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Halloween H2O - Twenty Years Later Halloween 7 (DVD) 19/09/2001

A strong finish but stop now

Friday The 13th - Part 5 - A New Beginning (DVD) 19/09/2001

A bit of a black sheep

Friday The 13th - Part 5 - A New Beginning (DVD) WARNING : SPOILER AHEAD SYNOPSIS : Tommy Jarvis, the survivor from the previous movie is now 18 and on his way to the Unger institute - he is still disturbed by his encounter with Jason Vorhees 6 years previous and is having hallucinations and dreams that Jason is still alive. He arrives at the institute and meets the other patients most of whom seem perfectly okay to be in a mental home. One of the kids, Joey is bugging the others and asks Vic, a fellow patient if he can help him chop wood. When he refuses Joey shouts at him and receives an axe in his back for the trouble. Vic is taken away and two ambulancemen arrive to take away the now dead Joey. After this event people start dying - a couple at a diner are axed, two guys broken down in the woods are dispatched and two foul mouthed yokel neighbours are picked off with a clever. Slowly members of the institute start to die too and suspicion immediately falls on Tommy. Pam the institute's helper and Reggie, a relative of a patient go and visit Reggies brother with Tommy - when they leave, the brother and his girlfriend are killed. Each of the three return seperately - Reggie discovers the bodies of the murdered patients and Pam returns and they make their escape from Jason {or so it seems} - they run through the woods and make many grisly discoveries and get split up - Pam returns to the house and again finds more bodies {this film has the highest body count}. Pam is pursued again and nearly killed but Reggie returns and ...

HOLLOW MAN (DVD) 05/09/2001

The hollowest of plots

Channel 4 - Hollyoaks 04/09/2001

Has its ups and downs 04/09/2001

Fun but frustrating after a while

Stand By Me (DVD) 08/06/2001

One of the best from the 80s

Channel 4 - Friends 08/06/2001

A victim of it's own success but still great

Channel 4 - Friends Friends is perhaps becoming a victim of it's own success - it does at the moment seem to be one of those shows that is fashionable to dislike and even it's fans say it is losing it. I have to say I'm a massive a fan of the show and will watch it til it ends. People say it is in decline but this is just a little unfair - when the show started it was so witty, so sharp and the writing very tight. Not much has changed but like most things you can never beat the originals - of course the writing is not as tight as it used to be - there are fewer avenues for the characters to explore and most of the obvious plotlines have been used up. The thing about the newer series is that you feel like you really know the characters so whatever they say seems funny so the writing doesn't have to be quite so witty - in contrast, when the show started none of the characters were established and all vying for our attention so the writers had to work extra hard to ensure they did this. Nowadays we know everything about Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey which also means the show can also work as a drama as well as a comedy, offsetting the more serious moments with good jokes and funny, and mostly believable situations. So how about this new series, the seventh, thought to be the penultimate one - well so far so good. The continuity is a little slack but it's still great to see these guys in all manner of new situations. And there are many more things to look forward to - Chandler ...

South Park - Bigger, Longer And Uncut DVD 08/06/2001

Look beyond the swearing

The Shining (DVD) 17/05/2001

Better than the book

The Shining (DVD) SYNOPSIS : The Torrances are planning to move to the Overlook Hotel deep in the mountains to maintain it over a long winter. This is Jacks first stable job in years so he and his wife are thrilled to be involved in the project. Danny their son however is less optimistic and is beginning to see images of the Overlook which scare and disturn him. On arriving at the Hotel Jack begins to write his novel while Wendy and Danny explore the place. Jack however finds writing more difficult than he had anticipated and begins to become frustrated and irritable at the claustrophobic situation he has got himself into. Danny in the meantime sees visions of two murdered girls in the hallway. Later he is attacked by a mouldy old woman in one of the hotel bedrooms. Jack, becoming more and more distant from his family meets Delbert Grady {a waiter at one of Jack's party hallucinations} Mr Grady it transpires is a former caretaker like Jack, who murdered his family years earlier. Jack later dinds Wendy snooping through his work - the line "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" typed over and over again - Jack threatens Wendy and she in turn attacks him leaving him unconscious. After being imprisoned by her in the walk in pantry he is released by Grady and Jack runs amok with an axe. Halloran, the hotel Chef who has been communicating with Danny through his visions or "shining" arrives at the hotel and receives an axe in the chest. Jack chases Danny through the hotel maze and on losing him ... 13/05/2001

A gold star for Blackstar

Channel 4 - Shipwrecked 13/05/2001

Irritating but must-see TV

Channel 4 - Shipwrecked Shipwrecked, a series which had it's first series last year is back again with another bunch of twenty-somethings picked to live on a tropical island for 10 weeks. The group must learn to survive by going back to basics, foraging for food {though they have rations given to them}, constructing a camp and making fire. The series worked well last year though the exposure given to the people was short-lived and much like the stars of Big Brother they have pretty much all disappeared from the public eye. So how is this series going. Well I'm afraid I would have to agree with others on this subject given the fact that most of the cast have been picked as token members of society. We have one lesbian, a gay man, a punky girl, a black man, a black woman, the laddish ones, the sensitive ones, and the blonde girl - oh and some Australians thrown into the brew. However, while this is glaringly obvious is doesn't really make the show any less compelling and entertaining, Lucy Masoud, the lesbian on the island is one of the nastiest people I've ever seen on TV {and don't think I'm homophobic - I have no problem with that, just her as a person}. She causes arguments amongst the group, feels the need to proclaim her lesbianism loudly even though everyone's cool about it and doesn't care and steals food from the crew - when confronted about this she confessed after much persuasion from all the islanders but she retracted her apology to the cameras the following day claiming she had done ...

BBC1 - Neighbours 13/05/2001

Neighbours - what's happening to you

The Hole (DVD) 08/05/2001

A hole lot better than you think 07/05/2001

Just a little bit sinister

Pieces of You - Jewel 08/04/2001

Track by track review

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