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What's My Age Again - Blink 182 10/02/2001

Whats the name again

What's My Age Again - Blink 182 Not many people realise this but this is there re-release of the song which they published a few years back but never really took off. It was a great time to launch the song after their great success with "All The Small Things" which quite frankly put them on the map! The songs video has it's usuall original aspect, but it seems that Blink 182 like to show off their American behinds alot. But all credit to them, you don't see Westlife doing that (and who would watch it....yuck!). The song merges the typical music of the band along with some of the talent. Mark sings it as usual, with Tom adding his usual background singing to the song. Overall a song which I'm proud to listen to, but doesn't survive past its expiry date!

Adams song - Blink 182 09/02/2001

I Like Adam's Song

Adams song - Blink 182 Blink 182 really exerted themselves in this one, they really did well. Unlike usuall, the lyrics have been well thought out and is also great to listen to. They start with a simple piano rythme which gets them going into a drum beat and a small guitar solo before the lyrics come in. It's a simple song and concept and they perform it very well. The problem came when I saw them perform it live. Just like all their other songs, they don't put any life into their live performances and that's where their downfall is. But back to the song. They keep it slow and simple, but also add parts which are faster and make people dance and jump around a bit more. It seems they have added 2 different "moods" of a song into one and made it so the listener has to know when to stop jumping. The song builds up to a good finish. Where everything is going and we have the beat getting faster and the singers...well...singing. I like Blink 182's choice of paino in the song which helps add a calmer mood to the song. I am glad they managed to release this song before their more pitiful songs, like the recent Man Overboard (so Sorry It's Over) which doesn't do anything for me. Oh, and it ends good too =)

Infest (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Papa Roach 09/02/2001

Not My Last Resort For Music

Infest (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Papa Roach When first hearing Papa Roache's music, I was really fascinated. What looked like a Limp Biskit wannabe was really a really good band. I had seen the video on MTV and MTV2 and got the name of the band, Papa Roach which I had never heard of before, and went on to Napster to listen to the song again and again (and again). What followed set me off on a song that I really liked, and a song which i could pick up really quick. The words, unlike Limp Bizkits actually took thought and they prepared it and actually made the words mean something. With this in mind, I knew my friends would like it too. I took it down to "The Basement" which is much like a "youth club" with my speakers and played it to them along with Wheatus (Teenage Dirtbag) and they loved it! It seems that the song has a really great beat which you can tap your feet too and remember in your head. The video is also very good, which is basically the band in the middle, and hundreds of fans around the outside, and every minute or so the camera will zoom in on a particular fan and show them in there room and how they lead their life. I really don't know about the album, as I don't know and haven't heard it yet, but this single is great, I'm playin it right now and it is not only me who likes it!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (PC) 24/01/2001

Red Alert 2 Enjoy Kicking America Behind

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (PC) It finally hit the shops of the UK in October of last year, the first game that lets the everyday users watch America get razed to the ground. With the promise from Westwood, creators of the Command & Conquer series, that players would be able to watch a proud American White House, or George Washington monument get decimated by invading troops was good enough to me, and on the 23rd of October, 2000 I went rushing to my nearest EB (Electronic Boutique) with £30 in my hand. Sticking the CD into my computer, I am confronted with a voice, strong and powerful of a military kind, and an installation programme looking so futuristic I unistalled it and reinstalled it just for the pleasure of it. While the 350mb install was happening, the viewer gets a full over-view of the situation, what's happening and the basic story line with characters briefing you. From then on I knew I was in for a good game. Movies have taken a big role in the growing popularity of the C&C series, and it was no different in Red Alert 2. Characters, both men and women brief you, talk to you and even flirt with you. Although the movies aren't interactive (you can't talk to them) you still get the feeling that a war is going on, and the situation is looking "critical". When character "real life" movies aren't possible, like when a prism shot is fired, the cinematics are excellent. Looking almost life like. Westwood have gone into every detail to make the game the best it could be. The in-game ...
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