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Site seems to be as crap as always. Looks like I won't be back this summer or ever. After a year away, I can truly say, I really don't care now. :P

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Teenage Dream - Katy Perry 11/09/2010

A Tweenagers Dream

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry Back in 2008 I reviewed Katy Perry’s first album, called One of the Boys. Despite the fact that I gave it 4 stars when I reviewed it, I remember being very disappointed later on, as the tracks were just not really up to scratch. If I said Katy Perry what is the song that immediately comes to mind? I am pretty sure that for most of you it will be the track ‘I Kissed A Girl’ which was loved and hated by many across the world. It was a risky track from Perry, however it cemented her place in the charts and since she has had a fantastic career. Other tracks off that album are the likes of Hot N Cold which was brilliant, but for me the highlight now, looking back on the album in hindsight, it would have to be the track ‘Thinking of You’ that made the biggest impact on me. When I saw Katy Perry was releasing a new album, I knew I wanted to buy it, so about 2 months ago; I placed a pre-order for the album, loving all of the tracks she was releasing in the mean-time. When I saw that the album would be released on the same day I was going on a road trip with some friends, I was hoping that the company would send the CD so I could listen to the album on the trip down to our holiday. It never made it, and when I came back 4 days later it still hadn’t arrived, and found that my order was cancelled for some strange reason. I wasn’t bothered when I saw that Amazon had a sale going on, and I could buy the MP3 for just £3.99. Track 1: Teenage Dream The first thought I had when I ...

Dear John (DVD) 06/09/2010

Love brought them together will fate tear them apart.

Dear John (DVD) I'm back to posting reviews so I hope you enjoy. In my eyes, one of the best Authors in the world today is Nicholas Sparks, when I was much younger, he got me into reading, and since I have brought and read every book that he has released. Of course, I can't really say that his later works live up to the brilliance that was the likes of The Notebook and A Walk To Remember, but they all usually end with me crying, but still weirdly feeling quite good after reading them. A few years ago when it was released, I remember sitting down and reading Dear John in one sitting. It was a really nice read, sure it wasn't as good as his earlier works and this was the first book in a very long time that didn't end with me crying, but it was enjoyable and it was worth the price I brought for the book. I loved the writing style, I loved the story and all together it came together really nicely to make a good Nicholas Sparks book. When I heard that they were going to do a film and heard that Amanda Seyfried was going to play Savannah, I could see it working immediately. Then I read that they had hired Channing Tatum to play John. I could then see the film flopping and not working there and then. Channing Tatum is good for one thing and one thing only, he is drop dead gorgeous. He cannot act, and to be given a script like Dear John and be expected to play this emotional role was just ridiculous. From the get go it would have never have worked. A friend of mine were in town one ...

My 300th Review 16/08/2010

My 300th Review: Favourite Things

My 300th Review For months I have been trying to work out what to do for my 300th review on this site and have not really managed to find a suitable subject until now. Many people have given me many ideas, but I thought why not talk about my favourite things, mainly to do with the subjects I write about the most on Ciao. Currently I’m going through some very difficult stuff with my family, so writing this review is here to hopefully get my mind off all of that for a second, by talking about things I love. This review has been inspired by quite a lot of people on the site, and thanks to them, I came up with this idea. As this also coincides (sort of) with my 3rd Year anniversary on the site, it's extra special for me. Top 5 Movies I am as most of you know a very big movie fan. Over this summer alone, I have been to the cinema almost every week, wasting all of my money just seeing all of the big blockbusters that have been released. Films are amazing, I have seen quite a large number of them, but here is a list of my top favourites. 5: Cinderella Man This is another film which I don’t think anyone else will really agree with. Cinderella Man follows a boxer in the height of his career during the Great Depression, however when he looses his job due to an injury, how are him and his family going to live? The combination of Russell Crowe and Ron Howard is just fantastic, I think both movies that they have made together have been stunning, but this one beats out A Beautiful Mind, ...

Inception (DVD) 07/08/2010

Your mind is the scene of the crime

Inception (DVD) In the last 5 years I have really grown to respect the brilliance of Leonardo DiCaprio, he is without a doubt one of the best actors in my opinion of my generation and I think he has really matured since films like Titanic and The Beach and has really been given some amazing roles in which he has been able to show off his fabulous talent. I heard about Inception just after I watched DiCaprio’s other film entitled ‘Shutter Island’. I was very disappointed with this film, so my theory that most of the films that DiCaprio works on, are good. That being said, as I looked through the plot, the Director and all of the cast that would be appearing in the movie, I knew I would have to see this movie, and I knew that there was a 95% chance that I would probably love it. Details Director & Writer: Christopher Nolan Rating: 12A Runtime: 148 minutes Plot The film follows Dom Cobb whose profession is an extractor. He is paid to invade the dreams of people to steal their secrets. Cobb is the best at his job however his subconscious which follows him on his extractions cannot get over the death of his wife Mal, and projects her into other peoples’ dreams with disastrous results. Saito a wealthy business man hires Cobb to dissolve the empire of his rival Robert Fischer Jr, but this will not require Cobb to extract memories but to plant a new one, called Inception. My Opinion For me from the moment I saw the film advertised a few months ago I knew it was probably ...

Hewlett-Packard HP Photosmart 364 Ink Cartridges 03/08/2010

HP 364 Ink- Best Ink I've Had the Pleasure Of Using

Hewlett-Packard HP Photosmart 364 Ink Cartridges Printers today in 2010 have become a must have household item, some people use an all-in-one printer or some just use a simple printer which does nothing else but print items from their computer. The biggest problem however over the years has always been the fact that when you pay for a printer, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, like a car, it will never stop costing you money as long as you use it. Whereas some printer prices have begun to drop, the cost of the consumables which are needed for a printer to run stay the same price and in many cases, the less money you pay for a printer, the more likely you are to have to fork out for more ink over the course of the life of your printer. When I was asked to take part in the HP Ciao User Test, it was a perfect time for myself as I was about to go on a lovely little holiday and when I returned would need to print out a lot of the pictures ready for my photo albums I wanted to create. As well as that, as an aspiring photographer, I spend quite a lot of time and effort using Printing Websites so it would be lovely to print off the pictures I have taken recently to put into my Photography Portfolio. To do the HP Ciao User Test I was sent the following items; A HP Photosmart Printer, 2 Sets of Original HP 364 ink cartridges and some HP Photo Paper and some regular paper as well. I had to test the printer and the cartridges for three weeks or until all of the ink was empty, and after four days of printing quite a lot of ...

Imbat Hotel, Kusadasi 01/08/2010

The Place to Stay In Kusadasi

Imbat Hotel, Kusadasi The reviews on the Hotel Imbat on TripAdvisor are something to be desired, I was really expecting a piece of crap hotel which was falling apart and which had horrible food and was just really not worth the money we paid for it. That being said, it was all we could afford, so we packed up our bags and went to the airport and flew from Birmingham to Izmir airport in Turkey. Our Thomas Cook Reps picked us up at the Airport and took us back to Kusadasi, where they began dropping off different guests at different hotels. To say we were worried when we saw the state of the other hotels is an understatement, if these hotels looked like this, what was our hotel going to look like when it had such bad reviews? We actually looked at some of the other hotels in the area when we got back on home on the internet, and their pictures are so different to what they actually look like when we were dropping people off. You could really tell everyone was letting out a sigh of relief every time the coach stopped and it wasn’t their hotel in front of them. We were dropped off however at this gorgeous hotel, and we were all surprised to find out that this was actually our hotel. When we got there we had to drag our bags up to reception which was quite difficult at that time of the morning. Once at reception they told us they had to keep hold of our passports for the day and that we had to wear a wristband for the stay of the holiday. The porter took our bags up to the room, and we were all ...

Recovery (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Eminem 28/07/2010

Slim Shady Is Back!

Recovery (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Eminem For years I have been a huge fan of Eminem, I’m not generally a rap fan, but I’ve always found his lyrics fantastic to listen to and despite the fact that my mum hated me listening to someone like Eminem I have all of the other albums on my shelf upstairs. Over the years my mum has come to respect Eminem as an artist, especially more recently with his new releases of his latest album Recovery which I’ll be reviewing today. For my 19th birthday she brought me his new album and today I’ll tell you if it’s worth yourself going out to buy it. With the release of his 2009 album Relapse, the critics and even Eminem himself through it was possibly his weakest effort yet and everyone seemed to be rather disappointed. It wasn’t very good, and I wasn’t really sure if Recovery was going to be able to live up to the brilliance that he once was at. Track Listing Here as always I talk through all of the tracks and why you should either stay away from listening to them on the CD or why you should download them etc. Track 1: Cold Wind Blows When I first had this on in the car I was really disappointed, the start was pretty crap, and it was just too stupid and really just seemed like it belonged on his previous two albums which were very poor, but after listening to it a few times and listening to the lyrics, well reading them on the internet, I have really begun to like this song a little bit more. I am not against swearing in songs, but I was shocked with this track to ...

Kusadasi (Turkey) 23/07/2010

A Fantastic Holiday In A Gorgeous Place

Kusadasi (Turkey) I have just returned from a fantastic holiday in Turkey, staying in a place called Kusadasi and would like to give you my opinion on this amazing place. A Little about Kusadasi In General Kusadasi is a little place on the West Coast of Turkey; it’s a little Tourist Port and attracts a lot of visitors. It lies apparently according to their website around 95km away from the centre of Izmir, which from what I could gather is where most people fly into and fly from when coming and going from Kusadasi. Travelling around Kusadasi is very easy, they use a ‘dolmus’ which I’ll talk about a little bit more later, but it means you can travel pretty much anywhere for a very cheap price. My Holiday On this wonderful holiday, I went with two of my friends who were also on a gap year with me, and due to the fact that we are pretty much students, our budget was very, very small and we let our wonderful Thomas Cook travel agent find us a place to stay. It was always going to be risky to go on a holiday somewhere like Turkey with three teenage girls, especially when we were warned, over and over again, about the Turkish men. My mother even told me to be careful as I’ll probably be followed home, we were warned that they have no boundaries when it comes to touching you, and we were warned without a doubt that in no terms, end up with a lad over there. Despite all of the warnings we ended up going, and were really excited about it. I’ll talk about the hotel in a minute, but we ...

SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES. What tracks/albums have made a significant impact in your life and what made it so meaningful? 01/07/2010

Soundtrack To My Life

SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES. What tracks/albums have made a significant impact in your life and what made it so meaningful? Music is probably the one thing in my life, after my family of course that I probably couldn’t live without. I do want to go into the film industry, but for me, I could probably live without watching movies and if my entire DVD’s got damaged, I’d be upset. Probably not as upset as I would be if I lost my CD collection, or access to music in general, whether it’s through my ITunes, Spotify, CD’s or even listening to music live or in any other form imaginable. I like to think that at my age, I have quite a good range of musical taste; my ITunes is relatively small, as I can only afford an 8GB IPod and most of it is full of videos, leaving only room for 400 songs, but those songs are my favourite songs, and I am constantly updating and deleting them. I have all types of music on there from Linkin Park to Metallica, Pink to and I’m afraid to say it Christina Aguilera and at the moment, lots and lots of Glee tracks. I can’t say that my ‘good’ and I would call it ‘good’ music taste comes from anywhere, my mum thinks that the highlight of the music scene at the moment is Take That, and my Nan goes one step further, with thinking that the likes of JLS, Blue and Westlife are ‘cool’, which makes her ‘with it’. My sister’s music taste is pretty similar to mine, I don’t think she’s ever brought a download as she gets me to do it for her, it’s not that big of a hardship as like I said, she has similar taste. I’m afraid to say though that my music taste wasn’t always as good as it ...

Glee (The Music, Journey to Regionals/Original Soundtrack) - Glee 21/06/2010

Don't Stop Believin'

Glee (The Music, Journey to Regionals/Original Soundtrack) - Glee This should be my last Glee review for quite a while now; it’s been just under 4 months since it first aired in the UK, with 22 episodes so faGlee: Journey to Regionals (GIVE 4 stars) This should be my last Glee review for quite a while now; it’s been just under 4 months since it first aired in the UK, with 22 episodes so far, and a massive 5 albums, the show has really taken the world by storm. From what I can gather in 22 episodes they have managed to cover nearly 130 songs, and I have just over half of them on my IPod, they have not only took the world by storm, but the money they must be getting considering they have released 5 albums, at around £5+ each, they really have a niche at the moment and I think this show will be on for many years to come. The album that I’m reviewing today is the final album of the first series, and like the Madonna one I reviewed a few weeks ago, it’s a special one, just aimed at one particular episode, in this case the final. It unlike other albums only has 6 songs on it, and because of that the price is put down a little bit but not too much. Track One: Faithfully Like always with Glee reviews, for the songs that I really like, I usually take a look at the originals on YouTube so I can do some comparisons between them and I really have to say Finn who is played by Cory Monteith has really matured over this series of Glee. His voice was one that I hated at the beginning, but the beginning of this song, he proves how mature his ...

Fame Monster - Lady Gaga 12/06/2010

A Monster Album

Fame Monster - Lady Gaga Lady GaGa is a weird artist in most people’s eyes; they don’t know what to make of her theatricality, her weird ways and most importantly her weird and wonderful ‘costumes’. She is controversial, she is a bit provocative and she is without a doubt one of the weirdest artists out there. Despite all that however, her voice and music is amazing, she writes some of the best lyrics in the music industry today, and I have seen her live on television many times, and have never, ever heard her sing off key. A friend of mine once called her the Freddie Mercury of our generation, and I really do agree with that statement. She is musically brilliant, but at the same time is controversial and very theatrical and like Mercury all those years ago, she has made a fantastic name for herself and she will, I’m sure, be remembered 20 years down the line. Back in December 2009 and I worked in a music store, and I had many people coming in complaining that their daughters, sons or even themselves had brought The Fame and now Lady GaGa has released a Deluxe version, that they are having to buy The Fame Monster to get the new songs. I was lucky as I didn’t buy the Fame, but after having the album on in the store over and over, I fell in love and ended up buying the MP3’s from ITunes for a brilliant £5.99 for this wonderful album. Usually when you buy the album from somewhere like Amazon, HMV or you will find yourself with 2 CD’s. The first CD is full of the 8 new tracks that ...

Everybody Wants to Be on TV - Scouting for Girls 11/06/2010

Scouting For Songs

Everybody Wants to Be on TV - Scouting for Girls The only CD’s I seem to be buying recently are ones to do with Glee, mainly due to the fact I don’t have enough money to go around buying albums, but also most of the bands/artists I like released albums last year etc. Today I was tidying up (shocker), and saw that my sister had this CD on her shelf, of course without her permission I picked it up, popped it into my laptop and put the songs straight onto my IPod. Who are Scouting For Girls? Scouting for Girls are a trio from Harrow, who with their debut album, sold around a million copies. Some songs that you might know by this band are She’s So Lovely & Elvis Ain’t Dead. Everybody Wants To Be On TV The first and only song I’ve heard from this album before listening to it today, is ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’. What I should say is I was not a huge fan of their earlier work, but with This Ain’t A Love Song, I was addicted. During the time it was released I was doing a lot of driving and it always seemed to be on the radio when I was in the car. I will very likely be calling Scouting for Girls ‘SFG’ throughout the review, to keep the number of words down. Track 1: This Ain’t a Love Song For me this song is one of the best songs of the year for me, it’s very pop which I’m not a huge fan of usually, but it just works in so many ways. For me, the reason why the song is such a hit is I’ve never heard Roy Stride who is the lead singer of the band sound as lovely as he sounds in this track. The lyrics are ...

Precious - Based on the Novel 'Push' By Sapphire (DVD) 08/06/2010

Life is hard. Life is Short. Life is Painful. Life is... Precious

Precious - Based on the Novel 'Push' By Sapphire (DVD) Precious: Based on the Novel Push By Sapphire When I heard about Precious during the Oscars, it was one of the films that I really didn’t seem interested in. It wasn’t until I saw Gabourey Sidibe on Jonathan Ross that I was actually really interested, to see the contrast to this obviously very happy and bubbly actress to the clips I had seen of the film, where her character was upset and unhappy interested me, she looked like she really was a fantastic actress and the movie itself looked more interesting than when I had heard about it during the awards season. We rented out the film this weekend and I was even more impressed than I think I thought I was going to be. The Plot The film follows Claireece “Precious” Jones, a young 16 year old girl, who is suspended from her school because she is pregnant for the second time, again with her fathers’ baby. Her monstrous mother who lets her father get away with it, and beats Precious on a daily basis doesn’t believe in education and because of this Precious is very illiterate and because of her mom over feeding her, she is very obese. When Precious is offered the chance to attend an alternative school, her life starts to look better however she is still pregnant and living with her mother. =The Cast Gabourey Sidibe- Precious Mo’Nique- Mary Paula Patto- Ms Rain Mariah Carey- Mrs Weiss Lenny Kravitz- Nurse John My Opinion This film is based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire and it really was worth the ...

The Music Volume 3 - Showstoppers - Glee Cast 03/06/2010

It's Marvellous

The Music Volume 3 - Showstoppers - Glee Cast As most of you know I’m a huge fan of the television show Glee, most specifically all the brilliant music they release. I am still attempting to use up all of my ITunes vouchers from Christmas and at the moment, they all seem to be going on Glee music when it’s released. Here we are with the third volume from the first series, and technically the fourth album (including the Madonna) one, can this album do what the second one didn’t manage to do and live up to the brilliance of the first. Glee has truly taken the world by storm, it has I believe just been on the air in America for about a year and already it has hits in the DVD charts and most specifically in the music charts. After every episode is aired, ITunes releases the songs, and I know for sure here in the UK, a lot of people download them, as there is usually a track in the Top 40. This album called Showstoppers covers most of the songs from the 16th episode, right up until the penultimate episode of the season, which has yet to be aired here in the UK when I wrote this review. Yes like before on the previous albums, the people have put together this album, have made some small mistakes, they have put poor covers on the album and forgot about others. Luckily though, ITunes allows you to download ‘EVERY’ song that is shown on the show, so if you use ITunes, then you probably won’t miss out. The album starts with the brilliant Beatles song ‘Hello, Goodbye’, for probably the one and only time on the album we ...

Prince Of Persia - The Sands Of Time (DVD) 02/06/2010

Defy The Future

Prince Of Persia - The Sands Of Time (DVD) When I got some cinema tickets for £1 off the internet a few weeks ago, I had no idea what I wanted to see. All of the films out at that point were pretty poor, and then after seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on Jonathan Ross, I knew I had to watch Prince of Persia. Today, I drove me and my family to our nearest cinema and we sat down not really knowing what to expect. I had heard that it would be a mix between The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean but I love those two films, so I wasn’t positive that it was going to live up to them. The Plot When Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) provides his father with a gift, he thinks he is doing a nice thing. That is till the gift ends up killing his father and he is accused of murdering the King. He flees as he is now wanted for murder and teams up with Princess Tamina of Alamut. She agrees to work with him as he has stolen the one thing she wants, an ancient dagger which she has sworn to protect which releases the Sands of Time. These sands have the power to reverse time, and Dastan wants to use this to go back before he was accused of killing his father? Who framed Dastan and can he clear his name? The Cast Jake Gyllenhaal- Dastan Gemma Arterton- Tamina Ben Kingsley- Nizam Toby Kebbell- Garsiv Richard Coyle- Tus My Opinion When I found out that this movie was based on a video game, my mind immediately went to Pirates of the Caribbean which was based on a ride, and that first film, really did work. Sitting down in the ...
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