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Boots No.17 Dream Body Spray 30/04/2001

Totally refreshing

Boots No.17 Dream Body Spray I absolutly loved this product. The smell was quite fruity but subtle... its really hard to explain, but its nice. Its very refreshing and cooling. One thing that I found with this product which I havent experienced with a body spray in a long time, after a day at work or an evening out... I could still smell it on me, and at the end of the day or at the end of the night people were still stopping me and asking what the fragrance was and where I got it from. I dont really like to use perfume as some can be quite over powering no matter how much or how little you put on, so I usually opt for a body spray but tend to find they wear off and I find myself having to put more on half way through the day, which I didnt mind... but with this product it seemed to last all day, which is definatly value for money if nothing else. Whether it was in my mind or it actually did stay on all day... I dont know, but either way its worth it.

Avon Energising Mandarin Spray 30/04/2001


Avon Energising Mandarin Spray Personally, I wasnt very happy with this product. I found the fragrance reather over powering. I actually gave it to a friend because i wasnt keen on it, she actually loved it and I know that she still uses it very often. I actually used to be an Avon consultant, and the products that I used were very good quality and very well priced. Im not trying to put the product down because as well all know... everyone has different tastes, so all I can say is remember to test the product first before purchasing as there may be a chance of you being dissapointed. I personally use Avon products quite alot, and I find them really good. But one thing that i noticed when i was distributing for Avon was that with most products... you either love them or you hate them, so again... remember to try and sample the products before buying, and thats another good thing about Avon.. they have samples for all of their products, so it will be worth it.

Remington Whirl Foot Spa 30/04/2001

Total bliss

Remington Whirl Foot Spa Ive used remington products before and they have all been very good. Ive havenmt used this one yet but Ive heard its one of the best. I bought it for my sister for ehr birthday a few weeks ago and she was very pleased. It cost just under £50, which some poeple may think it was abit steep, but I dont think it is at all.... its very, very good value for money. This product, massages the feet, gives off heat, soaks them, and it comes with its own set of aromatherepy oils. Im not sure what the oils were, as the present wasnt for me and I didnt open it and have a pick or even the quick use of it... even though i really wanted to. I will be buying myself one soon, but to be honest for now the one I have got will do at the moment. But if you have got some 'extra cash' and want to spoil yourself... then this HAS to be the product you buy.

Remington Aroma Footspas 30/04/2001


Remington Aroma Footspas After a long day... the first thing I want to do is rest my feet. I usually do this by having a soak in the bath, but then i would be faced with the bother of going up stairs and running it, then standing around for it to run. A friend told me about this product one day, and I never thought it would work... not at all, as ive never been one to take advice too easily. I'll never doubt that woman again, its soothing, it massages the feet and its absolutly wonderful. And it comes with a range of aromatherepy oils. I had lavander, ylang ylang, jasmin and strawberry. All of them make your feet feel fantastic. This product should be on everyones christmas list! 09/09/2000

Nice and easy !! I have been using this system for quite a while now, and i have no complaits what so ever. When I send an email if shows up on the persons phone as 'geniealert' and this is also good because the recipitent always knows that it is me !! Besides othe things the system it totally free.... who could ask fo more? well theres nothing musch to say abut it really, excpet give it a try. If you have not yet been to the site then the adress is: .... go and have a look !

Billie Holiday Story, The - Billie Holiday 22/07/2000

Is this girl for real ???

Billie Holiday Story, The - Billie Holiday Billie should be locked up somewhere!! She is 17 and shes struting around like shes some big woman, and shes just not. All this rubbish with Rich from '5ive', that was just a big set-up if you ask me, she split up with him, but she got him to say that he split up with her so she would get the sympathy vote and go to No.1... how petty is that! And she collaped in the night club... what the hell was that about? She 17 for christ sake, she shouldnt have been in there anyway, so why didnt she or the owners of the night club get arested or anything... she was under age, but I suppose because she famous and all it doesnt matter. Well i think thats wrong, they let fame go to their head so they think they can get awy with murder.. well it shouldnt happen!! I think shes pathetic!!!! ...

Alanis Morissette - Alanis Morissette 22/07/2000

She is just the best !!

Alanis Morissette - Alanis Morissette I cant believe how good Alanis Morrisette is!! I never really listened to her music before, but now Im really into it.. its wicked!! She has got so much talent and her music just leaves me speachless. I highley recomend both of her albums... 'Jagged Little Pill', and 'Supposed Former Infactuated Junkie'. The first album 'Jagged little Pill' is from her rock days, which is really good, great stuff if your getting ready to out. The second album 'Supposed Former Infactuated Junkie' isnt so much rock, she expresses herself more with this album than the first one. This album is a more mellower sound and it really chills you out, and she also has a song for every emotion that a person could be feeling.. its just really good, and I sure as hell recommend it!!

L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strength 22/07/2000

You call this 'extra strength'!!

L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strength This product is no good!! I dont advice anyone to by it.. i advice people to use another brand! Its rubbish.. It makes your hair all sticky and greasy, and it doesnt hold your hair at all.. its pathetic. It is so bad, that I was gonna write up about it, but I thought I would tell people about it on this instead because alot of people will read it, and I can get my point across abit more clearly. It may suit some peoples hair, but it sent my hair into a frenzy!!

Vauxhall Tigra 1.4i 22/07/2000

Best car around !!

Vauxhall Tigra 1.4i This is a WONDERFUL car.... it has got the look of a spotrs car, and it is just so comftable. Its very acessable and compact. before I had afew problems with driving an automatic car, but i had no problems what so ever with this car.. it was very comftable. With other automatics I always found that I needed to be doing something else, but with this car you are gratful not to be doing anby gears because it is ust so damn comftable!!! I highley recomend it to anyone... though it is very hard to find a second hand one.. I waited 8 months after passing my test just to wait until I got this car, and I am so pleased.. I love it!!

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy 22/07/2000

Butterflies !!

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Oh my god... that is all I can say about this product. About a year ago I smelt it on nearly ever male that walked past me, and i was dying to know what it was. So one day I asked someone and they told me it was the new Tommy Hilfigure mens fragrance(obviously it was new then!) When I went on holiday last summer... I brought 3 bottles in the duty free, they have all finished now because every night I sprayed it on my pillow. I know thats really sad, but it was one of the bst fragrance I have ever smelt, and I recomend it to any man!! I used to wear it too.... it didnt really strike me as a 'Male' frangrance, even though it does have a different smell when it it on a women! But it is the best one ever in my opinion.. its expencive but it does last quite long, as its quite a powerful smell you dont need alot at all. But I do highley recommend it!!

Nokia 8210 20/07/2000

A few reasons why not to ny this phone!!

Nokia 8210 What the hell is this..... call this a phone, I think your mistaken!! It is way to small.. I know thet no-one wants to walk around with a brick, but its better than walking around with something way too small to even hold!!! I have a Nokia 5142.. now that was classed as small when it came out, and it sold like no-one buiness, so obviously it was a perfect size.. but no they had to keep reducing the size. Its ridiculous!!! Ive also read that having no arial is alot more harmful than having one, as the arial is place in the top right hand side of the phone (which people dont realise) it is actually closer to the brain than a normal arial, as a normal ariel sticks out at an angel directed away from the head when the phone is in use. Think again before purchasing this phone!!

Dirty Dancing (DVD) 20/07/2000

Fabulous !!

Dirty Dancing (DVD) Well... what can I say... dirty Dancing is one of the best films made ever!!! Parick Swayze played an 'cool' Johnny Castle, who was a dancing instructor who worked for Kellimans Hotel for the summer. Jennifer Gray who played Francis (Baby) Houseman, who was visiting the hotel whith her family. she falls in love with the dance tutor (Patrick Swayze).. and takes part in the summer show, as Johnny dancing partner (Penny) takes ill with an unexpected pregnacy. During the preparations for the show Baby and Johnny get closer and closer, untill the start to fight off baby's parents to be together. A classic film, and really excellent film!!

The Sun 20/07/2000


The Sun Why, why, why??? Why do we need to put naked women in newsparer. The point of a newspare is to read 'news', and if a newspaper can not sell a newspaper without exploiting females, then obviously it shouldnt come under the title of 'newspaper'!!! I know men like to look at naked women, but got it from somewhere else... if you can, that is!! Dont use a facility which tells the public of crimes, politics,the news basically to satisfy your own pety needs !! Ive noticed there are not many.. if any, pictures of men, if there were I wouldnt condone it.. but by the paper showing just women in there underwear, then it just prooves that the ideal 'role' of a women, has not changed.... wife, cleaner, cook, and now sex object!! ...

OK! 20/07/2000

"ok" its not that bad !!

OK! Well, I must admitt, at first I didnt like this magazine at all... but it has started to grow on me. I just want to see alot less of Victoria beckham.. the world doesnt revolve around her, so I dont want to see her on every single page!! I first I saw Tom Crise on the front, and thats why I bought it... and I wasnt that impressed, the slogan on the front had nothing to do with the artical, I was quite annoyed. Admittedly, the magazine does do alot of coverage on all directions of showbiz, which is good, and as a weekly magazine, it quite cheap.. usually they can be quite expencive. Overall, it has grown on me... not bad !!

Aston Hall Museum, Birmingham 20/07/2000

Not worth the time !!

Aston Hall Museum, Birmingham Now as a true 'brummie' I never like to put Birmingham or Birmingham feratures down, but 'Aston Hall' is just a waste of time. All the years I have lived here.... I dodnt even know why it is there.. no-one really knows anything about it, I doubt anyone realises' its still there. A very long time ago, i visited it when i was at school, but I never remember learing anything about it... it wasnt that I didnt pay attention, it was because there wasnt anything to learn.. honestly!! If you do happen to visit Aston hall, and you feel differently, then I appologise, but from my personal experience of the place... I deffinatly would not bother!! The ideal person to visit the Aston hall, would be probably OAP's, who like to here about, and visit these places, but for a family day out.. dont waste your time !
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