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Japan Airlines - JAL 09/05/2003

Come Fly With Me

Japan Airlines - JAL At the end of Febuary, my girlfriend and I travelled to Australia for 9 weeks to get away from work stress. We knew that it was going to be expensive and the organisation was going to be a tad stressful but mostly exciting. We decided to fly Japan Airlines firstly because it was the cheapest we could find and it had a stop off both ways in Tokyo, somewhere my girlfriend and I were interested in visiting. We hadn't flown with them before, but I have travelled with many other Airlines such as Quantas, Monarch, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Leisure. We didn't know what to expect but I knew people that had flown with them and they said it was their favourite Airline, not only because of that, but because of the excellent service, good food, decent leg room, good entertainment facilities and a rather larger than average TV. This eased our minds completely and we were really looking forward to this journey with them. As you know, I have travelled with many other Airlines before and I can tell you that the leg room on Japan Airlines Planes is the biggest, Quantas I found, being the smallest. Not only is the leg room a comfortable size, they supply you with a foot rest aswell. I cannot put into words the excellence of the check in. As always and unlike my girlfriend I am always on time or very early. On this event we were 6 hours early (i like being in airports-call me sad-but I do) We looked up at the board a couple of hours later and it was telling us to ...

Ringu (1998) 09/05/2003

This scared me to death

Ringu (1998) Well, If you know me and have read my opinions, then you know I am not squeamish when it comes to horror films but this one gave me the shivers. This is probably the first film since the exorcist that actually scared me deep down, call me a wimp but it really did. After seeing the 2003 version on a plane about 6 times all the way through, no kidding, I was on a journey to Australia so I had a lot of time to kill. I loved the film and it did shock and scare me but the fact that there were many other people around me reasured me that I wasn't going to die after watching it. Both films are based around the same storyline. The original made by 'Tartan Asia Extreme' is japanese and is subtitled into english. The basis of the story is that there is a video tape and within a week of watching this tape, you mysteriously die. And just before you die you get a phone call. It has been critically acclaimed as one of the most frightening horror films in years, and I happen to agree. If you like being scared, then this is definately worth a watch. If you have not seen it and don't want to know the ending then don't read on. I especially like the ending of this film. The journalists boyfriend watched the film and he sees the girl on the videotape slowly creeping towards him(in the modern version, the girl actually speeds up making it even more petrifying). The girl continues to move towards him as just as you think she stops, she crawls out of the TV like a spider would. ...

Kingpin (DVD) 09/05/2003

He picked up the six seven ten split

Kingpin (DVD) Being a huge fan of Ten-pin bowling and bowling for a league made me very excited when this film came out in the cinemas. The day it came out I was the first one there I can tell you. Also being a great fan of 'Dumb and Dumber' and 'There's Something About Mary' I knew this had to be good and my expectations were very high. The film ofcourse lived up to my expectations and it was fantastic. Even if you are no fan of Ten Pin Bowling you would be mad if you were not going to give this flick a go. The film starts out with a father-son relationship and the bond is strong. The father is teaching the kid the skill of bowling and he grows up and everything looks good for his future. He's popular and he wins all the big competitions. This is all eventually spoilt by 'Big Ern' played by Bill Murray. After getting into some trouble he finds himself with only one hand and unable to bowl. Then he meets an Armish guy who has talent and they end up going to Nevada for the world bowling championships. The film is hilarious all the way through and does'nt let you get bored with it in any way. I would seriously recommend this to someone with a sense of humour who doesn't get offended easily and especially to a lover of the other films directed by the same production team.

Ali G - Indahouse - The Movie (DVD) 09/05/2003

Ridiculously Hilarious

Ali G - Indahouse - The Movie (DVD) Moving from horror films to comedy, Ali G was'nt one of my favourite comedians on television but after my son recommended this film I was reluctant to watch as i thought the humour was'nt my type of thing. But after staying in one night alone I thought it was worth giving it a go, so I did. I had seen a few interviews that he did on the 11 o, clock show but I never concentrated on it enough to understand his sort of humour. Despite the films content of drugs and sex it was hilarious in every way. It had me giggling all the way through. My favourtie parts were when one of the West side members spoke for the first time and then Ali G said 'alright, no need to go on about it, there are other people on this planet' or something like that. I also found the part where they had the party at 'Checkers' and the two presidents were speaking and everyone misunderstood them for gay lovers. There is no doubt, even if you have not heard or seen Ali G anywhere elsel, this film will make you laugh. His is a genius. There is also Bone-us material like the commentary on the film, deleted scenes and a gallery devoted mainly to some well 'fit birds'. Overall this film is a laugh and is well worth adding to your DVD collection. You also get a free poster with it aswell, what else could you wish for

Wishmaster, The 09/05/2003

Use your wishes wisely

Wishmaster, The If you have read my first opinion then you probably know that I am a film fanatic especially when it comes to horror films. The 'Wishmaster' was first seen by my daughter years ago and she said it was worth a watch so I gave it a go. I also knew that it would be a reasonable watch as it is directed by Wes Craven who if you did'nt already know, directed 'scream' and the 'nightmare on elm street' classics. The story begins, without giving too much away, with a lady who works with jewels and is given a gem to look at. Before you know it, the Genie has been released and is granting all sorts o people wishes and turning them around so much so, that something terrible happens to them instead. The Genie also takes their soul and he only needs the person who awoke him to make three wishes and then he is released into their world. There are also some funny moments in the film, one of them is a beauty care assistant who works behind the counter and the Djinn asks her if she would like to stay beautiful forever, ofcourse , she says yes and he turns her into a still model and the only part of her she can move is her eyes. Before all of this the history of the Gem is explained to halp us to understand what it is all about. The cast of the film are good, ;Andrew Divoff' plays the Djinn and he is excellent, his voice really plays the part well. 'Robert England' also has a part of a doctor who collects these ancient works of art. The special effects are very good and gory in ...

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (DVD) 09/05/2003

You'll be having nightmares for weeks

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (DVD) Before I dared myself to watch this film, I heard all the hype about it and the fact that it was banned in some countries made me want to try it out, so I did! This film was produced on a very low budget and therefore the acting is not brilliant and there are not any famous people in it but I think that is good in some ways as it ables you to concentrate more on the story then to think about what current film you have seen the actors before. I was satisfied with the acting however. The film is very short at only 1 hour and 22 minutes long but it does get straight to the plot immediately. It begins with a group of young college students out for a good time in a very isolated village where within the first ten minutes into the film they happen to pick up a hitchhiker, something that they would have regretted if they were still alive. Just then we begin to realise the horror about to begin and what the film is about, the hitch hiker displays a thirst for blood and is a little mental. After this they are a little freaked out and then they run out of petrol and you can probably work the rest out for yourselves. What many people seem to forget about films like these is that it was made in 1974 where nothing had been seen that came close to the scariness of this film, 'The Exorcist was the only other film made a year before that hit me just as hard'. The film is also mistaken by the fact that people just think it's a bloodbath of a film which it isn't and from the ...
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