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Clarkson - Supercar Showdown (DVD) 27/11/2007

Good tyre a' squealin' stuff. Top form Clarkson.

Clarkson - Supercar Showdown (DVD) If you vaguely like cars, you've probably heard of Jeremy Clarkson. If you LIKE cars the man is, no doubt, a God. This DVD is the next in an annual series produced by Jeremy. No huge love of cars is required - Jeremy is witty as ever and uses superlatives that are bound to make you laugh - interested or not (though an interest will obviously help). Fans of Top Gear (of which I most certainly am) will surely have their favourites; I can't quite decide between 'I'd rather staple my ears to a horse' and 'It sounds like the God of thunder gargling a hammer!' - but anyway, this is a funny DVD. The main subject of the DVD is obviously supercars, of which there is, more or less, every one worth knowing about (Buggatti Veyron, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, the Audi R8 - which is more than R8 apparently - sorry about that, Porsches and many more). Each supercar is driven around Ascaris huge testrack in Spain at quite a healthy speed - this is great to watch for any 'petrol head'. However, the DVD also includes some laughably awfull cars (find out for yourself) which are just as entertaining, though obviously not as thrilling. The DVD also includes the French version of a supercar, which is... ammusing. See for yourself. The DVD, as said includes the best and worst of the industry, I don't want to spoil it for you so I'm not going to describe it - but there's more to it than fast corners and wacky superlatives - again, see for yourself. One of my favourite parts of the DVD was a race ...

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 27/11/2007

Take the bad with the good - or buy an XBOX 360

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) I'm going to try and avoid using technical specs and meaningless figures and just concentrate on what it means in the real world. THE LOOKS Starting with the physical size of the thing it's amazing. It manages to be compact but still have a screen which feels like it should belong on a much bigger device, it looks great whichever colour you choose- that would be down to personal choice. One critisicsm is that fingerprints will be all over it before you realised you picked it up, but, it does come with a cloth for that, so no real problem. There's a wrist strap to stop you dropping it and other small features which are simply clever; the whole thing has certainly been well thought out from a design point of view. Another thing to note is that it comes with a free sponge pouch to prevent scratching when being carried around -however, it won't help much if you drop it but plenty of tougher cases are available to buy seperately. THE GAMEPLAY/GRAPHICS Overall the gameplay is good, however, don't expect the graphics to stand up to consoles such as a PS3; it can't be expected to with a small device like this. It is most similar to a Playstation 2 in the graphics department, possibly worse at points but I tended not to care. If this really bothers you remember there isn't really an alternative hand held gamesconsole which can rival it in the graphics department - your mates aren't going to get anything better so calm down. The graphics are impressive for a device like ...
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