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Which sport do you practice most and why? 04/06/2017

Running to Success

Which sport do you practice most and why? My parents have always encouraged myself and two sisters to be active. My older sister chose dance and my younger sister chose gymnastics while I chose to run. I started running at the age of 8. The day after my ninth birthday I competed in my first cross country race finishing a respectful 7th. I promised myself that the following year I would win. I did. Running encouraged me to be competitive. I love running because I could do it as often or as little as I wanted. I could choose to run on the roads, grass, treadmill, uphill, downhill and it's completely free! I could choose to run for 10 minutes or an hour! You can do it in the mornings, afternoons or night. By yourself or with friends! And it does not matter what your ability is. From a young age, I used to go and run laps around the local park, my dad would come with me (bonding time) and time me shouting encouragement of whether my lap was faster or slower than the previous, or in winter, throwing snowballs at me! My dad then joined me - well tried to chase me! on a few runs. As I was getting faster, my aim was to lap him! Nothing like family rivalry!! Becoming more competitive meant that I was training more and doing better which gave me more opportunities. I joined the well known running club Birchfield Harriers and by the age of 18, I had broken school records, won area titles and competing on a National level. I was given free kit from Nike and had a local company sponsoring me. Running gave me opportunities to ...

Vanish Stain Remover 31/05/2017

The Stain Vanished

Vanish Stain Remover I am writing a review on a Vanish Carpet Cleaning Product. It wouldn't let me do a separate review so I have included my own photograph of the Vanish product I have used. Why I Bought this Product? I bought the Vanish Carpet Care to clean my sofas after seeing it advertised on the television claiming to remove 3 times the dirt. My sofas are clean just to let you know! I just have one mark where the fiance put his ketchup stained finger and then attempted to clean the mess by licking said finger and rubbing it over the mark - obviously this made it a lot worse! Although it is advertised on the front of the product as Carpet Care, it says on the back that it can be used for hallways, rugs and upholstery. Using the Product The Vanish Carpet Care is extremely easy to use. There are 3 simple instructions on the back with pictures. Step 1 - Shake well and spray Step 2 - Work in the foam Step 3 - Leave for 2 hours and vacuum The product really is that simple to use. I sprayed the foam over the entire cushion on my sofa and not just the stain. You do not need to spray a lot of the product because you work it in to the fabric. I did have a panic though because when I sprayed the foam I sprayed it in the shape of a smiley face. As I then used a damp cloth and worked the foam into the fabric the smiley face wasn't budging!! I was horrified when I thought i was going to be left with a smiley face on my sofa but lucky this vanished (like the stain) after around the 1 hour mark. After ...

Forever Living Aloe MSM Gel 18/05/2017

MSM Soothing Gel - No Soothing Joint Care

Forever Living Aloe MSM Gel Let me give you a brief explanation for why I ma reviewing this product. For the past two years I've suffered a few joint issues. This was diagnosed as Palindromic Rheumatism which is an episodic form of inflammatory arthritis – meaning that joint pain and swelling come and go. Between attacks, the symptoms disappear and the affected joints go back to normal. After research and speaking with my doctor I am aware that there is now nothing I can do to improve my joints however I can make it worsen to develop into fully blown Rheumatoid Arthritis if I don't care for my joints well. I looked into many things to try and not worsen the condition as I get older - I mean, I'm 24 for goodness sake. What 24 year old should have to be worried about Arthritis?! I really don't want to be relying on Prescription Medication for the rest of my life so I looked into the Forever Living Aloe MSM Gel. Forever Living MSM Gel Ingredients Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (stabilized aloe vera gel), water, dimethyl sulfone (MSM), glycerin, triethanolamine, dimethicone, arctostaphylos uva ursi leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, tocopherol (natural vitamin E), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, rosmarinus officinalis extract (rosemaryleaf extract), salix alba (willow) bark extract, polysorbate 80, ascorbic acid, carbomer, disodium EDTA, methylparaben, diazolidinyl urea. The product write up says "A combination of aloe vera and methyl mulphonyl methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), this ...

Beko WMB61432 05/05/2017

Wonder Washer

Beko WMB61432 I would highly recommend the Beko Washing Machine WMB61432W. A standard wash using the Daily Spin lasts around 25 minutes and is not as loud as I was expecting! On my last machine, I found it rocked making a very loud noise on my hard tiled floor however this machine still makes a noise don't get me wrong but you can still hold a perfectly normal volumed conversation in the kitchen whilst the machine is on! The best part...QUICK WASH!!!! This lasts a very short and sweet 14 minutes!! Saving money on your electric bill ;) The main programmes on the machine are shown with a simple dial format where you just rotate the dial for the wanted programme. The programmes are: Cottons - a longer cycle for beddings, sheets etc Cottons eco - the same as above but with decreased energy and water consumption Synthetics - a gentle cycle Woollens Baby + Toddler Clothing - Increased hygiene by longer heating period and and an additional rinse cycle Delicate Hand Wash - 'not machine washables' Daily Wash - Standard Wash Dark Care Mixed Fabrics Xpress Super Short Shirts Rinse Spin+ Drain Quick Programme There is an option to change temperature for many of the cycles which can be altered by pressing one button which switches you from temperatures: cool, 30', 40', 60' and 90'. The temperature chosen is shown by an orange light. In addition, you can alter the spins, again pressing one button and said spin is shown through an orange light. The spin options are: no spin, rinse hold, 600, 800 ...

Escape Room Hull, Hull 03/05/2017

Escape the Escape Room

Escape Room Hull, Hull On Saturday, myself and three family members visited the Escape Room Hull, this was the first one i have been too and had a truly fantastic experience! The Rooms There are three adventures to choose at this Escape Room Centre and have a recommended group size and difficulty rating. The Bank Job - This is the one we took part in and explain in more detail further on. It is designed for a group size of 2-5 people and has a difficulty rating of 5/5. The Aviator Studies -This is based on the English pioneer Amy Johnson who was the first female pilot to fly solo. This has a difficulty rating of 4/5 and is designed for a group size of 2-5 people. Virtual Reality Escape - An even number would be recommended as your group splits in two and you compete against each other using the VR Head sets. This one does not have a difficulty rating. Kids - They do also host VR parties for children but this is something we didn't look into as it didn't affect us. The Bank Job We booked The Bank Job room and then checked online to see that it was rated the most difficult room! There were 4 of us who took part - for me, I would say that this is a perfect group size. The room is not overly large and it was useful to have an even number as two of us worked on one task whilst two of us worked on another task and then we could come together to discuss. I would not recommend any less than 4 people as there is a lot to do! The Task The aim of this Escape room is to leave the Bank within an hour and ...

King's Head Inn, Salisbury 05/04/2017

The Kings Inn - not fit for a King

King's Head Inn, Salisbury Unfortunately I am writing my first negative review :( It was such a negative experience I really want to share it. Myself and my partner went to Portsmouth on Friday evening to visit friends. We also were wanting to meet another couple of friends so decided that meeting in Salisbury would be convenient for all. We wanted something to eat - we were meeting a friend's girlfriend for the first time so we went for a lunch date. None of us were really sure of the area so it was suggested that we go to Wetherspoons Pub as it was a familiar chain. What a bad decision that was! We arrived at roughly 13.30pm - a very busy time on a Saturday afternoon so we hunted for a table. Finding a table upstairs, we sat down. It was a six seater table that still had previous dishes on, this was not a problem initially as we understood it was a very busy time and were lucky to spot the table!! As the waiter was bringing food to other tables I asked casually: "when you have a sec, could you clear our table, please". Quite offishly (in my opinion) he said "yes i'm doing this first". After taking the orders to a different table, he came over and took some of the dishes. Following this, he then started clearing empty tables when he hadn't finished clearing ours. This infuriated me so i moved the rest of the dishes on to the empty tables - he moved them then! We ordered food in couples so there were three separate receipts , on the menu it said that in order to get food delivered at the same time, ...

Ghost The Musical - Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent 27/03/2017

Ghost - The Musical

Ghost The Musical - Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent Last night, myself and my family and friends (all females) went to the Regent Theatre - Stoke on Trent to watch Ghost The Musical, seated towards the left of the stage in the front stalls was the perfect view A Quick Film Overview Directed by Jerry Zucker, the film stars Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. The film includes The Righteous Brother's Unchained Melody - a very iconic song in this film. Sam was murdered as he walks back from a gallery opening and leaves behind his girlfriend, Molly. Sam, the ghost, is able to communicate through a psychic and warns his girlfriend of coming danger. The Musical Andy Moss plays the character of Sam exceptionally well. If you don't recognise the name, it's Reece from Hollyoaks, if you don't recognise that name you should Google him - you wont be disappointed! Jacqui Dubois was fantastic playing Oda Mae Brown. For me, she definitely gets the star role. After watching Whoopi Goldberg in the film, she has huge boots to fill but this woman was incredible. She laughed throughout and really made you feel involved in the performance. I couldn't fault her performance at all. There were only 15 performers in the show so you recognised a lot of the faces throughout, for example the police officer was also a worker in the office which sometimes was a little distracting, however it just shows that you don't need a lot of performers to put on a brilliant show. The way they portrayed Sam as a Ghost was really good and the way other ...

Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica, Montego Bay 23/03/2017

Yah Man!

Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica, Montego Bay Jamaica! A holiday destination that we were desperate to go on. Next decision...which hotel? The hotel that won our vote (and that would win again) was the Riu Palace Jamaica (adults only). Airport Transfer We arrived into the country greeted by our very own taxi driver. Carrying our luggage, he led the way to the car with friendly chat asking about our flight. The taxi was arranged by our accommodation. During the 15 minute journey to the hotel he told us how "you don't bring the babies to the Riu Palace - you make 'em!" First Impression On arrival at the resort, our bags were taken to our room and we checked in. Check -In was made a lot smoother by the complimentary glass of fizz! We had requested a high floor level sea facing room (picky I know) and we were delighted when our request had been followed through. Our rep greeted us the day that that we arrived, he was an extremely friendly and helpful American chap with a lot of sound knowledge about the country, trips and our resort. He informed us that were allowed to use the facilities at the sister hotel but the guests at that hotel were not allowed to use ours. Although this was good to know, we did visit the hotel and felt it was too over crowded for our liking. The gym is at the next door's hotel so a little jog over would be the perfect warm up! The Room Our room was immaculate. Jacuzzi bath, optics and the most amazing view were the first few things I was drawn too. The room was bigger than anticipated with ...
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