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My Name is ANGRY and I love all things mobile! Cars to phones. If anyone has any problems with their cars or anything really i will help if I can so if you need help then email me on

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since 16/08/2003


Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) 24/11/2005

ONETV? wheres my bargepole!

Speed Cameras 24/12/2003

SPEED CAMERAS (The tax of the new millenium)

Kwik-Fit Tyre & Exhaust Centres 24/12/2003

My experience with th Kwik Fit fitters!

Kwik-Fit Tyre & Exhaust Centres No as you may know if you've read any of my other reviews I know a bit about cars. This particular day I was doing work needed for my mothers Cavalier to get through it's MOT. It came to the rear shock absorbers that needed replacing. Oh by the way this car was 10 years old and worth £300 tops! Anyway as I said I thought I would take it to Kwikfit to get the work done as they were "cheap". I got there and explained what I wanted them to do. I waited in the "waiting and veiwing area" for twenty minutes whilst the fitter faffed about. He then came into me and said "yes sir the shocks do need replacing ........(well done Sherlock!) and the fitted price would be .......wait for it.......£200!. I said I wanted some shock asborbers not the rear suspension gold leafed!. He then said that the shocks on the car were of the air adjustable type and therefore could not be replaced by normal shocks. I asked why? He said because Vauhall fitted weaker springs with them to accomodate them. I said...... well I can't tell you what I said! I argue the point with everyone from the teaboy to the depot manager!. I then gave up and took the car away. My next step was to phone Vauxhalls to aks if what they said was true even though I knew they were taking rubbish I had to have it confirmed. It was and I went to the local motor factors and bought a pair of standard ones for ......£18! and it took all of 30 mins to fit them. The moral of this story is that what may seem like good service to the ... 11/11/2003

Ebay the "daddy" of online auctions as the uk site is known is the “daddy” of the online auctions. I first came to Ebay when Yahoo auctions closed to the dismay of the many sellers like me who had built up a sizeable rating which you need to successfully sell. Anyway I have been on there for two years and in that time I have sold numerous items and purchased many too. The site is huge and has by far the biggest quantity and choice of just about anything you could think of buying. There’s hundreds of honest dealers on there who provide an excellent alternative to high street shopping which I personally hate. My tips for buying on Ebay would be as follows. 1. Look very carefully at the sellers details, particularly at the rating. Click on the rating number to see the history. You can then see if there’s been any past complaints by buyers and how they have been dealt with by the seller. 2. Ask the seller any questions you have BEFORE bidding, as the bid is a legally binding contract and if you win you will be expected to pay. 3. Look carefully at the postage and packing charges because some dealers who sell what look like very cheap items try to get the money back through that method. I hope this helps. Basically Ebay is a very good auction site and the sellers are spending a lot of money to advertise their wares so bare that in mind before making a bid you didn’t really mean to do as this will not only anger them but will get you reported to Ebay. As you register with your credit card that is ...

Argos 05/11/2003

Argos or Roags?

Rover 820 2.0 30/08/2003

The Rover 820 and variants

Dorset (England) 29/08/2003

Swanage and the Isle of Purbeck

Watford (England) 29/08/2003

Watford (the town that grew and grew!)

PC World (Shop) 18/08/2003

PC world, Is it a good deal?

British Car Auctions 16/08/2003

Car Auctions

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