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About me: AFTER many months away, I'm back :) THANK YOU for the continued supportive rates and kind comments on my reviews you lovely folk xXx

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Scotlass712 Nice to be back!! New laptop, new internet, new reviews, same old sarcasm.... Yaaaay :-) I've been busy making up for lost rating time and I think I've rated everyone.. If I missed you, let me know :-) Thanks for the continued support!!!
LiveMusicLoverLyn Live with hubby & dogs, have chickens & ducks. As well as writing and reading reviews I am a Coordinator for DogLost & volly for a few canine charities. I have a beautiful grown up daughter and 2 adorable grandchildren.
shellyjaneo Gave birth by emergency C-section to a lovely baby boy on the 24th June, will be back with lots of baby reviews soon x
robjak No information
CoffeeQueen68 Is it Christmas yet?
ladyofflame 'Stronger than death' eh? Silly marketed phrase... People who put down others because they enjoy it & watching/wanting them pulled down whilst being attracted to them so hating them for that yet disliking those that don't fit a desired mold. Twisted.
frankieb1992 My names Francis i love music i volunteer for oxfam and write reviews in my spare time
cwigham Finding a lot of glitches at the minute, some of my comments don't seem to register and most of my rates "differ from the average rating by other users" when a lot of the time it doesn't. Weird.
Gingerkitty I expect I'll be more active on here in the run up to Christmas.....
GeorgeHarding I am a 21 year old male trying to learn how to improve on writing reviews, all criticism is welcome.
kattwig Finally got the job I've always wanted, full time shifts, so ratings/reviews are a little on the few and far between side, but I will be back. Blog - Candyfloss Dreams and Cupcake Sleep -
Pam222 Hi there, Thanks for all of the rates. I am allowed a few more Es now, but there are so many E reviews onsite! I tried to load pictures on my latest review but Ciao said No ! Ohhh dear
Listerbelle Pregnant, due Dec '14. Trying to catch up on reads & rates. I wish I could give more Es as there are so many super reviews here.
PerfectPeaches01 Hiya! I'm PerfectPeaches from Dooyoo - thought I'd try it over on the "other side". My reviews will be the same on both sites :)
sweetdaisy Thanks for all the reads, rates and comments. Trying to get over 100 rates per review xx
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