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I will say ciao to Ciao. No point sticking around on a site that doesn't want to add new DVD or video game releases to its catalogue. I will continue to write over at

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Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (PS Vita) 21/10/2016

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni - Flight of the Mammaries

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (PS Vita) What's this? A new game for the PlayStation Vita? I thought the Internet told me that Sony's handheld died years ago. Let that be a lesson to us all. You can't believe everything you read online... except when I proclaim to have the physique of Chris Hemsworth. That statement is entirely true and not a fictitious delusion. Anyway, the point is that the Vita is alive and well if you happen to like niche games from Japan. Before 2016 concludes I intend to add six upcoming Vita titles to my collection, funds permitting. Sorry family, I may not be able to afford Xmas gifts for you this December. The latest Vita game I bought was Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, which is produced by the maker of Senran Kagura. You know what that means. Lots of hack n slash fun and lots of busty ladies. OVERVIEW Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni takes place in a world that is suffering from a VR virus epidemic. Said disease, which only seems to target buxom teenage girls, causes sufferers to transform into weapons such as swords, bows and oversized gauntlets. Gripes, that illness sounds almost as bad as man flu! Anyone afflicted with the condition is whisked off to Bhikkuni Island for treatment, which involves vigorous physical exercise. Patients are expected to follow a strict martial arts regime and periodically participate in duels against fellow students plus their tutors... who happen to be robots. Sounds ridiculous I know, but let's be honest here. Back in our youth haven't we all had teachers who ...

Soul Eater NOT! - Complete Series (DVD) 19/10/2016

Soul Eater NOT - Not the prequel Soul Eater fans were expecting

Soul Eater NOT! - Complete Series (DVD) What an aptly titled anime. This series is just like the original Soul Eater... Not! That's what Soul Eater fans would exclaim because, aside from the supernatural school setting, this series feels like a radically different show. Or so I am told, as I have yet to watch Soul Eater - mostly because I have an aversion to Shonen properties that run for over fifty episodes. We can blame Bleach's limitless amount of filler for that. The way Bleach dragged things out made me want to down several litres of the aforementioned chemical disinfectant. Studios should refrain from animating episodes until the source material has sufficient chapters to adapt. I do however reserve the right to whine endlessly in the interim. It's been three years already Studio Wit, give us more Attack on Titan already! OVERVIEW Soul Eater NOT takes place at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, which teaches pupils how to battle against witches (because Dorothy's escapades have taught us that soluble magic users are bad news.) The DWMA's students are categorized as Weapons (who are humans that can transform into um weapons) and Meisters who brandish said shape shifters in combat. NOT's protagonist is a young lady named Tsugumi Harudori who has enrolled at the academy after recently discovering that her legs have a nasty habit of involuntarily morphing into halberds. Tsugumi wishes to learn how to control her powers, although her first term is plagued with doubts. Not only does Tsugumi miss her old tranquil ...

Akame Ga Kill Collection 2 (DVD) 30/09/2016

Akame Ga Kill (Collection 2) - So Much Death

Akame Ga Kill Collection 2 (DVD) Brexit, countless celebrity deaths and No Man's Sky failing to live up to the hype - by all accounts 2016 has been a rather depressing year. In case those aforementioned news stories haven't soured your mood enough, worry not because Animatsu Entertainment has just released collection two of Akame ga Kill in the UK. Get ready to put the Samaritans on speed-dial, because this three-disc DVD set is saturated with despair inducing moments. Much like the first collection, which came out half a year ago, this anime adaptation of Takahiro's manga isn't shy about killing off its cast of likable characters. Why must you subject us to such cruelty Takahiro? The answer to that question is a mystery, just like why the show is named after a heroine who barely gets any screen time. OVERVIEW Collection two begins with Night Raid's assassins and The Jaegers temporarily ceasing their hostilities to combat a common threat - namely murderous mutants who are running amok, after their creator met his untimely demise back in episode eleven. During the Death Beast purge Tatsumi and General Esdeath cross paths, before ending up on an uninhabited island courtesy of a third party's portable teleporter. The unplanned trip gives the unlikely couple some quality alone time, much to Tatsumi's discomfort. It's always a laugh watching the sadistic ice queen lust after Tatsumi, even if the script never adequately explains why she is so attracted to him. I guess Tatsumi, like all male anime protagonists, ...

Samurai Flamenco Part 1 of 2 (DVD) 26/09/2016

Samurai Flamenco (Part 1) - Beware Umbrella Thieves!

Samurai Flamenco Part 1 of 2 (DVD) Samurai Flamenco is a superhero show, which is rather ironic because much like a costumed vigilante the series could be accused of having dual identities. Comic book fans have often speculated whether the real Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy or the solemn protector of Gotham. After watching the first half of Samurai Flamenco I have a similar question. Is this Manglobe series an animated clone of Kick-Ass or a zany Power Rangers parody? The opening seven episodes suggest the former, but after an unexpected twist the latter is probably more accurate. Subverting audience expectations can be a risky game. Puella Magi Madoka Magica hooked in viewers by pretending to be a cute magical girl show before morphing into something deeper. In the case of Samurai Flamenco however I am uncertain how well the switcheroo in tone will be received. OVERVIEW Masayoshi Hazama is an up and coming male model, who grew up idolizing all things Super Sentai. Back when he was a kid Masayoshi dreamt of becoming a superhero, until someone explained to him that masked crime fighting is a completely fictional profession. To pay the bills Masayoshi settles for a job posing in fashion magazines, but his aspirations of protecting the innocent still remain. After dark Hazama transforms into Samurai Flamenco and battles the evil forces of drunken jaywalkers and loitering teens. Unfortunately for the fledgling hero people don't appreciate being lectured at by a pink costumed goofball, often resulting in ...

Log Horizon: Season 2 - Part 1 (DVD) 19/09/2016

Log Horizon (Season 2) Part 1 - MMO Madness

Log Horizon: Season 2 - Part 1 (DVD) Just like a lapsed World of Warcraft player, who only plays Blizzard's MMO when an annual expansion comes out, I have returned to Log Horizon after a yearlong hiatus. Based on Mamare Touno's novels, Log Horizon is yet another anime following the exploits of players who are trapped within the confines of an online RPG. Unlike Sword Art Online, were Kirito inexplicably wishes to flee a game were every female lusts after him, the player base of Elder Tales has accepted their new fantasy way of life. Season one chronicled how protagonist Shiore "the villain in Glasses" opened up diplomatic relations with the world's NPC populace (called People of the Land) and how he secured control of Akihabara City... because even when dealing with magic and goblins it is good to live in a place where stores peddling Otaku products are plentiful. OVERVIEW Despite purchasing the Akiba Bank, in the last series, it has become apparent to Shiroe that his guild and allies are ill equipped to afford the expenditure associated with running a city. Christmas is fast approaching so funds are desperately needed to buy gifts and settle any outstanding bills. To alleviate Akiba's financial woes, the bespectacled enchanter sets off on a pilgrimage for monies. His destination is the ominously named Abyssal Shaft, which houses an infinite supply of gold. Protecting said treasure are numerous traps and high-level creatures, which will require a raid group to clear. With this in mind Shiroe recruits the ...

HaNaYaMaTa Complete Collection (DVD) 10/09/2016

Hanayamata - The Best Yosakoi Anime Ever

HaNaYaMaTa Complete Collection (DVD) Fourteen-year-old Naru Sekiya is a timid girl who doesn't stand out much, preferring instead to hide her face behind the cover of a good fairy tale book. Naru has shunned the spotlight for most of her young life, but that all changes when she crosses paths with a pintsized blonde named Hana Fountainstand. Due to her short stature, Naru mistakes Hana for a pixie - although if you ask me the girl's fangs make her look more like a loli vampire. Instead of Neverland, Hana is in fact an American transfer student hailing from the far less magical land of New Jersey. Smitten with Japanese culture, Hana dreams of starting up a Yosakoi club. After much pestering she convinces Naru to join her cause, giving the shy teenager a chance to finally dazzle in front of others. OVERVIEW Based on So Hamayumiba's manga, Hanayamata is a twelve-episode anime revolving around the exploits of an after school club. When compared to other "cute girls doing cute things" programmes the series stands out as it revolves around Yosakoi, which isn't well known over here in the West. A series featuring an obscure Japanese dance, were participants groove to the beat of rattles called Naruko, is certainly more novel than cartoons centred on pop idols or rock bands. The activity being performed is the only original thing Hanayamata has going for it though, because the storylines feel like they are lifted from Love Live and K-On. In Hana's defence though, her chums actually practice their craft rather than ...

Lord Marksman & Vanadis (DVD) 07/09/2016

Lord Marksman and Vanadis: Eye of the Tigre

Lord Marksman & Vanadis (DVD) Tales of political intrigue and fantasy warfare are all the rage these days thanks to Game of Thrones' popularity. Not even anime can escape the inspirational grasp of George R.R Martin's books. Just like the aforementioned novels, Lord Marksman and Vanadis is rich in medieval battles, dragons, rulers who partake in skulduggery and boobies (the real reason why most blokes tune into the HBO television adaptation.) Set in a magical land, loosely modelled off historical Europe, Lord Marksman and Vanadis chronicles the adventures of Tigrevurmud Vorn - a young count who must use his archery talents to protect the tiny nation of Alsace from foreign invaders. OVERVIEW In Lord Marksman and Vanadis' opening episode viewers are able to observe Tigre's pinpoint accuracy with arrows, as the army he fights for clashes against forces loyal to a War Maiden named Eleonora Viltaria. Unfortunately for the crimson haired bowman, the side Tigre is on is powerless against both Elen's troops and the enchanted blade she wields. When the dust settles Tigre is captured, but he need not worry because like all male anime protagonists he is irresistible to members of the opposite sex. Elen is so smitten with the count that she even agrees to help her prisoner defend Tigre's homeland after word reaches them that Alsace is about to be attacked by a hostile neighbour. At first the plan is simple enough. Tigre, with the assistance of his beautiful captor's soldiers, fends off the attackers before taking ...

Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!! (Blu-ray) 28/08/2016

Gonna Be The Twin-Tail: Power Rangers with Pigtails

Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!! (Blu-ray) What is your favourite type of hairstyle? Do you think Afros are awesome? Perhaps you believe that Bob Cuts are the bee's knees? In the world of anime and manga Twin-tails (better known as Pigtails on this side of the pond) reign supreme. It's the coiffure of choice for many famous cartoon ladies and the hairdo that makes high school student SÅji Mitsuka go weak at the knees. Unfortunately for the redheaded teenager an alien race that feeds on Twin-tail fetishism has just descended upon Earth. Said extra terrestrials shall not rest until everyone's passion for Pigtails has been drained dry. Mankind's only hope against the space invaders is a super powered heroine known as Tail Red. OVERVIEW In spite of its flimsy premise Gonna be the Twin-Tail is based on an ongoing light novel series, which to date has spawned a total of eleven volumes. The twelve-episode anime adaptation of Yume Mizusawa's books sees SÅji battle against the nefarious Eremerians, whose intergalactic warriors are comprised of humanoid animals (that include an arachnid who loves transvestites and a kraken who detests huge knockers.) SÅji is able to fight against these perverted threats thanks to a high-tech bracelet that transforms him into the above-mentioned Tail Red. The gender-bending bangle bestows him with superhuman might plus an assortment of weapons in exchange for his meat and two veg. Supporting SÅji in his quest to preserve Twin-tails is a trio of ladies named Twoerle, Aika and Erina. Twoerle ...

Batman: The Killing Joke (DVD) 16/08/2016

Batman: The Killing Joke - Moore's Masterpiece Comes To DVD

Batman: The Killing Joke (DVD) Batman: The Killing Joke once again sees the folks at Warner Bros Animation adapt a classic tale from the annals of DC Comics yore. Based on Alan Moore's graphic novel, The Killing Joke is considered to be one of the finest Caped Crusader books of all time alongside The Dark Knight Returns (which has already been transformed into a two part cartoon starring the vocal talents of Peter "Robocop" Weller.) This exploration into the origins of the Joker has a number of disturbing moments earning it a fifteen classification in the UK and an R rating stateside. I remember the days when an R rating was considered to be a sales kiss of death, but that all changed when Deadpool exceeded box office expectations. OVERVIEW One hurdle Warner Bros had to surmount when bringing The Killing Joke over to DVD was the source material's length. Usually when turning a book into a film content has to be exorcised. In this case however, given that Moore's work barely surpasses sixty pages, a prologue was tacked onto the main event giving the feature a seventy-seven minute running time. The newly created intro, penned by Wonder Woman scribe Brian Azzarello, sees Batman and Batgirl tangle with a chauvinistic mobster named Paris Franz (hehe I love the pun.) It's a solid story that wouldn't look out of place within the episode list of Bruce Timm's nineties Batman animated series. Your opinion may differ however, as the decision to turn Batman and Batgirl's relationship from vigilante/sidekick to ...

Overwatch (PS4) 13/08/2016

Overwatch - A Blizzard Shooter (huh, this isn't Starcraft Ghost)

Overwatch (PS4) Not content with dominating MMOs, digital card games and RTS Blizzard have now set their sights on first person shooters. The hype for Overwatch was so immense that even I, the hater of FPS titles, couldn't resist giving it a go. Overwatch's zany cast of playable characters (who look far more interesting than the generic soldiers associated with the genre) was the chief draw, plus I knew Blizzard would make the game accessible to everyone and not just the deadeye gunslingers who usually dominate the COD scene. Matches are 6v6 affairs requiring teamwork to succeed. The emphasis on coordination means that even those deficient in reflexes can contribute towards victory, although it can get infuriating when you get grouped up with idiots who charge off on their own. It seems that Leeroy Jenkins has relocated from WOW's servers to Overwatch. OVERVIEW Overwatch matches begin with players picking an avatar from a roster of over twenty characters. Each of the heroes are classed as either damage dealing offence, tanks who can soak up a ton of bullets, support who for the most part heal the injured and defenders who specialise at fortifying a position. Regardless of their class everyone in Overwatch plays radically different. Bastion and Mei for example are both defence toons, but their skillsets are nothing alike. The aforementioned Bastion stands his ground by transforming into a turret whilst Mei stops foes in their tracks by freezing them with a glacial gas canister. Most players ...

Batman: Assault On Arkham (DVD) 12/08/2016

Batman: Assault on Arkham - Better Than Suicide Squad?

Batman: Assault On Arkham (DVD) Batman is such a bankable name that Warner Bros cannot resist putting his moniker on a movie title, even when he isn't the film's protagonist. Sure the Caped Crusader has a decent amount of screen time in Assault on Arkham, but the flick's limelight is squarely pointed at the Suicide Squad - a team of lesser-known villains who have been coerced to do the government's dirty work. On this occasion a band of seven hoodlums have been ordered to infiltrate the titular high security asylum and locate some incriminating evidence that is being housed there. You'd think Amanda Waller could use her political connections to peacefully search through Arkham's stores for the item in question, but if common sense prevailed we'd miss out on some top-notch action. OVERVIEW Assault on Arkham's colourful cast of whackos includes the likes of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Killer Frost, Black Spider and KGBeast. Waller has recruited the superhuman criminals under the promise that their cooperation will be rewarded with reduced jail time. If that isn't motivation enough she also implants explosives inside their craniums. The core line up is similar to the recently released David Ayer live action film, although there are a few changes. King Shark for example replaces Killer Croc as the team's muscle whilst El Diablo's pyro-kinetic talents are substituted by Killer Frost's freezing powers. If you loathe bad gags worry not because on the one occasion that Frost tries to ...

Yona of the Dawn Part 1 (Blu-ray) 30/07/2016

Yona of the Dawn (Part One) - Legend of the Crimson Princess

Yona of the Dawn Part 1 (Blu-ray) Yona, the sixteen year old protagonist of Akatsuki no Yona, is the only daughter of Kouka Kingdom's peace loving monarch. Blessed (or should that be cursed) with a head of ginger locks, she lives a pampered life at the palace where she spends her days swooning over cousin Soo-won. Their potential romance ends one fateful night however when Yona visits her father's chambers only to discover that Soo-won has assassinated the king, with a well placed sword blade through the chest. After witnessing the murder Yona flees the castle pursued by forces loyal to Soo-won, who are eager to silence the royal teen - lest she pose a threat to their master who has now taken over Kouka's throne. OVERVIEW Based on Mizuho Kusanagi's manga, Yona of the Dawn is a fantasy series set within a world modelled after ancient Korea. The twenty-four-episode anime has been adapted for the small screen by Studio Pierrot, whose previous work includes the filler-tastic Bleach. Yona stars the titular princess turned fugitive who is on a quest to recruit the aid of four Dragon Warriors (not to be confused with the deck currently dominating Hearthstone.) She hopes the fabled fighters will help her oppose Soo-won's rule, although only time will tell if that is a wise move. Despite being guilty of a despicable act there are hints suggesting that Soo-won's actions may be motivated by justifiable revenge and a desire to protect his impoverished homeland from the threat of neighbouring nations. The dozen ...

Gal*Gun: Double Peace (PS4) 26/07/2016

Gal Gun: Double Peace - Sexy Shooter

Gal*Gun: Double Peace (PS4) House of the Dead fans rejoice because a new on the rails shooter has just arrived on the PS4 - although this time instead of blasting zombies you'll be aiming at cute Japanese girls! Gal Gun: Double Peace is the follow up to a shooter that never reached Western shores, though that is to be expected given its subject matter. In this age of Social Justice Warriors publishers tend to avoid titles that may court bad press. Thankfully for lovers of niche games (and anime waifus) the folks at PQube have decided to localize this Alchemist developed sequel. Best of all the company has shown courage by not censoring potentially controversial content - how I wish that NIS America would follow in their example. OVERVIEW In Gal Gun: Double Peace players assume the role of a teenage student named Hodai. The hapless chap has just become the most popular boy in school after a cupid in training accidently shoots him with an attractiveness enhancing ray gun. Suddenly the girls in Hodai's class cannot resist throwing themselves at him, which may sound like bliss were it not for the fact that in twenty four hours time the gun's effects will make him irresistible to guys and animals too. In order to lift the curse Hodai will have to find his one true love before midnight strikes. Not an easy task and made all the more difficult by the appearance of a mischievous demon who possesses an enchanted spear capable of turning women into masochists. To survive each level Hodai must use his pheromone ...

Mirai Nikki: Future Diary - Complete Collection 2 (DVD) 22/07/2016

Mirai Nikki (Collection Two) - Worth the Five Month Wait

Mirai Nikki: Future Diary - Complete Collection 2 (DVD) After a five-month wait the battle royale between deity candidates, who own cell phones that can predict the future, has finally resumed - let's hope that in the interim they didn't replace their soothsaying mobiles with newer models! Seriously Kaze, can't you do something about the protracted gap between DVD releases? I have been waiting since February to see how Mirai Nikki concludes. My goldfish like memory means that I struggle to remember what I ate for dinner last night. Do you really think that after almost half a year I can still recall the events of Future Diary's convoluted plot? Oh well, as they say, good things come to those who wait. OVERVIEW The second and final DVD collection of Mirai Nikki (also known as Future Diary) begins from where the last volume left off. Yuki Amano's possessive girlfriend Yuno Gasai refuses to share her main squeeze with anyone, which leads her to drug Amano and keep him hostage within the confines of a derelict motel. Thankfully for the protagonist, Yuki's resourceful chums eventually rescue him from Yuno's clutches. It doesn't take long however for Yuki and Yuno to reconcile their differences and reunite. Sure, Yuki may have misgivings about being partnered with a homicidal maniac - but there's no denying that Yuno's gift for manslaughter comes in handy when repelling the other Future Diary owners who are after his head (plus she is rather cute.) How effective Yuno will be remains to be seen though, given that her upcoming ...

Aldnoah.Zero - Season 1 (DVD) 17/07/2016

Aldnoah.Zero (Season One) - Another Martian Invasion

Aldnoah.Zero - Season 1 (DVD) Transformers, Robotech, Voltron and the often-ridiculed Gobots (they had a spin-off movie featuring Rock Lords who turn into um boulders.) Those are the cartoons I grew up with as a wee lad, which may explain why into adulthood I remain a devout fan of all things mech. With that in mind, I was really looking forward to Aldnoah Zero's UK release. Not only does this A-1 Pictures show feature plentiful scenes of giant robot action, but Gen Urobuchi (who is responsible for creating stellar shows such as Psycho-Pass) also scripted it. A little over a year after its Japanese TV airing, the series is now available to purchase on DVD starting with this collection containing episodes one to twelve. OVERVIEW Aldnoah Zero takes place in an alternate version of Earth, where back in the late sixties astronauts uncovered advanced alien tech on the lunar surface. The discovery allowed mankind to eventually build settlements on Mars, leading to the birth of the Verse Empire. As any Gundam fan knows, Terrans and space colonists rarely get on - so it should come as no surprise that years later the Verse led Martians declared war on Earth. The conflict ceased after a fierce battle resulted in the Moon getting obliterated. Ouch that sucks, but on the plus side I guess we won't have to worry about werewolves anymore! Fast-forward to the year 2014 and after a brief armistice Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia of Mars decides to visit Earth with the intentions of brokering a permanent peace treaty ...
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