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I am 24, and I really enjoy anything creative, so reading and writing reviews is a great outlet for me! Some of my reviews may have appeared on Qype under the username Kaemi or Dooyoo or Amazon under the username Dinah93.

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since 19/10/2009


Copella Apple and Mango Juice 22/11/2009

Full of natural goodness with none of the nasties

Schuh (Shop) 21/11/2009

Trendy shoes for the masses

Bottlegreen Dandelion & Burdock Cordial 20/11/2009

Serve hot for a delicious winter warmer

Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 19/11/2009

You're not a petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa.

Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 I purchased my Alfa 147 in 2005 after falling in love with the noise she makes. Nothing has the same growl as an alfa. When I bought my 147 she was already 3 years old, and is nearly 6 now. I spend a lot of time driving each week for work, around 300 miles a week in fact, so I have experience of her on all kinds of roads and journeys. The first thing to be mentioned when I think of my car is the ride quality. I'm informed by passengers that she is very comfortable in the back, and doesn't make them feel sick. However as a driver she has nearly ruined my back. This is down to the fact that I live in a right hand drive country, and the car was designed to be left hand drive. Because of this nothing quite lines up correctly. Most importantly my seat is not straight on to the steering wheel, meaning my back is wrapped around the outer edge of the seat. Lookswise the 147 is understated, sharp, but nevertheless understated. From the rear it is fairly non-descript, but the front has a sexy, leopard-esque wink to it. When they update this to the 3 eyed bulbs as seen on the new Braera the 147 will be a real headturner. Now, everyone hears alfa and still hears alfasud, the notoriously unreliable, shoddily built alfa of yore. Build quality has improved hugely. I've even had kids inside mine and they didn't reduce it to it's bare component parts and they were in there a full 45 mins. I have had very few issues over the last 3 years, a new rear suspension bushel was needed, and I have ...

Mars Galaxy Cookie Crumble 19/11/2009

Galaxy, now with added grit

Mars Galaxy Cookie Crumble I bought galaxy cookie crumble by accident. The packet is very similar to the standard glaxy packet, but with a small graphic of cookies in the corner, which I didn't notice! Galaxy cookie crumble is in the traditional foil wrapped bar with a paper sleeve, instead of the modern plastic coated foil packet. The bar is flatter than usual galaxy, although with the usual swirl shaped lumps. The taste of cookie crumble is both familiar and unnerving. The usual galaxy smoothness is there, with the rich, creamy chocolate. However the cookie element is decidedly grainy, there are not big lumps of cookie, more a general sprinkling of grit that made me feel like my chocolate had not been refined properly. To me this gritty texture was a detriment to the product quality, and I still have most of the bar in my desk 2 months later. To put it into context chocolate usually lasts a matter of minuites around me, and many bars have come and gone since I bought this one. Nutritional Information: A 46g bar contains 252 calories, 23.9g sugars, 15.4g fat 9.2g saturates and 0.12g salt. A 119g bar contains 653 calories, 61.9g sugars, 39.9g fat, 23.8g saturates and 0.31g salt. To be fair, I don't think this is excessive for a standard chocolate bar, as it is slightly lower than a dairy milk bar, and certainly lower than something like a mars bar! However, I just couldn't enjoy eating this, and if something doesn't taste good there is no point eating it for the sake of it! Even tried using it for ...

Mercy - Jodi Picoult 19/11/2009

Everyone has their off days

Ugo's Chicken and Mozzarella Panini 18/11/2009

Convenient, warming, but tastes like the box it comes in

Ugo's Chicken and Mozzarella Panini When these were first introduced the supermarkets all seemed to run crazy offers on the prices, which prompted my ex to buy 10 of them. Each. Luckily these were split between this and the bacon one, but it's still fair to say I've tested more than my fair share. These heat quickly in the microwave, inside a little corrogated cardboard wrapped lined with metalic card (no, it doesn't make the microwave spark!). They need turning halfway through the cooking time, and promise to be melted on the inside and crispy on the outside. There is a small sacet of pesto mayo which you need to remove before cooking and spread over afterwards. The paninis have on average two pieces of chicken inside, which does not fill the panini, there is a decent sized slice of processed cheese on top. Once the pannini had been cooked I found that the roll was more than crispy, it was like very thick toast and was quite abrasive to eat. The chicken was plasticy and of low quality, I would expect better quality meat in McDonalds. The pesto mayo did slightly cut through the heavy texture of the processed cheese, however it again tasted artificial and chemically processed. Personally I feel that when it was under £1 it was a cheap alternative to a sausage roll or a shop bought sarnie, but in no way comparable to something I would make myself. However the rrp brings the price to £2.59, which I feel is very expensive for a very average product. However, I know my brother loves them, but he feels taste is a ... 18/11/2009

Like Ciao for local services Qype is an online review service, similar to Dooyoo, however Qype users review local places and attractions rather than products. Reviews should be informative, good quality, and of around 100 words or more. However there is no bonus like the crown and rating system, therefore there is little incentive for users to write exceptional reviews. Equally the community is not as developed, as there is no incentive for users to read others reviews, and many of them are of such poor quality that they stop real users finding the information they require. There are no forums for users to bond as a community, and users remain quite insular. There is a huge variety of local services and attractions on Qype, not just museums, galleries and clubs, but the less mainstream facilities such as doctors surgeries, post offices all the way through to haulage firms! Great care has been taken to add on local businesses, rather than simply adding chain firms. Qype usually offers a 'kit' for reviews, where you get a box of goodies at 250 points and 1000 points, which is around 60 reviews. The 250 kit is for 'insider' rank, and contains a 1gb memory stick, long sleeved t-shirt, sweets and a frisbee. At 1000 points you receive the coverted Qype ninja kit, containing a lovely mini bottle of bubbly, a ipod shuffle, and best of all, a cuddly ninja! Unfortunately again there is no further incentive for users to continue to review attractions once they have received the ninja kit, as there are no further ...

World Headquarters, Newcastle 21/10/2009

Newcastle's hidden clubbing gem

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