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All About Me 07/05/2012

My Life in My Words

All About Me THE booming noise heard over High Wycombe this evening was from Typhoon fighter jets on a defence exercise ahead of the Olympic Games. The roar of the fighter jets was heard cutting through the south Bucks skies at about 9.40pm tonight – sparking concern from some residents. Thames Valley Police confirmed it had received a number of calls in the last hour. And startled residents posted on social networking sites how the thundering sound scared their children and woke them from their slumber. But the Ministry of Defence has moved to reassure residents that it was part of operation Olympic Guardian, a nine day exercise to put the armed forces through their paces before London 2012. The MoD told the Free Press that residents may hear the jets in the skies again over the coming days. The fighter jets touched down at RAF Northolt in west London on May 2 and will be stationed there until May 10. The exercises will test the procedures aircrews will use to intercept and communicate with aircraft breaching restricted airspace during the Olympics. Pilots entering restricted airspace will be intercepted by Typhoon fighters or military helicopters, the MoD states. ...

Four Brothers DVD 02/03/2006

Family Sticks Together with Four Brothers

Four Brothers DVD This DVD is a story of four adopted brothers and how they avenge their mothers Death. The film Stars Mark Wahlberg as Bobby Mercer Tyrese Gibson as Angel Mercer André Benjamin as Jeremiah Mercer Garrett Hedlund as Jack Mercer Brought up as one family by Evelyn Mercer the Four Brothers, Bobby, Angel, Jeremiah and Jack reunite at the funeral of their adoptive mother who was murdered during a grocery store hold-up, and decide take the matter of her death into their own hands. As they track down the killer, they quickly realize that their old ways of doing business have new consequences. They discover that their mother's death was not a random event. They discover a link between Business man Benjamin and their mothers killers. The storyline is not too complex but there are enough twists and turns in the plot to keep you hooked until the end of the film. The end of the film leaves you with a good feeling as it is quite a twist and you will probably not guess it until right at the end. Four Brothers is a fast action, Fast paced, Well acted film and I thouroghly enjoyed it. DVD Features: Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1) Commentary by: Director John SingletonUnknown Format 9 Deleted scenes Commentary by Director John Singleton 5 Behind the Scenes and Making Of Featurettes Theatrical trailer Run time is 1hr 49 Mins and is available from all DVD sellers in the £9.99 (Amazon) to £14.99 ...

Dulux Magic White 08/12/2005

A Paint that is positivly pink. or is it :O)

Dulux Magic White I needed to paint the door frames, Skirting board and window sills in my Daughters bedroom so I thought I would give Dulux Magic White a try and here are my thoughts. The paint says that it goes on Pink and Dries White, Interseting I thought, Would be good in my Daughters room as she could see where I had painted and not put her hands etc in it. I bought a 750ml tin, which states on the tin that it will cover upto 8 square metres and that is has a drying time of 16 hours, I found that the paint was tacky after 5 hours and that it would not stick to anything after this time, which I think is pretty good for a gloss paint. On opening the can the paint does have a baby pink colour to it and the smell was not as strong as I was expecting, normally the smell is over powering but not this time. The application of the paint went very well, the paint flows very easily off the brush without ever getting too runny as to drip everywhere. With the paint being pink, it was easy to see where I had already painted and where I had missed. It states on the tin that it is a one coat paint, I will agree with that if you are painting over the top of white paint or a very light colour or new wood/metal, but if you are painting over a dark colour ( I was painting over red on the window sill and white everywhere else ) you would need two coats to properly cover the colour. Cleaning the brush afterwards was a doddle, used white sprit first and then washing up liquid and was all ...

Do you believe in life after death? 06/12/2005

Little Brother watches over us.

Do you believe in life after death? I was very skeptical when I was younger about life after death, I believed that once I was dead then that was that, Life continued for ever without me, It used to frighten me as a kid and I used to cry myself to sleep thinking that I did not want to die, I still worry about it now but not so much since an experience I am about to tell you about. Back in February 1994 my younger brother was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) and this was cleared up with an operation and chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Then in July 1995 the cancer came back and this time spread to his Heart and lungs and on November 17th 1995 my brother passed away at the age of 21. Of course, It hit my whole family hard, me especially. Then in January of 1996 on my Birthday, My wife was at work wearing her personal stereo when, She heard my Brother say to her to wish me a happy birthday, as you can imagine my wife was very shocked to hear this and when she told me I almost did not believe her But I did, Mainly because, We lived in a council house that before we moved in the previous tenant had died in the house of old age, My children were then only 18months and 3 years old but had told both myself and my wife that an old man would sit in the chair in their bedroom at night and tell them stories, So we had the ghost of the old man still living in his house, When my Brother Died the old man disappeared, I believe that My brother removed the ghost whilst Living on the other side. My Eldest ...

Football Manager 2006 (PC) 05/12/2005

Football Manager! more like Life Manager.

Football Manager 2006 (PC) The latest installment of the Football Manager Story is here and Improvments are abundant. The Game... You take the role of a football manager in any league from over 50 countries with over 270,000 players and staff all with their own individual playing stats based on real life. You can get poached by bigger teams or sacked by small teams it all depends on Your playing style, the players you bring in, The Chairman and most important, The Fans. Your job as manager... You will pick the team, Hire and Fire players and staff, Sort out the training, sort the formation, the only thing missing is a sheep skin coat. Player intersction is much better in this version than all the other incarnations, fine players for getting sent off / playing poorly etc. The matches... The matches are played out either as a text based version or you can watch your players put your ideas into action with the 2d match engine, You can shout out new formations as you are playing rather than stopping the play. Object of the game... To win as many league titles and Cups as you can, Lots of people will manage Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Real Madrid or Barcelona but I think that defeats the object of the game. I always start out in a team at the lowest division of the country I have decided to play. There is more satisfaction in bring through a small team with no money than starting with a big time club. The PC Game... The game is text based but don't let that put you off of ...

The Prodigy - Their Law - The Singles 1990 To 2005 (DVD) 17/11/2005

It's their law and you have got to lump it.

The Prodigy - Their Law - The Singles 1990 To 2005 (DVD) Specifcations Actors The Prodigy Certificate 18 years and over Year 1990-2005 Languages English Region Region 2 = This DVD features the highly acclaimed videos from 1990 right through to 2005 from the 3 piece dance band The Prodigy. Band Members are Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim who, for the last 15 years have been producing hit after hit of banging dance tracks. Even My kids love the Band although I will not let them watch the Smack my Bitch up Video with all its drug references and bad behaviour, From old school "Charly" to up to date "Girls" The prodigy use a wide range of music dance styles. Throughout the Videos you can see the weird and wonderful Keith Flint as he goes through hairstyle after hairstyle with my favorite being the green mowhawks on the side of his head like when you are cutting the grass and leaving a shorn patch in the middle. Liam Howlett is the main man behind the music with Maxim and Keith sharing the vocals although Keith was originally only a dancer for the band. This Dvd brings together nearly all their music videos in one place, the Videos are as follows... 1. Firestarter 2. Poison 3. No Good (Start The Dance) 4. Breathe 5. Out Of Space 6. Smack My B*tch Up 7. Charly ( Remember the Tv Advert with the Cat ) 8. Spitfire 9. Voodoo People 10. Girls 11. Everybody In The Place 12. Baby's Got A Temper 13. Wind It Up (Video) 14. One Love (Video) My personal favorites are Poison, Everybody is in ...

BBC2: Room 101 17/11/2005

My Review of Room 101

BBC2: Room 101 Room 101 is a BBC comedy radio and television series, running since 1994, in which celebrities are invited to discuss their pet hates with the host in order to have them consigned to Room 101. The title refers to the room in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four which, for each person, represents the worst fear they can imagine. The program is now hosted by Paul Merton but for the first 3 series' the presenter was Nick Hancock, who in my personal opinion was the better presenter of the show. Some of the items nominated to be cast into Room 101 are: ( Details found on Various Fan sites ) Leighton Buzzard (Sue Perkins) & (Mel Giedroyc) Postman Pat (Ian Hislop) The skin on rice pudding (Meera Syal) Education (Michael Gambon) Cockney culture (Janet Street-Porter) Disney (Rich Hall) the Welsh (Anne Robinson) QVC (Danny Baker) Jellyfish (Jenny Eclair) Anne Robinson (Jessica Stevenson) Cheese (Paul Daniels) Cricket (Angus Deayton) Airports (Will Self) Massage (Shane Richie) Children using the telephone (Jimmy Tarbuck) Christian rock (Ross Noble) Flowers from a petrol station (Fern Britton) Germany (Neil Morrissey) Last Of The Summer Wine (Jeremy Clarkson) Spitting (Julian Clary) God (Harry Hill) Eric Cantona (Terry Wogan) Litter (Liza Tarbuck) William Shakespeare (Frank Skinner) Spike Milligan's house (Spike Milligan) Bob Beamon's world record in the long jump being broken (Arthur Smith) Doctor Who (Michael Grade) ...

Phoenix Nights - Series 1 And 2 (DVD) 17/11/2005

That will ding dang doo for me!

Phoenix Nights - Series 1 And 2 (DVD) Peter Kay is probably one of the best known and loved comics at the moments and he really excells with Phoenix Nights series 1 and 2 box set. Peter stars and wrote the series with Close Pal Patrick McGuinness and Dave Spikey amonst others. Characters include Brian Potter - The wheelchair bound owner of the Phoenix Club. Max - The Doorman ( who went on to have a spin off series ) Paddy - Max's sidekick Jerry St. Clair - The Club Compere The series' follow life at the Phoenix Club through thick and thin with some very funny moments. The characters are all different and somewhat loveable. Brian Potter is trying to rebuild the Phoenix after it burned down and we follow him as he struggles to make his dreams a reality, Classic moments include the inflatable at the opening party and all the turns at the end of the episodes. " The series mainly focuses on wheelchair bound Brian Potter and his attempts to out do arch enemy Den Perry ( Ted Robbins ), the owner of neighbouring club 'The Banana Grove' by making the most profits and gaining the most customers in the Bolton area. The rivalry includes the fight to convince the board that the massive club show that is 'Talent Trek' should be held in their premises. Whoever stages 'Talent Trek' knows they've hit the big time, in Brian's words will 'The Phoenix Club' become 'The World Famous Phoenix Club' he wants it to be? During the series, Brian gets into a host of trouble and each episode is half an hour full of ... 15/11/2005

Fair play to PLAY.COM is a Jersey based online entertainment distributor that supplies DVD, Games, Books, Music, electronics, Gadgets and ringtones. The site has tabs at the top of the web pages to allow for easy navigation of the site to your desired genre. Also has reviews of all their items on sale. You want it, they have probably got it no matter how obscure it is. I have been using the site for approx 4 years and in that time I have had no problems in any way. Delivery is free on everything and very quick as well, prices are also very competative and you will not find many items offered at cheaper prices anywhere. all new media titles can be pre ordered and nearly always arrive before they hit the shop shelves which means you do not have to queue outside a shop at midnight to get the latest game / dvd. You will always receive an email confirming your order and another when your item(s) have been despatched, this is a nice touch and not all online companies do this. all items have a very good review section with technical specs for electrical items. So next time you are looking for that new dvd or cd and are fed up of trouncing to town in the cold and wet, take a look at, you will not be disappointed.

What I'd put in room 101 15/11/2005

Room 101, my items for your shelves

What I'd put in room 101 My Items to put in Room 101. 1) When driving, People who do not thank you for letting them pull out into the road in front of you or when you let them keep coming down the road when you behind the parked cars on your side of the street, How difficult is it to raise a hand, mouth the word thanks or even smile at me. 2) Young People, When I was younger I respected all my elders whether I knew them or not, But Nowadays, Young people have no respect for anyone. Example: I would always and still do hold a door open for the person following me, I have yet to have this happen for me by a youngster. Example: When walking down the road I will always move to one side of the path when passing people and expect them to do likewise but with youngsters they would rather bump you than move, I have no problem with this as I can look after myself ( have almost come to blows on a few occasions ) but others my not be able to do so. 3) The BBC, Why should we have to pay for the BBC channels it is about time they went commercialised, they are trying to put the TV licence up to over £200, this is a total rip off for a channel that has too many repeats. I have no quarms about paying for a TV licence to use a TV but not just for the BBC. 4) Doctors, When I am ill, Which is very rarely thankfully, I would like to be able to see my GP on the day I am ill if possible, But when I ring my doctors, The first available appointment is some 3-4 days away, I could be dead by then, The main ...

Top 10 Footballers 29/07/2005

My Top 10 Liverpool Players.

Top 10 Footballers This is my list of Liverpool FC players that I have seen play in the flesh and not just on TV. 10 JAN MOLBY. Although big Jan was overweight and never seemed to run anywhere, he could stay in the centre circle and receive the ball and play a pin point pass to any part of the pitch. Holds the record for penalties scored (42) 9 EMLYN HUGHES Old crazy horse was a no nonsence centre back who would go on mazy forward runs, rarely beaten in the air, Sadly missed and taken too young. R I P 8 GRAEME SOUNESS I have never seen such a competative hard player as Souness, was as hard as nails and would never shirk out of his responsabilities of being a midfield general. 7 MICHEAL OWEN A great goalscoring legend, Who decided to leave for Real Madrid to win trophies and missed out on the Champions League success in 2005. 6 IAN RUSH Ian rush was a natural born goalscorer and scored almost 350 goals for Liverpool in his career. won every major honour with the mighty reds. 5 ROBBIE FOWLER Growler was to me the most natural finisher to have ever wore the red shirt of liverpool FC. Sadly he has now seemed to have lost that magic touch. 4 PHIL NEAL The most comfortable right back I have ever seen, nothing flustered Phil and he is the most decorated Liverpool player with 20 winners medals. Another player who won every major honour with the reds and spent 9 seasons as an ever present player. 3 JAMIE CARRAGHER Jamie bleeds Liverpool red blood, he is the ultimate red ...

Peugeot 205 29/07/2005

Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9

Peugeot 205 A few years back I owned a Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9. It was red with a black trim and full body kit. The car inside was very roomy for a small car and could easily take 3 full size adults in the back without any problems. to say the car was quick is an understatment, being quite light and with an injection engine the 205 GTi will beat most things at the lights without a problem and would stick to the road like Sh*t to a blanket, even in very wet weather. the car would even push you back in your seat when you were cruising at 70 mph and you wanted to overtake on the motorway, just put your foot down and BANG the pick up was amazing. The handling was excellent although you did occasionally get a bit of oversteer but you do get used to it and know when it is going to happen so you could correct yourself. I bought the car with 56,000 on the clock for £2400.00 in 1996 and traded it in for £1400.00 in 1999. it had to have a new gear box at 75,000 (£275.00). new cluch at 81,000 (£235.00) and a new sunroof (£215.00) after someone decided to drop a paving slab through the full glass sliding sunroof in a pub car park. The only bad thing about a Peugeot 205 Gti is the running costs because if you do have a car with power to burn you are also going to have a car that drinks petrol like it is going out of fashion and I would only get about 25 MPG. oil usage is also quite high. Would I recommend the peugeot 205 GTi, YES, but not if you are under 21 years of age as the ...

3 VideoTalk 500 12 Month 14/07/2005

3mendous phone service SHAME ABOUT THE SELLER

3 VideoTalk 500 12 Month I have been with 3 now for almost a year and I have tried T-Mobile, Vodaphone and Oragne before I went to 3. I have found that on the 3 network I have never lost my signal not even inside my local Asda, But with all the other networks they did not work in enclosed large building like Asda. I currently pay £25.00 per month for 500 mins of cross network calls and 100 texts per month, which I find is perfect for me. I have no problems with 3 or any other psrt of the 3 network I do have one gripe but that is not about 3, It is about the company I got the phone From, WWW.ADVANCEDMOBILES.CO.UK When I joined 3 through the above company I was promised Half price line rental for the whole 12 months of my contract. I had to send off my bill in Month 5 and month 8 to the company to prove that I had paid the last months bill and that I was up to date, I pay by DD so no problems their. The first bill was sent off in february as requested but I could not get a recorded delivery as it has to be sent to a PO Box, Which I did not rearly want to do but I did. I received no reply so I sent off my Bill for month eight to the same place and again I am waiting to receive my cash back Cheque now for a total of £112.50. I have emailed them every week for 6 weeks and tried to get them to answer their phone but no reply and no-one seems to know how to pick up a phone. Please don't get a mobile phone from this company either on the net or from one of their adverts in the ...

Seagate Barracuda ST3160023AS-RK 160 GB 13/07/2005

Seagate ST3160023A Barracuda

Seagate Barracuda ST3160023AS-RK 160 GB My Hard drive crashed and died a few weeks back so I decided to go for a larger HDD than I had before. I decided to go for the Seagate ST3160023A Barracuda. The main reasons for going for this model are it have a spin speed of 7200 and an 8 mb Cache and for a HDD to be as quiet as this one is has to be heard to be believed. The HDD is 160GB and you would have thought that it would have been expensive but I paid £55.00 from but it is available from many online stores inc ebuyer and Misco for aroung the £55.00 mark. But probably the most important reason was that the HDD comes with a 5 year warranty ( thats right 5 years, it is not a typing error ) so if it does fail then you are covered with a new drive on a send and return basis. I do thoroughly recommen buying one of these drives if yours fails.

The Bourne Identity (DVD) 13/07/2005

Bourne to be a good film.

The Bourne Identity (DVD) Matt Damon is superb as Jason Bourne, his actions and reactions to what he finds out about himself and what he has done. What he is still capable of when he and Marie are threatened are beautifully portrayed and completely believeable. Bourne, who is he what is he? That is the central premise of this first class action movie, it is a story of a man's journey to discover his identity after he regains conciousness aboard a fishing vessel and realises he knows nothing whatsoever about himself, apart from an account number and the address of a Swiss bank that are in a device implanted in his body, (along with two bullets). The film really shifts gear once Bourne reaches Switzerland and not only finds a lot of money but other very disconcerting pieces of information in the deposit box at the bank. He meets up with Marie and she agrees to take him to Paris where the action is almost nonstop. The Car chase through Paris is excellently directed and adds to the overall suspense of the film. This is a first class action movie that is well written and acted, , this is a film to watch and enjoy, the performances are uniformly good and there is an excellent cameo from Brian Cox but he is underused in his role, but gives off a nicely judged air of menace. He is most definitely not a man to be trusted, no matter how avuncular he appears to be. The extras on the DVD are well worth watching especially the alternate beginning and ending, they add to the exposition of the story ...
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