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Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 19/08/2008

Norbreck Castle Hotel - Armish Paradise

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool I'm laughing as I'm writing this, because I simply cannot believe what we've just experienced! We booked with National Holidays and were given The Norbreck Castle as a dwelling place! I got onto the net and couldn't believe my luck when I was presented with beautiful pictures of a fantastic castle with amazing facilities! We travelled down on the coach looking forward to our stay at this amazing castle! The coach arrived and my jaw quite simply hit the floor. It looks like an eastern european prison. The driver on the coach then announced, "Oh, and by the way folks, you can't check into your rooms untill 3pm!" Which was great, considering it was 10am. We entered the hotel and were greeted with a wonderful 1970s reception with lovely wooden revolving doors which felt as if they were about to fall off. Everything from the reception desk to the celing were noticably unclean. Everything which was supposed to be white was actually a wonderful tinge of yellow, as if people had chainsmoked in there since 1832. Which was probably the case. We wanderd off the centre of Blackpool on a tram (which was a considerable journey I can tell you!) and went to the fairground. We had to leave our luggage in a large, 1960s style room. We assumed someone would have locked it, but on our return we simply opened the door and picked up our bags. Nobody challenged us or anything, which was strange considering the room was full of people's stuff. Anyway, we were told that dinner would be served ...
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