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About me: THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lovely 'Welcome back' messages and continued supportive rates and kind comments on my reviews you lovely folk. Been a rough six months but hoping things will now get better! xXx

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bobostrumf Please rate and I will surely rate back.
fluffy27 I'm going to try get a lot of reviews written in the next few weeks as I'd like to save up so my little girl can have a birthday party. So every rating is much appreciated! Thank you xx
K2705 Thank you for all the reads and rates, I will return all rates asap. I review a lot of Childrens products and toys, there will be a lot of Thomas the Tank Engines reviews.
top-reviewz I'm back! sorry i've been away for sooo long but i'm back now :) Appreciate all the ratings and I will do my best to return them :)
ladyofflame Ciao might benefit from the lesson of the visit from the Marley brothers and three ghosts.
sirodar I dread to see how quiet it will be here next month. Thanks for the continued support, rates, and brilliant banter. The money might be rubbish but at least there is you lot. :-) Si.
eve6kicksass 6/1/2015 --- Thank you for all the ratings/comments on my STAR WARS (1977) review. Can't believe June is here already! :)
Scotlass712 Wow!!! My first Diamond!!!!!!! Thank you for all the support!!!!
LiveMusicLoverLyn Please look out for this elderly chap with dementia: log.php?dogId=93772#.VjOXsWsg TIU Gordon Wilson probably on his way to Glasgow where he was a head teacher from Essex.
shellyjaneo So no more bonus and only selected categories will get you premium fund. I guess Ciao will soon be following DooYoo :(
robjak No information
frankieb1992 Hi thank you for rating my reviews I try my best to rate back hope you enjoy reading them xx. So much to review so little time
Gingerkitty I'll be dipping in and out of reviewing now that my little cake business has started to take off......but will always aim to return all your rates
GeorgeHarding I am a 21 year old male trying to learn how to improve on writing reviews, all criticism is welcome.
kattwig Working from home on my own business and busy blogging so trying to be as active on here as possible! Thanks for all the read/rates. Blog - :)
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