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Practical Car & Van Rental 06/08/2010

Rude, unhelpful staff offering old battered vans!

Practical Car & Van Rental I turned up to discover that my £130 of van hire had rented me an 7 year old Ford transit that had done 90,000 miles, had a very noisy front wheel barring, a flashing coil light, a bent drivers door that whistled loudly at 70mph, a chipped and cracked front windscreen and a built in rev limiter that meant you could only do 60mph up hill on a motorway!! It took over ten minutes to do the walk over on damages because of all the dents and scratches and then when I asked about the flashing coil light the young lad told me he’d serviced it last week himself and it was fine (very reassuring), and when I called from the motorway to explain the front off side wheel barring was making a hell of a racket they told me it would be fine (again very professional). But it get’s worst, as the van had not been cleaned when I picked it up and they insisted that I clean it before returning it or I would be charged a valet fee. And when I needed to drop the van off an hour after they closed I was told I would lose my deposit of £500 as I would be in breach of the rental agreement. ...
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