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Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew 05/11/2001

Nicer than I expected

Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew I like caramel but I've never been a huge fan of it however this has quickly become one of my favourite ice cream flavours after eating it at the cinema yesterday. While it won't appeal to everyone I loved the taste and will definetely get this flavour again (probably mixed with the even nicer Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough :). --Taste-- The taste is great, as well as being a very nice ice-cream it has a lot of additions that make it wonderful. The basic ice-cream flavour is caramel but the taste of this is not overwhelming and you can still get the creamy (and hopefully cold :) taste of the ice-cream itself, mixed in with this are swirls of caramel and chocolate-covered caramel chunks. While the normal ice-cream doesn't have that strong a taste of caramel (quite a good thing really as any stronger would take away from other tastes) the caramel swirls have a much stronger and richer taste and provided you like caramel should add to the flavour of your mouthful of ice-cream. My favourite part of the ice-cream however had to be the chocolate covered caramel chungs, the chocolate was delicious and seemed much nicer than the type in other Ben & Jerry's ice cream (although I'm sure it's the same thing and there is nothing wrong with their chocolate usually) but with a crispy caramel chunk in the middle, extremely nice and I found these chunks the most enjoyable part of my ice-cream. If you took the ice-cream on its own however (without all the chunks/swirls/etc) it probably ...

Game (Shop) 01/11/2001

Worth a look if you like games

Game (Shop) Game is a chain store that sells games for consoles & PC's, DVD's, a selection of collectable card games and various accessories. I find it very similar to Electronics Boutique and it is very clear that both stores copy each other quite a bit with very similar offers being available at almost all times. --Layout-- -PC- The layout of PC games seems to make sense and be much clearer than many other computer stores, each type of game seems to always be near games of the same type and new releases/budget games have their own section. While the layout isn't perfect and you sometimes have a certain type of game in a strange location away from all the other similar types in general it appears to be quite good and you should be able to find what you are looking for easily enough provided they have it. -Console- The console layout is similar to the PC one but on a smaller scale due to stocking less games (plus the fact that most consoles have fewer games to stock than the PC). Each console has its own mini-section in which all the games available for it are placed, there is also a much smaller second-hand section for certain consoles such as the game boy and playstation, the display is simple enough but you can usually find what you want as there are very few problems with the layout in the stores I have been in. --Range-- The stores seem to be larger than many other games shops so in general I would have expected a much larger range, in the shop I go in for ...

Wish You Were Here - Tom Holt 22/10/2001

Welcome to your Heart's Desire.

Wish You Were Here - Tom Holt 'Yes sir,' said the tiresome old man, leaning back in his rocking chair, 'that there's Lake Chicopee right enough. Ain't no other lake like it in all of Iowa.' 'Thanks,' muttered the motorist, glancing sideways at his watch. 'So to get to Oskaloosa we just follow this road until it brings us out on the...' 'They do say,' the tiresome old man continued, lighting his corn-cob pipe and blowing smoke in the motorist's face, 'that this here lake's haunted.' The motorist coughed pointedly. In New York, blowing tobacco smoke in someone's face would get you arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. 'Is that so?' he said, trying his best to load each syllable with patent lack of interest. 'If I just follow this road as far as...' 'By an ole Injun spirit,' the tiresome old man said, 'name of Okeewana or some such. Now I lived in these parts all my life and I never seen her, but who's to say, huh? Who's to say?' A scowl swept across the motorist's face like an empty polythene bag windblown across an empty car park. 'Who indeed? Look, I don't want to seem rude, but...' 'They do say --' The tiresome old man leaned forward, giving the motorist a unique opportunity to study at first hand the effects on tooth enamel of sixty years of chewing tobacco and industrial-grade bourbon whiskey - 'that if you're lucky and meet that ole spirit and jump in the lake after her, she'll grant you anything you truly wish fer.' 'Look---' 'And if you're really lucky,' he added, with an evil ... 21/10/2001

No prizes, slow to load and pop-ups yet still fun. Given the opinions I've read on this site I didn't expect that much when I visited it but I thought it might be worth a try, I found it was almost exactly as I imagined and probably isn't a site I'll visit too often in the future. --Registering-- The first thing you need to do when you visit the site is to register, this is simple enough once you actually figure out how to do it. Unlike most sites that seem to have "Register Now!!!" everywhere this site doesn't seem to have this, in fact to register you have to act as though you are going to sign in and you will be given the option of registering on the screen you are taken to. Registering is simple, you only have to give a few details (username, password, e-mail address, zip code etc.) and it will probably only take you a few seconds. They will ask you if you want to receive the newsletter (I chose no myself but they try to tempt you into receiving it with a small reward) and then you get the option to sign-up with their sponsors in some "great" offers, I'd recommend you just click no thanks here though unless you like receiving a lot of junk mail. Once you've done this you are registered and can play games and (if you spend days and days on the site) possibly win prizes. --Look and Layout-- The sites layout is actually quite simple to navigate, you should be able to figure out what you have to do to get to where you want to go. Occasionally information may be slightly hidden away but in most cases you ...

Bomberman 2 (SNES) 18/10/2001

Great but no real improvement over the original.

Bomberman 2 (SNES) Due to this game being a sequel I will divide the opinion into 2 sections, 1 describing the game itself and 1 saying exactly what improvements (if any) it makes over the original game. ---------Game---------- This is a simple fast-paced and fun game with a good single player and multiplayer mode. Most people will have played some kind of variation of bomberman at some time and while this game doesn't ruin the original, it makes very few changes to it. --Basic Gameplay-- The basic idea of the game is that you control a man who has the ability to put down bombs (hence the name). Using these bombs you must blow holes in walls to allow you to get to the other people/monsters in the game and kill them. Each time you blow up a wall you have the chance to get a powerup, in single player mode killing a monster also gives this chance. The game is very fast paced (although with some emulators this can become slightly too fast), requiring quick thinking and good reflexes plus at least a little bit of strategy. --Normal Game-- The normal game has a variety of stages, each of which has its own individual levels. Each level (except boss levels) have an exit that is visible for the start, but locked. In order to open the exit you need to "switch on" a variety of switches located around the level. Once this is done the door opens and you can exit the level. However, while doing this you will come across a variety of monsters that tend to be walking around randomly ... 17/10/2001

The truth behind Urban Legends Almost everyone receives rumours or urban legends in e-mails, people tell you things they have heard and things such as films, TV, radio programmes and many other sources tell you many rumours. Most of the time though you don't know if what you are being told is true or not, this page is probably the best way of finding out. --What is it?-- The site basically contains many urban legends and tries to tell you if they are true or not. While the site contains a lot of well known rumours (for example Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine) but it also contains a variety of things that you might not have actually heard of. For example, did you know: ----- The theme to 'Star Trek' actually has lyrics, they were just never used on the show. ----- Bert the Sesame Street Muppet appeared in posters carried by supporters of Osama bin Laden. ----- A millionaire moved all the money in his bank account after the bank refused to validate a 50-cent parking ticket. ----- A Samburu tribesman said "Give me big shoes" instead of "Just Do It" in a Nike commercial. ----- Post-it Notes were invented from a glue no one could find a use for. ----- Some of the things on the site seem obviously false and you might wonder at first why they have been included on the site, unfortunately though some people seem to believe anything they are told and I have often heard people believe something that is obviously a lie so things like this do belong on the site. If something is true you aren't ...

Faith of the Fallen - Terry Goodkind 16/10/2001

Wizard's Sixth Rule

Faith of the Fallen - Terry Goodkind The Wizards sixth rule is "The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason". I just wonder how many of these wizards rules are there and how is anyone actually supposed to remember them all? A new one is introduced in every book and there are probably hundreds more than haven’t been mentioned yet. This opinion is on the sixth book in a series, if you haven’t already read the first 5 books and plan to at sometime you may want to miss out bits of this opinion, especially “The Story So Far”. It was the fourth book in the sword of truth series that made me realise that Terry Goodkind really could write well. The first 2 books in the series, while great books, lacked depth trying to make up for it by instead containing a lot of action and a very well written, if predictable, story. The third book in the series was a disappointment to me, it seemed to be trying to be more mature than the first two books but failed as with a slower pace the first 3/4 of the book were actually quite boring. The fourth book was when I felt that the world and characters in it truly became real, the author seemed to work out exactly what he wanted to do and set about doing it creating a storyline that took the best elements of the first few books and added a great deal to them. --The Story So Far-- This will be a very brief mention of the story (although the length of it won’t seem brief at all), it will miss out many details and is more a reminder than ...

Winters Heart - Robert Jordan 15/10/2001

Back On Track

Winters Heart - Robert Jordan Recent books in the series have been disappointing for quite a few reasons, they tended to have too much going on in them for much to actually happen in each book and they had no real ending to the book making getting to the end of it an unsatisfying experience unless you already owned the next book and could continue reading. This book changes this however, it seems to concentrate on a few storylines rather than lots of them, unfortunatly this does mean that a few of the storylines from the previous book are given less importance than they might deserve and their progression will have to wait until the next book (whenever that is) but the storylines it does concentrate can actually be seen to be moving forwards. The rest of this opinion will probably contain some spoilers on the series as a whole, if you've read all the books that come before this one then you won't be told anything more than the cover of the book says but if you are yet to read any of the Wheel of Time books you will find out things that could ruin the earlier books for you. --The Story-- After an attack on him Rand decides he needs to go on the run to avoid detection for a while, no longer as confident about what he can do he needs to spend some time recovering and working out what to do about his many enemies. The only person he allows to accompany him is Min but when someone of such importance goes missing rumours start to spread and the whole world starts to wonder what has happened to him. ...

The Whole Nine Yards (DVD) 12/10/2001

Don't forget the corpses.

The Whole Nine Yards (DVD) It sounded an interesting enough story for a film and had what looked like a good cast so I expected a funny and enjoyable movie, while it was enjoyable it just wasn’t anything special and is the type of film you will probably have seen many times before and will see many times again, there is nothing really new to the film, it’s just an enjoyable enough, reasonably funny comedy. Nick (Matthew Perry) is a dentist living in Canada and struggling to pay off his dead father-in-law’s debt. When his new neighbour moves in and turns out to be Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski (Bruce Willis), a mob hitman-turned-informer who the mob is looking for Nick’s greedy wife convinces him to travel to Chicago in the hope of receiving a finders fee. While he is gone she tries to hire a hitman herself to kill her husband feeling he’s worth more dead than alive. The story started promising and the first half of the film was great, slowly building up and adding a number of new elements to the story, with the story going in different directions and remaining interesting, always introducing something new or adding a new element to something that is already there to keep you interested. After the first half however the story seems to just flow along a single, fairly predictable path and you will probably guess the end long before it arrives. Acting was average I felt, while I feel that every person in this film can act they definitely weren't giving ...

Stone of Tears - Terry Goodkind 10/10/2001

Wizard's Second Rule

Stone of Tears - Terry Goodkind Wizard's Second Rule: The greatest harm can result from the best intentions After Wizards First Rule I expected a disappointing sequel. Despite the problems with the first book I found it one of the most enjoyable books I have read in quite some time and couldn't see how the sequel could compare to it. This opinion will contain a few details that may spoil the first book for you however I will try and reveal as few of these as possible. Writing a sequel is a tough thing for an author to do, they need to maintain enough of the old book to keep previous fans happy while also ensuring that they avoid rewriting the story again. This book is very successful in this, only failing in my opinion by in reintroduction of Darken Rahl who just didn't really feel as though they fitted in this story and were only reintroduced because the author didn't want to create a new character. The story continues from the end of the first book, Richard used the wizard's first rule on Darken Rahl to trick him into opening the wrong box of Orden resulting in hs death. Leaving with Kahlan he soon finds out more about himself that he wanted to know but is unprepared to accept what it means, unless he does however he will be unable to control his new powers which would result in his death. With The Stone Of Tears in this world and not around the Keepers neck the world is in just as much danger as Darken Rahl posed, with the boundaries between to the underworld in danger of collapse giving ... 09/10/2001

Great for browsing Amazon is probably the best known online store, with a wide range of a large variety of products, reasonable prices and much better product information than most sites provide is normally the first place I look when I want to buy something. So what makes it good? -Product information I've found that a lot of stores on the internet just don't provide enough information on the products they stock, although amazon isn't perfect in this they are much better than most other stores in telling you about a product. As well as just a description you often get a review of the product, these aren't user reviews but ones that are made with the intention to tell you more about the product than you would get from the manufacturer's description. Although you won't get any extremely negative reviews on products they do tend to be fairly honest and don't just try to tell you how perfect the product is to try and get you to but it. You also get user reviews, these vary in use just as they do on sites like ciao, you may get an opinion that tells you everything you need to know or you may find it is a 2 sentence rant. As useful as these reviews can sometimes be I'd still recommend that you check if ciao has any opinions on the product first as they tend to tell you more about it than the ones on amazon. -Layout Amazon is probably one of the easiest online stores I have found for browsing or searching for what I want, it seems to be much easier to find things here ...

The Fifth Element (DVD) 08/10/2001

Almost as funny as The Fifth Elephant

The Fifth Element (DVD) OK, anyone who doesn't read Discworld books will probably think that the title of this opinion makes no sense and to those people I recommend they immediately start reading Discworld books :) Set in the year 2257, a planet-sized 'force of evil' is heading towards Earth and if it reaches it no living organism will survive. Any force used against this evil will only make it stronger and the only possible way to stop it is unification of four stones (the four elements of earth, fire, water and wind) with a mysterious fifth element (actually a living being). Mixing Action, Comedy & Science-Fiction, this really is an excellent film to watch. Being a fan of all these types of films does help a lot though, however even if you only like action or comedy you should find something you like here (although I personally know people who think it is one of the worst movies ever made). Directed by Luc Besson (The Professional), this is perhaps a change of direction for them, many people have probably been disappointed by going to see a movie, expecting a brilliant script and film along the same lines and instead find one that, although good, is probably not quite as brilliant as they expected. While I personally love the script, the elements that make the film fun and easy to watch do slightly reduce it's quality, and anyone who can't really just switch off their mind and enjoy a good film will perhaps be disappointed. Besson's vision of the future (supposedly based on a ...

The Fifth Element (DVD) 03/10/2001

Great film, shame there aren't more extras

The Fifth Element (DVD) Note: this is more a review of the quality of the DVD than of the plot and movie itself, while I will give a brief mention of the film to familiarise people with the film, I won't go into details. Set in the year 2257, a planet-sized 'force of evil' is heading towards Earth and if it reaches it no living organism will survive. Any force used against this evil will only make it stronger and the only possible way to stop it is unification of four stones (the four elements of earth, fire, water and wind) with a mysterious fifth element (actually a living being). The film mixes action, comedy and science-fiction, directed by Luc Besson (The Professional) & starring Bruce Willis (Die Hard trilogy, Sixth Sense), Milla Jovovich (The Messenger), Gary Oldman (Lost In Space, Air Force One), Chris Tucker (Rush Hour, Money Talks) & various other actors. The acting is generally good and the film is very enjoyable to watch. The film is presented in anormorphic widescreen, with a 2:35:1 aspect ratio. The picture quality is superb & the DVD is definitely a big improvement over watching the film on video. Certain scenes simply look amazing at high quality, such as the scene when Leeloo falls onto Korben Dallas' cab, to name just one. The sound is presented in dolby digital and can really add to the effect of the film, especially (as would be expected) the action scenes where you can almost feel explosions and hear the direction bullets fly. Of course, to appreciate this fully ...

Domino's Pizza 01/10/2001

Nice, but expensive, pizza

Domino's Pizza Domino's is one of my favourite pizza take-aways, however it's price does reflect this. --Ways of ordering-- You can either call in for your pizza (often the best choice), ring up and get it delivered or order online and get it delivered. Calling in and ordering is often the best option as there are usually a few offers on that will reduce the price of your pizza, however this is only really an option if you live very close by as otherwise it's going to take you a long time to get there. Having it delivered is a better option if you live a bit away as it ensures your pizza will arrive hot (which it always has for me). To do this you either phone up or order online, both are easy enough although ordering online requires you register first. Collection is fairly rapid, I normally get my pizza within 15 minutes or so, delivery is slighty slower but you will often get your pizza within 30 minutes, slightly shorter than most other pizza take-aways I use. --Stores-- Domino's has a large range of stores across the country making it more likely that there is one nearby you, this makes it much easier to try a pizza and if you enjoy it be able to find another pizza wherever you go. However, even with lots of stores, it's fairly likely that there won't be one near a lot of people who won't be able to try them at all. --Service-- Service is friendly enough, however I found that they give far more effort into meeting the telephone orders than taking orders ...

Mystery Men (DVD) 30/09/2001

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Mystery Men (DVD) It looked stupid but I sometimes like stupid movies and I didn't have to pay to rent it so it seemed worth watching. Crime is on the decrease in Champion City and Captain Amazing is worried as without any big fights he'll soon lose his corporate sponsors, after searching his list of past villains and discarding the ones that are dead he finds that Casanova Frankenstein is up for parole and decides to make sure he gets it. When things go wrong and he gets captured it's up to a group of inept superheroes to save him. Finding themselves easily outmatched (after all they are inept) the 3 superheroes decide they need to find more people to join with them in their fight. The cast looked promising and for a comedy film really do act well. Ben Stiller (There's Something About Mary, Meet the Parents etc.) plays Mr. Furious (or Roy) who can.... get angry. He seemed to play his part as well as in other films and I could find few faults with it. Hank Azaria I've never heard of before but he's actually been in quite a few things, normally as a voice it seems rather than a person though (yes I do know voices come from people). Among others he is the voice of Apu, Moe, Chief Wiggum and quite a few other characters in The Simpsons. He plays the part of The Blue Raja (otherwise known as Jeff) who has the power to throw forks at people. His performance here is of a good standard and very comical when he plays his superhero character (possibly the funniest character in the film) ...
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