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HP v220w - USB flash drive - 64 GB 23/09/2016

Small little metallic but a bit SLOW USB 2.0 wonder

HP v220w - USB flash drive - 64 GB First of all on pakaging it advertised- Transfer speed of 25Mb/s Write speed of 8Mb/s Which are bullshit since maximum of what I actually got was Transfer speed of 14Mb/s Write Speed of 3~4 Mb/s on an i5 4200U processor with 4GB RAM. Maybe someone will able to use than 25Mbps and 8Mbps speed fully on an high end setup but this is all I got. Anyways I am not a big fan of extremely high speed flashdrives since in most cases I,for sure,will lose them somewhere in future or they will break due to poor plastic used in the body. The size of this pendrive ( 34mm in length) is just right for me to use.....not too big to carry in my wallet....not too small to carry in wallet and drop accidently. Since the design is rectriangular, with flat surfaces with no curves and small height it actually fit quite nicely in my wallet folds. There is a handle on top to use it as a keyring which is the only difference between it and HP v210w but that handle dosn't feel that bumpy and is in fact suprisingly flat As for robustness.....the metal body is quite robust indeed. I have dropped and stepped on it (accidently) many times during my ownership and aside from a small crack in the round protuding handle at top no other performance issue has occured. The handle might have broken after quite a lot of mishaps(but it held on for quite a long period) but I wasn't going to use it as a keychain anyways. Now as for its performance as a flashdrive there is only one thing to say......its ... Marketplace 23/09/2016

Online shopping made simple and pleasurable..... Marketplace Amazon and other similar zites have made it easy for other customers to shop while sitting at home. Particularly Amazon is on par with top global sites for - Making an account is simple -Site layout is simple and easy to use with categorised items - Search lets your filter iteams based on price, ratings and iteam specific criteria which are different for dixfferent category of iteams -A wide range of products to choose from. - Global selling options available for selling your items globally. - Similarly you can buy products from global sellers. -Many mnufacturing companies directly sell their product on Amazon hence the products are somewhat cheaper than market. -Shipping and delievery is great -Flexible pyment modes of EMI,Credit,Debit and Net banking -Return policy is moderately simple -Amazon Fufilled products are checked extensively for quality and authenticity. -Lastly, Amazon kindle the best e reader out there is exclusively availble on amazon with e book selections My only complint is that Amazon has an limited catalogue of used/refurbished items than e bay also its missing auction deals. Also.not much detils bout seller is available

Nokia N73 23/09/2016

Sweet scent of Nostalgia

Nokia N73 First technical details- Screen 2.4 inches, 36 x 48 mm (~33.1% screen-to-body ratio) Resolution 240 x 320 pixels (~167 ppi pixel density) OS Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition CPU 220 MHz Dual ARM 9 MEMORY Card slot miniSD Internal 42 MB, 64 MB RAM CAMERA Primary 3.15 MP, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, LED flash But I guess these specs are insignificant/useless to anybody who wants to actually buy this phone. Why? Because in this (2016) world of smarphones this phone is almost obsolete and hence was dicontinued around 2008 by Nokia now you can buy only refurbished/used ones. Also the spare parts are almost unavailable and if they are they are much expensive. It has no service support/warrenty from Nokia ( discontinued in 2008) and third party service will cost more. So anyone buying this would do it for only two reasons - 1. To sate his nostalgia 2. To get a really cheap second/primary phone Now for reason 1. Nostalgia- If you are buying this for Nostalgia then there is nothing this review can do to change your mind......but I can offer you some advice. First, if you are just looking for symbian S60 OS experience I would suggest you to buy Nokia N95 Nokia N96 Nokia N81 Nokia N79 They all are far better phones than N73 both hardwarewise( differs on each model) and softwarewise as they have newer(as for N73) releases of Symbian S60 ( S60 release 3.2 on N96) Also they look and feel much solid and premium than 73. And if you don't mind a touch enabled symbian OS experience go ...

Listerine Freshmint Mouthwash Teeth & Gum Defence 21/09/2016

Aftertaste is a bit strong and irritating.

Listerine Freshmint Mouthwash Teeth & Gum Defence Well the freshmint does its work.... I mean its as good for cleaning your mouth and removing bad breath as other Colgate or corsodyl mouthwashes. Prior to Listerine I was using colgate Peroxyl and honestly I don't find one of them to be more effective than other. Listerine like other mouthwashes works just fine......which means it is able to remove stale/bad breath for two or three hours approx. given that you have not eaten anything greasy in between.( or so I think it is in my case. Never dared/bothered to smell other's bad breath and ask about their oral hygiene ) I guess my only complaint is the strong , irritating aftertaste you get on holding the liquid for 30 sec in your mouth as bottle suggests. It made my eyes tear up on first application. If you are kind of man who particulary enjoy that sensation go for it otherwise opt for - colgate Listering Soft Mint Listerine Originals As I did

Acer Aspire One D257 21/09/2016

Do not buy this even as an used iteam.

Acer Aspire One D257 As of 2016 I am sure that this product have been discontinued but in case anyone is thinking of using a used one for dirt cheap... Do not think of it you might as well burn your money Reasons..... - Intel Atom proccessor . These processors were designed to compete with ARM processors in mobiles and tablet devices and then they were ruthlessly beaten by ARM so as result intel has almost pulled out from smartphone and tablet market. The processor line which wasn't able to beat even a mobile processor line performance wise woudn't do much good in notebooks. - 1GB RAM.........even phones today have more RAM 1 GB is sufficient if you want to run windows 95,98,2000 and XP and these machines come with 7! 1GB RAM is bare minimum for windows 7 to perform! and with support for XP and 7 terminated you will want to install 8 or 10.....wait. Now imagine windows 10 on 1GB.....I have nothing to say more. These two combined will make you truly hate PCs! They slow speed,slow transfer rate,crashes and freezes will be untolerable. The only thing going for it is price........but if you want to buy a device just for doing light office work ,as a storage, as a media device, as a internet device. For light office work look into more capable notebooks having.. -Intel core 2 , core 2 duo, pentium 4 , pentium core or 1st or 2nd gen i3 -atleast 2 GB RAM In the end it may cost a little more but it will be an good choice Opt for a cheap android phone or tablet and an external hard disk ...

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB 21/09/2016

At Last on Par with an iphone

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB Since the release of their first powerhouse flagship GALAXY S1 Samsung has been trying to be a global brand name and not just another Asian company and their unrelenting determination and efforts have paid off , Samsung is currently the top manufacturer of android mobiles. So it was natural that they will joust with Apple for the brand image, market and reputation as the top mobile manufacturer in the world. Galaxy S4 and S5 although technically superior to iphone 5 and 5s were lacking something and hence were never considered as an serious alternative for then iphones. That something was design Samsung then undertook total design overhaul for their flagship and released S6 in 2015 dubbing it as an "CLEAN SLATE" and "DESIGN ZERO" meaning that future galaxy phones will be based on this design. It was first time that a Samsung flagship received full metal and glass design. Although company experimented with full metal design with its A series but the combination of metal and glass in S6 was exiquisite to look, hold and most importantly own. Samsung phones were no more plastic inferior wannabe iphones. Now, in 2016 company has release S7 and S7 edge as their flagship. Staying true to "Design Zero" the company has not made any major difference in appearance from s6 and only significant change is almost non existing back camera bump from s6. As for hardware the company seems to have adopted Apple's policy- meaning hold back some of the features from an currently released ...
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