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since 10/09/2001


How to Be Good - Nick Hornby 29/05/2002

taught me a fing or two...

10 Things You Couldn't Live Without 27/05/2002

it's all about MEEEEEE

Under Rug Swept - Alanis Morissette 23/05/2002

long awaited - much appreciated

Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee 21/03/2002

How can you fit Paul Daniels in a sachet

Sourz Apple Sweet & Sour Liqueur 17/12/2001

Sour iz yummy

Kelloggs Corn Flakes 29/11/2001

don't believe their lies

Smarties 27/11/2001


AIR Live 13/11/2001

who needs oxygen when we have AIR!

The Fast And The Furious (DVD) 22/10/2001

beer and tits, UG UG UG

Winnie The Pooh [TV Advertisement] 13/10/2001

a magical wonderland that puts Alices to shame

The Eagles - Live in Glasgow 11/10/2001

taking it too easy

Member Advice on Sleep 08/10/2001

There are NOT enuf sheep in this world

Member Advice on Sleep Sporting a period of insomnia right now, Fun! I seem to go through stages of it throughout the year. It amuses me when I put my body to rest my mind wants to explore hidden depths of the unknown, well it did for the first few hours – days later its beginning to get a little annoying. So, the personal facts behind this opinion…. DUM DUM DUM… It’s now (time check) 3.40 am Sunday morning. I’ve been lying in my bed since eleven thirty, the point in the evening when my body gave up and screamed ‘SLEEP!’. I’m kitted out in my trackies and fleecy jumper. My Horlicks (just in-case its malty deliciousness helps me out) is cooling beside me. My eyes aren’t functioning and the computer screens a bit fuzzy. My head hurts just a little a - this is the 11th day of my no-sleeping spree (however on Friday night I slept a whole seven hours, the BigMan brought me a miracle, so I had a little break from my madness) and it’s DAM cold! What better conditions is there to sit down and write a useless (but please don’t rate it that way – hehe) opinion on the wonderful art of sleep. Maybe I ain’t the right person for this job, offering advice on something I can’t attain. Hmm…? It’s sort of like offering vegetarians recipe ideas when all vegetables have a devastating effect on my upchuck reflex… BUT – I need something to take me through the night and Ciao’s addictiveness passes the good ...

Echo Park - Feeder 05/10/2001

momentary magic

Break The Cycle [PA] - Staind 02/10/2001

bag it, i'll take it

Gordon - Barenaked Ladies 02/10/2001

DON'T do it

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