs that help you get there, so you just have to look around and you will discover the logo of the hotel. Parking ----------- The hotel has a gated parking area which is large enough to find parking places even when the hotel is about fully booked. The parking area is next to the hotel but as the bus stop is right in front of the hotel the parking area is gated and for the night the gate is closed so it is a bit harder to get access to your car. Building -------------- The building is not very special from the outside but is very nicely lighted for the evenings. The main interior area looks very nice. The reception is on the left, in the middle is the bar and on the right is the restaurant. There are 2 separate rooms available in case you have an event organised in the hotel. You have to book them in advance though. Reception --------------- The reception is always busy but they work quite fast so it doesn’t take too long to get your card key to your room. The staff is polite and very helpful. There are 178 rooms on the 3 floors, the ...

Nike Fly Weight Women's Training Jacket 05/06/2011

Wanna fly with me?

Nike Fly Weight Women's Training Jacket The first few days I had my Adidas tee for running I wore it under a cotton tee. It worked well but it wasn’t warm enough in windy weather so I started to look for a jacket. I checked both Adidas and Nike and found a gorgeous white jacket at Nike on offer. I try not to spend too much on my sports gear but I insist to quality products. I bought my Nike Fly Weight Training Jacket for 26.49 pounds instead of 45 which I found an affordable price for it. The jacket is not weather resistant but this wasn’t an important factor for me as I have a treadmill at home so in case of heavy rain or storm I can use that. When it is just cool outside this jacket works very well. Fabric ------------ The fabric of this jacket is Dri-FIT 92 polyester and 8% elastane. If you touch it seems to be soft but you have that plastic fibre feeling. The fabric is quite stretchy. What I like about it is its sparkling white colour. I think it is important to be visible when you are jogging outside especially in the evenings. I can get out jogging only after my kids are in bed so I jog mostly in dark. Features -------------- Dri-FIT UV fabric helps me to stay dry and comfortable, moreover provides protection against UV rays. At night I can’t benefit from this UV protection but I really like that it keeps me dry. Considered design for high performance and low environmental impact means tight fit. I ordered it in size L despite my M size just to have enough space for further layers below it if necessary. ...

Saucony Lady Grid Nitrous Running Shoes 21/05/2011

Ooh, she's a little runaway...

HobbyCraft Store (Shop) 23/04/2011

Treasure island

RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design - Dorling Kindersley 20/03/2011

My recreation therapy...

Blue Banana Corset Style Stretchy Top 13/03/2011

When does blue banana crop?

West Wind Blowin (Mountain Top Productions, Vol. 3 [Crosscut]) - R.J. Mischo 27/02/2011

Peppa's adventures

West Wind Blowin (Mountain Top Productions, Vol. 3 [Crosscut]) - R.J. Mischo Peppa Pig one of my son’s favourite characters nowadays. They always give up everything when they hear the intro of Peppa Pig and run in front of the TV. I think all of you knows that Peppa is a cheeky little piggy who has loads of friends and they have different adventures and discoveries every day. She lives with her little brother, George and their parents: Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa Pig was created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley. For more information about Peppa Pig please visit Luckily there are loads of films available so buying a DVD from time to time is a great treat for my kids. Peppa’s Christmas was a stocking filler last Xmas. We saw this DVD at least a hundred times… The Peppa’s Christmas DVD contains 11 episodes, all of them very nice and loveable. I haven’t measured the time but I think the episodes last for around 5 minutes. 1. Peppa’s Christmas --------------- ------------- Peppa and her friends post letters for Father Christmas. Luckily all of them tell Peppa what they asked for… Peppa and her family go out for a Christmas tree. Daddy pig chooses the biggest tree and carries it home on foot as it is so big. They decorate the tree together and Peppa sings some Christmas songs. Father Christmas comes down the chimney as he always does but this time he looses his list. Luckily Peppa knows everybody’s wishes… 2. Pirate Island --------------- ------ Granny pig and Grandpa Pig sails out with Peppa and all her friends to the Pirate Island ...

Dr Pepper Zero 12/02/2011

Spicy coke

L'Oreal Excellence Extra Protective Crème Colourant 06/02/2011

Radiant hair within an hour

L'Oreal Excellence Extra Protective Crème Colourant I had an idea today morning: I have to colour my hair. So I went to our local Sainsbury’s to buy a permanent hair colour. I found L’Oreal Excellence Crème hair colour on offer and it was available in a wide variety of shades. I have chosen the 731 Dark Caramel Blonde shade and applied it on my red and blonde highlighted dark blonde hair. The result is even and quite similar shade to the lady’s hair on the picture on the box. I bought it for 5 pounds. L’Oreal offers all kinds of cosmetic products which are mostly of good quality and medium to expensive priced. Their products are available in supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies and online shops. The box contains: --------------- --------- - 1 Protective Pre-Colour Treatment. 12ml - 1 applicator bottle of Crème Developer. 72ml - 1 comb applicator. - 1 tube of Protective Crème Colourant. 48ml - 1 bottle of Protective Conditioner. 44 ml - 1 instruction leaflet. - 1 pair of professional-quality gloves. How to use the product: --------------- --------------- ---- I read the instruction leaflet first. I decided to use the protective pre-colour treatment on the ends so I pressed the white cream in my palm and applied it on the ends of my dry hair. Then I opened the bottle of crème developer and pressed the protective crème colourant into it. The crème colourant is white, its texture is like a hair conditioner but has mild ammonia scent. I closed the developer’s cap and shook it well. Then I replaced the cap with the comb ...

500 Days of Summer(DVD) 03/02/2011

Do soul mates find each other?

500 Days of Summer(DVD) (500) Days of Summer is a romantic drama with some humorous spots. The film was released in 2009 and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) and Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man). The screenplay was written by Scott Neustadter and Michel H. Weber. The film was directed by Mark Webb. The running time is 95 minutes and the classification is 12 years and over as it contains strong language and moderate sex references. Main Cast: --------------- Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Tom Hansen Zooey Deschanel – Summer Finn Chloe Moretz – Rachel Hansen Plot: ------- The film presents days of Tom and Summer’s 500-day-long relationship but not in chronological order. The way the film is presented reminds me to The Time Traveller’s Wife. We always know where we are but it is a bit difficult to follow the development of the relationship hence the ending of the film. Tom first spots Summer at the greeting card company where he works as a card writer/designer. Summer has just moved to Los Angeles and found a PA job at the same company where Tom works. As Summer is a pretty girl all the guys are fond of her but she doesn’t seem to notice any of them. One day in the lift she finds out that Tom listens to The Smiths, one of her favourite bands. After a karaoke night in a pub Tom’s friend tells Summer that Tom likes her. After he leaves with the cab Summer asks Tom if he really likes her… They become friends and Tom is convinced that they are soul mates. Whenever he has a problem he ...

Herta Chicken Frankfurters 30/01/2011

Delicious Frankfurters

Herta Chicken Frankfurters From time to time I used to buy Herta Classic Frankfurter sausages as my kids like it but I found them too greasy. I eat them without bread in general and it wasn’t that good I have to admit. I used to make some meals with potatoes and frankfurters not to feel that greasy. While shopping in Sainsbury’s last year my kids spotted the sausages and demanded loudly so I put some into the shopping trolley. I noticed the new package but I haven’t realised the difference. My kids asked for sausages right after we arrived home so I cooked a whole pack for dinner. Still not noticed any difference… I noticed the difference though when I started to cut it in slices as it was easier to cut and the taste… Price and package --------------- ---------- I do the shopping in Sainsbury’s and Tesco as there is no other shop in our nearby. I found these Frankfurters in both supermarkets. In Sainsbury’s it costs 1.79 pounds and similar in Tesco. The package contains 10 Frankfurters and weights 350 g. They are shrink wrapped and it is very easy to open the package. At the moment a pack of 10 sausages is enough for 4 of us for dinner but I guess later - as my sons get bigger - it won’t be enough. How to cook them --------------- --------------- I like these Frankfurters as they are so versatile. Most of the cases I just cook them in water and we eat them with mustard, ketchup, mayo, horseradish depending on our actual mood. The chicken Frankfurters are not as greasy as the Classic ones so me ...

Ariel Excel Gel Actilift Biological 23/01/2011

Excels in stain removing

Ariel Excel Gel Actilift Biological I always had some favourite brands of detergents and bought the one which was on offer. Last time I found the best detergent I used so far: Ariel Actilift Biological. When I bought sometimes in November it was on half price offer. Now I know I should have stock up, but I didn’t. Anyway, I bought the largest bottle which is said to be enough for 33 washes and it still lasts. I found that a half or ¾ cup is enough to clean our clothes completely. The detergent is suitable for low temperature washing but I have to admit that I use the 30 and 40 degrees setup at all washes, never cold water. The manufacturer used a new formula called actilift which aims to clean clothes even more effectively and keep them clean longer. I really don’t know too much about this formula but it works miracle on our clothes. I found that it removes more stains than the previously used detergents. I don’t say that everything comes out absolutely clear but the majority of the stains really disappear simply by using this detergent and no extra stain remover. I pour a half or ¾ cup of detergent on the clothes directly and never experienced any damage on the clothes. Moreover occasionally I load the washing machine in the evening, pour the detergent on the clothes and start the washing with delay in the morning. There wasn’t a single accident. I tried it on white, colour and black clothes too, works brilliant. The detergent is quite thick but still easy to pour into the cup. It has green to blue colour ...

Stella Artois Premium Continental Lager 14/01/2011

Would you drink a Stella with me?

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