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Ciao Poetry Challenge 28/05/2004

A Suffering Yellow Sun

Written from the Heart 29/04/2004

Pleading with love...

Top 10 Love Songs 06/04/2004

Magenta feelings and hallowing emotions

Top 10 Love Songs Magenta feelings and hallowing emotions… Cuddling a Girl or Warming to an old friend… Feeling uplifted or weeping sweetly… All of which can be associated with the ever classic love song. Traditional, Elegant, sophisticated, yes the intrepid love song is an epic at any occasion, be it mood setting background music, or the sweetly awkward last dance where boy and girl meet the love song will never ever die, and so I bring to you… DC’s very own top 10 love songs! Songs to make any last dance a memorable one.  Drifting in at Number 10  ‘Be Like That’ by Three Doors Down. This is one of my absolute favourite songs; it’s had a little more coverage in the UK than many other songs by this band, primarily down to the fact that it was featured in the American Pie 2 Movie and Accompanying Soundtrack. ‘Be Like That’ is a story of how a man is dreaming of what he will never be, perhaps the idyllic fantasy of a girl. It describes the emotions and feelings of a very typical (and almost school boy like) dream of being something more or something different than what you are. I would most certainly describe this as a modern love song, containing that whiskey soaked sounding vocal that I absolutely adore, a sound that drives an immense passion and dramatic feelings into the pit of your stomach, climaxing to an explosion of emotions. As is my most preferred style of music, this is a very powerful and intense song, making immaculate use of the percussion and ...

Member advice on blood cancers 06/04/2004

Cancer - My Acceptance

Member advice on blood cancers <<Important Notice>> Before You read on... One of the cancers in this review is a cancer which causes bloodcells to attack the lymphnodes, as such the catagory in which i have placed this opinion is relevent. Just to avoid an confusion on the matter. Thank You. Cancer – My acceptance Greetings… Two years on, and I am re-visiting a subject that I hoped I would never have to. See my review of ‘Cancer – Brain Tumour’ entitled ‘Her Life a Wonderful Memory’. I had always considered myself a strong human being, having faced a lot of traumas and still emerged smiling on the other side, alongside this I had also considered myself to be a good person, trying to be a likable human being – (often failing might I add) but still based the majority of my deeds around keeping at least myself if not someone else happy. Recent events in my life smashed all of these considerations far away from reality. A great mind once said, ‘I write when I’m unhappy, if I was happy I would be outside just being happy’ this now has more relevance to me than ever before. Soon perhaps you will understand why. Many of us live oblivious to the pain of others, the sufferance and pain that many endure is pushed to the back of our minds and left rot, not unlike the ones suffering ironically enough – It is this irony that I first wish to address… I myself used to be happy enough to live my life, and ignore the un-pleasantries that were (and still are) flaunted upon the society in which ...

Kronenbourg 1664 04/10/2003

Kronenbourg - A Klass act

Stuntman (PS2) 03/10/2003

Bash Smash Crash and Burn - The Disc that is 03/10/2003

Matchbox Twenty Fans UK - MB20 Find a UK Home Yes… It’s that time again fellow ciao’ers, time for another Matchbox Twenty review from DC. This time its from cyber land… I feel this one is going to me one of my favourite ops to date, the special thing is that, its my site:-D. It’s all mine, and now I get to come on here and blow my own trumpet at you all. Ha-ha. Well… where to begin, where to begin well I suppose there is no better place than the history of the band. For anyone that hasn’t ever read one of my previous Matchbox Twenty reviews Matchbox Twenty are an American Indy-rock band from Orlando, Florida. Integrating Soul, Funk, Rhythm and Blues MB20 continue to strive towards the musical guru in the sky. Consisting of five members, Rob, Kyle, Adam, Paul and Brian the band are pretty typical of your American ruff cut group – like so many others (the Dave Mathews band springs to mind) the never managed to make much of an impact over here, even with the release of 3 new singles and a new album, not to mention a European Tour and several TV Ad campaigns, it would seem us UK die hard fans just weren’t meant to share the glory with them. This is where comes in… is primarily aimed at UK fans of Matchbox Twenty, Tabitha’s Secret, or The Individual Guys themselves – has something for everyone interested in Rob and the Guys. Before I go on I will just introduce you all to Tabitha’s Secret. Tabitha’s Secret is where three of the five current ...

Top 10 Websites 02/10/2003

Tip Of The Tops - Be Webwise

Top 10 Websites Ooo… What an intriguing way to drag you all down further into the dark underbelly of the life that is me… oh yes, I think this one is going to be very fitting, not only do I get to haunt you with such crude subjects as my top ten turn-ons but I get to flaunt my seedy internet recreational enjoyment at you as well. Ok Ok…. I hear you, get on with it you shout… well I guess I should, hear it is ** Drum Roll Please** DC’s Top Ten websites of all time… TEN This one isn’t a bad one to burn 20 minutes or so, a collection of links summarised in one word “Bored”. So very true as well – unfortunately this really is the site you think of as you sit at your computer trying to remember why the hell you pay an internet subscription fee when its SOOOOOOOOOOOO boring. One or two interesting links to be found lingering around the archives – “A day in the life of a MacDonalds worker” and “The lemonade Game” are to name but a few. Still, if that tickles your fancy it might be worth a gander. NINE Yes, I know what you are all thinking, isn’t that, that ridiculous virtual adopt a pet site and you would be right, but I really cannot stress to you how good the site is once you begin to use it. Whilst it is aimed primarily at the early teen generation of internet user I still find ours of pleasure from the various features it has to offer. Hundereds of flash games, some of which are very compelling – such as Cheat or Poker. The batteldome is also one in a ...

Everything that starts with C ... 29/09/2003

Benjies Back Baby - Rediscovering Ciao

Everything that starts with C ... Benjies Back Baby…. Yes it’s true, it’s true, your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s really me, the original DC and after my six month absence I feel fresh and rejuvenated enough to grace you all with my presence once more, can’t promise how long it will be for, the old College work really starting to take a toll on my time, but as you have probably guessed, I couldn’t stay away. Many of you may not remember me; I arrived here following recommendations from my friends at, after reading my reviews directly about the site Bigrag and hearing of my comments regarding the major lack of community spirit on the site, one of my fellow writers directed me here to – and might I take this opportunity to say how pleased I am that she did. Whilst I am unable to give the time that I want to the rich community that ciao has become, I am still proud to be a member and still pleased to be able to come on here and discuss issues I feel are important, even if you think I am stark raving bonkers… Well that’s a matter of opinion I guess. You may all be thinking to yourselves, why the heck is this strange individual going on like a sentimental old fool but I felt the need to mark the returning of the DC man. A lot of my friends have come and gone in the last six months, I can only hope that like me, they will be back after a break refreshed and ready to give you all hell, ha ha ha. Not all is lost however, whilst it is true that some of my original ciao friends have left ...

Microsoft Publisher 2000 2000 Complete package 06/02/2003

Publisize your world

Microsoft Publisher 2000 2000 Complete package Comparison of Different Media --<Introduction>-- Publisher was originally intended to work in desktop publishing – newsletters, leaflets, fliers… but it has now developed a lot and can create just about anything. If, for example, you want an advert template, it’s there. Each software application is designed for a specific task, in the case of many software applications; they are capable of assisting a user in any number of different tasks. An example of this being Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is primarily based with the Microsoft Office suite and thus comes with a large number of additives such as “*clip art” and “*word art”. Being so versatile has made it one of the most widely used software applications to date. In this case, as an example, I will contrast the two applications “Microsoft Word” and “Microsoft Publisher”. These two applications are both capable of producing graphical pieces of work, written work and a number of other documents, both can be used along side each other and alongside other applications. Ultimately, as with all software packages each software is still more powerful and more versatile in one area. --<Task Comparisons>-- For the production of a poster, both software packages would be adequate to suffice the needs for production of such a document. Microsoft Word offers the simple additions of a boarder and the quick and easy insertion of words and text. Text boxes can be used and picture formats can be altered allowing desired ...

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Licence 31/01/2003

Power up your PC

More Than You Think You Are - Matchbox Twenty 22/01/2003

More than a Match Made in Heaven

Everything that starts with D ... 09/12/2002


Microsoft MSN Messenger 12/11/2002


Microsoft MSN Messenger The definitive teen chat software of the young internet user’s generation. Primarily used by 13-17 year olds Microsoft’s .net passport system really is the tip of the tops. I personally would not recommend a hotmail/ msn account, but time and time again I force myself to use it in order to be able to use MSN Messenger. Msn Messengers Prime Function… No doubt the majority of you will have already heard of this and I am willing to bet that the majority of you have used this software. But for those who have not, I will describe its functions. The MSN Messenger service is created in order to allow friends and colleagues to chat over the internet. People can meet, and view profiles of other people all with out visiting a chat room which can often be riveting with perverts looking to have “cyber sex” with young children. I myself when I was younger was asked to meet up with a 40 year old man in an Internet chat room, fortunately I had the education and common sense to ignore his request and promptly leave the chat room. Unfortunately there are the odd one or two perverts that use deceptive means to gain a childs email address in order to speak with them on msn, the blocking function allows a specific email address to be blocked preventing you receiving emails from them and preventing them from speaking to you. MSN messenger not only has revolutionised internet conservationism, but has saved parents money on phone bills, children no longer spend every minute of the day ...
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