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For One More Day - Mitch Albom 27/10/2007

'For One More Day' - brilliantly written.

For One More Day - Mitch Albom I don't think many people have read this book, the only reason I picked it up while out was because I recognised the style of the cover as the same as Mitch Albom's other books, which I have read and thought this one would be as good and it was. This book is very much the type of book I like, it is different, quirky and to do with death. 'For One More Day' is about a man, Charles 'Chick' Benetto, whose live is not all that good at the moment. He has had a troubled life, his Dad leaving when he was young, his mother being treated differently after her divorce, a not very successful career as a baseball player, he was a drunk, his wife left him and his only daughter disowned him. So one night he decides to end it all, and try to kill him self. So he drives to where he grew up 'Pepperville Beach', on the way he has a crash, but survives it, and walks the rest of the way to Pepperville Beach. As he goes in to the house where he grew up, which him and his sister still own, there to greet him is his mother, who died 8 years ago. His mother takes him on a journey, while you are told about Chick's past. Through the book you are told about 'Times My Mother Stood Up for Me' and 'Times I Did Not Stand Up for My Mother'. This book is in the style of a diary; as if Chick is actually reading it out loud. It goes back and forth to the present day, and what is happening to Chick during this journey with his mother and back to the past telling you about the main events in Chick's life ...

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 11/09/2007

Good hotel, will be going again.

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool I found my stay at this hotel very pleasant. The hotel was about 10 minutes away from Blackpool Tower, so it was out of the way of most hustle and bustle. When we arrived we were quite surprised as to how big it was, and there was plenty of parking spaces available. We arrived a little early than was specified, but we just went and sat down in the bar, the bartender was very pleasant, although the drinks were a little more expensive than usual. The bar had some nice views of the sea, and also you could view the pool from the bar area. The seats and tables were a little tatty, cigarette burns in a few places and dirt, but still usable. When we went to check in there was a queue, which went down quite quickly as there were 3 people on the desk. The person who dealt with us was also very pleasant, and was very helpful when we asked about when the trams run, how much a taxi would cost, any shops near. The rooms were easy to find, and there was lift for less able people. A key card was used to enter the room. We were expecting the worst when we entered the rooms, from reviews we had read, but when we got in the rooms, were nice. They were very clean, apart from the outside of the windows, to which we found out would be impossible to clean because of the height and the fact that the windows do not open fully, this was also a problem, as it got extremely hot in the rooms, and it was very warm outside too, it would have been nicer in colder conditions. The beds were made ...

Samsung SGH D500 04/07/2006

A brilliant phone and very popular!

Samsung SGH D500 This is a very popular phone, that alot of people have! This could be a problem with picking up the wrong phone! This phone is the best phone i have ever had, it is small, light weight, easy to use, lots of great features and it looks good! I got on well with this phone, apart from i kept dropping it, so it was covered in scratches, and plus it does scratch quite easily! The only problems i had with this phone is that when the phone rings you can't set it to ring and vibrate at the same time, it will only do that if you use one of the preset ring tones, and also there is a fiddly charging connector, with a very small cover that completly comes off the charging connector! This phone has a lot of memory and can store many songs, pictures and videos, while i had this phone i didn't use my mp3 player as i could fit all the songs i wanted on this phone! Another problem is that the phone doesn't come with a usb cable, ii had to buy one seperatly! Also this phones battery last for along time!

Sony Ericsson V600i 04/07/2006

good, but not the best phone out!

Sony Ericsson V600i This phone would be a good phone who would only use the phone to make calls and text and take a few photos, it's not fo some one who wants the phone to store all their music, photos and videos as there isn't much memory. The camera on the phone is of good quality, but when on megapixel mode, you can't zoom. There is a radio on the phone, which is a good feature, but you have to plug the handsfree in to the phone for the radio to work as it acts as an areial! The phone is quite bulky compared to other phones i have had, although it is quite light. The buttons specifically for the camera, video calling and internet, and the short cuts on the joystick, make the phone very easy to use! I found that the phone works slower than previous phones i have had, and there is a small delay when pressing buttons. Another thing is that the battery doesn't last to long, and the buttons are on the small side, which makes it harder to text! This phone would be a good first phone for some one, as it is cheap, theres alot of good features, but some one who wants it to do everything wouldn't find it any good.
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