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Thank you for such warm greetings back xXx Been battling breast cancer for a year now, fight is still on but feeling good :~) xXx

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Ansio Light Weight Oscillating Fan 07/06/2017

==I'm a 'hard core fan'!==

Ansio Light Weight Oscillating Fan ~*~Fanatically impressed! ~ The design~*~ This slim and narrow 45 watt tower fan is brilliant for fitting in places if you have little space. The room I needed the fan for is small and has few gaps between furniture etc. The circumference is only a little over 16 inches and with a height of 31 inches. I am thrilled that the fan fits so neatly between my fire surround and bookcase. With a grill size of 21inches x 2 inches, the air supply furnishes a wide area. I find this a real benefit as I have chairs and couches placed at various angles around my lounge. Although the fan comes with a top mounted control dial to operate the settings, I prefer to use the remote. But the dial is handy for those sitting close by to the fan to enable manual control. The settings are clearly marked and change with only a light touch. Consumers can purchase this fan in fours colours and white. One can choose from grey, which I chose, black, pink and purple. The design is contemporary, a lovely ultramodern unit indeed. I have five grand-children so safety is fundamental to me when choosing electrical equipment. This fan has a firm and steady base so knocking it over doesn’t present a particular problem. Furthermore, the base isn’t too wide to present an issue with tripping over it. With a slim but strong base, I have no concerns in this aspect of the design. The fan has an integrated carry-handle on the reverse side that is wide and smooth, so that I can transfer the unit from one place to ...

QVS AirPro Mini 23/01/2016

No "damp squib" here!

QVS AirPro Mini Reason for purchase: Some of the rooms in my home suffer from damp and condensation. I purchased a larger model some time ago and found the appliance to be very effective in reducing the humidity levels. I wanted an effective dehumidifier for a smaller room that would fit onto a small surface and this size seemed perfect. Portability: This dehumidifier “uses Peltier technology (no compressor) which makes it light” so easy to move. Added to this, at only 1.4KG it is a breeze to lift and transport from one place to another. The tank is so tiny that to empty is no heavy chore at all! Noise level: The “Peltier technology (no compressor)” should mean a very quiet appliance but although the unit is fairly quiet, there is still an audible noise! The sound is much like an oscillating desk fan but it becomes like white noise and one becomes used to the light soothing rumble. Features: I love that this little appliance also has a warm air outlet for drying purpose. Some evenings I move the dehumidifier to the hallway where I have some washing airing and by the morning the clothing has aired through far better than it would have had I not positioned the unit close by. Of course, this is by no means a substitute for a dryer but it is handy for clothes that need airing through. A bright green light stays on when in operation to show the unit is working. An easy to operate thumb size on/off switch is located just to the right hand corner. The model is a lovely contemporary design ...

GOgroove BassPulse 2MX 06/05/2015

Getting into the Groove!

GOgroove BassPulse 2MX Product under review as described on GOgroove BassPULSE 2MX USB 2.0 Multimedia Stereo Speakers with Blue LED GLOW Lights Reason for purchase I’d had my previous speakers for a number of years and they began to show signs of inefficient sound. I wanted similar speakers that would be compact enough to fit on my desk along with other items but still effectual. Product capabilities describes this product as having a “Powerful Bass & Passive Subwoofers for Gaming Desktop & Laptop Computers” while also being compatible to work with “with PC , Apple MAC , Asus , Acer , AMDI , Dell , HP , Lenovo , Toshiba , Samsung , Sony , VIBOX , Zoostorm & More”. Size and appearance The speakers are only 10.8 x 7.5 x 10.5 cm so they fit very well onto my desk that is generally filled with paperwork, books and the odd cup or two! The sleek black veneer gives off a shiny contemporary look as does the varying angles within the design features. I like the unpretentious design of the small silver disc and soft matt like appearance where the sound emits from. The effective ultra-modern LED light that radiates from the base of the units is a delightful bright blue. A tiny “dial located on the back of the unit controls the LED lights as well as the volume for a quick audio adjustment”. ( On one of the speakers the brand name of ‘Bass Pulse’ is unobtrusively placed on the top flat surface. Installation and cable length Installing the speakers is ‘child’s ...

USB Mini Desktop Fan 25/06/2014

'Fan the flames'!

USB Mini Desktop Fan ~*~ Reason for purchase~*~ I do a fair amount of work on my desk top computer and since we are experiencing some great weather here in the UK, the need for a desk top fan has become a real need! ~*~Noise levels~*~ When I am concentrating at working on my PC, it is important that there is little to no external noise. Therefore, I was concerned that the fan may produce distracting noise levels. I am thrilled to report that this tiny apparatus only produces what I term as white noise. The blades are pretty quiet, like a faraway propeller! In fact, by tweaking the frame either up or down, the sound can be lessened. I feel bad taking away a point but this is only because it does produce some noticeable noise. 4/5 ~*~ON/OFF switch~*~ Excellent little switch that is located on the lower reverse side of the unit turns the fan on and off. Because the fan is securely fitted within a plastic frame so there is no danger when lifting the unit to locate the switch. 5/5 ~*~USB~*~ I love that this fan is powered using the USB connections on my PC; with no external power required it means that I am not using up valuable socket space. It is so simple to connect; I could choose either the USB connections on the back or top of my PC. I have chosen to use the top connection on my PC as this allows even more usable length of the cord. 5/5 ~*~Installation~*~ Installing the fan is quite simply child’s play! All I needed to do to install the fan was to take it out of the box, unwind the ...

Dri Pak Soda Crystals 10/06/2014

Clear as crystal!

Dri Pak Soda Crystals ~*~The Product~*~ Dri Pak Soda Crystals 1000g ~ Amazon comment that the • “Soda Crystals have been around for generations, and before the invention of modern washing powder, were one of the most popular laundry products around, renowned for their ability to cut through tough stains and dirt on grubby clothes. • Useful in a variety of laundry tasks, Soda Crystals are the versatile one bag solution for all your laundry needs! • Soda Crystals in your wash. Soda crystals are so useful; they really are all you need to tackle all your dirty, grubby clothes and tough stains! They can be used to: • Shift organic stains from clothes by using as an in-wash additive. Simply add a tablespoon of Soda Crystals to the normal detergent. • Remove tough stains from clothes by using as a pre-soak. Make a strong solution of Soda Crystals and warm water and soak garment for 1 hour before washing normally” ~*~My usage Experience~*~ I purchased the soda crystals predominately for my grand-children’s science experiments that we were doing together from the book The Usborne Big Book Of Experiments. But I found so many other great uses for the crystals to! Please be aware that Amazon notes the following as a “Guide to strengths… Soda Crystals are usually used by dissolving them in warm water. The strength required depends on the application, as a starting point, we recommend the following: Mild - 1 tablespoon (20g) to one pint ...

Usborne Book of Experiments - Alastair Smith 17/04/2014

Experimenthusiasts! :~)

Usborne Book of Experiments - Alastair Smith ~*~The Product ~ Experimenters! :~)~*~ The 96 page paperback book is slim but tall with dimensions of 30.4 x 22.9 x 0.7 cm. The book was published by Usborne Publishing Ltd on 31 Dec 1995. I purchased the book through Amazon and they describe it as “an introduction to science activities, showing how to set up and carry out dozens of investigations, using everyday things. The book is split into themed sections which show a range of activities, including chemical reactions, nature projects and tests on the senses. All the activities are accompanied by a list of facts and a quick quiz question. A section at the back of the book explains the scientific terms that are used during the experiments. Step-by-step instructions ensure that each project is easy to follow”. Author Amanda York adds “The Usborne Big Book of Experiments supports Key Stage Two Science, and specifically the area of Scientific Enquiry. It is filled with safe, detailed experiments that are illustrated in a colourful and clear manner. Suitable for ages 8 and above.” An extra note advises ‘Please note: some experiments may require parental supervision.’ ~*~My Usage Experience ~ experimentertaining! :~) ~*~ I purchased this book on behalf of my eldest grand-son who loves taking part in scientific experiments. I was running out of ideas on this subject matter and thought that this book would provide some ‘cool’ experiments from the text I read on Amazon as noted above. Amazon furnishes customers with the ...

Knitted Icons - Carol Meldrum 04/04/2014

'A star is born'…or rather, knitted! :~)

Knitted Icons - Carol Meldrum ~*~The Product ~*~ This is a paperback book consisting of a 112 pages and published by Collins & Brown way back in September 2007. The small book’s dimensions of 17.6 x 17.2 x 1 cm make it very easy to handle and fits well on my book stand when I’m following a pattern. Amazon hype the knitting book as follows, “Albert Einstein proved to us that E=MC2. Marilyn Monroe convinced us that gentlemen prefer blondes and that diamonds is a girl's best friend. Elvis Presley showed us how to swivel our hips to old-time rock 'n' roll. Through science, pop culture and arts, all of them have become the objects of great attention and devotion by fans everywhere. They are, in essence, icons of the 20th century. From an Argentinian revolutionist to a scientific genius to a rock 'n' roll band hailing from Liverpool, immortalise your favourite legend as a knitted character. Enlightened by the Communist Manifesto? Chairman Mao would make a bold statement on your book shelf. Learn to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with Muhammad Ali, or "Get into the Groove" with your own pint-sized Madonna doll. Colour photography and easy-to-follow instructions for the doll and wardrobe changes are included. In addition, the book features basic knitting instructions and includes a basic doll pattern and techniques for altering body shape and facial features. Whether you're a knitting novice or a seasoned expert, "Knitted Icons" is a delightful book that appeals to knitters and fans alike”. When ...

Airpro 2L Midi Domestic Air Dehumidifier 03/04/2014

Trying not to 'put a dampener on' this! :~)

Airpro 2L Midi Domestic Air Dehumidifier ~*~The Product~*~ This product is described as a Midi domestic dehumidifier that is supposed to be ‘Ideal for use in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and many more small spaces’. The manufacture promised that the dehumidifier ‘eliminates damp and moisture in the atmosphere in areas up to 100 square feet’! Added to this, the apparatus is hyped to protect ‘against odours and the growth of mold in damp conditions’. The dehumidifier has a ‘2 Litre water tank with up to 600ml of moisture collected per day at 30°C’. It is advertised as having an ‘ultra quiet whisper technology fan’ and uses ‘Voltage: 230v, Mains’ with ‘Power Consumption’ of 60 Watt. The dehumidifier has a height of 355mm and width of 225mm. I was certainly hoping that the dehumidifier would stand up to the promotional speak as in my opinion; it is a fair amount of money to spend on such a small appliance. ~*~Reason for purchase~*~ As we know, there are a few reasons why damp affects our homes. I have one room in particular that suffers from damp more than the others. In fact, I calculate that the condition resulted in the room humidity levels being around 70% to 80%! I identified the cause as being condensation, the most common sort of damp. As we are aware, this kind of damp is created by moist air condensing on windows and walls. The gentleman that came to discuss the problem with me explained that it is predominantly a winter issue. He described how the walls during this season, are far colder than the ...

How My Body Works The Muscles - Albert Barille 01/04/2014

'Flex your muscles'! :~)

How My Body Works The Muscles - Albert Barille ~*~The product:~*~ The book is part of a collection of fifty ‘Play and Learn’ books by the same author, Abert Barille. The book’s slim dimensions of 26 x 18.8 x 0.8 cm make it light and easy for young readers to handle. The book is hardback which makes it fairly robust. The cover is wipe able which is very practical when young children are handling it ~) There are only 29 pages in the book. ~*~~*~My usage experience~*~ I have purchased several of the ‘Play and Learn’ books in this collection written by A. Barille, and they have all been very educational. My grand-children love receiving a new book in the collection so I was very pleased to have ordered this lovely publication. *Contents* The book follows the same excellent format as the others in this collection. The contents are clearly marked in bold titles and sub-headings with a neat orderly listing of two page chapters. There are three categories listed with the first coming under the theme of ‘Your muscle System’. The sub-heading to this section is ‘Body structure’. There are six titles covered here, ‘Why you can move’, ‘What is a muscle’? ‘What shape are skeletal muscles’?, ‘Kinds of muscle movement’ and ‘Little muscle atlas’. The next portion of the book comes under the heading ‘The muscle system at work’ with the sub-heading ‘body in action’. The six chapters dealt with here are as follows: ‘What controls the muscles’? ‘Flexible and sensitive muscles’, ‘How do the muscles work’?, ‘Where do muscles get their ...

How My Body Works Digestion - Albert Barille 31/03/2014

'Readers Digest'! :~D

How My Body Works Digestion - Albert Barille ~*~The book~*~ This hard cover book only has twenty-eight pages and is a slim 26 x 18.8 x 0.8 cm. This book is part of a fifty ‘Play and Learn’ collection dealing with the human body. The cover is wipe able and sturdy for constant usage. The book is directed for young readers but has validity for older folk too! The author, A. Barille, is the writer of all books in this collection. ~*~ My Usage experience~*~ I purchased this book as a follow on, being number 5 in the collection. The previous books had been such a success with my grand-children that I was enthusiastic to purchase this one also. *Contents* The book is portioned of into two categories. The first entitled ‘Your digestive system’ with the sub-heading ‘Body in action’. The contents under this section are as follows: ‘How you digest food-step by step’, ‘What happens in your mouth’, ‘Acid attack’, ‘What happens in your stomach’, ‘Your largest organ’, ‘Your pancreas’, ‘How nutrients enter your body’, ‘Waste disposal’ and ‘Fit to eat’. The second category comes under the heading of ‘A healthy digestion’, with the sub-heading ‘Health and fitness’. The two page chapters consist of ‘Some ideas to chew over’, ‘Pavlov’s dog’, ‘When things go wrong’, ‘A digestive dead end’, ‘What makes you sick’, ‘Keeping food fresh’ and ‘How to help’. I really like the way the contents are in large font with bold headings to enable younger readers to locate certain subject matter with ease. I also appreciate the way the sub-heading ...

Route 38 27/03/2014

'Get your kicks on route 66' ...or in this case, 38! :~)

Route 38 ~*~Reason for visit!~*~ My youngest daughter and husband wanted to treat me to lunch as a mummy’s day treat so we, including my son and youngest grand-daughter went to this restaurant. My daughter had eaten here several times before but I had never been to any of the Router restaurants so I was pretty excited to see how different it would be. ~*~The Restaurant ~ Ambience and Interior design~*~ As soon as I got out of the car the huge sign of ‘Route 38’ caught my eye. All areas of the outside of the restaurant is clear and tidy with only a few steps leading to the entry. This particularly restaurant has the most amazing view of the moors, very scenic. When we opened the single door to the restaurant the foyer led straight to the small bar area and seemed a little cramped and low lit. Just behind us was a small open cubicle with a flip down desk where folks could by all kinds of Route 38 paraphernalia like cute teddies and T-shirts with the logo embroidered on. We only had to wait a few moments to be led to a table, no booking required at this time of day, around 12 noon. The tables are in various shapes and sizes, circular, oblong and square, seating anywhere from two to eight. In fact there is a separate seating area that has no window views but can provide seating for large parties of people. The furnishings are mainly American flag colours and look fairly clean and bright. I love the copious amounts of wall features, from an authentic gold record award for Elvis ...

How My Body Works The Liver 27/03/2014

'Lily -livered'…far from it! :~)

How My Body Works The Liver ~*~The Product~*~ The book is first published in 1997 by Orbis. The author of the book is Albert Barille, whom also compiled the other fifty books in the ‘play and learn’ collection. The book’s dimensions of 26.2 x 19.2 x 0.8 cm make it easy enough to handle for smaller readers and light enough to hold without difficulty. This book is number 10 in the collection. ~*~My Usage experience~*~ As I found the previous books in this collection so beneficial for my grand-children, I had no hesitation in wanting to purchase this one. From the brightly coloured comical front cover to the very end, I am a real fan of this author’s work. I was hoping that the grand-tot’s would find this book as fun-filled and helpful as the preceding ones. *Contents* The first category dealt with under the heading ‘The Liver’, has the sub-heading ‘Body structure’. There are four chapters within this section, ‘what your liver looks like’, ‘cleaning your blood’, ‘your largest gland’ and ‘bile – a liver liquid’. The next portion of the book comes under the theme ‘How your liver works’, with the sub-heading ‘Body in action’. Five brief chapters cover the subject matter of ‘A chemical factory inside your body’, Energy from your liver’, ‘your liver and your health’, ‘Alcohol? No thanks!’ and ‘’Foie gras’ from France’. The final part of the book comes under the heading ‘Keeping your liver healthy’, and has the sub-heading ‘health and fitness’. The contents are clearly defined and have large bold ...

How My Body Works The Skeleton - Albert Barille 26/03/2014

'skeleton in the closet'…in this case, the book! :~)

How My Body Works The Skeleton - Albert Barille ~*~The Product ~ ‘Close to the bone’!~*~ I purchase this book some time ago, I bought it separately but it is part of a collection of fifty books. The slim book’s dimensions are 26.2 x 19.2 x 0.8 cm which make it handleble for the smallest of readers. Amazon describes this book as ‘a delightful children’s book with humour and pictures throughout explaining how the skeleton works in an easy to remember fashion’. They are spot on! ~*~My usage experience ~ ‘Funny bone’!~*~ I purchased this book on behalf of my grand-children. As we are aware, educational books are crucial for our children and grand-children to enable them to grow up to be informed adults. Educational books have great benefits, from instructing our young ones so they can be armed with an array of secular choices, knowledge that can help them make wise health decisions and provide wisdom in their lives. But, I am a great believer that learning should be fun! This book, along with the others in the compilation are quoted as ‘a play and learn’ collection. When I read this caption, I was ‘sold’ on the idea that I would be purchasing a valuable compliment of suitable enjoyable and informative books for my grand-children. *Contents* The book covers an array of very interesting matters on the subject of the skeleton. Under the first of three categories, ‘Your body’s framework’, are eight brief chapters. The sub-heading of ‘Body structure’ helps define the theme. The chapters under these headings are ‘Every move ...

Bosch Steam Iron TDA4650GB 25/03/2014

'Pump Iron'! :~)

Bosch Steam Iron TDA4650GB *~*The Product ~ ‘Iron Man’!~*~ The product’s specifications are discussed under the heading ‘My usage experience’ hence why I haven’t listed them here! Basically, this is a metallic and white steam iron manufactured by Bosch and launched in January 2013. The iron came with operating instructions in a leaflet format. The product has many features including variable steam control, drip-stop leak protection system, an easy grip ridged handle, LED control red light and a good 2500 W power output. The iron comes with a very small beaker, too small to be of practical use so I tend to keep a large kitchen jug near to hand for re-filling the tank. I ordered the iron from Amazon but it is widely available through many online outlets and some high street stores. *~*My Usage Experience ~ ‘Strike while the iron is hot’!~*~ I had to order a new iron as my malfunctioned. Just as advice, if you see those sites that say offer cleaning tips for irons, be wary! I followed a sole plate cleaning tip using salt against the warm iron sole plate and it just cut out, never worked again! Of course, many tips that one gathers from online sites are very beneficial but it is worth researching methods from various avenues first before trying! *Dimensions and weight* The iron measures 150 x 130 x 290 mm which I find very easy to handle. I can manage some finicky items with the well-designed slimmer sole plate with ease. The wider sections are excellent for covering such items as sheets. I really ...

How My Body Works The Blood - Albert Barille 21/03/2014

'New blood'!

How My Body Works The Blood - Albert Barille ~*~The Product~*~ This hard back cover is part of a collection of fifty books. The book is published by Orbis and was first available in 1997. The books slim dimensions are 26.2 x 19 x 0.8 cm. As the book has only 29 pages, it is light enough to handle for the youngest of readers. The cover has a practical shiny wipe able surface. ~*~My usage experience ~~*~ I purchased this book for my grand-children as an educational aid to help them learn how the blood is the bodies ‘lifeline’! As is the nature of young active tots, it is not unusual for them to suffer scrapes and sorts from play. Blood is often seen oozing from these little cuts and I felt that a great teaching guide such as this book would be an excellent way to remove concern when such incidents arise. My older grand-children enjoy learning how their bodies work and this book has proved to be a great asset in developing their knowledge in such matters. *Contents* The book covers three categories; ‘Blood’, ‘How blood cells are made’ and ‘Healthy blood’. The sub-heading to the section on blood deals with ‘Body structure’ and chapters cover ‘your body’s transport system’, ‘what is blood for’, ‘what is blood made of’, a round trip’, red blood cells’, what do red blood cells do’?, ‘fighting infection’, ‘all shapes and sizes’, blood platelets’ and ‘what is haemoglobin?’. The next section that comes under ‘how blood cells are made’ has the sub-heading ‘body in action’. The chapters deal with ‘where do blood cells come ...
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